Bills vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Game Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs


  1. tony84

    tony8423 時間 前

    1:33 Great call by Nantz.

  2. onestopshop

    onestopshop4 日 前

    Buffalo is a running back & line backer away.. Can't throw the ball that much & can't leave the middle defense open that much.

  3. Anthony Schmitt

    Anthony Schmitt6 日 前

    How is it possible for any team in the AFC to make it in the superbowl because we need to get past the chiefs

  4. Tim Southee

    Tim Southee7 日 前

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  5. Jason Peters

    Jason Peters9 日 前

    So! Go ahead. Make Chiefs an underdog. U realize Chiefs have won 4 straight AFC Playoff games by double-digits all while being very injured at KEY positions. Lol, 25yr old Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes? Been a starter in league 3 years. Mahomes was an OT(..and many "Brady Calls") away fr making 3 straight Super Bowl appearances. Lol. Thats not normal. If Chiefs ever get somewhat lucky and are at least 85% healthy at Playoffs time? Mahomes will walk to thier 3rd SB appearance in February 2022.(Chiefs 5th SB appearance overall.) Mahomes is going for a 4th STRAIGHT AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME APPEARANCE in his 4th season as a starter. This isn't NORMAL!!!!! LOL, NUFF said... Its not a matter of IF Mahomes will win more Super Bowl Titles? It's a matter of HOW MANY he will win by time he's 35. I personally think at very minimum? Mahomes will finish his 15-17 year career with at least 6 SB Titles. I GURANTEE it. Who's gonna stop him? Cuz the odds of a flux of great QBs entering league over nxt 5-7 years is low. QBs that can actually make a difference in stopping Mahomes. Lol, the last 2 season's AFC Playoffs? the Chiefs were very injured at very key positions. Even more injured this recent AFC Playoffs. But yet Mahomes/Chiefs SLICED right thru AFC Playoffs last 2 seasons. This last season with key Defense/Offensive players out, 75% of Mahomes starting O-line out. Lololol, even f'ing Patrick Mahomes had to go thru 6 day Concussion Protocol leading up to AFC Championship game vs Buff. Didn't matter, Chiefs destroyed Bills once again. Chiefs had a 23pt lead vs Bills to start 4thQtr!!!!! What "contender?" The Buffalo Bills? Vs Clev in AFC Div Rd? Chiefs played without Mahomes the 2ndHalf and STILL WON! 😆 When Mahomes left game? Chiefs were up 16pts, even without Mahomes, Chiefs entered 4thQtr up 12pts with Chad Henne!!!! 😆 🤣 😂 My point is Mahomes/Chiefs clearly are the Elite of the AFC. So many many future Super Bowl games in Chiefs future. Cuz atm and nearable future, there's 0 AFC teams stopping Chiefs. Chiefs can only stop themselves with injuries or multiple turnovers

  6. vic dog

    vic dog11 日 前

    As usual Bill's keeping tradition by losing in big games .

  7. Derrick Peterson

    Derrick Peterson12 日 前

    I wish it showed the fight that was so entertaining because the bills were so salty 😄😂🤣

  8. Russ White

    Russ White13 日 前

    The bills got killed but KC got killed in the Super bowl by the Bucs

  9. Joey Hawkins

    Joey Hawkins8 日 前

    @Russ White neither has a few other teams

  10. Russ White

    Russ White8 日 前

    Guess what the Bill's have never won a super bowl, I wish they would win a super bowl in my life time

  11. Joey Hawkins

    Joey Hawkins9 日 前

    The bills would have lost definitely against the Bucs😂😂😂

  12. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram13 日 前

    Josh Allen sucks. What a choker.

