Billie Eilish - NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY - a short film


  1. Arianna Ruhaya

    Arianna Ruhaya11 時間 前

    It'll be ok

  2. Elsa Sjogren

    Elsa Sjogren11 時間 前

    Are Billie Eilish pregnet!

  3. Simo Tribak

    Simo Tribak11 時間 前

    she attacc she sing but most importantly... she *THICC*

  4. Kate

    Kate11 時間 前

    I love You Billie Eilish ❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Exellent song🎵🎵🎶

  5. Hacker Iwillsue

    Hacker Iwillsue11 時間 前

    𝐵𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑒 𝑖𝑠 𝑟𝑢𝑑𝑒 Even though she gave a fan who was passing out water Billie is ugly Even though she try’s as hard as she can to be her best self all day around the clock and is amazing inside and out They are just jealous and selfish girl you have more fans than haters and thank you for the message

  6. Kai Webb

    Kai Webb11 時間 前

    Yet you body shamed a man. Ok sweetheart

  7. Katie Dial

    Katie Dial11 時間 前

    Yessssss Billie this is gold you are fucking precious!

  8. Abigail Bent

    Abigail Bent11 時間 前

    I don't know why people are disliking this video

  9. Snutz, D.

    Snutz, D.11 時間 前

    The transition into a sexualized woman that every young female musician is forced to go through. We'll be seeing more skin from her from now on.

  10. Jo An

    Jo An11 時間 前

    You have opinions about my opinions

  11. RL S

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  12. Aitana Montalvo

    Aitana Montalvo11 時間 前

    "I'm not responsible for the mental idea someone creates out of me" Still hurts when someone objectifies you, though. Or when their opinions make you uncomfortable with your clothes or your body. I'm sad and tired of having to feel that every time in order to not feel ashamed one day

  13. BunniTea

    BunniTea11 時間 前

    Does this feel forced to y’all?

  14. Fryle The Unknown

    Fryle The Unknown11 時間 前

    Now if a JPreporterr did this they would get age restricted

  15. Mark Karo

    Mark Karo11 時間 前

    Billie eilish ❤❤👑👑👑👑

  16. Justine Juicebox

    Justine Juicebox11 時間 前

    Holy Fuck Dude. I kind of liked Billie Ellish before but now I love her.

  17. eyeseyesbaby

    eyeseyesbaby11 時間 前

    we love this queen BILLIE 💚

  18. M L

    M L11 時間 前

    Billie this is insane 😍😍

  19. Hannah K

    Hannah K11 時間 前

    what a literal queen 💕✨

  20. Parel Nijhof

    Parel Nijhof11 時間 前

    you can't describe someone with your opinion you only can describe yourself you can say that she is ugly you can say that she is beautiful but that are just words words can make feel people sad or happy words have impact but feelings matter and words dont if you feel how someone is then you can describe that person idk what this is but i feel the words that she says in this video/short film and now i sound like a depressed teen but this words came in my head after listening to her peace BLM

  21. Řüth Kün

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  22. WhiteHawktriple7

    WhiteHawktriple711 時間 前

    I'm Edgyyyyyyyyyyyy

  23. Save the straws Djdj

    Save the straws Djdj11 時間 前

    Billie you must make a short film about anime, my friends dont understand the point.

  24. Trúc Trúc Art

    Trúc Trúc Art11 時間 前

    From Vietnam with love ♡♡♡

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  27. Coinwolfeee

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    Me checking on my comment seeing if it has any likes

  28. Sho Ent

    Sho Ent11 時間 前

    I hate you all! Is her message.

