Binging with Babish: Pancakes from Uncle Buck (feat. Dan Souza and a Giant Robot)


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish6 ヶ月 前

    According to Dan, the first weird pancake is avoidable by using less fat in the skillet - have you guys EVER had a halfway decent pancake come out first?

  2. R I P

    R I P日 前

    Yes actually i have it is an odd experience

  3. captainkaleb

    captainkaleb10 日 前

    Nah, it's impossible.

  4. ScooterMan

    ScooterMan12 日 前


  5. Padparadscha

    Padparadscha13 日 前

    My first pancake is usually my best

  6. Speed DeMonaco

    Speed DeMonaco20 日 前

    Maybe pre-heat the pan a little longer?

  7. MidevalMan

    MidevalMan5 時間 前

    Where's the toast?

  8. L__VE To Worship

    L__VE To Worship5 時間 前

    Awesome tribute to the candy man.

  9. Vitu N

    Vitu N13 時間 前

    Who ate all the other pancakes?

  10. Joe Milillo

    Joe Milillo日 前

    That was one hell of a speech for some pancakes lol

  11. tuesday

    tuesday日 前

    This may fall on deaf ears however, I think the best way to preform this would be to cook the pancake directly on the flipping device, alleviating a crucial step being getting under the pancake itself. I would first get a large piece of steel to temperature then placing the flipping device right on the steel, letting it come to temperature then putting the batter on. Ideally a thing piece of steel would transfer heat evenly then you could just preform the regular flipping action and remove the "spatula" all together. A little out of sport I understand however ever economical. As I'm sure you know starving children in Africa could have eaten those pizza peels you used

  12. Elias Prieto

    Elias Prieto日 前

    Make a giant waffle

  13. Arvin Edouard

    Arvin Edouard日 前

    Paul got some clean ass shoes

  14. JAY

    JAY日 前

    *Now do the toast.*

  15. Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson3 日 前

    GIant Pancake...... You son of a bitch I'm in

  16. videon Mode

    videon Mode3 日 前

    Pathetic... They needed a machine to compete with the legendary John Candy

  17. K P

    K P4 日 前

    I used to work in a nice ish restaurant and every Sunday after brunch was over, my coworkers and I would use all the leftover pancake batter to make a pancake the size of the flat-top. It usually took two of us and four large metal spatulas to flip. We used a bus tub lid to serve it to the wait staff

  18. dollie horaney

    dollie horaney5 日 前

    John candy would be so flippin proud

  19. Jacob Simon

    Jacob Simon6 日 前

    Did it join the clean plate club?

  20. Cynthia Payne

    Cynthia Payne7 日 前

    From tiny whisk to giant spatula--Babish provides for all your comedic-sized cooking utensil needs.

  21. Greasy Jesus

    Greasy Jesus11 日 前

    Now he needs to cook our garbage

  22. OfficialGlichster

    OfficialGlichster11 日 前

    Imagine that it's your day, you spent many years in college and as a result, get to work at auto desk. The first thing you do? Make a robot that flips pancakes.

  23. Le Epic Reetord

    Le Epic Reetord12 日 前

    Akechi from p5 is freaking out rn

  24. Robin Barrett

    Robin Barrett14 日 前

    “Tiny whisking” - lol!!! Since I have one I now the correct use terminology.

  25. Isaiah Miranda

    Isaiah Miranda16 日 前

    John Candy did have a very uncle-like feeling to him...

  26. William Schwartz

    William Schwartz17 日 前

    I love John candy

  27. M. The Bug

    M. The Bug17 日 前

    NEPFR: Never Ending Pancake Flipping Robot.

  28. Chris Nowosadko

    Chris Nowosadko20 日 前

    Dude they did this in the 80's......

  29. Chris Nowosadko

    Chris Nowosadko20 日 前

    With no robots?

  30. Dominik Rausch

    Dominik Rausch20 日 前

    It's like Geocaching. On the one side you use million dollar equipment to find Tupperware in the forest or city jungle, on the other side you use million dollar equipment to make a pancake.

  31. MintBerry Crunch

    MintBerry Crunch22 日 前

    Goro Salutes you

  32. Hating on Truth

    Hating on Truth22 日 前

    3:33 Has no clue who John Candy is or Uncle Buck.........

