Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair


  1. GalaxyPlays

    GalaxyPlays日 前

    Billie is a child? Bruh

  2. King Scott

    King Scott日 前

    Rest in peace bill

  3. King Scott

    King Scott日 前

    Rip billie

  4. Jessie lolly

    Jessie lolly日 前

    Do a 4th oneeeeeee!!!

  5. Scott Free

    Scott Free日 前


  6. Fuchs Polarlicht

    Fuchs Polarlicht日 前

    She's so grown up

  7. Marsel

    Marsel日 前

    The only way to find true happiness is too know that you will have a life after in heaven and you can only get that through Jesus🙏

  8. Khoshie-Bells

    Khoshie-Bells日 前

    year 2020 ?

  9. MarcoClash YT

    MarcoClash YT2 日 前


  10. Spray N Pray

    Spray N Pray2 日 前

    billie 2017 is the best

  11. GDXdominator Geo

    GDXdominator Geo2 日 前

    *the happier you are the prettier you get* based on what I’m seeing throughout the video

  12. Olivia kiggins

    Olivia kiggins2 日 前

    20:20 people thi k I always whisper in all my songs *the bridge in no time to die... *

  13. hailey szabo

    hailey szabo2 日 前

    year 4 wya

  14. Majestic Dreamer

    Majestic Dreamer2 日 前

    There’s just something about her that I haven’t figured out yet🤔

  15. Caro Cavazos

    Caro Cavazos2 日 前

    did her mom inspire the title of her song i got everthing i wanted cuz i swear i heard her say it lol

  16. Fayth Jorden

    Fayth Jorden2 日 前

    She whispers in like only half of less then her songs

  17. FireDramine7

    FireDramine72 日 前

    yeah Drake seems to always be "nice" to girls that are around 18 or underage. "nice"

  18. 23Bry

    23Bry2 日 前

    billie eilish

  19. Bella Space

    Bella Space2 日 前

    WE NEED A 2020 ONE

  20. adriana loa

    adriana loa2 日 前

    Gonna Jggg Gig

  21. Ana Sathler

    Ana Sathler2 日 前

    Wanna see this again this year

  22. K.G. Gingras

    K.G. Gingras2 日 前


  23. Courtney Rohrer

    Courtney Rohrer2 日 前

    You go girl!~ You're so talented and deserve the success!

  24. AdrianaBengal

    AdrianaBengal2 日 前

    I want to be she.. 😖🤧🥺

  25. George Klimovich

    George Klimovich2 日 前

    "never went to school" : it shows

  26. Maddy D

    Maddy D2 日 前

    She could be the child of Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson!

  27. Blondu 24

    Blondu 242 日 前

    I love this girl so much...She s sweet and badass

  28. DeadHead Gaming

    DeadHead Gaming2 日 前

    I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death!

  29. CeCe. V

    CeCe. V2 日 前

    Billie Eilish 2017: I like bright- green Billie Eilish 2018: I like black Billie Eilish's hair 2019: bright- green and black

  30. Your Choice

    Your Choice2 日 前

    Download no time to die:

  31. Tasso Demo

    Tasso Demo2 日 前

    “Bing? Who tf uses bing?” That’s so true

  32. Taylar Mazanec

    Taylar Mazanec2 日 前

    The part where her mom comes in always makes me cry

  33. PopeeMary

    PopeeMary2 日 前

    Waiting for 2020 lol :')

  34. Chloe **

    Chloe **2 日 前

    Watching her being happy makes me so happy and grateful that she isnt miserable anymore. Nobody deserves to be depressed and I'm so glad that she is muhfuckin GLOWING!

  35. Boogey On!

    Boogey On!2 日 前

    The girl is just trash and her music sucks.

  36. Celeste :3

    Celeste :32 日 前

    8:35 Woah

  37. Rubbermann sss s Kitten

    Rubbermann sss s Kitten2 日 前

  38. Amarah Lee

    Amarah Lee2 日 前

    My brothers birthday is October 18th 😂


    NACY GRUOP2 日 前

    50 bucks shes dead by 30 lolo

  40. robloxing with cast

    robloxing with cast2 日 前

    Shes 18 now any one 2020?

  41. jamie p

    jamie p2 日 前

    billie eilish roasts herself better than I ever could

  42. CC

    CC2 日 前

    3:35 Lmao her reaction on the bottom right

  43. Nawaf A

    Nawaf A2 日 前


  44. Alex Greengrass

    Alex Greengrass2 日 前


  45. Alex Greengrass

    Alex Greengrass2 日 前

    cant wait for year 4

  46. Jusia B

    Jusia B2 日 前

    Hi I am 8 and I have loved you since then your the best

  47. karma simba

    karma simba2 日 前

    i wish i could find happiness. i dont know why i watched this. it just made me realize how sad and doomed i am in comparison. i have no hope. its been like this for a decade. i hate being alive.

  48. NormEatsRice

    NormEatsRice2 日 前

    We need to protect her at all costs

  49. Paige Paxton

    Paige Paxton2 日 前

    Drake is in Billie’s DMs now? Oh God......

  50. Ruby Wright

    Ruby Wright2 日 前

    i adore billie so much she’s so down to earth it’s amazing

  51. sid m

    sid m2 日 前

    imagine being the girl that made the velvet blohsh that billie sleeps w everyday

  52. sid m

    sid m2 日 前

    she’s the artist for me that releases music that i only like. there is not one song that this girl releases that i hate

  53. Deimante Kucinskaite

    Deimante Kucinskaite2 日 前


  54. ThatAnime GNerd

    ThatAnime GNerd2 日 前

    Shes so younge

  55. kingdom of hearts

    kingdom of hearts2 日 前

    Atleast shes wants to keep being happy 👏

  56. Maya Color Animates

    Maya Color Animates2 日 前

    wow billies so wise now i love her

  57. Little Russian Lady

    Little Russian Lady2 日 前

    Do a 2020

  58. Harisyn Lawrie

    Harisyn Lawrie2 日 前

    she did the woah lol

  59. Tony Howell

    Tony Howell2 日 前

    Love how she looks back as if she still isn’t a kid😂 do this again when she’s 40 and doesn’t think the world revolves around her.

  60. cyan0xide

    cyan0xide2 日 前

    wow she really hit the wall eh?