  13. Silvia Mejia

    Silvia Mejia14 日 前

    j cole middle child

  14. Maw The Person who wants to delete Twitter.

    Maw The Person who wants to delete Twitter.15 日 前

    5:54 No

  15. Maw The Person who wants to delete Twitter.

    Maw The Person who wants to delete Twitter.15 日 前

    5:26 PM

  16. Maw The Person who wants to delete Twitter.

    Maw The Person who wants to delete Twitter.15 日 前

    Bills 43 Chiefs 15

  17. Lenin Franco

    Lenin Franco18 日 前

    Chiefs fans not around to read this comment. Brady beat you twice lol.

  18. Backourt Ent

    Backourt Ent16 日 前

    Lmao I’ve noticed most of y’all in the comments are pissed of bills and browns fans😂😂 that came back to Comment

  19. Jokers Wild

    Jokers Wild18 日 前

    Watching this makes me feel like the Super bowl was fixed

  20. jonki leshi

    jonki leshi18 日 前

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  21. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard19 日 前

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  22. Calvin Parker

    Calvin Parker19 日 前

    Josh Allen can’t throw!

  23. c Owens

    c Owens19 日 前

    I wonder why they didn't play like this in the super bowl? 🤔

  24. c Owens

    c Owens18 日 前

    @Tempus Optic true I believe that.

  25. Tempus Optic

    Tempus Optic19 日 前

    I've been watching Brady for over a decade and everytime they lose a game, they come back better than before. That and Cheifs probably got cocky and thought this was gonna be an easy win

  26. Fiorela Alejandra

    Fiorela Alejandra19 日 前

    karma return

  27. Mr Pepper

    Mr Pepper19 日 前

    Just because you lost trash ass

  28. Mr Pepper

    Mr Pepper19 日 前


  29. zeke phillips

    zeke phillips20 日 前

    Here after the bucs won the superbowl, and honestly the bills vs the bucs would have been a better game.

  30. The sports Yemigod

    The sports Yemigod12 日 前

    @Trina Cowart stfu

  31. Trina Cowart

    Trina Cowart17 日 前

    I don't like tom stinking brady

  32. MomoYaoZxZ

    MomoYaoZxZ17 日 前

    @Trina Cowart Thats why they are Champs huh? smh.

  33. Trina Cowart

    Trina Cowart18 日 前

    Bucs suck

  34. Mr Pepper

    Mr Pepper19 日 前

    @zeke phillips hello you still there 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Robert Sawney

    Robert Sawney20 日 前

    How did it go so wrong chiefs kingdom😢😢

  36. Richard! Nicpon!

    Richard! Nicpon!20 日 前

    Bills vs Bucs wouldve been a better match in the superbowl change my mind 🤷

  37. Tempus Optic

    Tempus Optic17 日 前

    @MomoYaoZxZ Yups I've been a Pats fan for nearly a decade and if theres one thing I've noticed, everytime his team loses, they comeback better than before

  38. MomoYaoZxZ

    MomoYaoZxZ17 日 前

    No it wouldnt have actually. Brady has been manhandling the Bills for years and with a stacked team now he would have done it worse. Bills would have lost by 40

  39. Tempus Optic

    Tempus Optic19 日 前

    @Quinton chapman Yeah the same strategy they used on the Cheifs still would've destroyed the Bills

  40. Quinton chapman

    Quinton chapman19 日 前

    It probably would been the same outcome Brady would have won his 7th the way the game was called

  41. Mr Pepper

    Mr Pepper19 日 前

    Yeah but it’s easier to say that now Before the superbowl people were hyped up

  42. Billy Launders

    Billy Launders20 日 前

    Brady & the Bucs: “All of this for 3 field goals.”

  43. Matt Fratamico

    Matt Fratamico4 日 前

    @Jason Peters with Brees likely retiring and the rest of the NFC South a mess why would you be surprised if the Bucs make it to the playoffs? And how can you say Brady is done when he just won Super Bowl MVP with 3 tds no ints and a 126 passer rating?

