1. Donna DP

    Donna DP時間 前


  2. Daphane Ericka Marcos

    Daphane Ericka Marcos時間 前

    PSY's Gangnam Style and BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby were the best thing happened in 2012.

  3. 55WaysToEndYou

    55WaysToEndYou2 時間 前

    The imagery of this song shouldnt be so relevant to 2020 but it is. Explain

  4. Layceee Kung

    Layceee Kung2 時間 前

    i watch this music vid 2013 then now 2020

  5. Eric

    Eric2 時間 前

    2020 anyone?

  6. dartagnan

    dartagnan3 時間 前

    2020 in a video they predicted xd

  7. Joanne Canete

    Joanne Canete3 時間 前

    I'm literally listening to this song more than 10x a day. Including live perfs. Ahk

  8. Mubashirah Zaidi

    Mubashirah Zaidi4 時間 前

    yk BIGBANG proved their king shit when this song is better than any song released this year.

  9. Sarah Mabulay

    Sarah Mabulay4 時間 前

    this is the era when basher are not existing

  10. HummerTop

    HummerTop4 時間 前

    Mom yells something to me, from another room. Me: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>

  11. Khí Hiên

    Khí Hiên6 時間 前


  12. Jacob Park

    Jacob Park6 時間 前

    2020 hands up

  13. 홍애선

    홍애선6 時間 前


  14. John Vincent Manatlao

    John Vincent Manatlao6 時間 前

    Putang ina nyo

  15. Yaneli Vega

    Yaneli Vega8 時間 前

    I love them

  16. Yassine Hmidi2

    Yassine Hmidi28 時間 前


  17. FXXK it

    FXXK it8 時間 前


  18. Mariana TV

    Mariana TV8 時間 前

    this group shouldent be disbanded

  19. Yui Harui

    Yui Harui7 時間 前

    They are not They are coming back soon

  20. Brenna The cat lover

    Brenna The cat lover9 時間 前

    When everyone says bigbang aren’t the kings of kpop then why have they had the most sold out world tours and most all groups now were inspired by bigbang?

  21. Cataalina Reyes

    Cataalina Reyes9 時間 前

    Creo q soy la unica q habo español T-T

  22. Luárt VM

    Luárt VM9 時間 前

    Mi adolescencia :3

  23. Chandalynn Faber

    Chandalynn Faber9 時間 前

    Didnt realize I was into kpop when I was 5 years old and look I became a kpop fan

  24. Mattia Di Somma

    Mattia Di Somma10 時間 前

    I can't take this song seriously because I'm Italian, since there are parodies

  25. Bam Playz

    Bam Playz11 時間 前

    Any Asian people watch this while you were little all the time and tried to copy the blue haired guy sing and dance to this and you think you were cringe Story of my life 🤓

  26. Teresa Flores

    Teresa Flores11 時間 前


  27. 행복했으면 좋겠다지디가

    행복했으면 좋겠다지디가3 時間 前

    Rose Wilson GOOD

  28. 행복했으면 좋겠다지디가

    행복했으면 좋겠다지디가3 時間 前

    막상 빅뱅 앞에서 보면 존나 질질짤거같은뎅ㅋ

  29. Rose Wilson

    Rose Wilson9 時間 前


  30. Jenny chan

    Jenny chan14 時間 前


  31. Kênh Giải Trí

    Kênh Giải Trí15 時間 前

    Việt Nam điểm danh 😙 🤗

  32. Gacha Luna

    Gacha Luna15 時間 前


  33. J A C

    J A C15 時間 前

    born late but im ready to fight. i can still stan right?

  34. Boniface Nyelang

    Boniface Nyelang16 時間 前

    Always playing this song after come back from school when I was 11yrs old🤘😌who else checking for them during quarantine? Just me? Hmmm😌boom shakalaka

  35. Emmy Zuliawaty Mohamad Ali

    Emmy Zuliawaty Mohamad Ali16 時間 前

    Now I'm 13.2012,i was 5 yrs old that time😂😂

  36. Светлана Нарубова

    Светлана Нарубова17 時間 前


  37. Haitham Usane

    Haitham Usane17 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a> Seungri: *King* T.O.P: *casually chillin'* G Dragon: *Rapunzel* Taeyang: *swag* Daesung: *regrets life decisions*

  38. Ngan Thi

    Ngan Thi17 時間 前

    Bang bang bang

  39. Mada Thalib

    Mada Thalib17 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> is so 2020, police brutality and corona virus

  40. D B

    D B17 時間 前

    Fantastic baby.......BOP Bop BOP💓💓💓

  41. Turtle • PUBGMOBILE

    Turtle • PUBGMOBILE18 時間 前

    Who"s here After 8years Back😅

  42. Haitham Usane

    Haitham Usane17 時間 前


  43. モグラmimimogura

    モグラmimimogura18 時間 前

    Same hair with Dara, lol

  44. Itz Tokashi

    Itz Tokashi18 時間 前

    When i listen to this song i wanna dance 🙆🏻‍♂️❤

  45. Haitham Usane

    Haitham Usane17 時間 前


  46. Oyun Lkhagvajantsan

    Oyun Lkhagvajantsan18 時間 前

    VIPs are missing our PANDA

  47. bisnis real

    bisnis real19 時間 前


  48. Érica luh

    Érica luh19 時間 前

    g dragon the king of rap, perfect he deserves the world

  49. Matthew Elechosa

    Matthew Elechosa20 時間 前

    I didn't know Rapunzel had an evil twin.

