1. matheus games diego

    matheus games diego18 時間 前

    Sonic rripo

  2. Annia Muñoz

    Annia Muñoz2 日 前

    The doctor was thinks your all basic

  3. Samuel Anaya

    Samuel Anaya5 日 前

    I want to see this movie so bad

  4. Adam andhisbestfriend

    Adam andhisbestfriend7 日 前


  5. Jeremaih Bugle

    Jeremaih Bugle8 日 前

    1:04 hey its Damien Dark from Arrowverse

  6. Justice Jester

    Justice Jester10 日 前

    It says Star Wars but looks like a Disney wank-job....rubbish !

  7. Justice Jester

    Justice Jester10 日 前

    That " Sonic " thing looks like epic ass !

  8. hot cheetos

    hot cheetos10 日 前

    The Rise Of Skywalker! Oh my gosh I can't wait!! Who is a big fan of Star Wars? I am!

  9. reni prastiwi andayani

    reni prastiwi andayani13 日 前

    Adventura is here hahahah gonna be insane

  10. Benjaminas Gurskas

    Benjaminas Gurskas14 日 前

    Really best movie trailers and you add the worst sonic designed movie

  11. Made TechiAnime

    Made TechiAnime15 日 前

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  12. Son Gogeta

    Son Gogeta18 日 前

    o filme parece ser muito bom

  13. Tomasz Podjacki

    Tomasz Podjacki20 日 前

    sonic have faaaast fingers

  14. piotr yang

    piotr yang21 日 前

    1:58 sonic bacome naruto XDD

  15. Kimmie Hall

    Kimmie Hall21 日 前

    Are you sure this the best everyone unsubscribe to this dude he's crazy he thinks sonic is the best upcoming movie please stop it just stop or I'm gonna kill myself

  16. Yabom Maying

    Yabom Maying22 日 前

    Jim Carey 😇😘

  17. Lorenzo Cabaong

    Lorenzo Cabaong22 日 前

    nice trailers, check this new movie trailer with Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman :)

  18. DumbCommentary4You

    DumbCommentary4You22 日 前

    Sonic - *Worst*

  19. aflam cyber rafik

    aflam cyber rafik22 日 前

    Welcome to our time competent in new box office

  20. aflam cyber rafik

    aflam cyber rafik22 日 前

    Welcome to our time competent in new box office

  21. aflam cyber rafik

    aflam cyber rafik22 日 前

    Welcome to our time competent in new box office

  22. Marylin M

    Marylin M22 日 前

    They forgot his gloves

  23. Kelvin Fernandes

    Kelvin Fernandes23 日 前

    who cares if sonic returns JIM CAREY is back baby wooooo

  24. Cindy Crawford

    Cindy Crawford24 日 前

    *Hobbs and Shaw - Fast and Furious 9 - HD Film Available *** The action veers from standard issue car chases in London to a staggering set-piece in which several cars and a helicopter are hooked together.

  25. dj s

    dj s25 日 前

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~ That's not Sonic.

  26. 해피FOOD

    해피FOOD26 日 前

    소닉을 왜 저렇게 개털 날리는 것 처럼 만들어 놨어 ㅡㅡ 너무 리얼하게 만들려고 하다가 실패했구만 ㅋㅋㅋ

  27. Trevor belmont

    Trevor belmont27 日 前

    Shit if your making a Sonic vid u may as well do Zelda

  28. JS L

    JS L27 日 前

    소닉 무섭게 생겼다 ㅠ ㅠ 이걸 봐야 해?

  29. 며약Neshatrvll

    며약Neshatrvll27 日 前

    me: sees title me:sees thumbnail me: SAY SIKE RIGHT NOW

  30. 2019 & 2020 movies

    2019 & 2020 movies27 日 前


  31. Jevin Dark Ice

    Jevin Dark Ice27 日 前

    I wish they had the old joker that passed away sadly

  32. Susan Munoz

    Susan Munoz28 日 前

    Yes yes they make soinc he soo cool

  33. Jaqlinny

    Jaqlinny29 日 前

    01:21 my reaction wen the video started

  34. Ahmed Is Here !

    Ahmed Is Here !ヶ月 前

    Sonic: *GOTTA GO FAST*

  35. Philippines Trending

    Philippines Trendingヶ月 前

    I'm doing New Movie Trailer also idol check my Channel :)

  36. Zamzam Ali

    Zamzam Aliヶ月 前

    I wanna see this movie so bad

  37. TV SKY 하늘

    TV SKY 하늘ヶ月 前

    1:21 um… waong?