  44. Sherelle Coleman

    Sherelle Coleman7 日 前

    @Jason Peters right 😂

  45. Jason Peters

    Jason Peters7 日 前

    @BigBoyGeorge Lol...ok. maybe allow Mahomes least 15 more years? Considering Brady 20yrs older

  46. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge7 日 前

    @Jason Peters Brady 7 > Mahomo 1 fuckboy

  47. Jason Peters

    Jason Peters7 日 前

    @Sherelle Coleman Nah..Brady done. I'd be surprised if Tampa even made NFC Playoffs. If they do? They're not winning another Playoff game. Brady done. NFL isn't gonna help Brady anymore

  48. SOULANAUT500

    SOULANAUT50020 日 前


  49. GD Trubactor

    GD Trubactor19 日 前


  50. Mr Pepper

    Mr Pepper19 日 前

    It’s easy to say that after the Chiefs lose 😂😂😂

  51. Paul Vang

    Paul Vang20 日 前

    Lmao! You cant beat the bucs kicking field goals.

  52. Galacticoof

    Galacticoof日 前

    @Micah Whitley last season

  53. Micah Whitley

    Micah Whitley日 前

    @Galacticoof wait when did baker have a bad o line tf

  54. Galacticoof

    Galacticoof6 日 前

    I’m sorry I just thought you were trying to clown the bucs and say it the o lines fault for the chiefs loss, yes it played a big part, but not all of it

  55. Galacticoof

    Galacticoof6 日 前

    My b

  56. I like turtles

    I like turtles6 日 前

    @Galacticoof and I'm not clowning the bucs in any way everybody on the feild played their hearts out but if it wasnt for those 2 bad pi calls and no dropped balls the chiefs definetly would have had several more opportunities to seal the game

  57. peaceon earth

    peaceon earth21 日 前

    Ref: false fart

  58. Basiru Jabbi

    Basiru Jabbi21 日 前

    Teams never learn their lesson field goals can’t beat Kansas City Chiefs 7 points not 3

  59. MomoYaoZxZ

    MomoYaoZxZ17 日 前

    Guess Kansas City never learned either

  60. kingofmactown

    kingofmactown20 日 前

    Bucs learned

  61. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge20 日 前

    Field goals can’t beat the Bucs either

  62. Fabio Suave

    Fabio Suave21 日 前

    watching the pre-game i remember the announcer saying that the Bills QB was pickless all season and i thought to myself "hm, tonight's a good night for that to change" and well... 8:34

  63. Frog Farmer

    Frog Farmer21 日 前

    Chiefs dominated

  64. Gina P

    Gina P22 日 前

    It is hard being a cow boy fan

  65. Ronald Franco

    Ronald Franco10 日 前

    It's ok, you gonna get dak next season. I'm sure with one leg he's better

  66. Norm Evans

    Norm Evans21 日 前

    Stop whining. No one makes you

  67. MusEdits 5

    MusEdits 522 日 前

    2:20 he even faked the cameraman out.

  68. David Cade

    David Cade22 日 前

    who would you rather have on your team tyreek hill or travis kelce?

  69. jaY Rock

    jaY Rock22 日 前

    Thank you GOD for @Was@No@Gb And now @Home. _I pray for the KC Chiefs Lord, that they would play a competetive,Respectable game. Injury free and if it's YOUR WILL Win !🔥

  70. DinoLisha YT

    DinoLisha YT22 日 前

    We came far 😔

  71. Ianツ

    Ianツ22 日 前

    Kickin field goals doesnt win the game

  72. kingofmactown

    kingofmactown20 日 前

    should of told the chiefs during the SB

  73. Knowledge Maker

    Knowledge Maker22 日 前

    nice game



    Get that sh*t stain off the field NFL. Mahomes is earning half a billion dollars. Where's the injustice ?

