Binging with Babish: The Broodwich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force


  1. Babish Culinary Universe

    Babish Culinary Universeヶ月 前

    Oh Frylock...the Highlander is a documentary, and the events happened in real time.

  2. SkynetToaster

    SkynetToaster2 日 前

    @James Miles lol its literally the same as regular salt except its blessed for jewish consumption. Thats all kosher means.

  3. James Miles

    James Miles2 日 前

    Question: why do you always use kosher salt? Does it just give a better flavour?

  4. SkynetToaster

    SkynetToaster5 日 前

    I c u r a man of culture as well 👌

  5. leg912

    leg9126 日 前


  6. Grant Max

    Grant Max10 日 前

    You forgot the sun dried tomatoes...

  7. John Deslatte

    John Deslatte2 時間 前

    I need this in my life

  8. Pyro Gaming Hound

    Pyro Gaming Hound4 時間 前

    I LOVE YOU!!!! xD this is boooomb

  9. William Dionne

    William Dionne4 時間 前

    I tried the recipe for the mayo but it didnt worked

  10. Ayla Figueira

    Ayla Figueira5 時間 前


  11. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen5 時間 前

    Get a gun so you can get rid of Jerry, and finish that sandwich.

  12. Filmation77

    Filmation776 時間 前

    Who came here to see how he created the Bread?



    FINALLY! I have been asking for the episode for years now!

  14. HandBananna

    HandBananna17 時間 前

    Keep it up carl, they might just haul you away..

  15. infinite warroir

    infinite warroir21 時間 前

    it porbbaly would taste better if you made a bow bow bun for the bread then it would be really dowy and nice

  16. Degni

    Degni23 時間 前


  17. Lord McLoudmouth

    Lord McLoudmouth日 前

    Yo, who is eating all this food?

  18. warioexpert

    warioexpert日 前

    1.1k Vegans disliked this video 🤣

  19. the_souless_gamer next_door

    the_souless_gamer next_door日 前

    Bruh the meat you have made is pure art

  20. sandy willard

    sandy willard日 前

    Please do bizkits from znation

  21. Slayer of liberals

    Slayer of liberals日 前

    Am I the only one who saw the pocket scale?

  22. UnKnown_Drive

    UnKnown_Drive日 前

    Why do you sound like a deeper-toned Raycevick? Also, thank you so much for bringing this sandwich into reality.



    It’s not Italian Combo

  24. Averis

    Averis2 日 前

    Cut your pinky finger around 3:12 Ouchy

  25. Ace

    Ace2 日 前

    Please make narutos ishirako ramen

  26. fullmetaldillon

    fullmetaldillon3 日 前

    Thats awesome 👌

  27. Afrika Smith

    Afrika Smith3 日 前

    95% Of the people here can't do this because it's time consuming and expensive.

  28. Stiff of St.Esprit

    Stiff of St.Esprit3 日 前

    I have been waiting for someone to make this since i was a child . THANK YOU SIR!!!!!! subbed!

  29. Noah Martin

    Noah Martin3 日 前

    A really great preparation for roast beef is to brush it all over with a paste of water and dry mustard before roasting.

  30. Gnome Boi

    Gnome Boi3 日 前

    Don't worry when he saw the future he just saw next month.

  31. Alyssa King

    Alyssa King3 日 前


  32. Warrcoww

    Warrcoww4 日 前

    “The Broodwich cannot be disassembled or taken apart” Shake: “well obviously it can, cause that’s what I did”

  33. Jonathan Munn

    Jonathan Munn4 日 前

    How's your left pinkie, Andrew? I saw that, lol. Nice cover-up, though!

  34. Akiva Elefant

    Akiva Elefant4 日 前

    The Broodwich Sandwich Yields: 4 Servings Prep Time: 2 Years

  35. Irok Zellendust

    Irok Zellendust4 日 前

    Normal people: Alright, so these are the ingredients you need to buy Babish: *You have to use these ingredients to make the ingredients*

  36. JeweledRoseStudios

    JeweledRoseStudios3 日 前

    A beautiful tradition xD

  37. Lord Ot

    Lord Ot4 日 前

    This made me want a sandwhich but all i got was subway.