  38. Jay B

    Jay Bヶ月 前

    Not sure about that first one, chief

  39. Waynetastic

    Waynetasticヶ月 前

    my description is broken :(


    KINDER MOBヶ月 前

    The word JOKER Never replaced

  41. Daniel Oliveira

    Daniel Oliveiraヶ月 前

    Marvel makes fun movies. DC makes dark movies

  42. NanaySelyn35 Arons

    NanaySelyn35 Aronsヶ月 前

    Hello everyOne! Im just new here. Please.. Can i have your one seconds please.. to subscribe my JPreporter channel. Thankyou so much and godbless you all🙏

  43. Jenna SparkleUnicornYT

    Jenna SparkleUnicornYTヶ月 前

    Sonic’s teeth made me cringe.. 0-0

  44. Malek Bassam

    Malek Bassamヶ月 前

    What name song in sonic in end

  45. Rouge Pigeon

    Rouge Pigeonヶ月 前

    One question why is sonic featured in best movie trailers

  46. شوشو شاو

    شوشو شاوヶ月 前

    what is song name in Sonic The Hedgehog trailer . could someone tell me

  47. شوشو شاو

    شوشو شاوヶ月 前

    @Leon Jones what you mean kik

  48. Leon Jones

    Leon Jonesヶ月 前

    @شوشو شاو email or kik

  49. شوشو شاو

    شوشو شاوヶ月 前


  50. Leon Jones

    Leon Jonesヶ月 前

    @شوشو شاو no problem

  51. شوشو شاو

    شوشو شاوヶ月 前

    @Leon Jones thanks

  52. Toa's TV

    Toa's TVヶ月 前

    like who's seen the new lion king movie comment who's seen pokemon detective pikachu

  53. Toa's TV

    Toa's TVヶ月 前

    i've seen both

  54. AmeerMalaysia99

    AmeerMalaysia99ヶ月 前

    black in man have new but its getting better :>

  55. Dariana Melendrez

    Dariana Melendrezヶ月 前

    Dariana: sonic what are you donig that world



    The look of sonic is more creepy than annabel

  57. Sегр • ОdIN

    Sегр • ОdINヶ月 前

    I whas waiting for the joker to kill someone!

  58. Tameka Palmer

    Tameka Palmerヶ月 前

    That there is a dog side paradise music in the are you like the music really love them that music is the best sonic the dark side paradise music

  59. Tameka Palmer

    Tameka Palmerヶ月 前

    I love really look right now how use are you try love please don't think I meant it as last time when I 1st saw it it's a said accident Li this is that when I was going to go and watch something else I want to go and watch you and I couldn't find it but now I finally get to see it please do not change are you like E xactly holders and I am a huge sonic fan I'm a gentleness song son is no way that I will let in one teams that the movies are you looking to sonic look this is likely the commercial India having a nice I don't know what is call so I hope that I really do hope that you never change house on the cooks just leave how he is that we look like years 12 this week and a little sore and new I know we got though so hes a little bit to call

  60. JAMES Liow

    JAMES Liowヶ月 前

    Dogs sonic is agli

  61. AwesomeMario 64

    AwesomeMario 64ヶ月 前

    I can't wait for the sonic movie 😁

  62. Hoang lena

    Hoang lenaヶ月 前

    Sonic: waiting for his blue coffee 9999999999999999989999999 hour later the rockets still frozen

  63. Andris Kalnins

    Andris Kalninsヶ月 前

    Un dislike ari del ta!

  64. Andris Kalnins

    Andris Kalninsヶ月 前

    Mib .Jauka filma ja ne Tessa Thompson..

  65. unbelievable min girl

    unbelievable min girlヶ月 前

    Sonic new movie wow

  66. And wave

    And waveヶ月 前

    yang punya chnel ayo saling gotong royong, slahkan datang dan komen yg baik entar aq bls dg kbikn, slm jujr smga sukses kedpnnya