  33. Bloobatoons D

    Bloobatoons D22 日 前

    Yeah, it's a good pancake! Guess what? *GOOD PANCAKE*

  34. Shawn Ruby

    Shawn Ruby24 日 前

    Lol, this was like an episode of Portlandia 😂

  35. Give me subs Or give me ded

    Give me subs Or give me ded24 日 前

    Imagine going to college for so long and then get into auto deck but then a person that looks like he’s a part of a biker gang hired you to build a robot to make a giant pancake

  36. Masked Foxx

    Masked Foxx25 日 前

    Is this what my tax payer money is going towards? Cuz I wouldn't have it any other way.

  37. OF clown

    OF clown26 日 前

    this confirms that our future robot overlords will never have the ability to make pancakes like the human race

  38. Andrew Mcdonald

    Andrew Mcdonald27 日 前

    That's a lot of pancake

  39. Lightknight

    Lightknight27 日 前

    They should have invited the actors too

  40. Nether Warrior

    Nether Warrior27 日 前

    Wife of random worker there: So honey what did you and your engineering degree do today Guy: I helped babish make a giant pancake witha robot

  41. TechniMage

    TechniMage28 日 前

    How much batter did you have to make......

  42. Peachy Corp.

    Peachy Corp.28 日 前

    Candy would be proud :')

  43. FLNY Mike

    FLNY Mike29 日 前

    Once when I was in PA I ordered pancakes, and I thought they’d be your regular, average sized pancakes. But no, they were like massive. I swear that day I felt like I was in that same movie just because of those pancakes in amish country.

  44. Blanca Gómez

    Blanca Gómez29 日 前

    Please can we talk about the narration in the end?

  45. Dashing Fox

    Dashing Foxヶ月 前

    I like how you got philosophical about a pancake flipping robot

  46. Afliix

    Afliixヶ月 前

    BruhUncle Buck is a living legend, bringing giants pancakes and toast for host nephews birthday, he is a god

  47. Jackie Stugart

    Jackie Stugartヶ月 前

    Where do you find that enormous pan with the two handles???

  48. TheKidblazer1

    TheKidblazer1ヶ月 前

    so home alone kid was in other films no regrets such a big pad of butter

  49. Ultronfist

    Ultronfistヶ月 前

    This is proving the point that adults are just big kids

  50. Leo Smith

    Leo Smithヶ月 前

    I can see Alvin from tasty sweating

  51. Angel Galvez Batres

    Angel Galvez Batresヶ月 前


  52. Dumb Name

    Dumb Nameヶ月 前

    I love it when a robot whip and nae naes my giant pancakes for me, really brings out the taste of the pancake

  53. Don John Lopez

    Don John Lopezヶ月 前

    Uncle Buck will be Proud. R.I.P. John Candy.

  54. Xharia

    Xhariaヶ月 前

    The peak of human engineering right here!

  55. booty_ hunter420

    booty_ hunter420ヶ月 前

    The graph of time vs robot killed me

  56. Miguel Nery

    Miguel Neryヶ月 前

    Thats why the internet was invented: Incredibly complicated means for incredibly stupid end. And I seriously love it.

  57. jacksonfan4life123

    jacksonfan4life123ヶ月 前

    That pat of butter tho

  58. juan stekelenburg

    juan stekelenburgヶ月 前

    this reminds me alot of the dutch pancakes i used to eat alot :D

  59. CamaroKing2019

    CamaroKing2019ヶ月 前

    Am I the only one who saw Kevin McAllister

  60. The Kuudere Dude

    The Kuudere Dudeヶ月 前

    This is great and all but how did they do it for the movie when they didn't have a robot to flip giant pancakes for them?

  61. Homie Pigeon

    Homie Pigeonヶ月 前

    Imagine a bunch of professional scientists and engineers building a giant pancake machine.

  62. Bien Adams

    Bien Adamsヶ月 前

    Now crapes?

  63. Andrew Loyal

    Andrew Loyalヶ月 前

    That monologue towards the end... what poetry.

  64. mallard king

    mallard kingヶ月 前

    Yo babish how big was it

  65. Cull Wolfsbane

    Cull Wolfsbaneヶ月 前

    haters: *hatin big pancake* Me: ok BUT counter argument, FWOP

  66. Vablo

    Vabloヶ月 前