Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer - ALREADY (Official Video)


  1. Steven Matthew

    Steven Matthew3 分 前

    God she WaS Poppin * - 🇵🇷 & * I . “ DonT Even KnoE “ WhaT skooL she Transferred 2 * Oh .My . GoD . WiLL 💚

  2. Jayce Burton

    Jayce Burton7 分 前


  3. Fernando Durgante

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  4. Akash Bothare

    Akash Bothare20 分 前

    Goddess of vocals ???😍😍😍😍

  5. cmtangoe

    cmtangoe22 分 前

    Bey definitely put some tears in my eyes, and a brighter fire in my soul. She has the mic, and said what we really needed to hear. Thank you! xoxo

  6. Beverly Hewlett

    Beverly Hewlett24 分 前

    Black as king was the boss

  7. Hermoso Regalo

    Hermoso Regalo24 分 前

    I can't stop watching this.🔥🔥🔥

  8. Minky Rose

    Minky Rose25 分 前

    STOP Please if you see this help my recent JPreporter video go viral I've danced since I was 12 and never got the credit I deserve and this is the best video yet it would be greatly appreciated

  9. Lourdes Maria

    Lourdes Maria27 分 前

    She uses her voice show show HAS to use

  10. Lourdes Maria

    Lourdes Maria27 分 前

    Beyoncé always give us a frear job

  11. Lourdes Maria

    Lourdes Maria28 分 前

    A great Job

  12. Lourdes Maria

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  13. LJ Jones

    LJ Jones32 分 前

    Beyoncé? How are you not full? Because you STAY eating the girls up.

  14. Bui Paua

    Bui Paua54 分 前

    12th AUGUST 2020... Who else is with me?

  15. Songül Bilgili

    Songül Bilgili59 分 前

    sen insan mısın eyyy beyonce?💚

  16. Mac Donald Kandukua

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  17. Valerie Prescott

    Valerie Prescott時間 前

    I want to learn the whole choreography I swear they killin it

  18. Abdull Sudi

    Abdull Sudi時間 前

    People should understand this, Beyonce is of an African heritage, she has every right on its culture like any other African on the continent.

  19. Fabiola Parisi

    Fabiola Parisi時間 前

    This video deserves more likes, more EVERYTHIIING!!! 😍❤️

  20. BTS are black men n’ I’m Tae’s egg slut

    BTS are black men n’ I’m Tae’s egg slut時間 前


  21. Benazir Heredia

    Benazir Heredia時間 前

    Another ritual huh?

  22. New Jerusalem TV

    New Jerusalem TV時間 前

    The dance make the video superb and interesting

  23. Tanyatt Tserengaa

    Tanyatt Tserengaa時間 前

    i didnt know the hulk could dance so well 😂

  24. whiteblue 357

    whiteblue 357時間 前

    As an African, this is great music from queen Beyonce. She is a talented beauty that doesn't seem to age. Don't like some of the visual symbolism though. Many Africans trying to break free from those ancestral grips. If you like African music:

  25. Tanyatt Tserengaa

    Tanyatt Tserengaa時間 前

    Beyonce can feature with Trump and make a banger

  26. ERI Old mix

    ERI Old mix時間 前

    Yes Black is king ❤️

  27. Maria Rosario

    Maria Rosario時間 前

    Brazilian afro guy being represented

  28. HydroFlame20

    HydroFlame202 時間 前

    The art in this video is amazing and her hair and the styles 😍😍 just all beautiful the whole video is a powerful message

  29. Amk 10 FCK

    Amk 10 FCK2 時間 前

    2:56🇨🇮🇨🇮 dance DJ Arafat c moi

  30. First Name

    First Name2 時間 前

    Kanye is hiding from kim to see this

  31. 2005Africa

    2005Africa2 時間 前

    👇if you are an Afrobeat fan!!!

  32. jessie harris

    jessie harris2 時間 前

    This is EPIC! My goodness! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! My life is much more rich!

  33. Wsqerz K

    Wsqerz K2 時間 前

    This song makes me wanna get up and dance 💃🏽💃🏽

  34. minelle CLC & kpop

    minelle CLC & kpop2 時間 前

    Jeon soyeon could never

  35. Renata M

    Renata M2 時間 前

    She's a good rapper but kinda clueless. She should educate herself.


    NÓAH BODÍES2 時間 前

    Her voice in the intro just beautiful

  37. tindo tare

    tindo tare2 時間 前

    Shatta Wale 😍😍

  38. Gf Productions

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  39. Lucelta Trish kay

    Lucelta Trish kay3 時間 前

    I've always liked how she does things. She's putting Africa out there. She's making people view Africa in a different way. She may not know her exact roots but I love how she embraces various African dances and cultures. I love you Queen B.

