Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)


  1. Dadulienka Linkešová

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  2. Dadulienka Linkešová

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  3. Jean Marin de L'Isle

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    On my plane, I chant with angels, "Om mane padme hum", Rose little clouds, I can see L.A, I come to you. In sun light, The dragons in love, Are bending over, They all want a kiss. Puppy is scratching at the door, He wants a kiss too. But, I will be the first. Hmmm... The rose pulp, A candy... Oh, what a beautifull morning ! Birds are singing, "Oh, we want a kiss too !" Sun is smiling. Good morning Billie honey. Here, a coffee, Hmmm... And a kiss on your belly. Sunny today. Jean-Yves

  4. Petra Siebertz

    Petra Siebertz3 時間 前

    i love your songs

  5. Thomas Diggs

    Thomas Diggs3 時間 前

    Oh God I love this song

  6. Zadie Dankoor

    Zadie Dankoor3 時間 前

    am i the only one who thinks that ´007´ looks like 'OOF´

  7. poomdanai soongsakmongkol

    poomdanai soongsakmongkol5 時間 前

    The best song

  8. Freya • 84 years ago

    Freya • 84 years ago5 時間 前

    Whoever disliked this is a 🤡

  9. non ur business

    non ur business28 分 前

    or a trump supporter

  10. Ali ismet Yılmaz

    Ali ismet Yılmaz6 時間 前

    Sarki aklimda Ali Babacanla özdeslesmis. Tesekkurler 140journos. Seviliyorsunuz.

  11. Devin Curtis

    Devin Curtis7 時間 前

    Literally a month after this came out The World went to complete shit, no matter how you spin it 2020 is a lost year, I'll never take anything for granted again when this pandemic is over, stay strong out if your reading this, don't give up hope

  12. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle9 時間 前

    I forgot, It will be stormy in my mountains today. Maybe no web connection. And a tender kiss.

  13. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle9 時間 前

    In the summer night, I come close to you, When the sky gently sparkles. The perfumes are intense, The ear can hear, The tender words, The love whispers. The body can abandon itself, To pleasant sensations, To the softness of the sheet, In the soft bed. To the desire of the one who caresses, And kisses. Muffled thinking, The natural, Is joyfull and voluptuous. Hmmm.... Hold me tight and kiss me. Under stars... Good night Billie I love, Good night dear Puppy, so cute. Sweet dreams... Jean-Yves

  14. natalie enriquez

    natalie enriquez10 時間 前

    Desde que salió está canción me enamore totalmente, y todos los días la cantó enserio, estoy súper obsesionada es magnífica!!!!

  15. KC

    KC14 時間 前

    hmmm it needs going to add some. Beautiful track

  16. BLUX

    BLUX14 時間 前

    who's rocking this in 2021

  17. BLUX

    BLUX14 時間 前

    @Ariel Epps very nice.. No chorona

  18. Ariel Epps

    Ariel Epps14 時間 前

    How is 2021

  19. Andreas Bernd Mayer

    Andreas Bernd Mayer15 時間 前 It might be interesting for you to know that there is a singer from Kazakhstan, Dimash Kudaibergen, who is becoming more and more famous all over the world. This voice does not exist twice and unites an incredible range. He changes with ease between tenor, alto, soprano, between classical and pop. His vocal range is enormous, he sings over 6 octaves from a low C2 up to D8!!

  20. phil bogart

    phil bogart16 時間 前

    Good suicide song

  21. Mackenzie AJ Thomson

    Mackenzie AJ Thomson16 時間 前

  22. Ruqaya Talib

    Ruqaya Talib17 時間 前

    I love this

  23. RobertoJoaquin

    RobertoJoaquin18 時間 前

    They worst Song for 007 movie James bond!!

  24. Captain Deadeye

    Captain Deadeye18 時間 前

    I generally don't like the vocal style Billie chooses to employ for her music, but this song shows me that she has power behind that voice of hers. I only wish I could see more like this from her.

  25. 1 John 4-8

    1 John 4-819 時間 前

    Why does this remind me of Adele's, "skyfall"

  26. Anonymous 1

    Anonymous 120 時間 前

    Cant wait for this in James Bond 😀😀😀😀

  27. Felix321 321

    Felix321 32120 時間 前

    I love bille eilish

  28. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle21 時間 前

    Hmmm... Crunch me again, Crunch me tenderly, In waves... Yes Puppy, and a walk, cute little dog ! Oh... I wish you a day like a stroll among flowers.

