Binging with Babish: Marmalade from Paddington


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish8 ヶ月 前

    My apologies for the events taking place at 3:11 and 6:45 and 7:11 and in general



    The Lemon one was funny

  3. Daniel Neal Roberts

    Daniel Neal Roberts3 日 前

    What about 1:52? Lol

  4. Senou Natsuru

    Senou Natsuru4 日 前

    There is no apology needed for that. It's amusing enough.

  5. JJA 1005

    JJA 10056 日 前

    its good some humor dont mind at all

  6. Lard Lover

    Lard Lover19 日 前


  7. iwantudead34

    iwantudead3416 時間 前

    A lemon party joke in the year of our lord 2020, I scoff my good sir, I scoff indeed lol

  8. Gloria Wang

    Gloria Wang日 前

    you didn't make your own butter ugh you're slacking

  9. Anthony Pham

    Anthony Pham日 前

    It's pronounced scone, like gone. Not scone, like stone.

  10. hell no

    hell no2 日 前

    Not soo fun fact:a bear died for this movie,in real life,no joke

  11. Wyatt Isrite

    Wyatt Isrite2 日 前

    I hate you for the lemon party reference.

  12. FerroSplice

    FerroSplice3 日 前

    Babish: *Can cook basically anything, is an amazing chef* Also Babish: "You know your bread is done when it looks like bread"

  13. wwefans Garcia

    wwefans Garcia3 日 前

    this dude can make hard boiling eggs entertaining

  14. Mac Brown

    Mac Brown4 日 前

    Somehow squeezing that bag and popping out those pulpy orange bits reminds me of when I first disassembled my mosin and ended up embedding the firing pin into the wall like a javelin firing out of the bolt.

  15. Matthew Tyburski

    Matthew Tyburski6 日 前

    These oranges are good, but I think we can do better. So we’re gonna start by making our own oranges

  16. Nico Moreno

    Nico Moreno6 日 前

    “how am i ever gonna get into heaven now”

  17. Chiken Morris

    Chiken Morris7 日 前

    As a Brit I have to admit the fact you put butter and marmalade on a scone is absolutely unacceptable, scones are for jam and clotted cream

  18. travvandam77

    travvandam777 日 前

    This was quietly, the filthiest episode I've seen yet.

  19. Arran Robeson

    Arran Robeson8 日 前

    It's a jam sandwich 🥪

  20. dip dop

    dip dop9 日 前

    I got hit with a ranch ad in the beginning

  21. The Froot Loops Kingdom

    The Froot Loops Kingdom9 日 前

    I got a bingeing with babish ad

  22. Gokai Ginger

    Gokai Ginger10 日 前

    Make cheesy peas from the fast show, 🤣

  23. Gabriella Comito

    Gabriella Comito11 日 前

    And he’s not a BRITISH bear; he is from the “darkest Peru”! Watch the first movie, please!

  24. Gabriella Comito

    Gabriella Comito11 日 前

    Actually, this is a sequel to a first movie called Paddington, and this is Paddington 2.



    I thought Andrew was making the marmalade sandwich from "The World's End"

  26. J-Washington

    J-Washington12 日 前

    Anyone realize he said “lemon party?” 👀

  27. Alexi Panda

    Alexi Panda13 日 前

    The steam coming out of that scone as you break it open is so satisfying to look at

  28. BeanBag

    BeanBag13 日 前

    babish i love your channel but those arent english scones im afraid

  29. Jairvinlyn rodriguez

    Jairvinlyn rodriguez13 日 前

    How about the gelatin food from the lorax the scence where ted and his family are eating dinner while his grandmother is trying to tell him about the onceler

  30. Suraj Rawal

    Suraj Rawal13 日 前

    We all love a "Lemon Party"!!

  31. Ngaire Taylor

    Ngaire Taylor14 日 前

    If you want to improve the quality of the marmalade sandwich instead of using plain butter you could beat the butter together with a half quantity of camembert cheese. This will give a slightly earthy rich creamy flavour to the butter and the sandwich. Cheese on fruit toast or in fruit base sandwiches (like jam sandwiches) Add creamines, richness and Unami to the dish. Aged cheddar or tasty works perfectly with raspberry, or plum or Rossella jam. The soft cheeses works very well with any kind of fruit jam that has a citrus base. Almost any cheese will go with a jam that has an apple base.

  32. CMJ

    CMJ15 日 前

    semi whole wheat? you mean half wheat?

