Beyoncé - SPIRIT (From Disney's "The Lion King" - Official Video)


  1. Alberto Glez

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  2. uevi security

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    beyonce you are a queen of song i love you so much i a crazy fan of you,keep doing songs

  3. jose jimenez ortega

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    preciosa ;)

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    Halsey is better bida halsey is better bida halsey is bettrr bida

  6. Kuchisake-Onna

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    Nog 1 minuut

  7. Mncedisi Anorld Hussein

    Mncedisi Anorld Hussein12 時間 前

    Is there anyone who could, sing this track better than Bey? the answer is none

  8. prod. rvvs

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    Houston where y'all at ❗❗❗❗

  9. Torres Manuel Assane

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    I love your songs, and I love your person. Beyonce for life.

  10. Dawn Hewitt

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    Wooow!!! ❤❤❤

  11. Fever Martinez

    Fever Martinez17 時間 前

    I don’t know What to say that was just epic I love it

  12. Wingila Mpamila

    Wingila Mpamila19 時間 前

    The foreign language in the beginning of the song is a Swahili language. From the song its, "UISHI KWA MUDA MREFU MFALME" basically meaning "LONG LIVE THE KING👑" A Swahili language from Eastern and SouthEastern countries of Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi and some parts of Malawi, Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Comoros and Madagascar. The person with a Red robe shown at 0:30 represents the Maasai people from Kenya and Northern parts of Tanzania and most of them basically live in the game parks along with the wild animals, yes The Lions included. (Could be the reason he's shown in the music video since its "The Lion King" btw). One of their cultures is;- for a boy to become a man (rite of passage ceremony) they have to kill a (fully grown) lion with only a shield and a spear. (Both weapons represented on the Kenyan flag and Tanzania's seal as a sign of defence) Some Maasai reside along the sides of Mountain Kilimanjaro (the mountain showed at the beginning of the video) which also happens to be the Highest Mountain in Africa, located in Tanzania. The music video also shows the game reserves which according to the Maasai person and the Kilimanjaro mountain both shown at the begining of the video , The game park is presumably Masaai Mara and or Serengeti. Located in Kenya and Tanzania respectively, these parks host the 2nd Largest mammal migration in the world called the "Great Migration". The wild animals just decide to take a road trip from Tanzania to Kenya for months and make their return when their stomachs are full and feel satisfied:) So yeah, that's all there is to it..The World is pretty big and the diversity too beautiful. NB. Could prolly be known by now, but here are the meaning of the Lions king's characters Swahili names Simba-Lion Pumba-Stupid Taka-Garbage Nala-Gift Rafiki-Friend Sarabi-Mirage Zuri-Beautiful Shenzi-Fool Kamari- Gamble Safari-Journey Hakuna matata-No worries And.. ASANTE SANA-THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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    I love ya Nala!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    She’s such a fuckin PIG. ROT IN HELL CUNT

  18. Thamy Neves

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    OMG! Amei muito essa música 👑❤❤

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  20. Alisha Falwasser

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    Blue ivy is the cutest!

  21. Miranda Mvelase

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    Ladies and gentlemen the Child of Destiny

  22. Disney Princessdaydream

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    I watched the lion king today it was amazing

  23. Luccas Santos

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    I love this artist so much that she only does artwork ❤👑

  24. Savid Xorrales

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    I didn't watch the new one I didn't know she had a song in the movie

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  26. Shellfish Smellfish

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    this song is so beautiful and raw and the video is so natural

  27. Salim Tlanka Tlanka

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    Karibuni CHAMAZI kesho J Ppili sapot yko inaitajika

  28. fyfy vay

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    This music video has the best dance choreography ever. The colors, the movements, and Beyoncé voice are so synchronized with one another to make it so beyond beautiful.

  29. mood.

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    It is just awesome... The film is awesome, the song is awesome and her voice tho. It is great that they put the scenes from the film. The film was so hard to make even if you don't like it just pay respect.

  30. NANO

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    O mundo é seu Majestade! Vc é uma lenda viva! ✨🌈

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    Grand of Covo'z any Fan realistically & successfully Altering their headz,Dismayes etc.. #WorkWheyB4Necessity #AFanOfUrWorkSince.. #Light&Respect &Prosperity #SouthernMost

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    Random baby girl 😘

  35. Sookjai G.

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    Amezing Mega Fantastic!!

  36. adrienne dee

    adrienne dee日 前

    Love the video, everyone is modest and dancers are connected with their surroundings. Love the video, but not impressed with beyonce's singing, Emile Sande would have been a better choice, but I understand as b was in the movie I believe.

  37. Trixie Pie

    Trixie Pie日 前

    Love it soo much 😍😍❤️💕



    Luciferian shit eater. Has the spirit of antichrist in her/him(transformer)

  39. D'neisha you

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    I💓you beyonce so muchhhhhh!

  41. Michael Hicks

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    Well, the lions are attractive.

  42. Teresa Courtney

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    I'm gonna to cry💔😪

  43. Its_Shya L

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    Beyoncé...YOUR SO PRETTY! And I LOOOVE your song:)

  44. Hiria SEARANCKE

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    i love the clothes you wear QUEEN B

  45. Felicia Lase

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    A song that we never knew we needed. Thank you for blessing our souls, Queen B! Also, I just released my track combining Spirit and Circle of Life. Feel free to check it out on my channel or on This is my second time doing a full blown production on a track so I welcome any feedback :) Thank you!!

  46. Kristen Scott

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    black is beautiful

  47. Moments with MyLeah

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    How you gon take me to church on a Disney song? I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The power of love will overcome the love of power when the the world strengthen

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    Uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme (Uishi kwa uishi kwa) Uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme (Uishi kwa, uishi kwa) Yeah, yeah, and the wind is talkin' Yeah, yeah, for the very first time With a melody that pulls you towards it Paintin' pictures of paradise Sayin' rise up To the light in the sky, yeah Watch the light lift your heart up Burn your flame through the night, woah Spirit, watch the heavens open Yeah Spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin') Yeah Yeah, yeah, and the water's crashin' Trying to keep your head up high While you're trembling, that's when the magic happens And the stars gather by, by your side Sayin' rise up To the light in the sky, yeah Let the light lift your heart up Burn your flame through the night, yeah Spirit, watch the heavens open Yeah Spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin') Yeah Your destiny is comin' close Stand up and fight So go into that far off land And be one with the Great I Am, I Am A boy becomes a man, woah Spirit, watch the heavens open Yeah Spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin') Yeah Spirit, yeah, watch the heavens open, open Yeah Spirit, spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin') Yeah Your destiny is comin' close Stand up and fight So go into a far off land And be one with the Great I Am

  50. Steve Phillips

    Steve Phillips2 日 前

    pretty song cool vid X Classic cars

  51. Sther silva

    Sther silva2 日 前

    Vestido brasileiro ♡◇♡◇♡◇

  52. Eronilda alves

    Eronilda alves2 日 前

    Infelizmente as pessoas não sabem o que e música minha musa Beyoncé te amo linda 🥰🤩💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏

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  54. Janaina Cunha Guimarães

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    Que lindo clipe! Pensar q ela está vestida com vestido brasileiro!

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    Everyone knows me woooooooo

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    I can do that

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    This is português?

  58. Hiago felipe

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    I love beyonce

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    Blue ivy is cute

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    o verdadeiro significado de PERFEIÇÃO

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