  29. Agnieszka

    Agnieszka21 時間 前

    This song took my heart 💖

  30. SpecialFORCE

    SpecialFORCE22 時間 前

    Billie Eilish is right. we can die anytime



    me singing this in gym class my crush be like you sing good sing this xd -based on a true story

  32. Grego Sacus

    Grego Sacus22 時間 前


  33. Grego Sacus

    Grego Sacus23 時間 前

    James ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle日 前

    On my plane, Angels need to make stops, For this or for that, But, I am too impatient, I go to full speed, I come to you. In sun light, You're cuddling something cute, With a wagging tail. Puppy, what are you doing here ? At the window, Butterflies are butterflying. Hmmm... Make me a place, I want a kiss too. No Puppy, A Billie's kiss, Not your tongue in my ear ! Oh... What a beautifull morning ! Birds are singing, "Ah, this Puppy !" Sun is smiling. Good morning Billie sunshine. Here, a coffee, Hmmm... You're so smoothy there. Sunny today. Jean-Yves

  35. Tia

    Tia日 前

    We did this song in choir

  36. Xjue-x

    Xjue-x日 前

    Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (reversed messages i found) 😱😟

  37. Sam B.

    Sam B.日 前

    She sings like an angel but looks like... not an angel

  38. keichainoo

    keichainoo日 前

    When Billie sang it touched my heart and I'm crying I must say your song is a greatest masterpiece ever thank you!😭💙

  39. Yogesh Vishwamithran

    Yogesh Vishwamithran日 前

    "Agent 007 is no more"...

  40. satheesh kumar

    satheesh kumar日 前

    wow :0

  41. Julia Danse

    Julia Danse日 前 they did an awesome cover of this song. i wonder what Billie would say to it.

  42. KeepingUpWithSyria Baby

    KeepingUpWithSyria Baby日 前

    Did i just sign up for this

  43. Brian C

    Brian C日 前

    Boring...yes, boring. Billie Eilish is trash.

  44. Олеся Ларионова

    Олеся Ларионова日 前

    omg so cool

  45. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle日 前

    In the summer night, When all calms down, When you are dreamy, Something sweet and cute, Close to you, Very sweet, And so cute. Touching. Sure, You want to hold it, In your arms. Hmmm... I want a kiss on neck. And a massage. I am a little tense, There, And there too. Hmmm... It's so good. Under stars... Good night Billie sweet heart, Good night dear Puppy, Sweet dreams... Jean-Yves

  46. Parathion

    Parathion日 前

    Listening to this conjures the image of a smoke filled speakeasy with a sultry woman clad in red singing this melancholic tune on stage while mob bosses plot and plan in the corner.

  47. Felicia Lovely

    Felicia Lovely日 前


  48. Mike Hasten

    Mike Hasten日 前

    Sensuous, as a Bond theme should be. Interesting that this is view 86,757,007. 007, indeed.

  49. R3ar3ntry

    R3ar3ntry日 前

    I have fallen for a lie....

  50. Audio Fanatic

    Audio Fanatic日 前

    Absolute Perfection.

  51. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle日 前

    Hmmm... I am a sweet fruit, Crunch me. Now. Again. Yes Puppy, you're a sugar baby dog ! Oh... And a walk with you and Puppy. I wish you "une agréable journée".

  52. Cassie Rexroad

    Cassie Rexroad日 前

    I love how rich and sultry her voice is in this song

  53. Jesus Bernal

    Jesus Bernal日 前

    Billie Eilish is actually a pretty good singer, I hope that the "edgy" actitud was only to gain attention just like Lady Gaga and from here to be more interested in create art instead the visual part.

  54. Christian Guth

    Christian Guth日 前

    As a Bond fan, I discovered Billie was writing the opening theme. I was surprised and wondered how her style would match the required climate. And OMG I found her song. And my head was blown apart. Not really because it will be one of the best Bond themes ever, but because it describes so exactly what I'm going through right now in my life, word by word. It sounds as if she's talking directly to me, or even, as if I had written the song myself. I literally cried for two hours straight to it. It really touched me deep and hard. Now I feel like I need to keep it on repeat until it no longer hurts.

  55. Christian Guth

    Christian Guth日 前

    @Luis Cardona well, in a poetic way, and if you replace "blood" with "grief", or "effort", or "dedication" for example, it makes sense... because no matter how much you grief/effort/dedicate, it was never enough to begin with, you were already indebted...