  33. NXK IceCream Ghost

    NXK IceCream Ghost15 日 前

    "lemon party'' my brain: memories from hell unlocked

  34. Jordan Magee

    Jordan Magee15 日 前

    Haha lemon party

  35. joe werwinski :D

    joe werwinski :D16 日 前

    I can't be the only one who thought that the marmalade was purple before realizing it was the spoon right? 3:22

  36. ya_boy_NOTE

    ya_boy_NOTE17 日 前

    I'm just here for the lemon party

  37. Rob

    Rob17 日 前

    Usually when I end up confused and sticky something good happened.

  38. Kassandra Blankenship

    Kassandra Blankenship17 日 前

    "And it's time to make it a bit of a lemon party"... So whos gonna tell him?

  39. Beatriz Gaspar

    Beatriz Gaspar18 日 前


  40. woma

    woma18 日 前

    How can you not butter both sides?? With a bit less butter on each ofc

  41. Shehab Alsaftey

    Shehab Alsaftey18 日 前

    Babing with Bimbish

  42. Yuki Shiyoji

    Yuki Shiyoji18 日 前

    "A lemon party" I dont know about that one my friend

  43. Janet Snakehole-Macklin

    Janet Snakehole-Macklin18 日 前

    After he said Lemon Party, I saw the comments and googled what it was, my mum is totally going to kill me 😳

  44. Astrxify

    Astrxify19 日 前

    I got happy when you mention mad eye moody

  45. James Berryhill

    James Berryhill19 日 前

    Mad eye moody?

  46. Carlo Del Rosario

    Carlo Del Rosario19 日 前

    Make Vegemite!

  47. Charlie R

    Charlie R19 日 前

    Hi Andrew! Quick question, I don't really have access here to kosher salt so how many is that in grams for the bread?

  48. How2Life

    How2Life20 日 前

    I never thought you could make a 9 minute video on how to put marmalade between some bread

  49. Magician Kennyy

    Magician Kennyy20 日 前


  50. shecutie

    shecutie20 日 前

    i'm such a 5 year old at heart- i can't stop laughing and replaying the fart sound effect and the plastic bag

  51. CampioneDi17

    CampioneDi1721 日 前

    How is a recreation of marmalade from Paddington having a reference to Moody from Harry Potter? LMAO I can’t odd with you Babish xD

  52. Aleira Scott

    Aleira Scott22 日 前

    What's with the red dressing gown?

  53. soham aychitte

    soham aychitte22 日 前

    I come here for asmr but i dont sleep .

  54. Elisabeta Eross

    Elisabeta Eross23 日 前


  55. Jay and Julia Burnieika

    Jay and Julia Burnieika23 日 前

    Don’t show this video to any citrus fruits

  56. Blue Kunt

    Blue Kunt23 日 前

    That lemon party joke lmao

  57. SledgeEM Yt

    SledgeEM Yt23 日 前

    Oh god a lemon party

  58. Sam Kim

    Sam Kim24 日 前

    I loved paddington 🤧🤧

  59. A Fork

    A Fork24 日 前

    When he said lemon party, I quickly went to the comments.

  60. Nobody Nothing

    Nobody Nothing25 日 前

    Anyone ever play the PC games?

  61. bobeagle007

    bobeagle00725 日 前

    You put jam on scones. Marmalade goes on toast. Thems are the rules.

  62. Helben Garvey-Cole

    Helben Garvey-Cole25 日 前

    I’m astounded (and a little perturbed) you only buttered one piece of bread. British sandwiches are almost always lined with butter. It’s civilised.

  63. extrafriesmidget

    extrafriesmidget26 日 前

    I like watching you but ITS JAM ON A SCONE NOT MARMALADE YOU UNCULTERED SWINE at least you don't call it a scon

  64. ionics378

    ionics37826 日 前

    How the orange stuff landed perfectly in the bowl was amazing and the sound gets me everytime

  65. mace carr

    mace carr26 日 前

    i just realized you sound just like Esconor from Seven Deadly Sins

  66. Botersaus

    Botersaus26 日 前

    'Roll it out just a little bit' reminds me of hex: ruin from dbd youtuber Monto.

  67. juliowasme

    juliowasme27 日 前

    lemon par- *oh f**k*

  68. Vann Holmes

    Vann Holmes27 日 前

    4:07 WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT HONEY CUP?! I must have it!

  69. Anirudh Kashyap

    Anirudh Kashyap27 日 前

    Only half tsp yeast??

  70. Kylon Sanders

    Kylon Sanders27 日 前

    Please don’t say lemon party it brings back bad memories about what I read

  71. jenevie key

    jenevie key27 日 前

    I wonder how many grades he had in cooking class

  72. sadoo silva

    sadoo silva27 日 前

    *heard babish say lemon party* “eh no one in the comments will get the reference” *looks in comments just in case* oh.