  75. MomoYaoZxZ

    MomoYaoZxZ17 日 前

    @Mr Pepper And his O-Line was pathetic

  76. Mr Pepper

    Mr Pepper19 日 前

    Mahomes played well during the Superbowl it’s just his receivers dropping the ball

  77. GD Trubactor

    GD Trubactor21 日 前


  78. TomZ1272

    TomZ127222 日 前

    Bills got absolutely rocked. For all the MVP talk, team needs work be anywhere near the Chiefs. Remove Diggs, Allen isn’t a star whatsoever, and no run game was their downfall.

  79. Ya boy Rainbowblitz

    Ya boy Rainbowblitz20 日 前

    Cheifs got rocked .

  80. kingofmactown

    kingofmactown20 日 前

    chiefs got absolutely Gronked

  81. Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver22 日 前

    Why are they waiting so long to post the video on the Super Bowl , I know why , POLITICS.

  82. Diane Herrera

    Diane Herrera23 日 前

    Hardman is so fast

  83. aola wili

    aola wili23 日 前

    Mahomes is legendary. What a great talent we get to watch!

  84. Casey Davis

    Casey Davis23 日 前

    Watch number 22 0:33... he read that like a book

  85. Scott Stacey

    Scott Stacey23 日 前

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  86. jrad410

    jrad41023 日 前

    Speed kills. The offense creativity of the chiefs is something to watch

  87. Adams Champions

    Adams Champions23 日 前

    Chiefs r my favorite team in all of football lets go chiefs win another super bowl afain

  88. Adams Champions

    Adams Champions23 日 前

    Chiefs fan here and Mahomes is beast Tom Brady and the buccaneers have no chance at winning the super bowl

  89. MomoYaoZxZ

    MomoYaoZxZ17 日 前

    Spoke to soon bro

  90. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge20 日 前

    So...what know?

  91. kingofmactown

    kingofmactown20 日 前

    hope you didnt bet any money

  92. doire aintu

    doire aintu24 日 前

    great vid babe

  93. Youtooz Logic

    Youtooz Logic24 日 前

    Were will the bills watch the super bowl at home with baker mayfield

  94. zebrareturns

    zebrareturns24 日 前

    I have no clue whats going on but it looks like this chiefs team is good

  95. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge20 日 前


  96. kingofmactown

    kingofmactown20 日 前

    watching the SB replay is really going to confuse you then

  97. Casey Davis

    Casey Davis24 日 前

    Ion I think chiefs defense is gonna struggle on talking mike evans and gronk but I’m rooting for them

  98. Casey Davis

    Casey Davis23 日 前

    No you won’t

  99. doire aintu

    doire aintu24 日 前

    🏈see you soon 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈💖🏈💖🏈💖🏈💖

  100. Devon Reaws

    Devon Reaws24 日 前

    our defense has alot more attitude now...

  101. Beyond Mind

    Beyond Mind24 日 前

    Bills are a great team. They need better offensive linemen to protect the QB.

  102. Greatswagga

    Greatswagga24 日 前

    Well since none of the trash bills mafia is talking anymore, I'm lost. I guess enjoy it while it last. Y'all won't see afc championship again. It will be us against Lamar and the Ravens next year. No sportsmanship the bills suck.

  103. Chris Lucas

    Chris Lucas24 日 前

    I hate the Chiefs I'm sorry if your a chiefs fan 😣

  104. Norm Evans

    Norm Evans21 日 前


  105. Kenny Lara

    Kenny Lara25 日 前

    idk much about football and I was going to ask if anyone in the comments can help me because I wanna play a sport and the only sport I can play is football so please help me learn the basic and everything and make it into the team

  106. Bean Goose

    Bean Goose25 日 前

    Swiss cheese fan here. Good luck to those playing the game. Really be proud of what you accomplish. Bright future 👊

  107. James Kelly

    James Kelly25 日 前

    Haha Bill's suck!!!

  108. soinu foig

    soinu foig25 日 前

    the packers loss earlier saved us from having an endless amount of insurance commercials during sb55

  109. Jacob Morrissette

    Jacob Morrissette26 日 前

    The bills got their reality check in this game. To beat the chiefs you have to go for it on 4th down, score touchdowns, and keep mahomes off the field.