  50. Marianta Hutahaean

    Marianta Hutahaean21 時間 前

    Good job

  51. Lê Hồng Dương

    Lê Hồng Dương21 時間 前

    That's perfect

  52. Kent Pham

    Kent Pham21 時間 前

    If Boyinaband was Korean.

  53. Adit Eka

    Adit Eka22 時間 前

    This is the only boy grup that make me feel i wanna be the one of them

  54. K k

    K k23 時間 前

    Love bigbang💋🇰🇷🇯🇵

  55. kojie san

    kojie san23 時間 前

    fun fact: youtube didn't recommend this to you. you searched for it. am i right? 😉

  56. Vij Esh

    Vij Esh23 時間 前

    Please we need to continue streaming till we reach 450 mil 😭😭😭🔥 Come on vips let do this🔥🔥 Let support our kings👑🔥🔥

  57. ARMY_ 21

    ARMY_ 2123 時間 前

    The most iconic video and song in Kpop history 😭😭I swear 2012 was WILD

  58. Mulyadi Fajiha

    Mulyadi Fajiha23 時間 前

    Fantastic baby😍

  59. Katsuki Kyojuro

    Katsuki Kyojuro23 時間 前

    I aint a kpop fan.. but this gave me nostalgia

  60. Haitham Usane

    Haitham Usane17 時間 前


  61. Tony Vergara

    Tony Vergara日 前

    This song made my 2012. Bye

  62. 후후

    후후日 前

    이때 머리가 레전드지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  63. Luchy Treppan

    Luchy Treppan日 前

    pandemic and I again reveal my fanaticism for BIG BANG.

  64. TEM PO

    TEM PO日 前

    외국인이 겁나 많군!

  65. Lyka Dumalag

    Lyka Dumalag日 前

    I love BIBANG so much 💖💖💖💖

  66. Haitham Usane

    Haitham Usane17 時間 前

    Everyone does

  67. 원스

    원스日 前

    한글찾기 존나 힘드네

  68. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover日 前

    Yup learned about this song from S White. Great Song.

  69. Mubashirah Zaidi

    Mubashirah Zaidi日 前

    i love how active this comment section is for a video that’s 8 years old. king shit

  70. anthony moura

    anthony moura日 前

    so much better than bts trash

  71. VIP'Judistirha 88

    VIP'Judistirha 8812 時間 前

    Don't compare them. BTS is BTS, BIGBANG is BIGBANG 🔥

  72. VIP'Judistirha 88

    VIP'Judistirha 8812 時間 前

    Please respect. 🙏

  73. Haitham Usane

    Haitham Usane17 時間 前

    I don't hate BTS, but I agree that bigbang are better. So many groups are dying to reach fame while people are like "I oNlY sTaN bTs" LIKE BITCHES BTS ISNT THE WHOLE KPOP

  74. Kokos Bops

    Kokos Bops21 時間 前

    Dont compare the two weirdo. Respect both

  75. Shafikah Salleh

    Shafikah Salleh日 前

    King of kpop!!!!!!!!

  76. 에이스

    에이스日 前

    안녕하세요 반갑습니다 닌텐도 스위치 잘만들었다

  77. 빅뱅2ne1

    빅뱅2ne1日 前

    이게 2012년도에 나온 노래다ㅋㅋ

  78. 행복했으면 좋겠다지디가

    행복했으면 좋겠다지디가3 時間 前

    몇년을 앞서간걸까요 진짴ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  79. Fernan Dito

    Fernan Dito日 前

    Pas kecil kirain lagu barat Awesome

  80. Soe Aung

    Soe Aung日 前

    Wow.g dragon is a Rampansal

  81. Haitham Usane

    Haitham Usane17 時間 前


  82. m00niee vixx

    m00niee vixx日 前

    Who else misses old kpop

  83. Salina Ramirez

    Salina Ramirez日 前

    Such an old song. and I barely came. :( <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> I was only interested in the weird singing and of course the deeper voice one. The one that rapped in the other song.

  84. Damini Gupta

    Damini Gupta日 前

    My all time fav workout song

  85. Grace

    Grace日 前

    GD as Rapunzel.

  86. anaiico stay

    anaiico stay日 前

    I search for it.

  87. Jakarta Lifestyle

    Jakarta Lifestyle日 前

    Amerika Japanes

  88. Ani López

    Ani López日 前



    KIM SUN HEE日 前

    WOO fantastic baby dance😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  90. kel kel

    kel kel日 前

    Un comentario en español pasando..

  91. Angely Arizaca Bv

    Angely Arizaca Bv日 前

    Oh wow, fantastic baby! Es imprescindible cantar siquiera esa parte.

  92. Joe Lopez

    Joe Lopez日 前

    Lol everytime I hear boom shakalaka, I burst out laughing cause it reminds me of a video I watched of some guys reacting to this video saying they must like playing NBA jam.

  93. Sofia Putri

    Sofia Putri日 前

    King Of KPop 🖤

  94. Celina A

    Celina A日 前

    Omg!!wowww cool music !! I can't get away from sheer amazement !!!