Binging with Babish Gets a Tattoo While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feastヶ月 前

    The first Hot Ones tattoo on the show! What's your favorite wing 10 of all time?

  2. toasty 263

    toasty 2638 日 前

    First We Feast do seth McFarland next


    DJ DREVILLA10 日 前


  4. Zack Mags

    Zack Mags13 日 前

    First We Feast gotta get Jon Taffer on hot ones

  5. Spiceboy9000

    Spiceboy900016 日 前

    This is the first episode that I watched thoroughly and enjoyed. Best one yet

  6. Kevin Koger

    Kevin Koger18 日 前

    First one where wax was eaten!!!

  7. Chris

    Chris時間 前

    Corey taylor

  8. richard carr

    richard carr4 時間 前

    did anyone catch the name of the whiskey he mentioned

  9. Kay

    Kay8 時間 前

    10:45 Pewdiepie: "$399"

  10. SinclairGaming

    SinclairGaming9 時間 前

    That’s fun

  11. aeries blair

    aeries blair9 時間 前


  12. Shallain Gordon

    Shallain Gordon10 時間 前

    This was romantic

  13. Kara Grace C

    Kara Grace C10 時間 前

    Im in love

  14. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith11 時間 前

    Blantons is also a fantastic bourbon for an old fashioned

  15. jessi marie

    jessi marie11 時間 前


  16. Mr. Bleach

    Mr. Bleach11 時間 前

    They look like a nut sack together

  17. SupremeSnipes 01

    SupremeSnipes 0112 時間 前

    Every time I watch hot ones i get hot ones ad PPEGA

  18. turbo2g2003

    turbo2g200313 時間 前

    Angels envy. Great whisky!! Had it recently at Whisky Library in Portland. Great choice!

  19. steven willemse

    steven willemse13 時間 前

    10:45 I thought pewdiepie was about to walk out and try and sell me something

  20. Nicolas Padilla

    Nicolas Padilla13 時間 前

    Any other 9 year olds get triggered at 10:44?

  21. Cameron Pywell

    Cameron Pywell13 時間 前

    Sean: The wings are gonna get pretty hot Babish: No shit

  22. Aruto

    Aruto14 時間 前

    This is the first time I've seen Sean suffer. Nice

  23. Jeremye Tremblay

    Jeremye Tremblay14 時間 前

    Bring Voltaire from the JPreporter Channel the lair of voltaire PLS

  24. Flaming banana

    Flaming banana17 時間 前

    Hold on whats a babish

  25. Just a Channel

    Just a Channel19 時間 前

    This is the easiest challenge

  26. Rien Kouen

    Rien Kouen21 時間 前

    could you get Pewdiepie ?? :3

  27. Theatrical Goon

    Theatrical Goon23 時間 前

    i promise to clean my bones

  28. Sandy Telfer

    Sandy Telfer日 前

    Sean taking one for the team 💪🏻

  29. N.T. IT

    N.T. IT日 前

    If JPreporter sensations are still up your alley: Get 👏 Dunkey 👏 On 👏 Here 👏

  30. Bob Dickens

    Bob Dickens日 前


  31. NIKO LAY

    NIKO LAY日 前

    Andrew is honestly one of the best people ever featured on this show. It's so satisfying to have someone down-to-earth, hard-working, original and outright intelligent. I'm not necessarily saying this because I'm a foodie, it's just generally so relaxing to see him instead of some cocky and barely mature social media celebs (aka pop stars, singers and rappers) who don't have anything intelligent or even interesting to say and force Sean to carry the show by himself. I feel like Sean was genuinely happy to have someone on the same wave.

  32. Lathonland

    Lathonland日 前

    I love Frasier

  33. SleepyRay

    SleepyRay日 前


  34. Jay Urish

    Jay Urish日 前

    ROTFLTIPMGO!!! So fun seeing to bobsy twins in such a state of utter wreckedness.

  35. Christian Mathes

    Christian Mathes日 前

    "Hey uh ... Babby!"

  36. Woo Kim

    Woo Kim日 前

    What an interesting take. Liked this episode.

  37. Colin Tentis

    Colin Tentis日 前

    After being called out like that, Gordon Ramsay hired some culinary assassins to take down Babish a notch by making the hot wings extra spicy in hopes that it will grow his hair back and make him lose that alluring voice. Dick move, Ramsay. Dick move. Unfortunately for him it didn't work.

  38. latecrayfish84

    latecrayfish84日 前

    Is Andrew the Seth Everman of cooking or is Seth Everman the Andrew of music and memes?

  39. DevilsAssasin17

    DevilsAssasin17日 前

    I love how authentic this show is. You guys seemed like a couple of old buddies. Sean seems more loosened up then usually(that wake up juice probably helped lol). I don't think I have enjoyed a JPreporter series like I have enjoyed this one, and this episode is a favorite. Awesome job!

  40. A Random Pop Culture Guy

    A Random Pop Culture Guy日 前

    Pewdiepie:The battle of the foreheads.To the left we got the weak forehead,get that head out of here.But to the right,we got the complete chad forehead,that’s what I want,I love it

  41. Munch TBM

    Munch TBM2 日 前

    Hey look “Pops and Anti Pops” from “regular show” eating hot wings

  42. Paul Korak

    Paul Korak2 日 前

    An internet show where they interview celebrities and drink sex store candles

  43. GroundMemory

    GroundMemory2 日 前

    This dude is more of a badass than I realized. Love your content, Babish!