  38. Tommy Rad

    Tommy Rad4 日 前

    Once again proving, cartoons are real.

  39. Newzionis

    Newzionis4 日 前

    Venipede pokemon

  40. The Arkle

    The Arkle4 日 前

    You call this a sandwich and it doesn't even have bacon on it?

  41. Kevin McMahon

    Kevin McMahon4 日 前

    Our PR department is awesome!

  42. Royal Raptor Gaming

    Royal Raptor Gaming4 日 前

    That bread was such a vibrant red it practically hurt my eyes looking at it.

  43. Carlos Chaidez

    Carlos Chaidez4 日 前

    Thnx for making this been waiting

  44. Guatem

    Guatem4 日 前

    Imagine making this in a Christian house hold

  45. WPrometh

    WPrometh4 日 前

    Make the blueberry wine from parks and recs

  46. Matthew Miller

    Matthew Miller4 日 前

    Channel success -> JPreporter $$$$ -> Beautiful Rolex! Well played, sir, well played.


    cerberusthe6th@gmail.com4 日 前

    It's the devil's sandwich me: why? Answer:watches video relizing there are so many steps beyond what was anticipated: me: ah sounds about right

  48. Scott man anker

    Scott man anker4 日 前

    Why would you change your name

  49. PumpkinSpice Gaming

    PumpkinSpice Gaming4 日 前

    I wish I could afford this

  50. Seabass3792

    Seabass37925 日 前

    Got a mixing with babish ad

  51. No0bm4st3r 69

    No0bm4st3r 695 日 前

    Fact: Brood means bread in dutch.

  52. Del Stewart

    Del Stewart5 日 前

    You added more to that curing solution than you said. What exactly did you use?

  53. JDH

    JDH5 日 前

    I now understand why some deli meats cost as much as they do

  54. vukodlak5

    vukodlak55 日 前

    Errr... is your finger bleeding there at 3:12?

  55. David C

    David C5 日 前

    Congratulations you fended off the last temptation of the Broodwich!

  56. Womp Womp

    Womp Womp5 日 前

    You should do the Sinner’s Sandwich from Deadly Premonition. It’s actually pretty simple, but I’d be more interested in how you would make it better. The only ingredients I can recall are corn flakes, strawberry jam, white bread, and deli turkey meat.

  57. John Peter Kaina

    John Peter Kaina5 日 前

    If you're gonna do ATHF, can you do the Sugarman's Potted Meat from Space Ghost Coast to Coast? And since you did the mortadella, you should do the beef logs from aforementioned show :p

  58. Abel Dereje

    Abel Dereje5 日 前

    Do more stuff with Brad leone...please...please

  59. Just Jimmy

    Just Jimmy5 日 前

    Babish: the master of making the impossible delicious

  60. Dave Nutt

    Dave Nutt5 日 前


  61. Alex Bergstad

    Alex Bergstad6 日 前

    3:12 did that spill out of the glove or did you catch it and bandage it before it got on the bacon lol

  62. Dan The Man

    Dan The Man6 日 前


  63. kevin murphy

    kevin murphy6 日 前

    If you ever need help with eating anything let me know

  64. No More Mr. Nice Hyde

    No More Mr. Nice Hyde6 日 前

    Hope the pinky got better

  65. GreenBst4ard

    GreenBst4ard6 日 前

    I wish they still made aqua teen hunger force 😥

  66. Alan Benzo

    Alan Benzo6 日 前

    So was it all the comments I left on your vids that maybe had a part in convincing you to do this?

  67. Andrew Grant

    Andrew Grant6 日 前

    speaking of aqua teen hunger force, you should try the wasabi fries

  68. Millsy Kooksy

    Millsy Kooksy6 日 前

    So cool

  69. rhiannon delgado

    rhiannon delgado6 日 前

    Saw the thumbnail and geeked out

  70. Depredation

    Depredation6 日 前

    I didn't eat the sundried tomatoes

  71. HandGrenades 4Balls

    HandGrenades 4Balls7 日 前

    DONT.....EAT.....THE ...WHOLE.....THING!!!!!