  110. kingofmactown

    kingofmactown20 日 前

    The cheifs got their reality check in this game. To beat the goat you have to go for it on 4th down, score touchdowns, and keep Brady off the field.

  111. Ultimate Zeno

    Ultimate Zeno26 日 前

  112. Lindsey Vallos

    Lindsey Vallos26 日 前

    in madden I just use the chiefs and do a hail mary every time because Tyreek hill just burns every time.

  113. soinu foig

    soinu foig25 日 前


  114. Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus26 日 前

    🏈see you soon 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈💖🏈💖🏈💖🏈💖

  115. Ultimate Zeno

    Ultimate Zeno27 日 前 👈

  116. Ryder Kalaris

    Ryder Kalaris27 日 前

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  117. Hidden Mask

    Hidden Mask27 日 前

    Hey I’m new to football, what team should I start rooting for?

  118. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge24 日 前

    Any team but the saints

  119. Cesar Valdizan

    Cesar Valdizan27 日 前

    If Bills has played with tough and rough this score would be opposite because bills have more natural talent than chiefs

  120. Ben Finley

    Ben Finley27 日 前

    @nfl please stop cutting some of these plays so short on the highlight videos I like to see the TD celebrations too it’s like the play barely ends and it goes to the next play

  121. NoEmojis Apparently

    NoEmojis Apparently27 日 前

    What Josh Allen did was pretty disrespectful sense Chiefs players kinda saved him from being injured

  122. julio lopez

    julio lopez27 日 前

    Josh Allen got wheels

  123. A Azul

    A Azul28 日 前

    Browns got cheated, Bills got Cheated, and Tampa Bay will get Cheated

  124. Kawe'a Akuna

    Kawe'a Akuna28 日 前

    Field goals? Like Arians said "sitting on the fence"

  125. Joe Mama Bietch

    Joe Mama Bietch16 日 前

    Field goals? Like Arians said "sitting of the fence"

  126. Kawe'a Akuna

    Kawe'a Akuna28 日 前

    Bills had several chances to win!

  127. alex bah

    alex bah28 日 前

    NFL made the right call by naming Justin Jefferson as’ rookie of the year’ . The guy is phenomenal! He exudes athlletism that unusual these days. His mind is precision personify! Once he catches the ball his mind goes into okay. The dude is simply awesome. Can’t wait for the regular season to see him exhibit his talent.

  128. Emily An

    Emily An28 日 前

    Everyone is talking about hill and mahomes. No one has mentioned how LEGIT Chief's defense has become. They turned it up in the playoffs.

  129. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge20 日 前

    Where was it in the super bowl?

  130. Mark Hayes

    Mark Hayes26 日 前

    Get back in the kitchen

  131. Kim Loeffler

    Kim Loeffler28 日 前

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    Kim Loeffler28 日 前

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  133. Joe Gantner

    Joe Gantner28 日 前

    That number 15 guy on Kansas City is pretty damn good

  134. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge20 日 前

    Many number 12 on the Bucs wasn’t playing with number 15 on the chiefs

  135. Toto Relor

    Toto Relor28 日 前

    Future goat 🐐 kc quarter back Patrick mahomes remember that

  136. mitchell cox

    mitchell cox28 日 前

    Can we please retire Jim Nantz.

  137. Emily An

    Emily An28 日 前

    I’m 13 I hate when people get mad at me for dropping a catch at gym class football when they see pros dropping passes


    PHONG VONG28 日 前

    Coach, Andy Reid. I would like 8 Linebackers proficiently work out their bodies, eat healthy, and make sure no dental problems from now to the game day. Thank you Coaches.

