Bike Thieves Steal My Dirt Bike


  1. PhilTheThrill

    PhilTheThrill6 ヶ月 前

    If your wondering how I got the footage... Make sure you watch until the end 10:00 😏

  2. Yazmin Rupert

    Yazmin Rupert8 日 前

    You should just get your stuff back

  3. Carlton Parkes

    Carlton Parkes18 日 前

    Oh yeah Dude wass up

  4. Cracked Matthew

    Cracked Matthewヶ月 前

    PhilTheThrill because it’s fake

  5. Caleb Karr

    Caleb Karrヶ月 前

    PhilTheThrill if this is real I would just move

  6. hadi the legend

    hadi the legendヶ月 前

    lel you just like faking videos dont you. you just want the video to be 10 .00 to get money EZ

  7. Frank Garcia

    Frank Garcia3 日 前

    4:20 he runs like he has bugs bitting his ass

  8. Bobby Burnette

    Bobby Burnette4 日 前

    dude punch em square in the face

  9. adult hipster

    adult hipster4 日 前

    Get a gun not a knife ak 47 not an pistol shotgun morelike it for extra defense

  10. Pros _YT

    Pros _YT6 日 前

    You can try to put a tracker in the gopro

  11. Chase McMillian

    Chase McMillian7 日 前

    Kick them in the nuts

  12. Connor Toragusu Danley

    Connor Toragusu Danley7 日 前

    Why in every videos you get your bikes stolen your videos are fake!!

  13. Ryder K

    Ryder K7 日 前

    That is just tommy MX

  14. Samuel Mongar

    Samuel Mongar8 日 前


  15. Yazmin Rupert

    Yazmin Rupert8 日 前

    U need to learn how to fight

  16. Johan Smith

    Johan Smith10 日 前

    Bike thieves

  17. Jowell Boyer

    Jowell Boyer10 日 前

    The guy in the orange mask is tommy Mx you could tell by his voice

  18. brOwnskin.baiibiii Riri

    brOwnskin.baiibiii Riri10 日 前

    Don't tell notice he turn on the same street every west side video

  19. Mr Yeet

    Mr Yeet10 日 前

    That guy with the orange is funny

  20. Mr Yeet

    Mr Yeet10 日 前

    It’s always that bench

  21. Salty Basics

    Salty Basics11 日 前

    i feel like hes paying other people to act like this on certain videos idk if this is true but idk for sure

  22. DG_ Drexx

    DG_ Drexx12 日 前

    Are you a lier

  23. Owen Nowe

    Owen Nowe13 日 前

    Fake! Taps on the head with a bat

  24. Rylee Alcorn

    Rylee Alcorn13 日 前

    I em sor r bat your bik

  25. the Best fortnite pleyer yt

    the Best fortnite pleyer yt14 日 前

    Shot them

  26. Crazy Banana

    Crazy Banana16 日 前


  27. Bernhard Hantsche

    Bernhard Hantsche16 日 前

    Is anybody looking at this in 2020

  28. Patricia Paglalunan

    Patricia Paglalunan18 日 前

    Your so weak

  29. Subhan A

    Subhan A18 日 前

    Did you give The middle finger

  30. Cak3

    Cak320 日 前

    Its so obvious that its fake yet so interesting lol

  31. Mr Fortex

    Mr Fortex21 日 前

    Why you liv here?

  32. Yinyea Cheah

    Yinyea Cheah21 日 前

    Cause penang is so cool and the first avenue having the arcade

  33. Yinyea Cheah

    Yinyea Cheah21 日 前

    Why don't you live at the malaysia penang

  34. PrivateSceet Toxic

    PrivateSceet Toxic23 日 前

    Shoot the fuckers

  35. Wali Ali

    Wali Ali24 日 前

    I have 0 fans

  36. Ankir is Cracked

    Ankir is Cracked24 日 前

    This is fake because he wouldn’t of got the GoPro footage

  37. Rishod Boynton

    Rishod Boynton25 日 前

    Guy gets robbed also guy this is the time to sell some merch

  38. Rosi Popova

    Rosi Popova26 日 前

    Renee see you I will help you Set against this bad guys!!!

  39. ralph staffen

    ralph staffen28 日 前

    Fu*king muggers bi*h I hate people

  40. Red Copenhagen

    Red Copenhagen28 日 前

    That was the most fake shit I've ever seen

  41. Emmett Roberts

    Emmett Roberts29 日 前

    Cool the police on them

  42. Silent Assassin

    Silent Assassinヶ月 前

    The guy with the just run Nike shirt is Tommy Mx

  43. anna liza deang

    anna liza deangヶ月 前

    Bruh i’m 12 yrs old and I Can Kick them in Da Nuts

  44. deniz munzur polat

    deniz munzur polatヶ月 前

    One like=one punch for them

  45. Kourtney Stice

    Kourtney Sticeヶ月 前

    Phill this is havioc Other guy what is havoc Yet he is wearing those goggles

  46. Crazy Dog

    Crazy Dogヶ月 前

    All of this is FACKE

  47. MegaDerpy Gaming

    MegaDerpy Gamingヶ月 前

    3:24 oh shit this guy got a knife gotta take off my shoes

  48. Gamer king

    Gamer kingヶ月 前

    Stop going there if u keep getting robbed there and move

  49. Oof oof Nation

    Oof oof Nationヶ月 前

    I think his videos are fake because he uses the same people over and over again

  50. Hunter Newsom

    Hunter Newsomヶ月 前

    I’ll punch him in the back of the head

  51. Hunter Newsom

    Hunter Newsomヶ月 前

    You should of tackled them

  52. project zorgo memeber

    project zorgo memeberヶ月 前

    Man I would of pooped that spongebob looking. Guy in the orange goggles if he tried to touch my bike

  53. DarkFury Gaming

    DarkFury Gamingヶ月 前

    you better fight them

  54. Harrison Howard

    Harrison Howardヶ月 前


  55. iEvents graal Channel

    iEvents graal Channelヶ月 前

    Those guys are fuckers who stole your dirt bick

  56. Cody Watson

    Cody Watsonヶ月 前

    Just fake

  57. It’s jaz The gatcha girl

    It’s jaz The gatcha girlヶ月 前

    was that part of the fake vid?

  58. Zhcix

    Zhcixヶ月 前

    i no the won in the orange shorts on top of his head was tommy mx i could tell by the volice


    EL DIABLOヶ月 前


  60. brent nevius

    brent neviusヶ月 前

    Shouldn't let a couple of candyass pussies take your bike, duh!

  61. brent nevius

    brent neviusヶ月 前

    An idiot and his toy are soon parted!

  62. Kolton Fields

    Kolton Fieldsヶ月 前

    Your a faker

  63. Selma Barbosa

    Selma Barbosaヶ月 前

    That guy was funny who took off his shoes😂😂😂

  64. Zach L

    Zach Lヶ月 前

    Terrible acting lol

  65. abatayo how about kb44 hu has meni wepons

    abatayo how about kb44 hu has meni weponsヶ月 前

    That way is hunted with strangers