Billie Eilish Goes Head to Head With Her Biggest Fan! | Fan Vs Artist Trivia


  1. Nihal Anand

    Nihal Anand日 前

    I couldn’t recognise billie without her coloured hair😂

  2. Lisa Trameka

    Lisa Trameka3 日 前

    i wanna be sarah

  3. iiv maee

    iiv maee4 日 前

    4:45 ellie in the back loving the connection . Me too girl, me too.

  4. LadoraFilms

    LadoraFilms5 日 前

    When the fan knows billie eilish more than she knows herself LOOOOOL

  5. Big chunky Human

    Big chunky Human9 日 前

    That host- she- tf? Dude pls fire her... not being rude ik she wanted to seem enthusiastic but she spoiled the vibe no offense

  6. LStan05

    LStan0510 日 前

    She’s a Stan

  7. this is a name

    this is a name13 日 前

    I like how the titles are always like billie eilish vs her biggest fan like what am I a fly??

  8. Nia Byers

    Nia Byers14 日 前

    interviewer coked out

  9. santiago prieto v.

    santiago prieto v.15 日 前

    the interaction between te two was very cute, but the music and the host were annoying af

  10. Isabelle Paal

    Isabelle Paal15 日 前

    I love how they act like bffs it’s too cute

  11. Ari is my queen

    Ari is my queen16 日 前

    Omg she’s so stressed out it’s annoying me (not billie or the fan) 💀💀

  12. Rosie&Rachel

    Rosie&Rachel17 日 前

    the interviewer was so harsh. she was like: GIVE ME THIS SHOWWWW! and im like: broskis ur in the room with freakin billie eilish my freakin qween and ur acting like shes some peasant

  13. DIORPAPI hehe

    DIORPAPI hehe17 日 前

    This ladies energy i-

  14. erika melo

    erika melo17 日 前

    A Billie conseguindo ser mais lerda q eu kk 🤡

  15. Sunflxwer Breeze

    Sunflxwer Breeze18 日 前

    I had to remove my headphones because of this host,omg she don't need a microphone.super loud and blah-blah-yy

  16. Isabella Armas

    Isabella Armas18 日 前

    I love how billie can talk to anyone like her best friend🥺

  17. Anna Faulkner

    Anna Faulkner18 日 前

    Interviewer: what is ur 12th song on ur album Sarah:uhhhhhhh Billie : idk Me at home on my couch : lbig lbig lbig lbig lbig

  18. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou19 日 前

    Loved the video, loved the chemistry, loved the energy. *Whispers: Someone should replace that host though... She’s being both annoying and impatient.*

  19. ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ʟɪғᴇ

    ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ʟɪғᴇ19 日 前

    subtitles for Brazil please 😔✊

  20. Karma Waits

    Karma Waits19 日 前

    Wait is that billies brown hair. I never seen her with full brown hair

  21. Kylie Salvador

    Kylie Salvador19 日 前

    can da host chill tf down lol-

  22. 4am

    4am19 日 前

    I feel like this interviewer everytime I'm around people

  23. ɭ๏ງคภ ร๏ɭคภ๏

    ɭ๏ງคภ ร๏ɭคภ๏19 日 前


  24. rhiannon

    rhiannon19 日 前

    i just wanna side-neck kick the interviewer

  25. Niah Naih

    Niah Naih19 日 前

    Ok No Offense But That Host Is Annoying-

  26. nadiaavery2002

    nadiaavery200219 日 前

    i need to do this with adele and lady gaga

  27. Aneilizgachalife Gach life Aneiliz

    Aneilizgachalife Gach life Aneiliz21 日 前

    The girl who is with the card she yelled the hole time

  28. Assia Adyadou

    Assia Adyadou21 日 前

    My Ears are bleeding miss interviewer ...