  40. Queen Osarugue UWOGHIREN

    Queen Osarugue UWOGHIREN3 時間 前

    Nice jam

  41. Comfort Ifendu

    Comfort Ifendu3 時間 前

    Hmm I am shocked nobody see anything wrong with this hole black is king... Do we also have Christians commenting on this??

  42. Tidimalo Letlape

    Tidimalo Letlape2 時間 前

    relax its not that deep

  43. Focus Dancers Gh

    Focus Dancers Gh3 時間 前 New one from the camp...

  44. Joseph Nyankah

    Joseph Nyankah4 時間 前

    King wale

  45. 1000subscribers with 0 videos in 2 month challenge

    1000subscribers with 0 videos in 2 month challenge4 時間 前

    My girl friend said she does not like this song and now she is single.

  46. sweet cherries

    sweet cherries時間 前

    lmfao stap 😭😭😭

  47. Normani

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  48. Igor Henrique

    Igor Henrique4 時間 前

    Shut up and drop your album

  49. Jéssica Moraes

    Jéssica Moraes4 時間 前

    Amazing ♥

  50. Jéssica Moraes

    Jéssica Moraes4 時間 前

    Amazing ♥

  51. Anne Signature

    Anne Signature4 時間 前

    Yey for the first time, I did it..thanks

  52. Qbisthe1977

    Qbisthe19774 時間 前

    forget that WAP garbage, this is official and that beat is fire

  53. Elizabeth Adamson

    Elizabeth Adamson22 分 前


  54. Eye Reen

    Eye Reen4 時間 前

    Hit like if yr a proud African n you really enjoyed every beat of it...

  55. Alexandra Rodriguez Marks Foucqueteau

    Alexandra Rodriguez Marks Foucqueteau4 時間 前

    very good video because is the first video that I see only a woman with many mens. It’s not like everyone’s do. 👍 and it’s kind crazy too. :)

  56. Oliveira Oliveira

    Oliveira Oliveira4 時間 前


  57. kendall taylor

    kendall taylor4 時間 前

    Ghana and AFRICA to the world!🌍❤️🔥🔥

  58. Fullstop# 4442 clan Dancehall tykuni

    Fullstop# 4442 clan Dancehall tykuni4 時間 前 toast remixx

  59. delhartmcgregor

    delhartmcgregor5 時間 前

    The suffering goes on till African Americans unite.

  60. mrhandsome 1

    mrhandsome 15 時間 前

    omg I just found the best song cover of all time , gonna put the link below

  61. Marcio Santos

    Marcio Santos5 時間 前

    Beyoncé já foi boa, quando o pai dela cuidava da carreira dela estava melhor

  62. Igor Henrique

    Igor Henrique4 時間 前

    Quando o pai dela roubava ela né kkk

  63. MegaCassie83

    MegaCassie835 時間 前

    Woooooooow beautiful

  64. Mya Tuvale

    Mya Tuvale5 時間 前

    Beyoncé always bloody kills it 😩😩🥵🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥💖😍😍😍

  65. Bj Robinson

    Bj Robinson6 時間 前

    Do your thing mam, I am loving the African, Jamaican vibe. Bring it!

  66. Mellany Muthui

    Mellany Muthui6 時間 前


  67. kida lamar

    kida lamar6 時間 前

  68. Nana Frimpong

    Nana Frimpong6 時間 前

    so proud of beyoncé, shatta and africa rn😍😍❤️

  69. love myself love myself

    love myself love myself6 時間 前

    Black king 😘❤💙

  70. Duncan Kamau

    Duncan Kamau6 時間 前

    Noma sana. Much love from Kenya and please tell HOV to come back to JPreporter B 🙏.

  71. lili k

    lili k6 時間 前

    I read somewhere that it's satanic,well it's the same way we were ripped off our identity,we gave up on who we were,we were given a new identity, we don't have our history,the history we have is that of our weakness and slavery.our ancestors didn't write but they expressed everything in art.some of that art is kept in museums,I believe it has a story to tell.I don't think it's opinion please.

  72. Crop Tops

    Crop Tops7 時間 前

    How come cardi and megan talking about sex is seen as "woman empowerment" but this isnt??

  73. Minny Minx

    Minny Minx分 前

    They are all represent women empowerment. Women's liberation is not one single thing. It's women freeing themselves from the shackles of gender roles and societal pressures to live in their truth.

