1. Gorlin Oga

    Gorlin Oga14 秒 前

    So nobody cares that Steve can bend reality at will

  2. Jen Drowned

    Jen Drowned38 秒 前

    My dumbass can't tell if Frances is a boy or a girl.

  3. JayLeePoe

    JayLeePoe時間 前

    i knew from the moment i woke up this morning that you were going to pull some bullpiss like this

  4. Drama Monkey

    Drama Monkey2 時間 前

    I love how zomburger has no kitchen

  5. Gyehyun Bak

    Gyehyun Bak3 時間 前

    I need at least 10 seasons of this.

  6. DarkLordOfThePith

    DarkLordOfThePith3 時間 前

    I think I’ve finally decided why I love these so much, and find them so funny. All of the dialogue feels so natural. Every sentence keeps the little stutters, stumbles, and repetitions in making a point anyone would, that it’s like watching a bunch of real people have ridiculous fights, along with the zany cartoon stuff.

  7. Elki-O TV

    Elki-O TV4 時間 前

    I absolutely loved zomburger, best episode so far!

  8. Autumn IX

    Autumn IX4 時間 前

    i still don't understand what this is but whatever it is, i dig it

  9. Peter Baxter

    Peter Baxter5 時間 前

    Cesare has major Snow Miser vibes

  10. Regina Spektor

    Regina Spektor6 時間 前

    1:51 Is that Rob Zombie picture?

  11. ForgottenFaye

    ForgottenFaye7 時間 前


  12. Jamaicax78

    Jamaicax789 時間 前

    "Bad food sells burgers, Steve!"

  13. Claw, PhD

    Claw, PhD9 時間 前

    the music done for this series is GREAT

  14. Juan Valdivia

    Juan Valdivia10 時間 前

    Ah, I see... Steve is a man skilled in the blade When you were partying Steve studied *The Blade* When you were having premarital sex Steve mastered *The Simple Burger* While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity Steve cultivated *Inner Strength*

  15. Mary Katherine Johnson

    Mary Katherine Johnson10 時間 前

    Hannibal Buress: Y'all should be writin' instead of riffin' over there. That was misstep, all of it.

  16. Muntathar Alshimary

    Muntathar Alshimary13 時間 前

    Super well made the voices are great especially Billie's and Tim's, animation style phenomenal and over all aesthetic paired with music 10/10

  17. Never Knows Best

    Never Knows Best14 時間 前

    "oh you would pull some horse piss like this."

  18. Felix Wearwell

    Felix Wearwell14 時間 前

    Thank you again for this A+ content!! :)

  19. Asif Ataul

    Asif Ataul15 時間 前

    Damn I didn't know Doctor was voiced by SungWon Cho until I read the character introduction, his performance was great, I didn't even recognise his voice !

  20. Luke Jones

    Luke Jones15 時間 前


  21. Caelum Galaxy

    Caelum Galaxy17 時間 前

    I love this series

  22. 40 inch Luigi doll

    40 inch Luigi doll21 時間 前

    I love how cesare has his own funko pop

  23. Celery God

    Celery God22 時間 前


  24. ridow300

    ridow30022 時間 前

    Bushido clown....

  25. Nottossik

    Nottossik23 時間 前

    0:53 Cesare has no chill

  26. Laura B

    Laura B23 時間 前


  27. Nottossik

    Nottossik23 時間 前

    2:20 doctor is so cool he is not panicking, just starring with a evil-scientist look

  28. jojo is a good anime

    jojo is a good anime日 前

    This show is so cool keep it going!! Sell merch!!!

  29. D's Left Nipple

    D's Left Nipple日 前

    I dont know why the isolated echoy-ness of the voice lines always makes me chuckle more than I should, but it does

  30. ExM ExM

    ExM ExM日 前

    I legit relate to Steve down to everything-

  31. Rainfox

    Rainfox日 前

    just came by to tell you these are amazing

  32. Syd Shu

    Syd Shu日 前

    You wanna take some sucker shots at my banana cage BILBO!!’