  56. Luis Cardona

    Luis Cardona日 前

    The blood you bleed is just the blood you owe? Yikes(just messing around dude haha, enjoy life)

  57. Gabriel Gallegos

    Gabriel Gallegos日 前

    Imagine Not Being A Fan Of Billie Eilish If You Are You Are Unstoppable >:D

  58. Oliwia Jansen

    Oliwia Jansen日 前

    me in the math class: no time to dieeeeee

  59. Lauryn Denny

    Lauryn Denny2 日 前

    007 will always look like oof you CANNOT change my mind :)

  60. Sian K.

    Sian K.2 日 前

    I've always thought that Billie's music seemed to tell a story, but there was always always one piece missing. The redemption. The will to live. I thought this song was another saddy so I avoided it, but it honestly took my breath away and allowed the entire narrative to fall into place.

  61. Basma Tifidi

    Basma Tifidi2 日 前

    Hey future person who is reading this are you (also i promise i'll respond 🙂 )

  62. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle2 日 前

    On my plane, The trip is long, I close my eyes, And I kiss you. In the sunrise, I come to you. In cool morning, You're at the window, I am climbing the ladder, Something new... Your hair... You're radiant ! As you bend over, For a kiss, You're making me dizzy, I am slipping... Oh, a big dog is coming... Hmmm... What a beautifull morning. Birds are doing loopings. Sun is smiling. Good morning Bilie blue sky. Here, a coffee, Give me a sip...please. Hmmm... You're so smoothy there. Sunny today. Jean-Yves

  63. Patrícia Alves Machado

    Patrícia Alves Machado2 日 前

    I love this song❤️😍

  64. * Thalia *

    * Thalia *2 日 前

    i feel strong nostalgic feelings when listening to this 😢

  65. девочка девочка

    девочка девочка2 日 前

    Русские ауууу вы где?

  66. Sal Pat

    Sal Pat2 日 前

    Billie plz take ur antihistamines

  67. Chaimaa Zahid

    Chaimaa Zahid2 日 前

    I like the song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. SyneeGaming

    SyneeGaming2 日 前

    Search for James Bond, found an amazing song Everytime....



    Such a legendary singer

  70. Jean

    Jean2 日 前

    Yes People Don't Is Time To Die...

  71. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle2 日 前

    In the summer night, The air is soft and fragrant, You are absorbed in your thoughts, You're smiling, Maybe, you're thinking of me. On your skin, Caresses and kisses, And bites. I am close to you, Tender, Hmmm... Are you ticklish there ? And there ? Hmmm... Hold me tight, It's so good. Under stars... Good night Billie I love, Good night dear Puppy so cute. Sweet dreams... Jean-Yves

  72. Sergen German

    Sergen German2 日 前

    Ten Second Songs nailed it so hard that this is sound like a poor version...

  73. Hein Htet Aung

    Hein Htet Aung2 日 前


  74. Película Interativa

    Película Interativa2 日 前

    Hans Zimmer composing for No Time to Die :

  75. Willow Petersen

    Willow Petersen2 日 前

    I honestly like this even more than bad guy and you should see me in a crown

  76. XxDestructora2xX

    XxDestructora2xX2 日 前

    Me: wait guys its says 007 there :0!!! Everyone: ok :V

  77. Dominique Devereux

    Dominique Devereux2 日 前

    How was this released 7mos. ago but I ain't heard nothin' bout a new James Bond movie in the works??

  78. Rachel ___________

    Rachel ___________2 日 前

    Billie, have you seen how creepy joe biden is?

  79. Ioanna-Elizabetta Papamichail

    Ioanna-Elizabetta Papamichail2 日 前

    Finally, I think that time has come for us, to die slowly...

  80. Carina .Sérvolo

    Carina .Sérvolo2 日 前

    If you have like this go see the live Brit awards with the orquestra

  81. Neil Lambert

    Neil Lambert2 日 前

    I wish i could stop harming myself and those i love. Its so hard to view myself as a friend rather than enemy with shit repeatedly happening for which i feel the need to take responsibility.

  82. agostina animations

    agostina animations2 日 前

    It's the amazing song for me -_- ♡

  83. LxSxcredxL 69

    LxSxcredxL 692 日 前

    This helps me but reminds me of how much I cared for my ex but she don’t like me so I lost interest in living I shouldn’t be alive anymore

  84. Halil Efe

    Halil Efe2 日 前


  85. Emma Mase

    Emma Mase2 日 前

    It it such a vibe. Not one wrong note, she is is such a queen. My favorite song BYFAR.

