Binging with Babish: Bone Broth from The Mandalorian


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish7 ヶ月 前

    You want some soup?

  2. carrot kid

    carrot kidヶ月 前


  3. Nodel Oliver

    Nodel Oliverヶ月 前

    Yes, please.

  4. Inbedded

    Inbeddedヶ月 前

    no 6

  5. Inbedded

    Inbeddedヶ月 前

    no 4

  6. Inbedded

    Inbeddedヶ月 前

    no 3

  7. movieluver615299

    movieluver6152995 時間 前

    Babish has a lady when did this happen

  8. Joshua Mages

    Joshua Mages16 時間 前

    The blood in the bone marrow gives it that flavor. Put the bones in a salt water brine over night to get all the blood out.

  9. João Alves

    João Alves日 前

    You should make some Estus Soup from Dark Souls 3

  10. resverie

    resverie日 前

    my nanna straight up just eats chicken feet. idk how she cooks them because honestly i don’t wanna see that but she uh. she eats them.

  11. 1999 Honda Civic EK Hatch

    1999 Honda Civic EK Hatch2 日 前

    When you refrigerate it after making it, do you just microwave it or heat it up in a pan?

  12. Melody

    Melody3 日 前

    Uhhh doesnt the pressure cooker take MORE of the gelatin out? There was a pressure pot designed in the 1700s SPECIFICALLY to make gelatin for desserts. Why would you possibly need to add any??

  13. Micah van Everdingen

    Micah van Everdingen4 日 前

    Mr Babish: "One cup of Dry Red Wine" Also Mr Babish: "Pours half the bottle in the pan"

  14. Ramey Abdole

    Ramey Abdole4 日 前

    That’s a nice smile remember kids brush your teeth.

  15. Lightning Gamer

    Lightning Gamer5 日 前

    The Udon noodles look like the way to go for me. I got to try that out.

  16. Mr Satan

    Mr Satan5 日 前

    8:27 forbidden peanut butter cups

  17. Meep !

    Meep !5 日 前

    Divide into *p o r t i o n s*

  18. Michael K

    Michael K6 日 前

    Seriously, as much as I have enjoyed binging (no pun intended) so many of these videos in the last 5 days, so far Babish freaking out his girlfriend (and hearing her reactions) has to be one of my favorite moments.

  19. French Bread

    French Bread6 日 前

    Add in a good size chuck of ginger, it will elevate it to the next level.

  20. Banane

    Banane6 日 前

    This video gave me flashbacks to my grandparents bone Jell-O aka Haladets/ Холодец. They never put any seasoning in it, not even salt. It's kind of unstable and melts on your spoon and then tongue very unevenly which is not only extremely unsatisfying but also triggers your throat to swallow even though your taste buds and sanity scream at you to spit it out. It looks like curdled semen and tastes like warm steam with a distinct, meaty flavor. I love the store bought stuff which is more meat than Aspik and also clear rather than milky but whenever I see bone broth now, I cringe. This looks pretty good though, ngl

  21. Emmy’s Very Serious Videos

    Emmy’s Very Serious Videos7 日 前

    This episode is amazing, I almost never eat meat and very little animal products but I like the idea of making use of normally unthought of products like bones, might try this someday

  22. Brooks Holley

    Brooks Holley7 日 前

    that smile reminded me of Ralphie in a Christmas Story

  23. InfusedSediment

    InfusedSediment7 日 前

    I love broth!

  24. Britt Lay

    Britt Lay7 日 前

    the marrow is the best bit of the bone 😢

  25. Mackattack 02006

    Mackattack 020067 日 前

    Why does Babish strangely sound a lot like the mandalorian?

  26. Marc van Zuylen

    Marc van Zuylen8 日 前

    I love that you don’t only make food that is “of this time” but also food that was made in “good old days” just like my mom and gran used to make. Bone broth was a drink I used to drink all the time and tbh it gave me more energy then any energy drink could ever give me!!

  27. Marc van Zuylen

    Marc van Zuylen8 日 前

    I love that you don’t only make food that is “of this time” but also food that was made in “good old days” just like my mom and gran used to make. Bone broth was a drink I user to drink all the time and tbh it gave me more energy then any energy drink could ever give me!!

  28. Thexpgamer1795

    Thexpgamer17958 日 前

    Chicken feet are delicious when cooked correctly

  29. Yan Hakim

    Yan Hakim9 日 前

    When Trade will include Canada and all it's provinces? You do have an international following.

