Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)


  1. Miriam Chuc

    Miriam Chuc18 時間 前

    I Fucken Luv You Billie💗💗💗🌹🌹🌹😭😭😭

  2. Forz Ahh

    Forz Ahh19 時間 前

    Really great song

  3. Nathan Nybeck

    Nathan Nybeck19 時間 前

    This song is fucking good

  4. Exotic Butters

    Exotic Butters19 時間 前

    this is one of those songs you want on Valentine's Day when you have no Valentine...can y'all relate, or not?

  5. oedalis

    oedalis20 時間 前

    What about crediting the thumbnail artwork?

  6. Tory C

    Tory C20 時間 前

    1:19 2:47

  7. Emmanuella Deshaies

    Emmanuella Deshaies21 時間 前

    Am I the only one to see that in the painting, there's the bridge, and a sunrise/sunset?? I hope not ;-;

  8. la yo :V

    la yo :V22 時間 前

    Omg q hermoso

  9. A Da

    A Da23 時間 前

    This song describes how i feel perfectly

  10. Laura Corral

    Laura Corral23 時間 前

    love you

  11. ASMR Keisha

    ASMR Keisha23 時間 前

    Thats nice 🎥❤️

  12. Jay Kim

    Jay Kim日 前

    when you get the billie eiish ad before the vide0 started ;)

  13. Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga日 前

    Someone else thinks that this painting represents the Golden Gate in abstract version I mean, if you see it in any way, it looks like the Golden Gate

  14. Lisa Rodriguez

    Lisa Rodriguez日 前

    her best song...

  15. Abdulmohsen Mohammad

    Abdulmohsen Mohammad日 前

    Every time she says I had a dream I get goosebumps

  16. Bitch Lasagna

    Bitch Lasagna日 前

    I heard this song in an ad and asked myself who is it from? Then im loke probably Billie. Here i am.

  17. freedom bitch

    freedom bitch日 前

    You've sing for my sorrow soul..

  18. Natalijia

    Natalijia日 前

  19. jazzyy girl

    jazzyy girl日 前

    is the painting the Golden Gate Bridge ?

  20. SchweigerGunther

    SchweigerGunther日 前

    Goldfrapp is 100X better

  21. Laura Giraldo

    Laura Giraldo日 前


  22. stranger Things

    stranger Things日 前

    This is my song

  23. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez日 前

    I hope she really meant this song..

  24. Emily Doglover

    Emily Doglover日 前

    Any body else notice that the painting is abstract golden gate bridge? I mean wow its hidden but yeah.

  25. Jonor Nokturl

    Jonor Nokturl日 前

    Never got a chance to listen to her, she's actually pretty damn good. Great beats, chill music. Plus I get on my A game blasting this while I play Halo :) Keep the music coming

  26. Trap Gold2Latin Music

    Trap Gold2Latin Music日 前

    Que Grande Eres Billie, I Love You! 😍 Saludos Desde Colombia, To World! 😎🔝

  27. Tim Gorvell

    Tim Gorvell日 前

  28. Fun Guy

    Fun Guy日 前


  29. Miks Biceps

    Miks Biceps日 前

    Drosik jesteś tu?

  30. cbbv bbbv

    cbbv bbbv日 前

    Hi American people, I am a belorusian girl

  31. Iрина Петрiвна

    Iрина Петрiвна日 前

    Ну прэвед)

  32. Allanzo

    Allanzo日 前

    First time listening to Billie Eilish. It sounds good but I am an Eden fan

  33. Ana Krajnovic

    Ana Krajnovic日 前

    0:00-- that replay button costs a like?

  34. Angie That’s me

    Angie That’s me日 前

    You should do a concert at Raleigh

  35. Stompie _YT

    Stompie _YT日 前

    So... i found a secret thing... if you want to know... so heres the clue, you will hear at 2:51 two voices... i did my volume on max. Then you will hear a scary voice, well... for me i was shocked when i heard that voice. haha.. Sorry for this un-understandable English😅

  36. Tim Hex

    Tim Hex日 前

    The tune is perfectly fitted to the meaning that's why her music is particular

  37. music de hoy

    music de hoy日 前


  38. music de hoy

    music de hoy日 前


  39. Ava Southam

    Ava Southam日 前

    your the best and I love you (I live right nxt to you)

  40. Jackson Smith

    Jackson Smith日 前

    I think “we” as a generation are addicted to sad songs.

  41. Anselmovillgrn N

    Anselmovillgrn N日 前

    Creo que soy la unica que abla español

  42. Eva Le saux

    Eva Le saux日 前


  43. Maream Az

    Maream Az日 前

    I looooovvvveeeeeeeee thiiissssss soooonnnnggg

  44. ahmed khan

    ahmed khan日 前

    Is the music by Deadmau5? 🤔

  45. Nadusha Likha4eva

    Nadusha Likha4eva日 前

    i CRYED

  46. WLG giannis

    WLG giannis日 前

    Amazing 💜

  47. Lotarà

    Lotarà日 前

    A song to fall in love with ❤

  48. Queeen Lynn

    Queeen Lynn日 前

    I had a billie pullover , I got in a fight cause she said billie ain't shit told her her you dont know shit about her what if someone was talking about someone you cared about ! You have the nerve, your sick!! We got in a fight but I'll have Billies back I cant stand bullies I went threw it, ANYBODY NOT JUST BILLE IF I SEE IT IN PERSON IM GONNA SAY SOMETHING!!

  49. Actual Nia

    Actual Nia日 前

    Should I try a Billie Eilish cover? Like: Duh! Comment: No god.

  50. Tom Nally

    Tom Nally日 前

    Nora en pure rip off

  51. Ghetto Gypsy

    Ghetto Gypsy日 前

    who else hears finneas’ voice on the chorus??

  52. I did a thing yt

    I did a thing yt日 前

    Omg i love billie eilish so much

  53. Charles Zollicoffer

    Charles Zollicoffer日 前

    So real love it good job.

  54. Myka Perez

    Myka Perez日 前

    Hey guys! Would you mind check my cover of this song? 🤗

  55. Thaïs Vrignaud

    Thaïs Vrignaud日 前

    Cette musique omgg🥺❤️

  56. TCB Creations

    TCB Creations日 前

    How about I love you? Idgaf about being arrested as some sort of wack job. ALL IGAF ABOUT IS THAT YOU KNOW. I love you .

  57. queen

    queen日 前

    Am i the only one who came here to cry

  58. Rondell Schuyler

    Rondell Schuyler日 前

    If this is what currently wins Music Awards on American music award shows all I can say is give me a grasshopper to eat. UGH ! !

  59. Moon Paradox

    Moon Paradox日 前

    This is my most favorite song! Love you Billie love you fhineas LoL I think that’s how you spell his name... I’m 33 and my daughter is 13! and we dance together around the house to this ♥️♥️ it’s the cutest feeling! Thank you billie for that fact of the matter.

  60. Mary

    Mary日 前

    Beautiful. Alicia Keys does a cover of this song and it quite beautiful, too. Its sweet she's such a fan of Billie's

  61. Guzun Nicolae

    Guzun Nicolae日 前