Binging with Babish Gets a Tattoo While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast4 ヶ月 前

    The first Hot Ones tattoo on the show! What's your favorite wing 10 of all time?

  2. Micah West

    Micah West4 日 前

    Shia Laboof lol

  3. Derek Holden

    Derek Holdenヶ月 前

    @DrPepperDM he was on two, Marisha did two, Ashley Burch was on one, Orion did one

  4. Derek Holden

    Derek Holdenヶ月 前

    @DrPepperDM all of them, I know how Travis handles anything scary, and how Matt handles spicy, but I think Sam would be a gem. Matt was on an episode or two of Hot Pepper Gaming

  5. Mr Wilson

    Mr Wilsonヶ月 前

    Need to do a world tour

  6. Gipglorp Alien Friend

    Gipglorp Alien Friend3 ヶ月 前

    The chicken has the same name as me!!!

  7. spideralexandre2099

    spideralexandre20998 時間 前

    "This ain't my first radio"

  8. Timothy Bolton

    Timothy Bolton11 時間 前

    Which one has a better haircut?


    BEES AND TOAST13 時間 前

    Literally everyone uses the word "factoid" wrong. It's something that could resemble a fact but is false. "oid" means resembling.

  10. Spooder Pig

    Spooder Pig日 前

    Everybodys gangsta till they hit da bomb

  11. TheFPSnut

    TheFPSnut日 前

    Everyone's focused on the sexual tension, I'm trying to figure out from his eyes if he enjoyed a jazz stick before coming on 👀

  12. GameWalkthroughUK

    GameWalkthroughUK日 前

    Get the guys from the last podcast on the left on!!!! Ben kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry zebrowski

  13. trevor woodhead

    trevor woodhead2 日 前

    I got a question for ol babby while he's sweating the beanbag off" cracked me up haha

  14. Jacob Hogan

    Jacob Hogan2 日 前

    How many episode of the west wing 3 8 FUCK!!

  15. mr.yolo887

    mr.yolo8872 日 前

    Good ol' Devilish Drew the Chicken

  16. Fheed Pexx

    Fheed Pexx2 日 前

    I thought he was named Baba. So confused right now.

  17. CaptJames Barton

    CaptJames Barton3 日 前

    Wimp !! Using a homer trick !! Others didn't do that and just took it

  18. Hezar5166

    Hezar51663 日 前

    Damn that mic is serious. Needs more sex candle tho

  19. Govind Menon

    Govind Menon3 日 前

    Regular show has a lot of scenes with hot wings and hot sauce. I think it handled it best

  20. Bill Pleebles

    Bill Pleebles3 日 前

    Gotta get joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and AOC

  21. HëKtik

    HëKtik4 日 前

    His face looks like a white Tech N9ne

  22. Giovanni Francis

    Giovanni Francis4 日 前

    Petition to put Elon musk on the show

  23. maygua cotto

    maygua cotto5 日 前


  24. Jose L

    Jose L6 日 前

    14:15 song ?¿?

  25. daisy sandoval

    daisy sandoval6 日 前

    Can you get Keanu Reeves please?

  26. pikaseel

    pikaseel7 日 前

    Andrew was so unreasonably delighted to get hiccups.

  27. Silverfyre

    Silverfyre7 日 前

    I don't even have to watch to enjoy this. Just listening is great!

  28. Ethan James Sephiroth Aragon Hosteenez Rai Wheeler

    Ethan James Sephiroth Aragon Hosteenez Rai Wheeler7 日 前

    Heard that music at 10:48 after Babish said "where can I buy this?" and immediatly prepared my self for him to either promote Hot Ones Hot Sause, G-Fuel or/and PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator

  29. ChaseATH2O vids

    ChaseATH2O vids7 日 前

    And say that looks bloody effing delicious

  30. ChaseATH2O vids

    ChaseATH2O vids7 日 前

    I really want to see Gordon Ramsay judge one of your videos just for funsiesobviously I think you are good enough for Gordon Ramsay to respect you

  31. Travis Monk

    Travis Monk7 日 前

    what happens after 21:45? I fell asleep...

  32. BunnyDrinkingSomeMilk

    BunnyDrinkingSomeMilk8 日 前

    good evening, and welcome MM

  33. Dallas L

    Dallas L8 日 前

    STOP SAYING "FACTOIDS!" A factoid, by definition, is a false statement that appears to be true when unexamined. A little-known fact is called, "trivia."

  34. BubblewrapHighway

    BubblewrapHighway6 日 前

    Is that where tabloid comes from? Tablet of factoids?

  35. Rick Spradlin

    Rick Spradlin8 日 前

    im glad seans eye was ok after this

  36. Lei z_Sketches

    Lei z_Sketches8 日 前

    Babish: Do and Say the right thing Also Babish: First I’m gonna put it on my skin, like I’ve been a bad boy.... *drips hot wax on his hand* okay, I feel disciplined

  37. Julian Smith

    Julian Smith9 日 前

    thought these wings were suppose to be cooked in the sauce not just cooked/fried then just be dipped in thr sauce...

  38. Tomas Reynoso

    Tomas Reynoso10 日 前

    I just wanna say, he has inspired me to cook. Thanks Babby

  39. David Rajewski

    David Rajewski10 日 前

    This man looks like mighty mouse lmao only white

  40. Adriel Mohammed

    Adriel Mohammed10 日 前

    This episode is more chaotic than usual lmao

  41. Shaky Skol

    Shaky Skol10 日 前

    Eating very hot wings, getting a tattoo by a hottie, and drinking whisky, all at once while keeping a straight face, Babi is a god mode manly man

  42. Beatriz Zacharias

    Beatriz Zacharias10 日 前

    I love how one video just had some of the coolest dudes of JPreporter. Seriously I would watch Sean, Andrea, Brad, Marques, Rhett (and Link) having a brunch; throw DeFranco on it as well.

  43. Degree

    Degree11 日 前

    Careful around your eyes, Sean

  44. morgan williams

    morgan williams12 日 前

    When Brad said “HEY BAB-Y” I fuckin lost it

  45. Tipsy Leg

    Tipsy Leg13 日 前

    Super weird listening to babish without any music

  46. Zarcon T

    Zarcon T13 日 前

    I was like I only know Marcus and Rhett but I didn’t realize I knew the bon appetite guy without his apron on