Beyoncé - Run the World (Girls) (Video - Main Version)


  1. Hayato Hayato

    Hayato Hayato44 分 前

    Girls bad and stinky

  2. Gideon Jabali

    Gideon Jabali2 時間 前

    October 2k19 anyone ?

  3. anime21

    anime215 時間 前

    Sampling from "pon de floor" by major lazer for this song makes the song seem less great, especially with what kinda video pon de floor is lmao

  4. Roach Adam

    Roach Adam9 時間 前

    Eight years later and still love this tune.

  5. Demetrius wilson

    Demetrius wilson9 時間 前

    who run the world the Illuminati

  6. sephora kazadi

    sephora kazadi10 時間 前

    In 2019!!!??!

  7. Alinne Carrasco

    Alinne Carrasco15 時間 前

    I Luve the wold song.

  8. Ndalo Madikizela

    Ndalo Madikizela17 時間 前

    I like this song that Beyonce have done it for the girls

  9. Shekela Farmer

    Shekela Farmer18 時間 前

    Love the PERFORMANCE in this beauty is SEXY video to see; It's an oldies; but, goodies to listen to and sing along to and or dance to. Love Peace and Respect to a Beyonce for sharing over twenty-five years of her beauty and talent to many of millions and million of people all around the world to benefit by in different ways that's to be loved and respected.

  10. Michelle Bastos

    Michelle Bastos18 時間 前

    Alguém brasileiro aqui por favoooo kkk😁❤ curti👍

  11. Amber Leigh

    Amber Leigh日 前

    Beyonce you killed the pantsula dance. You Slay!!

  12. Namtiddies whO?

    Namtiddies whO?日 前

    Lmao little me felt like a bad bitch listening to this and i still do 🤭😭

  13. Marilene Antunes

    Marilene Antunes日 前

    I sell this clip only in 2019

  14. Cristina Jaquez

    Cristina Jaquez日 前

    Alguien mas en el 2019 y en español 😂😊😍

  15. noisy boy

    noisy boy日 前

    Oct 2019

  16. Joy Jebet

    Joy Jebet2 日 前

    It's funny how those two guys who do the step dance with her in the beginning didn't even know who she was when they met her 😂😂

  17. yassin

    yassin2 日 前

    wow i'm so impressed these dishwahsers got nice moves

  18. Mia Torres

    Mia Torres2 日 前

    People think cardi b is the queen but beyonce is still breathing

  19. tema 12

    tema 1211 時間 前

    Beyonce is the queen of music but cardi b is queen of rap

  20. I have too many repeating characters

    I have too many repeating characters2 日 前

    *feminist found*

  21. Mr.Vixhox XD

    Mr.Vixhox XD2 日 前

    10-2019 ???

  22. Nestle Janella Pampo

    Nestle Janella Pampo2 日 前

    2019 and i'm still not tired of this song. Yeah.

  23. coffeai

    coffeai2 日 前

    Beyonce: Huston Texas Baby Liza koshy: Huston Texas BAYBEY

  24. Simphiwe Mabaso

    Simphiwe Mabaso2 日 前

    Bey really knows how to create content.

  25. Irina Azarova

    Irina Azarova2 日 前

    This video + song is humiliating actually. Play on sex, crawling under a guy between his legs, touching yourself and moving in seducing way, stealing money from a guy AND talking about RUNNING the world? It does not match at all. Pathetic! Bad bad bad idea for the song like this.

  26. Sana Nawaz

    Sana Nawaz2 日 前

    Oct 2019

  27. thawaner thanos

    thawaner thanos3 日 前

    A woman greatest enemy is a woman...this song is bullsht

  28. Ladenna Young

    Ladenna Young3 日 前

    I didn't realize Luke James is in this video.

  29. Ladenna Young

    Ladenna Young3 日 前

    I probablh would have dislocated my shoulder. Lol.

  30. Reinhard Otieno

    Reinhard Otieno3 日 前

    October 2019, I came to watch tofo tofo dancers do the actual thing after being flown

  31. Farida Njiemessa

    Farida Njiemessa3 日 前


  32. Ashiq Sagi

    Ashiq Sagi3 日 前

    2019 anyone???