  44. Sipping Coffee

    Sipping Coffee2 日 前

    Whoever edited this on the hiccups needs a raise.

  45. Toki

    Toki2 日 前

    Absolute favorite episode!

  46. gayesper

    gayesper2 日 前

    tums sponsoring hot ones episodes is just......poetic cinema

  47. rcarr58

    rcarr582 日 前

    I want to swallow babaishes babies like fuck he’s so fucking sexy!!

  48. Ameir Thegamer

    Ameir Thegamer2 日 前


  49. Antynono

    Antynono2 日 前

    OMFG Babish and I have the same background for Gmail AHHHH

  50. joann reyes

    joann reyes2 日 前

    Bring Daniel Radcliff

  51. ayy 99

    ayy 992 日 前

    You know who's hotter than the hot sauces? yes its andrew

  52. Melon Cornets

    Melon Cornets2 日 前

    I loved Bedtime with Babish. Thanks for having him on.

  53. Brenna Donnelly

    Brenna Donnelly2 日 前

    Jeez, Brad cracks me up with the whole “hey babby, sweatin the ol’ bean bags”

  54. Jai Angeli

    Jai Angeli2 日 前

    Ok, if you cover his bald head, he looks like Ryan Reynolds. Kinda.

  55. Goat Man

    Goat Man2 日 前

    I’ve never seen Sean suffer so much

  56. Jay.Miller

    Jay.Miller2 日 前

    My name is Chef

  57. zuz o

    zuz o2 日 前

    so cute

  58. zuz o

    zuz o2 日 前

    so cute

  59. zuz o

    zuz o2 日 前

    dont be a jerk

  60. poweronia

    poweronia2 日 前

    That man has a great voice.

  61. JustGriffin

    JustGriffin2 日 前

    crossover with Gordon Ramsey and Babish

  62. SevenSecondsArise

    SevenSecondsArise2 日 前

    This guy is so handsome. Well both of em are. 😍

  63. Benjamin Halden

    Benjamin Halden2 日 前

    10:45 Now where have I heard this music before?

  64. Heather Chia

    Heather Chia2 日 前

    I still want Babish to make Minne's Chocolate Pie from The Help >:-) hehehehh

  65. salah nane

    salah nane2 日 前

    hot sauce shouldnt be 25 dollars a bottle

  66. Zombo _06

    Zombo _063 日 前

    The most calm person on this show

  67. Atlas Atkinson

    Atlas Atkinson3 日 前

    Might be my favourite Hot Ones I've ever watched and I'm only 15mins in

  68. Timur Güney

    Timur Güney3 日 前

    10:45 only 399

  69. Junkyard King

    Junkyard King3 日 前

    Inferno wings

  70. Bill Bush

    Bill Bush3 日 前

    Subtle Flexing with Babish

  71. Minnesota Society Of Gamers

    Minnesota Society Of Gamers3 日 前

    Babish lowkey has a Dab pen.

  72. B0ggs B1nny

    B0ggs B1nny3 日 前

    Babish reminds me of Seth Macfarlane

  73. MadamSassafras

    MadamSassafras3 日 前

    I just need to kno, was that the Teddy, the cami, or the babydoll candle?

  74. Noah Garcia

    Noah Garcia3 日 前

    “😐 it’s so exciting😐”

  75. Sit Nomine Digna

    Sit Nomine Digna3 日 前

    The fact that he said "It's like a Mac 10" talking about Da Bomb makes me thinks he's an actual gun guy because that's incredibly accurate. Just an ugly stamped steel piece of shit with no design efforts put into aesthetics or ergonomics...but it has a job to do and by God it does it.

  76. Andrew Butler

    Andrew Butler3 日 前

    Get The Try guys on season 10!

  77. Shendip

    Shendip3 日 前

    That ending tho!

  78. Ohioiy Boi

    Ohioiy Boi3 日 前

    Everytime babish hiccups they make an artificial cheesy sound and it is hilarious 😂

  79. Chubomik Z

    Chubomik Z3 日 前

    That subtle chill remix of a song Babish uses in his videos when making the wake-up juice, fantastic touch

  80. Frndly.

    Frndly.3 日 前


  81. TheMillieSmalls

    TheMillieSmalls3 日 前

    Get Nate Diaz and thug rose! More mma fighters!

  82. Rrodr022

    Rrodr0223 日 前

    Babish, sean, and brad (kinda) in one video I must be dreaming!

  83. Alpha Pineapple

    Alpha Pineapple3 日 前

    10:45 thought PewDiePie was about to pop up and try and sell me a chair for 399.99.

  84. Greg

    Greg3 日 前

    Babish is into bdsm 100% confirmed

  85. Geion

    Geion10 時間 前

    Came looking for this comment.

  86. Sugar Jay

    Sugar Jay3 日 前

    He completely botched the portal cake and got destroyed for it. Funny how he ignores that.