  29. Treesha Sharma

    Treesha Sharma22 日 前

    Ahhh why is she so freaking cutee🥺💕

  30. July Wilson

    July Wilson22 日 前

    I hear Zara? 🤔

  31. Anisha Dutta Baruah

    Anisha Dutta Baruah23 日 前

    yall hating on the host....she must be just energetic not everybody fits with everybody

  32. Anya's animals

    Anya's animals24 日 前

    2:03 aww “ur good”! billie is so sweet! i luv her sm

  33. Mizo Tech EH

    Mizo Tech EH24 日 前

    i loved the host 😍

  34. - Billie Takis -

    - Billie Takis -24 日 前

    Ahhaha, it seems that they are best friends 💫

  35. Noah Yang

    Noah Yang24 日 前

    I’ve never seen an artist connect with fans like that 😭

  36. AJ vlog

    AJ vlog25 日 前

    Sarah is gorgeous so do Billie 💜

  37. Awesome 360

    Awesome 36025 日 前

    How could you say she is billies biggest fan.....that hurt my feelings....💔💔💔🥺🥺

  38. Nahomy Yolibeth

    Nahomy Yolibeth25 日 前

    4:00 my favorite part 😂❤️

  39. LifeWithTae 2

    LifeWithTae 225 日 前


  40. LifeWithTae 2

    LifeWithTae 225 日 前

    She so 🙈😣🖤😻😻💕

  41. LifeWithTae 2

    LifeWithTae 225 日 前


  42. LifeWithTae 2

    LifeWithTae 225 日 前

    She so lucky to be wit my baaeee😭😣😻😻😻😻😻

  43. Mahmood Shuvo

    Mahmood Shuvo25 日 前


  44. Maya Criveanu

    Maya Criveanu26 日 前

    god that interviewer was so annoying jesus

  45. jasmin eilish

    jasmin eilish26 日 前

    The host is so annoying🥴

  46. Akanksha Sen

    Akanksha Sen27 日 前

    This interviewer is disturbing! 😞

  47. Game Phone

    Game Phone27 日 前

    Can we delete the host

  48. Sana

    Sana27 日 前

    You see? Billie is just like a cute little innocent child! So down to the earth

  49. Kawtar Eilish

    Kawtar Eilish27 日 前

    I'm jealous ok🥺🙂

  50. Anaëlle

    Anaëlle28 日 前

  51. sopa de fideo

    sopa de fideoヶ月 前

    i swear Billie just gives off amazing vibes, like she would make you feel so comfortable

  52. Giovana Gi

    Giovana Giヶ月 前

    Ai que ódio desses vídeo q não tem legenda

  53. shad_ x700

    shad_ x700ヶ月 前

    I want the fan page on Instagram plz

  54. bils audio

    bils audioヶ月 前

    okay, not trying to be rude, but the interviewer was being very rude and loud not letting them finish with out being in a rush

  55. Debhora Nyaradzo Muguti

    Debhora Nyaradzo Mugutiヶ月 前

    The lady asking the questions is so f*cking annoying 😩😩

  56. Fakeacc donnt

    Fakeacc donntヶ月 前

    The host is grear stfup she has qn incredible energy

  57. B i l l i e i l i s h

    B i l l i e i l i s hヶ月 前

    I love that I’m a bigger fan than her latterly chinchilla!🤣 she was so bad she even said what if the spelling is wrong girl if you are a fan you know that

  58. Leah Sapkota

    Leah Sapkotaヶ月 前

    3:25 "All fingers off the Table" how disrespectful and annoying

  59. Masuma-begim M

    Masuma-begim Mヶ月 前

    this game is so loud. god.

  60. Rosie Rosas

    Rosie Rosasヶ月 前

    I’m also the biggggeeeeesssssstttttt ffffaaaannn!!!! Anyone else???

  61. Little Billie

    Little Billieヶ月 前

    I think you need to stop drinking starbucks...SMFH

  62. lil marz

    lil marzヶ月 前

    interviewer: yelling billie and the fan: laughing editor: puts music on the background me: 🥶

  63. Macy Dellinger

    Macy Dellingerヶ月 前

    I knew it was listen before I go

  64. Aliya Nevay

    Aliya Nevayヶ月 前

    I'm Billie ever first fan lol

  65. Elizabeth D.

    Elizabeth D.ヶ月 前

    the background noise and the host 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  66. Elysixn ll

    Elysixn llヶ月 前

    I wanna fight the host

  67. Maaz Ahmed

    Maaz Ahmedヶ月 前

    This interviewer is so extraa...its irritating !!