  74. Noah E

    Noah E15 分 前

    Crop Tops they can both be empowering to women. sexual freedom is empowering

  75. Esther Gonzalez

    Esther Gonzalez時間 前

    Everybody knows that Beyonce is an empowerment woman, she is not disrespected, and has done a lot of sonhs about, or related to sex. So it’s time to “put” this “image” in others womens (I’m sorry if i wrote wrong, I’m learning yet😂)

  76. palsos123

    palsos1236 時間 前

    Good point

  77. James Jason

    James Jason7 時間 前

    Lol, Clarence peters, tg omori, come and see what is called video directing

  78. Tîoneb

    Tîoneb7 時間 前

    2:00 I really enjoyed this scene 😭🤩🖤

  79. Avakari TV

    Avakari TV7 時間 前

    Pure satanisam

  80. Ecstasy Building Construction Technology

    Ecstasy Building Construction Technology7 時間 前

    We're going to be there sooner. SM For Life Fans let Share it more on our Wall's V👍 thank yuh QUEEN 👸🌹👑 Beyoncé 🇺🇸 #Already

  81. eez venom

    eez venom8 時間 前

    I’m not black but all I can say is African culture is so god damn beautiful 😭💞 I fell in love listening to dancehall/afrobeat music 😅

  82. Lisabel

    Lisabel8 時間 前

    Hi everyone ! My new video ‘Blue’ is out! If you like jazz, soul influenced pop music head to my page!

  83. Geoffrey Embasa

    Geoffrey Embasa8 時間 前

    So so ritualistic

  84. Anna Olahova

    Anna Olahova8 時間 前

    Beyoncé my love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful songs .....Perfekt .....I Love you Beyoncé ...👏👏👏👏🙏👍👍👍👍👍

  85. L H

    L H8 時間 前


  86. Jessica

    Jessica8 時間 前

    I watch this video everyday before bed lol

  87. Flawless lawless

    Flawless lawless8 時間 前

    Achhaaa bless the choreography 🥺🙏🏾💓✊🏾 #blackisking

  88. RANGO

    RANGO8 時間 前

    Thats a nice African beat she used she absolutely nailed it love ❤️ from zimbabwe

  89. Najjemba Barbra

    Najjemba Barbra8 時間 前

    Who is black and proud like me😊😊😊😊 Big up Beyonce😘

  90. Sariatu Bangura

    Sariatu Bangura9 時間 前

    You kill it

  91. American loves wahhabi creed

    American loves wahhabi creed9 時間 前

    Plagiarist she is stealling yemi alade style check it out


    JESUN DEL9 時間 前

    Teach them how it's done Bey

  93. Chimango Chihana

    Chimango Chihana9 時間 前

    Ever since I read that Beyonce broke her heel in this song. Iv been replaying it😂it’s even MORE EPIC WOW QUEEN 👑 👸🏾

  94. World Warrior

    World Warrior9 時間 前

    Beyonce love Simba!

  95. Paula Silva

    Paula Silva10 時間 前


  96. Dominique

    Dominique10 時間 前

    I loved watching the painted male dance. Held his own, even in the scenes alone with Beyonce! This is a brilliant video.

  97. Dede D

    Dede D10 時間 前

    Une véritable Queen 🔥❤️❤️😘😘

  98. Angelo Almeida

    Angelo Almeida10 時間 前

    thank you queen for giving us this masterpiece in such a difficult time that the world faces many thanks ❤️👑

  99. Maicon Marques

    Maicon Marques10 時間 前

    Jesus disse a quem não ajudar o próximo apartaivos de mim malditos e vai para o inferno reservado para o Diabo e seus anjos.

  100. Ouzi Pistol

    Ouzi Pistol10 時間 前

    this video only showing one side of Africa we all have different culture and kingdom I don't know which African country this video symbolizes but I'm the biggest Beyonce fan since destiny child she still looks great and makes great music !!

  101. Philip Ackon

    Philip Ackon10 時間 前

    When you ve got your favourite reppin in there ...i dpubt you can stop watching Pah pah pah to Shatta Wale

  102. B Lane

    B Lane10 時間 前

    This gives me FULL BODY CHILLS!!!!

  103. S. Macklin

    S. Macklin11 時間 前

    Ok this is my 1000th time watchin this now! 🖤

  104. Bluez_vibez

    Bluez_vibez11 時間 前

    okay so I'm seeing people saying stuff like I'm sure she isn't human SHE IS for one if you go to her concerts you see she is real also yall saying how can she just dance like that STILL saying she isn't real because it looks like she might break her leg or something but she has talent so don't judge she is a real human!

  105. Ali José Silva Bolivar

    Ali José Silva Bolivar11 時間 前

    Woww!!!. Amazing!!!!

  106. 4Real

    4Real11 時間 前

    4Real - Close My Eyes (Official Audio)

  107. camis

    camis11 時間 前

    Arrasando sempre

  108. Steven Matthew

    Steven Matthew11 時間 前

    all deM b2k’s - uh huh

  109. Merveilles Terrific

    Merveilles Terrific11 時間 前

    2:22 beyonce a plané sur sa chanson , elle sort sa langue en dansant . signe pour nous les danseurs signifiant que cette chanson nous rend heureux

  110. SMarie

    SMarie11 時間 前