  72. Veselin Totev

    Veselin Totev7 日 前

    That was like "Into the Spiderverse" but with meet, and I was expecting just a sandwich :D

  73. R u i o i o i o

    R u i o i o i o7 日 前

    Only people who can't sleep know that show lol

  74. Jaylen Smith

    Jaylen Smith7 日 前

    I would pay a lot of money to have that made for me. I'm talking 60 or 70 bucks.

  75. thaiboy20

    thaiboy207 日 前

    Whi thought of mortobello or whatever it's called this is what lockdown does to people

  76. Roy Hooker

    Roy Hooker8 日 前

    make lamb and tuna fish from the movie Big Daddy I bet they will go together great LOL

  77. pinkinkstudio6

    pinkinkstudio68 日 前

    A vegetarians nightmare XD

  78. Socialus

    Socialus8 日 前

    Do you ever get any hate from Vegans/Vegetarians? Since you work a lot with raw meat, obviously.

  79. Willy Beamish

    Willy Beamish8 日 前

    You survived the last temptation of the broodwich

  80. Elder Esper

    Elder Esper8 日 前

    Can you do a cherrychunga from my lil pony

  81. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. Blutarsky8 日 前

    Estimated cost: $666.66(6)

  82. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray8 日 前

    That bread is incredible.

  83. Joel gets bored and does a YouTube

    Joel gets bored and does a YouTube8 日 前

    The funniest thing is how this is longer than an average episode

  84. lana1223

    lana12238 日 前

    im not exactly sure what i thought the process of making mortadella was but this was just fascinating to watch

  85. Viking's Vlogs

    Viking's Vlogs8 日 前

    Was this guy one of Gordon Ramsey's students?

  86. Taylor Fisher

    Taylor Fisher8 日 前


  87. Xd mcrabby

    Xd mcrabby9 日 前

    What kind of bread is that?

  88. Hunter Meyers

    Hunter Meyers9 日 前

    Ok now make Meatwad

  89. Xbox Gamer

    Xbox Gamer9 日 前

    I love how fake the bread looks.

  90. thedarkemissary

    thedarkemissary9 日 前

    3 weeks and 2 kitchens later, a sandwich.

  91. Cathel Penrad

    Cathel Penrad9 日 前

    What no 🥓??

  92. Nessa

    Nessa9 日 前

    Thats so cool

  93. Senen Oogami

    Senen Oogami9 日 前

    So this one fit his face perfectly I still hope that Jake's perfect sandwich is gonne fit too

  94. Ler Rhann

    Ler Rhann9 日 前


  95. RadicalShuz

    RadicalShuz9 日 前

    Ah yes The Chef of Fiction 3 star michelin

  96. Alex Vasquez

    Alex Vasquez9 日 前

    What no bacon!? You can’t have a sandwich without bacon!

  97. John Shea

    John Shea6 日 前

    Bacon is extra

  98. The Like Button

    The Like Button9 日 前

    Dang dude that's a lot of work

  99. wolf fox

    wolf fox10 日 前

    that looks delicious

  100. Kahlil Johnson

    Kahlil Johnson10 日 前

    If I ate meat, I'd eat this. More so because I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  101. Shmector Lopez

    Shmector Lopez10 日 前

    Sandwiches are by far my favorite food and this is just the most beautiful sandwich I’ve seen someone make

  102. Goblin King

    Goblin King10 日 前

    Wtf 5 meats? Common man you had to do 6. Lol this is awesome tho looks so good

  103. Glinda Bustamante

    Glinda Bustamante10 日 前

    This is peak humanity. It's all downhill from here. Glad I got to see it.

  104. Gabriel Dover

    Gabriel Dover10 日 前

    I'm so hungry watching this

  105. TikiRoly

    TikiRoly10 日 前

    I was wondering if he’s gonna disappear! 😂

  106. IcyHotFox

    IcyHotFox10 日 前

    In the next video he needs to raise a cow and have it slaughtered to get that true homemade feel.

  107. Wierd Fucking Cat

    Wierd Fucking Cat10 日 前

    I love how the stand mixer has become a running joke in your videos