  29. Leon

    Leon11 時間 前

    Shes not responsible for the death of George Floyd

  30. Devin Does Singing

    Devin Does Singing11 時間 前

    I’m GAY and this is still making me feel some type of way. Her VOICE y’all 😩

  31. Irena Papáčková

    Irena Papáčková11 時間 前

    I love you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  32. mel yıl

    mel yıl11 時間 前

    I love you Billie Eilish 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💓

  33. Nora thorne sullivan

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  34. Bénédicte Bruandet

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    NSITF MCPE11 時間 前

    Billie is kinda hot ngl

  36. Giovanna Dal Moro

    Giovanna Dal Moro11 時間 前

    Caraca esse vídeo tá melhor q o da lady gaga

  37. Whats up Its your Girl Gen

    Whats up Its your Girl Gen11 時間 前

    Like I'm not kidding but I don't even know if this is a song pretty much it is it but I love this I love it she's so brave I mean like not even an eight-year-old would do that and she really acts like her person and she's only 18 like what

  38. Dgjhgd Grrfxstjk

    Dgjhgd Grrfxstjk11 時間 前

    I clicked on this video cause billie had big boons in the thumbnail

  39. Арина Назаренко

    Арина Назаренко11 時間 前

    Русские вы где? Мне страшно...

  40. Marie Brooks

    Marie Brooks11 時間 前

    Its whatever her choice is but dang, I really didn't expect ppl to scream when she took the sweater off

  41. LoJohn Cruz

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  42. Rachel B

    Rachel B11 時間 前

    The message behind this is so amazing!

  43. Lanya art

    Lanya art11 時間 前

    Instagram me lanya__art

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  45. vea styles

    vea styles11 時間 前

    This video was ACTUALLY played on Billie’s first few concerts for this year 2020. For introduction. Just wanna say that

  46. Leonard Hoover

    Leonard Hoover11 時間 前

    done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw BILLIE dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry нer eх-boyfrend *

  47. Manuel González-Zuloeta Ladd

    Manuel González-Zuloeta Ladd11 時間 前

    Great message! Proud of Billie...

  48. Roma Kondakov

    Roma Kondakov11 時間 前

    Кто Русский ставь лайк!🤘

  49. Tony Colucci

    Tony Colucci11 時間 前

    Making a big deal out of nothing. Who cares what other people think. I worry about her mental health. Very dark

  50. Video Inspirations

    Video Inspirations11 時間 前

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  52. Duce Lee

    Duce Lee11 時間 前

    Shut up Billy, thank u.

  53. avarie kankowski

    avarie kankowski11 時間 前

    chills throughout the whole video. this is so true and i hate that it is true. Billie you are beautiful not just because of your body and dont let anyone tell you different. you've saved my life, your music has saved me. the message behind this video is so powerful, you never fail to disappoint me. love you Billie.

  54. maia nuñez

    maia nuñez11 時間 前

    you are the most beatifull person

  55. nuria nuñez freire

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  56. Улукман Муктарали уулу 6ж

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    Всем hello!

  57. ThisIsSaiAnn-Ide

    ThisIsSaiAnn-Ide11 時間 前

    was WAITING for this to drop on JPreporter!! really beautiful and powerful and just so honest 🖤

  58. たなな

    たなな11 時間 前

    This is the best adult video in the world.

  59. Emmy Piszczek

    Emmy Piszczek11 時間 前

    You go Billie!! I love how confident this was. I am also a huge fan and love your style!

  60. Giovanna Dal Moro

    Giovanna Dal Moro11 時間 前

    Mano que vídeo epico

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  62. DiceMixx

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    Everyone deserves to hear this.

  63. Maxim Schwartz

    Maxim Schwartz11 時間 前

    BONER ! So sexy voice, moves and submission

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    WOW ❤️

  67. CukBlaster 33

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    w ohoah, I am happily disturbed😊

  68. Becky Shaw

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    Billie Eillish like: Mariah Carey comment:

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    Damn she THICC.

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    !The fans with Like 😁!

  73. sara Rodriguez

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    La amo

  74. Hitzuki UwU

    Hitzuki UwU11 時間 前

    my regards BILLIEILISH: 'v I already missed you:' (uwu I love you so much ❤️😍

  75. Sam Brnl

    Sam Brnl11 時間 前

    The thumbnail already slayed the video

  76. Brian Conrad

    Brian Conrad11 時間 前

    Amazing, what a revelation.

  77. Arriana Soliz

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    🤯🤯🤯 i love it sm 😁😁😁😁🥰😍

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    i love you billie to the moon and back no matter what ❤️ 💝 💕

  79. Evic

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    There is so much meaning behind this