Bike Thieves Steal My Dirt Bike


  1. PhilTheThrill

    PhilTheThrillヶ月 前

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  2. loridas mc

    loridas mc2 日 前

    Come on. this entire channel is fake

  3. Jakey D

    Jakey D3 日 前

    Bro sorry that happened to u

  4. unicorn lover princess

    unicorn lover princess9 日 前

    That's cool he's so excited now all we need to do is kill the man who and other man okay give me a plan

  5. Oxygen oof helper YT

    Oxygen oof helper YT9 日 前

    Whoever stole the bike they look ugly

  6. Harris Osman

    Harris Osman12 日 前

    Yo i think u just missed a day to call a cop

  7. Elite Agent

    Elite Agent5 時間 前

    Could some body read the orange goggles shirt just run

  8. Mr. Meows Official

    Mr. Meows Official5 時間 前

    Dude pls move away from that neighbourhood i felling that your being bullied and won't be able to have fun. Pls choose this or make other decisions im getting worried😟

  9. Hazim Hasfani

    Hazim Hasfani6 時間 前

    1 like = 1 bike for phil

  10. Drevilo 19

    Drevilo 199 時間 前

    Carry a gun m8

  11. br0ken

    br0ken11 時間 前

    I feel like this is fake because he wouldn't he have the footage of them doing the Weeuly

  12. br0ken

    br0ken11 時間 前

    Oooooh never mind I'm slow like that sometimes

  13. naudia ashford

    naudia ashford13 時間 前

    It is fake

  14. Peighton Stedge

    Peighton Stedge14 時間 前


  15. Peighton Stedge

    Peighton Stedge14 時間 前

    Lmao the bike thieves shirt says "JUST RUN" 😂

  16. Toxic Bro

    Toxic Bro14 時間 前

    If I was you I would take them down and don't worrie about the police just tell them what happed

  17. Juicy Lucy

    Juicy Lucy18 時間 前

    This is faker then kylie Jenner’s lips 👄

  18. Jayden Jaydenliew

    Jayden Jaydenliew日 前

    1 like = 1 punch

  19. GIANpanaligan COCO

    GIANpanaligan COCO日 前


  20. Payton Wolfe

    Payton Wolfe日 前

    I swear mostly everyone phill the thrill meats is on crack

  21. MANDER 3friends

    MANDER 3friends日 前

    What is that run! 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Bts Fan

    Bts Fan日 前

    You should go back and get your bike back

  23. ghost monkey05

    ghost monkey05日 前

    Fake he barely hit you in the head

  24. Cole plays 13

    Cole plays 13日 前

    Next time say take it and your gay that will work

  25. Moises Flores

    Moises Flores日 前

    This is how many bikes he got ⬇️ ⬇️

  26. carli morgan

    carli morgan日 前

    you know this is fake because how did he get the footeg off of that one camra

  27. Michael McCall

    Michael McCall日 前

    The orange hat guy putting his hAnds up LOLOLOLOLOL

  28. Mr. survivor

    Mr. survivor日 前

    Hi Phil! I'm new to the channel I like ur vids! I surscribed!

  29. Simply_Irish -

    Simply_Irish -日 前

    Your a fake price of shit

  30. pokemon pok emon

    pokemon pok emon日 前

    It's fake because how did you get the footage after they took it

  31. Kayleb Tripp

    Kayleb Tripp日 前

    o my god every day some one just takes it move some whar als never come that buy a bike a get a job and what als u need to buy

  32. Kayleb Tripp

    Kayleb Tripp日 前

    Nooo whar they get in the car get in the back and shoot thos stopit head

  33. Kayleb Tripp

    Kayleb Tripp日 前

    No don’t let him take it no keep it it’s your just call any one or the cops 🚓 or tell anybody that’s a round u that can call the police

  34. FarmyTV_

    FarmyTV_日 前

    I would never let him test the bike

  35. boss man

    boss man日 前

    so fake

  36. Laila Ambriz

    Laila Ambriz日 前

    I love you phill

  37. That Equestrian

    That Equestrian日 前

    How he get that footage back from them

  38. Finn Robinson

    Finn Robinson2 日 前

    This is so fake

  39. Aidenn Segura

    Aidenn Segura2 日 前

    You should’ve fought

  40. Chub Brezzy

    Chub Brezzy2 日 前

    How manny times has this nigga been in this neighborhood make this blue if true / \ /

  41. AJTheHumanMonster

    AJTheHumanMonster2 日 前

    You know Phil even if this is fake I love the Story's I am leaving a like

  42. Diezel Playz

    Diezel Playz2 日 前

    It’s obviously fake because how would he get robbed so much besides someone would have called the cops on them 😒😒😒

  43. adrienne Pascual

    adrienne Pascual2 日 前

    F u ho stolen the bike

  44. シghostシ

    シghostシ2 日 前



    WHY JUST WHY2 日 前

    Wait r these fake

  46. MINI 4stroke BE

    MINI 4stroke BE2 日 前

    So fake , God could you use the footage. Is your bike and gopro got stolen ??

  47. debberRX pink

    debberRX pink2 日 前

    If i see them i will kill those faces

  48. TTV BTW

    TTV BTW2 日 前


  49. green light

    green light2 日 前

    Dum dum u kno them

  50. Leo the Halloween Demon

    Leo the Halloween Demon2 日 前

    Bruh you gotta move somewhere else if this keeps happening

  51. Jelani Gaming

    Jelani Gaming日 前

    Its fake

  52. Isaac Hutt

    Isaac Hutt2 日 前

    All your videos are fake

  53. Yoshi main In smash

    Yoshi main In smash2 日 前

    I called the cops

  54. The Noncer Toncer

    The Noncer Toncer3 日 前


  55. Christian Pena

    Christian Pena3 日 前


  56. Denise Levy

    Denise Levy3 日 前


  57. AztecsAlpha

    AztecsAlpha3 日 前

    This channel sucks

  58. Jet D'ARCY

    Jet D'ARCY3 日 前

    There rats

  59. De2tMace

    De2tMace3 日 前

    I know It’s Tommy Mx

  60. moondog 2122

    moondog 21223 日 前

    How did you get the footage on the camera on the bike if it was stolen

  61. Pickles Blue pineapples

    Pickles Blue pineapples3 日 前

    Yeah but they dont want the camera

  62. Pickles Blue pineapples

    Pickles Blue pineapples3 日 前

    Gee thanks I thought that was just a gigantic banana but now I know it's a bat thanks

  63. yliah jambs

    yliah jambs3 日 前

    He had a 100 dirt bike and its just gone we need to subscribe and turn on notification to make his day good

  64. Toothless

    Toothless3 日 前

    5:00 He just hit you so slow and you fell like getting punch by John Cena

  65. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff3 日 前

    He pulls out a penny

  66. Up Cakes

    Up Cakes3 日 前

    Im mad

  67. dabby gamer12

    dabby gamer123 日 前

    This video is fake but nice