Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show


  1. BullDog Jackson

    BullDog Jackson9 分 前

    Jessica Tarlov, is the epitome of a Liberal Lunatic Scumbag.

  2. James D

    James D9 分 前

    Tiaib is a racist.

  3. Gregory Johnson

    Gregory Johnson時間 前

    Talib should be sent packing and go to her mud hut.

  4. IBRanger

    IBRanger2 時間 前

    I dunno Whenever I see a pic of this tlaib person, I’m reminded of TV ads for yeast infections. Just sayin....

  5. oakgrove1965 _

    oakgrove1965 _3 時間 前

    If Dems are against it that means they love it.two face scum.

  6. Ms Writer

    Ms Writer3 時間 前

    Trump didnt say "women of color " leave this country. He spoke of the Congress woman

  7. oakgrove1965 _

    oakgrove1965 _3 時間 前

    Freaks like her are destroying America.

  8. Cryptotom

    Cryptotom3 時間 前

    democrat cause the problem when they would not fund ice

  9. Snatch Monkey

    Snatch Monkey3 時間 前

    Jessica tarter sauce drinks a lot of koolaid

  10. dee jay

    dee jay4 時間 前

    Ask Obama's he built the cages and first put the kids in cages

  11. ensign4Him

    ensign4Him4 時間 前

    I despise this woman's voice!!... what's her name... Tarlov. she's an idiot

  12. ensign4Him

    ensign4Him4 時間 前

    Why doesn't FOX boycott Tlaib??? ... and the whole squad for that matter??!!

  13. Alex coleman

    Alex coleman4 時間 前

    Bills point was nonexistent. Purely emotional & BS.

  14. nick phillips

    nick phillips5 時間 前

    Vote all demonrats out !

  15. beboncio4 rod

    beboncio4 rod6 時間 前

    😂😂, they cant get the flu shots, imbecile.

  16. Charlotte's Web

    Charlotte's Web6 時間 前

    Having liberals on the show is good for the right. Undecided voters and center left people are more likely to watch the show if one of their own is on, and while here they can get a dose of reality and truth. It’s a GOOD thing to hear differing opinions or we just become one big echo chamber. I don’t want to only listen to people with the same point of view.

  17. I wish I was wrong

    I wish I was wrong8 時間 前

    Talib and this pundit with walleye vision. I'm not sure who she is talking to.

  18. Loveisallthereis22

    Loveisallthereis229 時間 前

    Jessica seemed to be moderately intelligent when she started and kind of shot the whole thought to hell when she QUOTED our president “TELLING women of color to go back.......”. Before you go on TV as a commentator, you got check what say can be verified and she too obviously did NOT. “Women of color” was INSERTED by Jessica.

  19. E B

    E B9 時間 前

    Again...he did not say go back ...he said go and fix and come back and tell us how to fix it.

  20. E B

    E B9 時間 前

    Now the left are starting to eat each other ...I'm loving it!! These dems are true racists

  21. Krystle V

    Krystle V9 時間 前

    these people are creating the racial devide they love it because they would have nothing else to talk about otherwise

  22. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly9 時間 前

    Wasn't this about Maher?

  23. Canadian Kin

    Canadian Kin9 時間 前

    Whatever you do, do it legally!

  24. Marge Regan

    Marge Regan10 時間 前

    They are beyond it. Look around and you will see most Americans have such a Rainbow family unit, it's so ridiculous to even say the word racist. It's so abused and we are sick of it.

  25. ANNE miller

    ANNE miller10 時間 前

    I,m also an Australian and agree that we have nutters here also and guess what? They are all lefties too God help use all if any of these people get to be in charge of a country .

  26. Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes

    Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes10 時間 前

    Tlaib automatically hates him . He Jewish.

  27. Phil Dawson

    Phil Dawson10 時間 前

    These liberals are unhinged nut jobs.

  28. BR BCR

    BR BCR10 時間 前

    The broad is a racist.

  29. nunofusmatter7 nunofusmatter7

    nunofusmatter7 nunofusmatter711 時間 前

    I shouldn't have to put my tax money up to playcate these emotional idiots🤡🌏

  30. nunofusmatter7 nunofusmatter7

    nunofusmatter7 nunofusmatter711 時間 前

    Let's ask illam Omar's uncle/husband or the husband she cheated on what they think of them.they have probably at least eaten dinner with these fool's🧐

  31. nunofusmatter7 nunofusmatter7

    nunofusmatter7 nunofusmatter711 時間 前

    The four jack🤬 of the apocalypse believe in only one thing... tolerance through intolerance.they are very problematic 🤡🌏

  32. KwickDraw Dindonufin

    KwickDraw Dindonufin11 時間 前

    Can "Guy's" other help him with his shirt and tie

  33. KwickDraw Dindonufin

    KwickDraw Dindonufin12 時間 前

    Jessica Tarlov's voice make my guppies crinch

  34. STILLDecibel

    STILLDecibel12 時間 前

    Jessica Tarlov is the typical liberal unhimged with TDS! ITS NOT ABOUT RACE JESSICA!!!America is made of diff races! Go and sit down stupid!