  73. Haz wizZRblx

    Haz wizZRblx27 日 前

    British PB & J

  74. Philip Newnahm

    Philip Newnahm27 日 前

    Clotted cream with scones aswell

  75. Okey-Ness

    Okey-Ness28 日 前

    3:33 nice rainbow spoon

  76. James l

    James l28 日 前

    How dare you make that lemon referance and bring back memory's i had suppressed along time ago

  77. Hannah Kiwi

    Hannah Kiwi28 日 前

    3:11 B E S T

  78. Jack Kirk

    Jack Kirkヶ月 前

    "An experience like so many others that left me confused and sticky"

  79. Okun Byrd

    Okun Byrdヶ月 前

    "An experience like so many others that left me felling confused and sticky"

  80. 0liCox

    0liCoxヶ月 前

    Puts it on a scone what kind of monster are you

  81. nitroad shadow

    nitroad shadowヶ月 前

    You didn't put any clotted cream on your scones.

  82. ᚹᛖᚷᚨ ᚨᛊᛏᚱᚨ

    ᚹᛖᚷᚨ ᚨᛊᛏᚱᚨヶ月 前

    HAHAHAHAHA lemonparty

  83. Abdulah12

    Abdulah12ヶ月 前

    The day this video came out it was my birthday so I'm really happy I got a video on my birthday

  84. A

    Aヶ月 前

    I love lemon parties

  85. silvavana

    silvavanaヶ月 前

    Just wondering, what do you do with the unhealthy food you cook if you don't eat it? I know Babish tries to eat healthy.

  86. Sam & Lindsey Helfrich

    Sam & Lindsey Helfrichヶ月 前

    6699 comments, nice

  87. snacky broski

    snacky broskiヶ月 前


  88. Your Pansexual Best Friend

    Your Pansexual Best Friendヶ月 前

    I've never heard of chunky marmalade and I never want to hear it again

  89. Stewart McConnell

    Stewart McConnellヶ月 前

    "enjoyed by the brits, scots"....but...Scottish people are British...

  90. steven griffin

    steven griffinヶ月 前

    Some would like to think otherwise. Putting scots into the same category as the English? Never

  91. Amina Tg

    Amina Tgヶ月 前

    Waowwww 🥺

  92. Its Harry Newman.tf2

    Its Harry Newman.tf2ヶ月 前

    "Left me confused and sticky..." Binging with Babish 2020

  93. devin

    devinヶ月 前

    this entire episode was solid gold but oh my god 3:11 is the funniest fucking thing i’ve ever seen

  94. James Uphill

    James Uphillヶ月 前

    “Brits and Scotts” that hurt ☹️ Scott’s are Brits

  95. GenoMerc

    GenoMercヶ月 前

    I feel like a lot of Americans refer to the English as the British, nothing against the Scots, we just tend to do that.

  96. king POTATO

    king POTATOヶ月 前

    what casuals see: marmalade from paddington what I see: *Orange sandwich tutorial*

  97. Ida Hägglund

    Ida Hägglundヶ月 前

    3:30 I felt like I was watching Mary Poppins there for a second. Confusing spoon is confusing...

  98. Kayleigh Hayden

    Kayleigh Haydenヶ月 前

    I’ve been binging these videos, but the scones... I’ve never seen anyone put egg in scones, only as a glaze, and MARMALADE on a scone? jam and cream on,y (traditionally clotted. But I prefer whipped double cream)

  99. Save us M1SAKI

    Save us M1SAKIヶ月 前

    Holy shit thats a lot of sugar

  100. Morgaine Johnson

    Morgaine Johnsonヶ月 前

    Woah, what is that amazing tool you used to measure the honey? Magical

  101. Wikan Saktianto

    Wikan Saktiantoヶ月 前

    Very wise bear have insulated pocket on his Rain Hat, I supposed.

  102. Raptor25o

    Raptor25oヶ月 前

    7:10 I- I don’t- WHAT

  103. Jake Shire

    Jake Shireヶ月 前

    I can't find where to hunt and butcher a wild marmalade?

  104. Kit Of Whales

    Kit Of Whalesヶ月 前


  105. April Wright

    April Wrightヶ月 前

    Andrew: “lemon party” Me: *triggered*

  106. Adam Robinson

    Adam Robinsonヶ月 前

    It was a wise decision not to go with cream & marmalade scones - whether you put the cream on first or second you'd have caused an uproar!

  107. Andre DV

    Andre DVヶ月 前

    How many homemade bread did u make in any of your videos?? I guess its alot