Binging with Babish: Pancakes from Uncle Buck (feat. Dan Souza and a Giant Robot)


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babishヶ月 前

    According to Dan, the first weird pancake is avoidable by using less fat in the skillet - have you guys EVER had a halfway decent pancake come out first?

  2. Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat2 日 前

    The first pancake is ALWAYS the best! Why? Because it's the only one eaten by hand while the following ones have to form a neat stack on a plate

  3. Fallen Sway

    Fallen Sway4 日 前

    Regularly, although I make crepes. Not sure if that makes a difference

  4. Guru

    Guru9 日 前

    I mean, the first weird pancake still tastes as good as the rest, so why bother?

  5. Karl Peterson

    Karl Peterson17 日 前

    My kid does. He makes himself ONE pancake on the griddle.

  6. tatiyana bonner

    tatiyana bonner18 日 前

    The first one is my best it just goes down hill from there 🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. Addie W

    Addie W日 前

    the robot pitch has very strong charlie and mac idiot energy

  8. JRabbit

    JRabbit日 前

    Food and poetry. You spoil me, sir.

  9. Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat2 日 前

    Isn't it amazing how much programming and trials and errors it takes to teach a robot the seemingly simple task of flipping a pancake? This just tells you how much we are doing with our bodies subconsciously every day

  10. MWChainz

    MWChainz3 日 前

    Binging with Babish needs to collab with Mark Rober!!!

  11. Scott C

    Scott C3 日 前

    Best yootoob video I've seen all year! Fantastic.

  12. Arsenal016303

    Arsenal0163034 日 前

    Weeks later and I still can’t believe Babish was in my home town and I missed it

  13. TOTALLY not A COP

    TOTALLY not A COP4 日 前

    Why didn't they just use the robot from the movie?

  14. Harley Laufeyson

    Harley Laufeyson5 日 前

    This would literally be a cross section galore

  15. #Vote Pingu 2020

    #Vote Pingu 20206 日 前

    anyone else see that the robot said ass on it?

  16. Quinton Wilson

    Quinton Wilson6 日 前

    If you're planning on using Babish's pancake recipe--save yourself some time and don't, they taste salty and strongly like baking soda. Also, adding so much soda makes the browning very quick, so you have to cook them on medium-low AND slightly spread out the mix after spooning so that they don't turn out raw in the center. I feel like there are better ways using baking power, or using a little soda + buttermilk/vinegar, etc.

  17. Richard Herrmann

    Richard Herrmann7 日 前

    I see homie with the FOG Nikes on 👀

  18. David White

    David White8 日 前

    Who else cheered and air pumped on the last pancake?

  19. Aristovulous Elliott

    Aristovulous Elliott8 日 前

    I work at deerfield circle restraunt ohio we serve giant pancakes everyday its kinda our thing. Being a cook there i no longer like pancakes cause of it but ya know its a sight to see. should stop by some time. Names aydin. Ours are a 14 in i believe

  20. Aristovulous Elliott

    Aristovulous Elliott8 日 前

    2 spatula method my dude big boy ones tho

  21. Beau Ellenbecker

    Beau Ellenbecker9 日 前


  22. Guru

    Guru9 日 前

    I'm so glad that we as a society have come together to create a giant pancake flipping robot. glorious.

  23. The Solar Wolf

    The Solar Wolf9 日 前

    We are one step closer to realizing the giant pancake from Ed, Edd, & Eddy

  24. fireflyserenity31

    fireflyserenity319 日 前

    "To Flip a Pancake: A Binging With Babish Story"

  25. Tendy the Eighties Freak

    Tendy the Eighties Freak10 日 前

    Happy belated birthday, Macaulay!

  26. Andrew Byers

    Andrew Byers10 日 前

    Dan's facial expressions during the pitch as he holds back laughter are just gold. And the pose with the party hat... he's so adorable I can't stand it lol.

  27. Bo Con

    Bo Con10 日 前

    Please tell me the whole team got some!

  28. Jennifer Kingsbury

    Jennifer Kingsbury11 日 前

    I can't believe i just cheered out loud at a robot successfully flipping a pancake.

  29. Chaste Thompson

    Chaste Thompson11 日 前

    This is the best possible timeline.

  30. Joaquin Wells

    Joaquin Wells11 日 前

    Wow.. I wonder how much all of that costs.

