1. SonnyBoyHere

    SonnyBoyHere15 時間 前


  2. Nev

    Nev日 前

    bimpson ❤️

  3. Jaws Fishing

    Jaws Fishing日 前

    Thanks to our dear leader Kevin for introducing us to this.

  4. Shadow hunter

    Shadow hunter日 前

    Kevin has brought me here for this legend of a video

  5. ensquared

    ensquared日 前

    Can we have the model so we can 3D print bimpson?

  6. TheGamerKiwi

    TheGamerKiwi日 前

    so uh. *what did i just witness...*

  7. Charlene Bimpson

    Charlene Bimpson2 日 前

    Wtf is this 🤣🤣🤣 murdered my name

  8. Charlene Bimpson

    Charlene Bimpson2 日 前

    Dylan Woodley I guess so yeah

  9. Dylan Woodley

    Dylan Woodley2 日 前

    I guess you really are Bimpson, yeah

  10. Yasmeen Rios

    Yasmeen Rios2 日 前

    my favorite part is when he says “oh yeah i guess freaking bimpson yeah”.

  11. Forenger V

    Forenger V4 日 前

    Ohh yea Kevin sent me over

  12. Forenger V

    Forenger V4 日 前

    Best song ever

  13. Bryn Rivenes

    Bryn Rivenes4 日 前


  14. Derry Dennett

    Derry Dennett4 日 前

    The dislikes are from Australians trying to like it

  15. idontknowspanish

    idontknowspanish4 日 前

    "i guess im freakin bimpson, yea" He Has Such A Way With Words

  16. akariasking

    akariasking4 日 前

    wow i loved this show growing up

  17. jenna riley

    jenna riley4 日 前

    Annoying and i do not like Bimpson at all.

  18. Lucy

    Lucy4 日 前

    oh yeah i guess im freakin bimpson yeah

  19. Default Cube

    Default Cube4 日 前

    Why does he sound so pissed off?

  20. Shining

    Shining4 日 前

    Is this the new Demi Lovato Let It Go cover?

  21. xLuna08x

    xLuna08x5 日 前

    my cousin sent me this..i’m kinda concerned

  22. Flup

    Flup5 日 前

    Bimpson is just Kirby having a midlife crisis

  23. BLockley Lockley

    BLockley Lockley5 日 前

    Welp guess I’m really Bimpson... yeah

  24. captain_awesome 21

    captain_awesome 215 日 前

    Thanks Kevin for introducing this masterpiece to me

  25. I am me

    I am me5 日 前


  26. Big Bubba

    Big Bubba5 日 前

    Welcome to hell. Why am I here?

  27. Mason McCarthy

    Mason McCarthy5 日 前

    I can't stop watching this

  28. Chocatear

    Chocatear5 日 前

    This will haunt me for years

  29. O Rei do Iêiêiê

    O Rei do Iêiêiê5 日 前

    More like Bore: Ragnarok

  30. Cody Sellers

    Cody Sellers5 日 前

    Bore Ragnarok

  31. Brenna

    Brenna5 日 前

    I know this has to do with Kevin but I’ve missed somthing

  32. Doge Plays Roblox With Freinds

    Doge Plays Roblox With Freinds5 日 前

    please stop this at once

  33. Nathan Levesque

    Nathan Levesque5 日 前

    Did Kirby absorb Peter Griffin?

  34. Rubber duck Clan

    Rubber duck Clan5 日 前

    Kevin so never herd of bimpson well now you have

  35. Hypnos009

    Hypnos0095 日 前

    Kevin introduced me to the 8th circle of hell

  36. The Llamacorn

    The Llamacorn5 日 前

    Kevin, why did you do this to me...

  37. GuyFieri

    GuyFieri6 日 前

    I don’t know or care who Kevin is I’m here for Bimpson

  38. Sir Thomas

    Sir Thomas7 日 前

    I guess he's really Bimpson yeah.🤷‍♂️

  39. Tomas Roberts

    Tomas Roberts7 日 前

    Looks like Peter Griffin.