  30. Olmack

    Olmack9 日 前

    4:30 the cum jar

  31. M4ri 215

    M4ri 21510 日 前

    5:28 no wonder Mando got it for the child

  32. Rodan3232

    Rodan323210 日 前

    This was made 7 months ago man I will miss just waiting by the bus stop with my friends in the cold that was fun seeing this video for the first time while just getting into the madilorian

  33. Anthony Albert

    Anthony Albert10 日 前

    I want to go make bone broth now

  34. BigSexyMexican3

    BigSexyMexican310 日 前

    Died when he said “look I can make it wave”

  35. Wgreene Wgreene

    Wgreene Wgreene10 日 前

    I really want to watch Mandalorian but curse you Disney +

  36. Jason T

    Jason T11 日 前

    When you're following the recipe and find out you have to wait 24-48 hrs.

  37. Ferran Mushlih

    Ferran Mushlih11 日 前

    "Chicken claws is great for freaking out your girlfriend" Me alone, eating braised chicken feets: **cries**

  38. Adrienne Whiten

    Adrienne Whiten12 日 前

    Stock.....its stock

  39. Martin Fülöp

    Martin Fülöp12 日 前

    What about salt????

  40. ZeroUrtaga

    ZeroUrtaga12 日 前

    3:37-3:57 audio only 😉

  41. That1happy Boi

    That1happy Boi13 日 前

    I never new you can be sponsored by food/drink items very interesting

  42. W S

    W S13 日 前

    Would've been better if he just bought Alex Jones Bone Broth powder 😂

  43. Code Gaming

    Code Gaming15 日 前

    “Im just high... on coffee..”

  44. Jan Ronschke

    Jan Ronschke16 日 前

    The "scum" is not flavourless its the best part of it

  45. Jacob Cottom

    Jacob Cottom17 日 前

    3:50 I don't know that I can think of a thing that would piss off PETA more than that. Good job, Andrew

  46. Trunks Vegeta Briefs

    Trunks Vegeta Briefs17 日 前

    Everyone else: oh boy the mandalorian! Me: oh boy broth!

  47. k.c. Bake

    k.c. Bake17 日 前

    Andrew's smiling face at 2:53 🏅😃

  48. Essentially Retro

    Essentially Retro17 日 前

    He sounds like God .... dammit I cant put my finger on it it was like some guy who would talk about top 5 or something idk oh YEAH THE SIMPLE HISTORY GO WATCH THAT AND COME BACK TO THE beginning and you wont be the same

  49. UnknownCreature-006

    UnknownCreature-00617 日 前

    Awwww man my grandma used to make me bone broth for me and my siblings during the winter! (At least I think it was bone broth, it tasted vaguely metallic, but still delicious) My family lives in Canada so it gets pretty cold, and hot soup is AMAZING.

  50. Arsalan Ali Khan

    Arsalan Ali Khan17 日 前

    What do you do with the leftovers from the broth?

  51. - Jellyzwop -

    - Jellyzwop -18 日 前

    I'm gonna try freaking out my girlfriend with chicken feet. Does anyone know where you can find one of those? (A girlfriend ofc)

  52. 曹洋

    曹洋18 日 前

    Dude i'm surprised that you still have a GF hahahahaha

  53. Jay L

    Jay L18 日 前

    You think its too late to win that contest?😂

  54. Exclusive

    Exclusive20 日 前

    I bought a pig feel and leg, and I cook it, but it smell bad, I think pig feel was dirty before, is it ok to drink that broth?

  55. etuheu

    etuheu20 日 前

    this comes up when googling "The WoMandalorian"

  56. Benjamin Okon-Uribe

    Benjamin Okon-Uribe20 日 前

    Can you make chorizo?

  57. TheTSense

    TheTSense21 日 前

    Is this video sponsord by the SoulStorm Brewery?

  58. Criceto

    Criceto21 日 前

    0:37 Major spoilers? Wow! I can’t believe I spoiled myself by reading that Baby Yoda sipped some soup! There’s no other way I would’ve found that out otherwise!

  59. Marin Velenik

    Marin Velenik22 日 前

    "It all started with that smile" 2:54 "That damned smile "

  60. mr. potato

    mr. potato22 日 前

    I made this It was just soup stock

  61. Johnny_JD

    Johnny_JD22 日 前

    mr. potato ❤️

  62. mr. potato

    mr. potato22 日 前

    @Johnny_JD what

  63. Johnny_JD

    Johnny_JD22 日 前

    Jebać PIS

  64. Kyle Robinson

    Kyle Robinson24 日 前

    0:33 it was Luke i am your Father seems the prophecy is coming true get ready people dark times r coming

  65. Span Dex

    Span Dex24 日 前

    "Bone broth" is just the hipster name for stock. It's stock. That's all. Stock.

  66. Snoozin

    Snoozin25 日 前

    Wait didn't Brooklyn 99 do this first?

  67. Jared

    Jared25 日 前

    People in my town unfortunately use the co2 dispenser as a whip Its inducer. Two kids of people and im not watching their JPreporter videos

  68. Ebot SP

    Ebot SP25 日 前

    In malaysia we have this type of Recipe too Its called "Sup Tulang" in english "Bone Soup", what kind of bone we use ? Mostly Cow Bones.