  35. Nicholas Wilson

    Nicholas Wilson12 時間 前

    That lady is a clown

  36. ZZ TOP

    ZZ TOP12 時間 前

    Is she braindead or an idiot : Both

  37. John Moore

    John Moore13 時間 前

    Dems are so two faced its unreal. One minute they are bitching about kids in cages next minute they are murdering babies on 9th month abortions. What a joke. You suck.

  38. N Ex

    N Ex13 時間 前

    This just shows how Anti American Talib and her buddies are. They have no business in America, much less as members of congress.

  39. N Ex

    N Ex13 時間 前

    Talib and Maher are two turds fighting each other for space in the same toilet bowl.

  40. Pork Face

    Pork Face13 時間 前

    Wow good for him

  41. Allison Begay

    Allison Begay13 時間 前

    Demos have definitely not for American's they for just votes. Wanting to pull on hearts strings and support law breaks first that don't even have rights in America. I just wonder what my ancestors would think when they were finally given the right to vote in 1924 then were not afforded that opportunity until 1964. When fighting for American then using our language (Navajo Code Talkers) and so many Americans gave all. Take care of our Vets and Americans first.

  42. Julie Nielsen

    Julie Nielsen13 時間 前

    Wow the dem lady looked stupid when he said we don’t know who is vaccinated.

  43. colette s

    colette s13 時間 前

    I have heard the lunatic left accuse racism 1047 times in the last week. NONE of their accusations were true, there was no racism, no racists....there was only accusations. So why are they doing this? They are trying to force an issue that does not exist, but I seriously doubt that the loonies even know what racism is. One sure way to get people to NOT listen is going off on a racism loonie jessica and her shrill highly annoying voice.

  44. colette s

    colette s13 時間 前

    I have heard the lunatic left accuse racism 1047 times in the last week. NONE of their accusations were true, there was no racism, no racists....there was only accusations. So why are they doing this? They are trying to force an issue that does not exist, but I seriously doubt that the loonies even know what racism is. One sure way to get people to NOT listen is going off on a racism loonie jessica and her shrill highly annoying voice.

  45. tripodurra

    tripodurra14 時間 前

    I can’t decide if Jessica Tarlov is actually clueless or just acts that way to defend the send wrong positions

  46. TheHellogoo

    TheHellogoo14 時間 前

    Israel is very multicultural. Tlaib would've been surprised by the Israeli multiculturalism if she went to Israel without her preconceived boycott desires.

  47. 1notgilty

    1notgilty14 時間 前

    Seal the southern border and hire enough judges to give immediate hearings to people claiming asylum or apprehended crossing the border illegally. Finger print and photograph them and take DNA and retinal eye scans of all of them. If the judges find them ineligible to enter America deport them immediately. If they do not fight deportation they will be allowed to apply for immigration through the normal legal process and wait their turn in line like everyone else doing it legally. If they do fight deportation and are finally deported they are ineligible to ever enter America again and if they are subsequently caught in the U.S. or trying to re-enter the U.S. they get a long mandatory prison sentence and then deportation when they are released from prison. A nation without enforceable borders is not a nation. Enforcing a country's laws equally is not racism or unjust, it is justice.

  48. Her Shadow

    Her Shadow14 時間 前

    Jaaaysus! Who is the demented bird in the white dress. Insane in the membranes...

  49. Blackjack Assassin

    Blackjack Assassin14 時間 前

    It's their height! They are targeting people based on the foot length too!!

  50. mrg1911

    mrg191114 時間 前

    Ms Tarlov is a hack and Fox should sack her.

  51. Jason Berry

    Jason Berry14 時間 前

    I’m sorry Jessica Tarlov can be really stupid because yeah most people are past racism. It’s only an issue when people bring it up. It doesn’t happen like the left says.

  52. Snacky McGoo

    Snacky McGoo15 時間 前

    Unbelievable how dumb and hateful democrats and liberals are.

  53. Alex Peters

    Alex Peters15 時間 前

    Isn't it sad that people like David feel the need to prove he is not racist , because of his family ties. What happened to the days of judging free speech differently then actions?

  54. Gilligan

    Gilligan15 時間 前

    If it wasn't race and color the Dramacrats would find something else. Their only objective is to get Trump and do absolutely nothing for the good of the Country.

  55. louis faust

    louis faust15 時間 前

    This reporter whom concurs with the left is totally wrong. The President is not rascist and this woman is a race baiter and promotes the hate agenda. This women needs to do to CNN, she can perpetuate her hate agenda over there.

  56. osvaldo vives

    osvaldo vives15 時間 前

    Dems only want immigrants so far as to get their votes. The minimum healthcare so they be able to raise their pen to vote!

  57. Tuko Lo

    Tuko Lo15 時間 前

    Check out Panel with Candice Owens on Revolt TV

  58. Shaun French

    Shaun French16 時間 前

    facts are facts facts are ugly grow a back bone and work together to change things if you dont like the facts or we will soon remove you and do it ourselves

  59. Kris Nordberg

    Kris Nordberg16 時間 前

    Trump didn't say to go back where you came from. He said go back and fix your country first.

  60. Lewis Clark

    Lewis Clark16 時間 前

    Idiot broad, sick in the head evil