  86. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle2 日 前

    Hmmm... I want to be the cup of coffee you drink, And the coffee. And a walk with you and Puppy, A long walk. And tender kisses. Yes Puppy, a walk, it's so cool, cute little dog ! I wish you, hmmm..., a so good day.

  87. Gatis Graudiņš

    Gatis Graudiņš2 日 前

    O, well.

  88. Slava Flesh

    Slava Flesh2 日 前

    *Billy is a unique I love you these performances inspire to live...*

  89. Gustavo Vianna

    Gustavo Vianna2 日 前

    It matches so much with 007

  90. Moulik Raj

    Moulik Raj2 日 前

    Loved this song

  91. ايلاف

    ايلاف2 日 前

    الاغنيه حلووه😂❤❤❤

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    Let's see how many people are watching this in September 2020.

  94. Freya • 84 years ago

    Freya • 84 years ago5 時間 前


  95. Kadriye Portuz

    Kadriye Portuz17 時間 前

    Me sis

  96. Madison Is a person

    Madison Is a person20 時間 前

    How about no

  97. Bhavya Mishra

    Bhavya Mishra日 前

    Me too

  98. Jwika plays roblox!

    Jwika plays roblox!日 前

    I am

  99. D.S. Park

    D.S. Park2 日 前

    HAH! She's only geting all this attention due to her age. 30 years from now, she'll be irrelevant and the powers that be will pick another diva.

  100. no o

    no o日 前

    I'd say she is very appealing to the young generation. But I think she would still be successful if she was 5 years older. And people also love her for her voice, lyrics, etc. And almost no artists are at the top of the charts for 30 years. Everyone will get irrelevant at some point. Just accept her success. You can't change it...

  101. Jean Marin de L'Isle

    Jean Marin de L'Isle3 日 前

    On my plane, Angels chant "OM", But, I stay focused, I do a turn over L.A, I come to you. In sun light, Under dragons in love, A pretty babe, Offering my kiss, A luscious pulp, Hmmm... It's delicious, You're spicy. Billie... You don't need this night shirt, Hmmm... You're spicy and salty. Oh, What a beautifull morning ! Birds are singing, 'Oh, he's cuddling Billie !" Sun is smiling. Good morning Billie honey. Here, a coffee, And a tender kiss there. Sunny today. Jean-Yves

  102. mot00rzysta

    mot00rzysta3 日 前

    how could she agree to sing such a bland and fortettable song for the last "Craig Bond" film knowing Adele did best Bond song before. greed ? arrogance ? seriously.

  103. na ture

    na ture3 日 前


  104. Karsten Van Waes

    Karsten Van Waes3 日 前

    Top liedje

  105. I like good SciFi Action

    I like good SciFi Action3 日 前

    Song itself in the Radio: Lame, but why not. Song for a 007: OH-MY-GOD! That will be the worst and lamest 007 ever!! It´s even worse lamer than Skyfall. And that was already barely a 007 song. Together with the fact, that 2/3 of the movie women make all the Bond work (as seen in the Trailer), the next Bond will be, or better must be the worst Bond ever! It´s just a fact, that if the music is good, the movie is good, too.! So, with a totally shitty Music, that is lame as hell - Bond will die as hell! For sure!

  106. Chef Allen

    Chef Allen3 日 前

    I my opinion Tomorrow Never Dies , is the best one ever Sheryl Crow . It is real Spy theme type and James Bond material . This could be a song for anything . Take away the production and it’s just some whispery , depressing , dark , shit . Tina Turner and all the old Bond Themes , smoke this junk . Just because she is popular , doesn’t mean she’s any good . Lady Gaga , would have done a better job billion times , over . Yeah , I’m a hater . Deal with it . You’re a hater too .

  107. Madison Schenk

    Madison Schenk3 日 前

    This song reminds me of the 100

  108. mokka41999

    mokka419993 日 前

    wonderfulllll , like Bond themes are coming in from the back door!

  109. Vitalya Svishev

    Vitalya Svishev3 日 前

    Не уверен что подобная песня подойдет к фильму. Но, посмотрим. Может я и не прав.

  110. Ali Murtaza

    Ali Murtaza3 日 前

    I seriously don't like this song a bit compared to the other good James bond themes.

  111. The New Media Zone

    The New Media Zone3 日 前

    The WORST James Bond theme in the 50+ history of the films. Couldn't they have gotten someone who would stay Awake! till the end of the song!