  33. ako jaf

    ako jaf3 日 前

    💜💜💜 😍 jost dance

  34. Jonna Rozh

    Jonna Rozh3 日 前

    These lyrics are a bit misunderstood in this so. When I say we and us its myself United States of America 🇺🇸 I'm a girl I rule on me this side life and I rule on me the other side after life I made myself demons didn't make me . Women from my family members and relatives and women none celebrities people are singing along that I run the world the world is my name as well . Later I will have these women to kill demons . These heynas in the video are demons they're playing me im being blood sacrificed and I'm not happy about that I will get my revenge I will kill demons actually I do kill demons they're not saying it . These demons put thier cums in me the tree of knowledge of good poisoning me and all of Angels and none celebrities people and celebrities stalkers human shayatins stupid dogs they're not in our music videos movies and documentaries and photos these are my names . Did you see Eminem he is a demon cum in the food go fuck yourselves demons . Not to get confused I'm this mother it's me mother planet earth Virgin Mary I run my own self and this DJ not getting scared is me DJ Havana . I also want to say the some in this video I'm the videos and some is Kurt Pete Burn he is some other guy my brother Jason said . Demons think they made me they didn't I made my ownself . These demons in this video remember videos are my names so yeah I'm making sure everyone know these demons in this video is Kurt Pete Burn he is Baby because he is Bulent Ersoy Pete Burn First Jeffrey Dahmer and Demon Paul McCartney Second Jeffrey Dahmer Pete Wilson and demon Qusay Hussein Third Jeffrey Dahmer and Demon Adam Lambert David Dahmer Uday Hussein they're sons of Demon Saddam Hussein Lionel Dahmer He names his self after me Sam Houston Parkways and me Highways Sam Houston I'm all the roads and streets and parks as well I'm just making sure I say it and I'm so hard with this what I mean by that with me coprocorn with a brand new name I'm heaven and hell hotel California

  35. جامد البريقي

    جامد البريقي3 日 前

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  36. Susie Wright

    Susie Wright3 日 前

    Great dancer 💃💃💃

  37. Josy Aïssi

    Josy Aïssi3 日 前

    Mon son préféré dans le temps 😍

  38. Duygu Erkilic

    Duygu Erkilic4 日 前


  39. osvaldo borges barbosa

    osvaldo borges barbosa4 日 前

    At my school we are doing rhis song i put it on my mom

  40. Phoenix Eikmeier

    Phoenix Eikmeier4 日 前


  41. layla squad for life

    layla squad for life4 日 前

    Omg this is my favorite song!

  42. Christian McMillan

    Christian McMillan4 日 前

    who run the world GIRLS go BEYONCE

  43. Nica Ten

    Nica Ten4 日 前

    hello from 2019? this is still iconic and relevant

  44. Madison Guy

    Madison Guy4 日 前

    They really blurred her middle finger😑.....

  45. Leaora Davis

    Leaora Davis4 日 前

    Alright, this video should be over 1 billion views by now.

  46. Savannah Mugosa Khadhraoui

    Savannah Mugosa Khadhraoui5 日 前

    girls tun the world

  47. 신애리

    신애리5 日 前

    파워를 얘기하는데 살이드러난 옷에 웨이브, 머리카락 만지기까지..... 눈물난다 진짜 ㅋㅋ

  48. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy5 日 前

    What a conceited song. I bet this always pops up in a misandrist's head. The way I see it, humans run the world. Not men. Not women. Humans! So many "feminists" fail to comprehend that. I guess this is what happens when weak women don't grow out of that boys vs girls mentality. Fuck Beyonce and third wave feminism.

  49. Yankee Fan101

    Yankee Fan1014 日 前

    Unknown Guy It’s just a stupid pop song. But take it seriously and go off I guess...

  50. juan zapata

    juan zapata5 日 前

    octubre de 2019

  51. Eva Brownell

    Eva Brownell5 日 前

    This should be the song sang at football games instead of the national anthem! I love Beyoncé ❤️😭

  52. Nihat Abacı

    Nihat Abacı5 日 前


  53. ines M.

    ines M.5 日 前

    The dancing is insane, still dope

  54. Charissa Gray

    Charissa Gray5 日 前

    You have a nice voice and you have nice dresses and nice dance moves

  55. Mind It

    Mind It5 日 前

    Who has the copyright of this trademark music. This music tune is quite famous among World dancers.

  56. Mariie Noé

    Mariie Noé5 日 前

    2011-2019 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  57. Everthing Spidey

    Everthing Spidey5 日 前

    Who run the world........ Loki

  58. Realitybeef Inc

    Realitybeef Inc5 日 前

    Who’s here in October 2019?!

  59. Alana Rosa

    Alana Rosa6 日 前


  60. Atoutiii Riri

    Atoutiii Riri6 日 前


  61. Brian Rodriguez

    Brian Rodriguez6 日 前

    POS song with POS video and POS lyrics

  62. serenity Hernandez

    serenity Hernandez6 日 前

    Beyonce should run the world