  139. Nintendo Style

    Nintendo Style29 日 前

    When the ref was calling penalties after that scuffle towards the end of the game, all I heard was a player screaming “SEVENTY SIX”

  140. ツScubby Bear

    ツScubby Bear29 日 前


  141. Trippen

    Trippen29 日 前

    *Didnt the chiefs already clap the bills??* 😂😂😂

  142. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb28 日 前

    Thought it was 2021 why it say 2020 and nfl u need better thumbnails

  143. Na Lam

    Na Lam29 日 前

    0:22 my love video :X.

  144. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb28 日 前

    the packers loss earlier saved us from having an endless amount of insurance commercials during sb55

  145. James Dee

    James Dee29 日 前

    Everybody picking the Bucs D... Let's go KC


    PHONG VONG29 日 前

    Patrick, I am Paul. How are you? Somehow, I know that you don't need me, but i want you to be loved with the dream for me and for your team. Can you do that? This Super Bowl game, either we are going to work on the Ice Trained Trailblazer, or Shape of Eyes. I want you to be able to identify where is South, West, North, and East when you are on the field. Just for now! Thank you.

  147. JDtheDrunk

    JDtheDrunk29 日 前

    Great result. Bills dirtbag fans dont deserve success in the least

  148. Christofer Running

    Christofer Running29 日 前

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    Bilal Musa29 日 前

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  150. misolou fout

    misolou fout29 日 前

    The True loser of this weekend is the Steelers. The Reason? Either Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell will be a Super Bowl Champion.

  151. Raleigh Sanford

    Raleigh Sanford29 日 前

    Josh Allen was as good as pretty much any QB during the regular season and better than any QB other than Mahomes & Brady in the post season. The Bills did well with that pick, they need a top RB or a top TE, and improve their pass rush to compete with KC.

  152. dadarf741

    dadarf74129 日 前

    Thank God the Chiefs took these idiots out of the playoffs. I can't believe the whole team just stay in the locker room when the national anthem is playing. So, disrespectful. I'm a Marine and I find it extremely offensive. Go Chiefs.

  153. misolou fout

    misolou fout29 日 前

    SUPERBOWL HYSTORY - Tom Brady 'The Greatest Of All Time and All Sports' 2021 - Tom Brady is the advertising driver of the NFL in Europe and in the world ... he is the gold

  154. Smith 2K

    Smith 2K29 日 前

    I’m 13 I hate when people get mad at me for dropping a catch at gym class football when they see pros dropping passes

  155. tcripper

    tcripper29 日 前

    The bills got spanked like a bad child!!!

  156. Joey Hawkins

    Joey Hawkins8 日 前

    @BigBoyGeorge y'all just got lucky that's all. Our O- line was out of wack. I bet if we had a rematch we would beat y'all 🤷🤷 the bucs just had a better game plan but we will bounce back.

  157. Joey Hawkins

    Joey Hawkins8 日 前

    @BigBoyGeorge I didn't say what u was and what u wasn't 🤷💛 I just simply said at least we made it🤦🤦🤦 calm down

  158. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge8 日 前

    @Joey Hawkins I’m Bucs fan loser

  159. Joey Hawkins

    Joey Hawkins8 日 前

    @BigBoyGeorge at least we made it to the superbowl 🤷🤷

  160. BigBoyGeorge

    BigBoyGeorge20 日 前

    So did the chiefs

  161. ben men

    ben men29 日 前


  162. dashe

    dashe29 日 前

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  163. Jacob G

    Jacob G29 日 前

    I hate Mahomes

  164. cqvio doli

    cqvio doli29 日 前

    the packers loss earlier saved us from having an endless amount of insurance commercials during sb55

  165. Lucioem67

    Lucioem6729 日 前

    Thought it was 2021 why it say 2020 and nfl u need better thumbnails

  166. Happy Thoughts

    Happy Thoughts29 日 前

    Stop whining

  167. Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson29 日 前

    Yo NFL, let me pay to only watch my team's games every year for less money. I could care less about every single game with the $80 per month nfl package.