  31. 1isgrl88

    1isgrl8811 日 前

    This made me smile so much my cheeks hurt by the end. Thank you for bringing back this awesome memory.✌️

  32. armando rascon

    armando rascon12 日 前

    Andrew yang 2020

  33. planetvance

    planetvance12 日 前

    Why didn't you increase the speed of the robot's spatula to get a complete scoop?

  34. Julian Rivera

    Julian Rivera12 日 前

    Got flexed on when he flipped that big ass pancake in the pan, then again when he used a mfing pizza spatula for that next big ass pancake.

  35. GHOST 3594

    GHOST 359412 日 前

    It’s wonderful seeing our tax dollars at work

  36. Captain Jelly Reviews

    Captain Jelly Reviews12 日 前

    One of my fav films as a kid. gotta try these

  37. R C

    R C12 日 前

    This is glorious!

  38. Burn With Fire

    Burn With Fire12 日 前

    Alvin: Making it Big Babish: Hold my PancakeRobot

  39. Royal Raptor Gaming

    Royal Raptor Gaming12 日 前

    Oooh I used auto desks CAD program AutoCAD whilst training to be a draftsman, funny how i see it here lol

  40. Yoav Levi

    Yoav Levi13 日 前

    No joking I cried at the end speech

  41. Cat Orgy

    Cat Orgy13 日 前

    *slaps table* RIGHT NOW!

  42. Lost Percussionist

    Lost Percussionist13 日 前

    Many times when I make pancakes for my siblings around half or more of the pancakes are weird or kind of burnt. Pretty sure it’s just how I make them though

  43. LilManJrd

    LilManJrd13 日 前

    This makes me so mad watching your Waze there’s pancakes

  44. Dan Wickersham

    Dan Wickersham13 日 前

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that wasn't nearly 40"

  45. Koren Lo

    Koren Lo13 日 前

    That monologue thoooooo👏👏👏

  46. TNF

    TNF14 日 前

    Terminator 10: Pancake Day

  47. Javier Moreno

    Javier Moreno14 日 前

    1920’s I bet we will have flying cars in the future 2019 : pancake flipping robots

  48. josh thomson

    josh thomson14 日 前

    Why so difficult is what I am thinking. They could of just made a heater move over the top after putting the batter down then take it off simple and easyer. At least I think so

  49. josh thomson

    josh thomson14 日 前

    Just the pictures made me laugh a bit

  50. Quentin Selix

    Quentin Selix14 日 前

    This dude really just used a pizza pastel to flip a pancake

  51. Tyreece Baker

    Tyreece Baker15 日 前


  52. Luna Bat

    Luna Bat15 日 前

    Jesus christ babish you are the definition of chaotic good.

  53. C Scratch

    C Scratch15 日 前


  54. MeowingInsanely

    MeowingInsanely15 日 前

    Pancake, robot, come & get it while it's hot! :)

  55. Matthew Lopez

    Matthew Lopez15 日 前

    The John Candy slap on sticker 😂😂😂 if only he was here to see this! He'd love it!

  56. Emily Paterson

    Emily Paterson15 日 前

    Useless bot


    Yusuf IBRAHIMONOV16 日 前

    Why doesnt the world replace MOMs with Bots too..??? These Bots will one day fuck us into extinction

  58. Dario Guzman

    Dario Guzman16 日 前

    Making America proud

  59. mikimomo97

    mikimomo9716 日 前

    The beauty of modern human engineering is not space travel. It’s solving world hunger with a mega pancake-making robot

  60. Keith Patrick

    Keith Patrick16 日 前

    Uhh, griddle?

  61. Eva C

    Eva C17 日 前

    my favorite video of all time

  62. Barde des Vaterlandes

    Barde des Vaterlandes17 日 前

    Oddly poetic

  63. Gogo8mkd

    Gogo8mkd17 日 前

    Andrew, you're just amazing. Your passion is enormous, and we can all see the results of fulfilling it. The content of your channel just gets better and better. I applaud you! Bravo!

  64. Gannonman

    Gannonman17 日 前

    With that much pancake, you could make some kind of a breakfast pizza, with bacon and eggs, and some tomatoes on top of that with syrup as the sauce

  65. Noa Sliwa

    Noa Sliwa17 日 前

    couldn't they just use a huge pan and just put another one on top to flip it?

  66. BonTonBunny

    BonTonBunny17 日 前

    This is so cute and amazing like I don't care who you are the final shot being the fact they put John Candy's face on this robot was so sweet and cool.