Beyoncé, Shakira - Beautiful Liar


  1. Yuliana Tjauda

    Yuliana Tjauda10 時間 前

    Shakira and Beyonce,,,,kedua penyanyi memiliki talenta sangat bagus,,,cara menyanyi,,,,gerak,,,,gerik,,,,sedap dipandang,,,,menyiawai lagu yang dinyanyikan seiring dan sejalan dengan nada musik.Vidoklip bagus,,,,.cantik,,,sexsi,,,,penyanyi yang dikagumi di seluruh dunia.Karena Cantik dan jelita lagi pandai menyanyi.

  2. julian samuel

    julian samuel11 時間 前

    Beyonce looks too White

  3. Ashley Evorall

    Ashley Evorall18 時間 前

    Prezon jail like call on mum or dad. Both follow stuipided called

  4. Latisha Thurmond

    Latisha Thurmond19 時間 前

    Angela and Tasha from Power 🤣

  5. Rower Rodriguez

    Rower Rodriguez19 時間 前

    2:04 Awesome!

  6. brenda tevez

    brenda tevez20 時間 前

    Canto con beyonce😱

  7. Tania Johnson

    Tania Johnson23 時間 前

    Hey say one thing of desire

  8. RebelGaming

    RebelGaming日 前

    Who is watching this just for Cameron Boyce

  9. Thara CLC

    Thara CLC日 前

    this video deserves 1B views, if only this was release last year

  10. Milan Peric

    Milan Peric日 前


  11. Nia Christine

    Nia Christine日 前

    Who let me dance to this song at 6 years old 😔

  12. Evelyn Canal

    Evelyn Canal日 前

    0:00 1:00

  13. Evelyn Canal

    Evelyn Canal日 前


  14. Jai Celis

    Jai Celis日 前

    Ariana and Miley should make this kind of collab

  15. Layla Fernandes

    Layla Fernandes日 前

    Todas as mulheres deveriam ser assim se sentir assim poderosas lindas, sem precisar homem ou qualquer pessoa para fazelas felizes

  16. Avishi Arora

    Avishi Arora2 日 前

    Why am I here= 2 queens who slay+beautiful music with an element of grace and sensuality together

  17. Анастасия Мирная

    Анастасия Мирная2 日 前

    Русские кто из 2к19?

  18. Almahdi Alsharef

    Almahdi Alsharef2 日 前

    How this video don't have a billion hit

  19. kim yerim

    kim yerim2 日 前

    oh my dances

  20. Mohamoud Mohamed

    Mohamoud Mohamed2 日 前

    it is she is butifulat she is shkaria butifulat

  21. Keule Santos

    Keule Santos3 日 前

    Cadê os brasileiros

  22. Hinata Uzumaki

    Hinata Uzumaki3 日 前

    who's listening to this in 2019?

  23. Lizz Kawambu

    Lizz Kawambu3 日 前

    my all time healer the only pill to heal headaches from a busy day my goodness... I just love this

  24. California Girl

    California Girl3 日 前

    I remember how salty I was when I tried moving my waist like theirs when I was 16, but 2 years later, I finally started moving fluidly like a snake . I was sooo excited & smug about it 😚🤣🤣💁🏾‍♀️💃🏾 my videos can prove my point too 😏

  25. Andrea Marie

    Andrea Marie3 日 前

    Everyone saying they came here 'cuz of Cameron Boyce, I'm here on my own, but I gotta say, he had good taste.

  26. гайзи

    гайзи3 日 前

    Какой всё - таки суперский тандем!

  27. DayDay Ferguson

    DayDay Ferguson3 日 前

    Beyoncé & Shakira Have To Do This At The Super Bowl 2020😫😫💯 #ForTheCulture✊🏾😭🥵

  28. Вика Шарапова

    Вика Шарапова3 日 前

    October 2019 who's there?

  29. Giovana Auxiliadora

    Giovana Auxiliadora3 日 前

    10 anos já 😳👏🏼❤️ Poxa deveria fazer mais um sucesso desse todos iam a loucura as duas juntas de novo ❤️😌👏🏼🥰🥰🙏🏽

  30. Nathaly perdomo

    Nathaly perdomo4 日 前

    Hermosa - beatiful

  31. StarFire Carroll Loggins

    StarFire Carroll Loggins4 日 前

    2019 anybody

  32. Jun Litan

    Jun Litan4 日 前

    Sarah g

  33. Jun Litan

    Jun Litan4 日 前


  34. Only One MITCH!

    Only One MITCH!4 日 前

    Director:How much beauty do you want in this video Shakira:AY! Beyonce:Ay!