  33. shielded BoI

    shielded BoI日 前

    2:24 "OH MY GOD"

  34. jl ah

    jl ah日 前

    big top burger mas episode love

  35. Ellis C

    Ellis C日 前

    have seen people note the It references for the bigtop squad, but not this, so: everyone in Zomburger is a reference to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Doctor: Dr. Caligari Cesare: Caligari's tragic monster who was kept in the cabinet Conrad: actor Conrad Veidt, who played Cesare Frances: the male protagonist was named Francis

  36. Bonezee

    Bonezee日 前


  37. ark

    ark日 前

    Can someone give me some background information on what Worthikids is? I've never heard of them but I've now watched this series and love it

  38. Nuclear Effect

    Nuclear Effect日 前

    bruh this just made me imagine a whole ass life before this where Cesare and Steve was great friends (which is Why Cesare knows how Steve is) and both wanted to sell burgers using food trucks, but their disagreement led to the end of their friendship. I'm reading too much into this but fuck it

  39. Daniel Kaminska

    Daniel Kaminska日 前

    Fucking love this anime

  40. Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet?

    Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet?2 日 前

    Penny = Prompto. Tim = Ignis. Gladio/Noctis/Arenaya = Billie. Steve = Ardyn

  41. Reaper Productions

    Reaper Productions2 日 前

    can you make a fan made episode of bobs burgers or something like that like just a small scene but reanimat-

  42. EroticCripple

    EroticCripple2 日 前

    2:20 crap crap crap crap crap crap

  43. Ayden Jacko

    Ayden Jacko2 日 前

    wait so is this animated to look more 3D or is it a combination of 3D models and 2D animation? in any case it looks greate

  44. Cursory Integration

    Cursory Integration2 日 前

    Best episode yet I think, but it's kinda weird to hear even mild swearing in this series. Might just be me, though

  45. pasta poodle

    pasta poodle2 日 前

    I LOVE EVERYONE'S DESIGN SO MUCH- such interesting characters for a fun, silly series.

  46. demonboy191

    demonboy1912 日 前

    I love how the little bobble head not only says funko pops exist in this but that zomburger is popular enough to have one (unless he shilled out his money for a custom one of him)

  47. Extra Spunky

    Extra Spunky2 日 前

    This gives me killer clowns from outer space vibes not to mention the name of the show is bigtop burger witch is the name of a burger shop in that movie

  48. Zerukin

    Zerukin2 日 前

    I just noticed Cesare has a funko pop figure of himself.

  49. DunamisDylan

    DunamisDylan2 日 前

    Is that THEE Sungwong Cho?

  50. MulcheArcade

    MulcheArcade2 日 前

    this is so amazing

  51. Whatsername

    Whatsername2 日 前

    Important question: Is the name Bigtop Burger inspired by the burger joint in Killer Klowns from Outer Space?

  52. Ben

    Ben2 日 前

    Is no one questioning why they even have a canon!?

  53. Germanic hams

    Germanic hams2 日 前

    To kill Steve.

  54. Georgie Peejo-Weejo

    Georgie Peejo-Weejo2 日 前

    this is the 3rd time ive watched this this week

  55. Jaykip Leidecker [NCR Trooper]

    Jaykip Leidecker [NCR Trooper]2 日 前

    I just love Conrad's "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP" when the truck was sliced

  56. Burning Dusk

    Burning Dusk2 日 前

    Steve is just an SCP at this point

  57. Cody Dickerson

    Cody Dickerson2 日 前

    Like Zomburger's Rob Zombie poster

  58. Eldritch Whore

    Eldritch Whore2 日 前

    Cesare kinda reminds me of Handsome Jack

  59. DieselDizzel

    DieselDizzel2 日 前

    The Zomburger crew is giving me a bit of a Deadsy vibe with their look.

  60. Evie B

    Evie B2 日 前

    PLEASE put the theme song on spotify, I love it so much

  61. Acepilotzero

    Acepilotzero2 日 前

    you know I can't wait till the beach episode, where steve takes the crew to Bikini Atol and nukes the world. 10/10