  68. elsvia

    elsviaヶ月 前

    But... I'm her biggest fan...

  69. Toyang Dai

    Toyang Daiヶ月 前

    While watching this Me- I want to play this Bring 💜bts Army

  70. Ginnelle Samuels

    Ginnelle Samuelsヶ月 前


  71. Isabella Pennell

    Isabella Pennellヶ月 前

    Alright, I think I would've liked this a bit more if I turned down the volume, but then I wouldn't have been able to hear their voices at all because of the music. billie is so sweet tho

  72. Juliette Terry

    Juliette Terryヶ月 前

    what I would do to meet her! :(

  73. Lauren Byars

    Lauren Byarsヶ月 前

    Did Billie know what was about to go down with that bedazzled looking mask?

  74. Kiranjeet Kaur

    Kiranjeet Kaurヶ月 前

    I knew all the answers... she ain't her biggest fan... i am I'm not hating on her

  75. gem uwu

    gem uwuヶ月 前

    ellie go away

  76. Intellectual Cactus

    Intellectual Cactusヶ月 前

    c h i n c h i l l a

  77. mjj _xx

    mjj _xxヶ月 前

    this host is irritating my soul

  78. ava mae

    ava maeヶ月 前


  79. sierra nesbeth

    sierra nesbethヶ月 前

    its hard seeing other people live your dream

  80. Goona Games

    Goona Gamesヶ月 前

    Why is the girl who reads the question yells at them?

  81. Kalen

    Kalenヶ月 前

    Host did a line before this interview. Jesus.

  82. Ella Styles

    Ella Stylesヶ月 前

    The Host annoys me sm ngl ODODKFKKFDS

  83. JustJess

    JustJessヶ月 前

    They need to be friends.

  84. dorothy l

    dorothy lヶ月 前

    i actually liked the host

  85. Idk

    Idkヶ月 前

    So jealous

  86. bird rat

    bird ratヶ月 前

    I wanna do this😭

  87. Charles Roy

    Charles Royヶ月 前

    Why everybody hating on Ellie lee?????

  88. Kathy

    Kathyヶ月 前

    Sarah: wait what is the 12th song on your album? Billie: I don't know, don't ask me Me: *jumping up and down* BrUh ItS LiStEn bEfOrE i gOoOOoOoOoO

  89. lexis rodriguez

    lexis rodriguezヶ月 前

    she literaly treats herfans like her best friends i love her soooo much

  90. Hailie Jones

    Hailie Jonesヶ月 前

    I’m so jealous of Sarah Rn!! 😂🥰

  91. free falling

    free fallingヶ月 前

    The hostess is pure cringe ....what is this

  92. Sophia Lam

    Sophia Lamヶ月 前

    They give me such best friends energy and I love it

  93. clara irene

    clara ireneヶ月 前

    Can the interviewer/host or whatever just shut up and let us enjoy this?

  94. Ycsha_ Menor13

    Ycsha_ Menor13ヶ月 前


  95. Prior2Popular

    Prior2Popularヶ月 前

    Billie out here wearing a mask before 2020 hit just for the fun of it lol 😂 talk about “ahead of the times” lol 😂

  96. Joe Mcnicholas

    Joe Mcnicholasヶ月 前

    who else is confused about what actually is billies natural hair colour

  97. Alessia Lowcock

    Alessia Lowcockヶ月 前

    Am I the only one who finds the music at the beginning so JARRING like there’s so many sounds in my brain wat

  98. OMEGA_ancikapro

    OMEGA_ancikaproヶ月 前

    Billie is so kind and beautiful💔😭

  99. xxiona xbby

    xxiona xbbyヶ月 前

    can that girl in the middle just shut up shes so nippy

  100. Somil Maldhani

    Somil Maldhaniヶ月 前

    My god the host was so annoying