  35. Misty Riazi

    Misty Riazi4 日 前

    I've never heard something like this.

  36. Rebekah Chick

    Rebekah Chick5 日 前

    i get naked every time i hear this song x

  37. Omar Gil

    Omar Gil5 日 前

    Shakira shakira

  38. Noemi Cardillo

    Noemi Cardillo5 日 前

    Beyonce was so beautiful

  39. Jennifer Hanlin

    Jennifer Hanlin5 日 前

    Ever man dream these 2 women here 💜💜

  40. marta rodriguez

    marta rodriguez5 日 前

    Alguien se dio cuenta que en el minuto 2:42 ya no baila Beyonce, sino otra bailarina.

  41. L A M

    L A M4 日 前


  42. Jeancarlos Begambre

    Jeancarlos Begambre5 日 前

    Es la misma shakira

  43. Matheus Oliveira

    Matheus Oliveira5 日 前

    Essa musica é tipo: "Fazendo assim - Luisa Sonza"

  44. me and lyric

    me and lyric5 日 前

    Lord have mercy Beyoncé was beautiful as fuck at the DEAD END of this video

  45. Mike Nava

    Mike Nava5 日 前

    Can Shakira please surprise us all with Beyonce’s presence at the super bowl 2020 and perform this song.

  46. Miguelito Volkova

    Miguelito Volkova5 日 前

    Quiero una presentación en vivo de ellas dos juntas ❤❤

  47. Miguelito Volkova

    Miguelito Volkova5 日 前

    @Diego Toloza Mendoza seria genial

  48. Diego Toloza Mendoza

    Diego Toloza Mendoza5 日 前

    Ojalá que sea justamente en el Superbowl del otro año y estén juntas estas dos diosas

  49. rabia Urooj

    rabia Urooj6 日 前

    I can't be ashamed on their sins ever😷👊👎 although the sinners aren't ashamed even they're laughing with shameless attitude 😷 🙄

  50. Carnival 34

    Carnival 346 日 前

    I remember dancing to this at summer camp as a kid

  51. touret mika

    touret mika6 日 前

    They look like each other ❤

  52. king feyy

    king feyy6 日 前

    They look so much alike , I’m here in 2019 and still can’t differentiate them😩

  53. Augusto

    Augusto5 日 前

    Beyonce is on the stormy background and Shakira on the sunny one. Then Beyonce in on the morning forest (wearing a braid) and Shakira on night forest. In the flowing fabrics scenes Beyonce is wering a dress and Shakira pants.

  54. cee set

    cee set6 日 前

    We didn't know how blessed we were, to have amazing artist like Beyonce & Shakira during our time! This collab is 🔥

  55. Israel Zavala

    Israel Zavala7 日 前

    JLO and Shakira better come with a collaboration this hard for the Super Bowl !!!!

  56. Martina Boakye-yiadom

    Martina Boakye-yiadom7 日 前

    I have this old Just Dance and I was dancing to this song. It wasn't until I found this video did i know it was by them. I'm such an idiot. :)

  57. Naty Palme Love

    Naty Palme Love7 日 前

    Viva Shakira

  58. Glenda Muniz

    Glenda Muniz7 日 前


  59. Madamei.Mercy.JeanX. 83_20_19

    Madamei.Mercy.JeanX. 83_20_198 日 前

    * " Sisters " ! 100% X3

  60. Jaden Chol

    Jaden Chol8 日 前

    Why do they look soo much alike some scenes

  61. Pedro Luis Ortiz Bravo

    Pedro Luis Ortiz Bravo8 日 前

    Beyonce mi amor platónico

  62. Jorge Felix Zamora

    Jorge Felix Zamora8 日 前

    Beyonce is a better dancer

  63. Natáli Araújo

    Natáli Araújo8 日 前

    Amooo hinooo

  64. Jerek baby

    Jerek baby8 日 前

    Que shakira y queen B canten juntas en el super bolw es para infartarse...



    They both looking so beautiful in this 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💛💛💛💛

  66. Nikoll carranza

    Nikoll carranza9 日 前

    Que farsa es este video me gustaría que lo vieran en el minuto 2:39 Beyoncé no esta hai falsa

  67. S y

    S y8 日 前

    Nikoll carranza te recuerdo que esto salió en el 2006 y en ese tiempo no se hacia la calidad de ahora, en ese entonces esto era un gran video