Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show


  1. John Stucko

    John Stucko35 分 前

    “Hey Siri! How can you tell if a DemocRAT is lying?” Siri: “Their lips are moving” Hahahaha!!

  2. David Brock

    David Brock47 分 前

    "What color are the people in the cages?" There you go. Leftists can't see anything but color. She is so dishonest intellectually. Trump derangement syndrome on full display

  3. Peter Wysochanski

    Peter Wysochanski時間 前

    If nothing else, Maher is for free speech.

  4. Chris Lapp

    Chris Lapp2 時間 前

    Fox knows their stuff. You have to have an opposing view in there. Look how incompetent the liberal knee jerk ideology looks in the face of level headed logic.

  5. Daniel Spillman

    Daniel Spillman2 時間 前

    Pack it up Tlaib. You're done and take that nasty Omar with u

  6. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood4 時間 前

    One more thing, I'm a Conservative that doesn't drink the media kool-aid

  7. Bentley The Dark Overlord Of Trinity Bellwoods

    Bentley The Dark Overlord Of Trinity Bellwoods4 時間 前

    Tlaib looks like a hippopotamus turd.

  8. Puffin Vapor

    Puffin Vapor6 時間 前

    Racism & Tuberculosis are on the increase due to Democrat policy & Lies.

  9. Harry Kuheim

    Harry Kuheim7 時間 前

    Mahr and all the Late night shows are just as Racist as Talib and AOC are

  10. Dave Ware

    Dave Ware8 時間 前

    Liberals fighting liberals..........i love it

  11. Dayton Stelly

    Dayton Stelly10 時間 前

    Only democrats are concerned about race, crying racism where there is none. Democrats are anti American, domestic terrorists.

  12. Maria Gustafson

    Maria Gustafson10 時間 前

    Who is this woman ugly

  13. Frida Martin

    Frida Martin12 時間 前

    The only thing I like about Billy is that he has pissed off Rashida

  14. Solange Dias

    Solange Dias13 時間 前

    Oh yeah, Bill Maher. I used to watch this dude before he contracted TDS.

  15. Jay McGuigan

    Jay McGuigan18 時間 前

    Soap!! Toothbrush!!! . That is a step up for most of the immigrants

  16. Smitty

    Smitty19 時間 前

    I really do not like most everything Jessica Tarlov has to say. I am at the point I just turn off the video when her foul mouth is running.

  17. Kidkratos ki

    Kidkratos ki21 時間 前

    Cancel culture strikes again.

  18. Scott Woodruff

    Scott Woodruff23 時間 前

    Jewish faith is not a race.

  19. Scott Woodruff

    Scott Woodruff23 時間 前

    Jewish faith is not a race.

  20. Time Bandit

    Time Bandit23 時間 前

    Talib has a punchable face. Actually, I'd like to see her face smashed into concrete from 30 stories up.

  21. mr. kojak

    mr. kojak日 前

    Policies that pertain to anyone illegally crossing the border lady . She's a joke , classic lefty

  22. Leonardo Davinci

    Leonardo Davinci日 前

    I can't stand race baiters as much as I can't racists. 😤😤😤

  23. I'm here

    I'm here12 時間 前

    Race baiters ARE the racists though.

  24. Bob Hoffman

    Bob Hoffman日 前

    RT is a DISGRACE to Michigan, AND the human race... smh

  25. Ma Cho

    Ma Cho日 前

    The left eats the left.

  26. Trey B

    Trey B日 前

    Yeah don't separate them send them all right back together

  27. Trey B

    Trey B日 前

    No they shouldn't be vaccinated. They should be sent straight back to their countries.

  28. Trey B

    Trey B日 前

    The Democrats want to take the Country down. Take our rights. Let anyone in. Free illegal immigrants and the sanctuary cities. Wake up America

  29. Cole J Ritter

    Cole J Ritter日 前

    Jessica Tarlov is a paid Propagandists for the Marxist DemonicRats! She lies and perverts the facts to enflame hatred for President Trump! I certainly don't need her bias opinion to know the truth on any subject.

  30. Cole J Ritter

    Cole J Ritter日 前

    Only a fool condemns a man or woman because of the pigmentation of their skin! Accept or reject a person based solely upon their character, or lack of it!

  31. Darlene Sigler

    Darlene Sigler日 前

    She needs to sit down. She doesn’t know what she is talking about.