  40. Breadskate.mp4

    Breadskate.mp48 日 前

    Bimpson more like bore ragnaok

  41. stan twice

    stan twice8 日 前

    bimpson is so beautiful

  42. Weronika S

    Weronika S8 日 前

    Kevin played this on stream today. Thanks! I hate it.

  43. Nial Frazier

    Nial Frazier8 日 前

    we're all bimpson if we think about it

  44. brite_element

    brite_element8 日 前

    oh yeahhh i guess im really bimpsonnn

  45. Oncez4

    Oncez48 日 前

    Dylan should thank Kevin fo some views.

  46. Dylan Woodley

    Dylan Woodley8 日 前

    Hopped in the stream today to do just that! Put such a big smile on my face seeing everyone go nuts for Bimpson

  47. Auzzyred

    Auzzyred9 日 前

    The cult is here thanks to kevin

  48. ShinyPokeQueen

    ShinyPokeQueen10 日 前

    Wearing headphones puts this on an entirely different level, and it is truly a spiritual experience. I guess.. he really is Bimpson, yeah.

  49. Woffols4 Waffles

    Woffols4 Waffles10 日 前


  50. Chao Li

    Chao Li10 日 前

    Imagine working overnight and suddenly have the urge to listen to this😖thanks to CallMeKevin

  51. ZeeNasty

    ZeeNasty11 日 前

    I was trying to fall back asleep and this was stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, Kevin.

  52. Kevin Duffy

    Kevin Duffy11 日 前

    Thanks bud I needed this one today

  53. Oliveuh

    Oliveuh11 日 前

    the whole callmekevin community pulled up to this

  54. WAF

    WAF11 日 前

    This is so stuck in my head after CallMeKevin’s Latest stream lol

  55. cosmicallyjay

    cosmicallyjay12 日 前

    thank you for this, callmekevin

  56. Makoto De La Barra

    Makoto De La Barra12 日 前

    Thanks, Kevin heavily tortured us with this during his last stream... By the end of it grew on me so I had to look it up to fuel my nightmares, thanks again

  57. ShayZtrain

    ShayZtrain12 日 前

    He really do be Bimpson

  58. Epic Ocelot Man

    Epic Ocelot Man12 日 前

    CallMeKevin introduced me (and countless others) to this... Bimpson. Now I guarantee my sleep paralysis demon will have a new form tonight...

  59. lex f

    lex f12 日 前

    listened to this at least 15 times on CallMeKevin's stream today. needed more, decided to go straight to the b i m p s o n source

  60. 恭浩てい

    恭浩てい12 日 前

    this has singlehandedly destroyed my entire night kevin thanks

  61. Yara

    Yara12 日 前

    I want to thank Kevin for bringing me here. This is art, this is why i love the internet.

  62. Jason F

    Jason F12 日 前

    If you're coming from the CallMeKevin stream then yes, I too have a new demon to haunt my sleep.

  63. Lisanne

    Lisanne11 日 前

    Thanks to Kevin's stream I now really simp for the bimp tbh

  64. Matthew Christopher

    Matthew Christopher11 日 前

    @GoldenRicochet oh feck yes, i wanna read that lmaoo

  65. GoldenRicochet

    GoldenRicochet12 日 前

    I’m about to write the Kevin x Bimpson fanfiction

  66. Matthew Christopher

    Matthew Christopher12 日 前

    Bimpson is beautiful and is dating Kevin

  67. dont call me kevin

    dont call me kevin12 日 前

    I have anew angel in my dreams

  68. Danielle

    Danielle12 日 前

    Call Me Kevin played this on a twitch stream and now I can’t stop listening to it, please send help

  69. Zofia Filo

    Zofia Filo8 日 前

    I hate it, but I listened to it anyway ... OhhhhhhYEEeEeAAahhhhhHh

  70. emgrace TH

    emgrace TH10 日 前

    It's been stuck in my head ever since his livestream 😂

  71. eyezra

    eyezra12 日 前

    I dont know why I'm still listening to this. Thanks kevin.

  72. Jason F

    Jason F12 日 前