  32. Darlene Sigler

    Darlene Sigler日 前

    She has so much hate.

  33. Timothy K

    Timothy K日 前

    Democrats are the most tolerant people I’ve never seen...

  34. Ejembi Moses

    Ejembi Moses日 前

    Democrats are stupid

  35. Ejembi Moses

    Ejembi Moses日 前

    Good for Bill and his small head, he should become a Republican if he wants to do what's good for him.

  36. Shawney32123

    Shawney32123日 前

    She only wants Israeli children killed. Cares about Palestinian kids. Obsessed with hatred. These people do not have love in their hearts.

  37. Jt Dubuque

    Jt Dubuque日 前

    Gtfo talib omar !!!#

  38. Errick Mackey

    Errick Mackey日 前

    President Trump is draining the Democratic swamp and putting Americans frist. The American taxpayers can't support nor save the world. The country leaders need to step up and save their own country and stop dumping their problems on the American people.

  39. tony palomino

    tony palomino日 前

    Dog face Bill is a Zionist

  40. Eben Ramos

    Eben Ramos2 日 前

    Why does everybody pronounce it as "Talib". It is TLA-IB. Maybe it is because Tla-ib does not belong in the USA.

  41. Michael O'Malley

    Michael O'Malley2 日 前

    Does anyone even watch this drivel. Bill Maher needs his nuts kicked.

  42. MAGA Matt Bell

    MAGA Matt Bell2 日 前

    I don't understand how we're at where we are as a nation when the left cries fascism while being fascist

  43. MAGA Matt Bell

    MAGA Matt Bell2 日 前

    I don't support either of these people

  44. Rocky MTN

    Rocky MTN2 日 前

    Fox can take down that Israeli flag, that would be great. I like seeing the American flag they are not the same thing.

  45. I'm here

    I'm here12 時間 前

    It's not an actual flag though. It's literally apart of the giant screen behind them and it changes. Did you also see a giant donkey next to it, the Democrat party symbol? My God, you're an idiot.

  46. Jeff Reisen

    Jeff Reisen2 日 前

    I'll boycott them both

  47. sleepy9669

    sleepy96692 日 前

    Democrats using race card everytime they speak..

  48. michael trujillo

    michael trujillo2 日 前

    The squats



    The squad can scratch my balls

  50. Audrey

    Audrey2 日 前

    That lady hates Trump and was right with her till her face went ugly and went on a rant about Trump. Can we just admit he is not a racist. His son in law is Jewish, his daughter became Jewish. Black rapper’s sang about Trump before he was president. So I am not listening to the nonsense of this nevertrumper. It is plain as day she don’t like him. Too bad the American people do .

  51. I'm here

    I'm here12 時間 前

    She has severe TDS.

  52. Joe Mullins

    Joe Mullins2 日 前

    I love how immigrants sneak into our country and actually demand their rights are you serious

  53. Allen Hamilton

    Allen Hamilton2 日 前

    The left eats itself. I'm thanking Trump for this.

  54. Paul Frain

    Paul Frain2 日 前

    She doesn't want to talk about the illegal imagrants to come across unvetted. Dirty do nothing Democrat destroyers of everything righteous Trump 20/20

  55. Kelly Conroy

    Kelly Conroy2 日 前

    The left turning on their own. They always do that and I'm okay with it. They both suck.

  56. Bobbie Kayne

    Bobbie Kayne3 日 前

    Jessica Tarlov is a domineering, rude, irrational woman. I can't stand her.

  57. Ghost 74

    Ghost 743 日 前

    The squad more like the squab

  58. Nick Sander

    Nick Sander3 日 前

    These people have never seen real racism. Try living in the hood. Then tell me about racism. The white, brunette is full of lies and biast views.

  59. Monica Turk

    Monica Turk3 日 前

    Left eats it’s own , good

  60. America is great again!

    America is great again!3 日 前

    I would have NEVER dreamed I'd agree with Bill Maher on anything!

  61. lukesterification

    lukesterification3 日 前

    Who is this whiny-voiced woman in the white dress that desperately needs a benzo?



    Hmm... I’m surprised she is still alive!

  63. Patriot Troll

    Patriot Troll3 日 前

    It's like the left thinks "people of color" are immune to any criticism.

  64. average joe

    average joe2 日 前

    Its the opposite, the left think that people of color are so weak and pathetic that they cant handle criticicism and need them to come to their rescue. The democrats treat people of color as if they were born disabled