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  1. takaa e

    takaa e4 時間 前

    not an exciting year to me

  2. wick star

    wick star4 時間 前

    jim carry's back pogchamp

  3. Kelvin Bracey

    Kelvin Bracey5 時間 前

    Fix him

  4. Kelvin Bracey

    Kelvin Bracey5 時間 前

    Fix him


    BATTLECORE6 時間 前

    The last movie of any quality to come out of Hollywood was the Batman Dark knight.

  6. Antonio Solis

    Antonio Solis10 時間 前

    Jim Carrey is back! Im really surprised!

  7. Ana nimity

    Ana nimity10 時間 前

    The FLASH outruns missiles.

  8. annoyedpanda6081

    annoyedpanda608111 時間 前

    🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

  9. Salim Akbar

    Salim Akbar15 時間 前

  10. Krystle Carbuccia

    Krystle Carbuccia16 時間 前

    Why are they freaking out it’s not likes it’s Annabel or the nun

  11. jethro lopez

    jethro lopez17 時間 前

    Birth of Joker can wait to watch it., hehehe I'm crazy or the world is just crazy.

  12. Electric Universe2.0

    Electric Universe2.017 時間 前

    I can’t believe that sonic made it to the “best” trailers

  13. SWSW S

    SWSW S23 時間 前

    This is shit

  14. GSTR67

    GSTR67日 前

    Nobody: Sonic: I look like shit

  15. Multiverse 44

    Multiverse 44日 前

    21 Bridges is floating on a couple of the best marvel movies

  16. uhavemooface

    uhavemooface日 前

    Ok I have thought about this question for years now. Who is faster? Superman Sonic or the Flash? Tell me below with your comments thanks.

  17. Crab Burger

    Crab Burger日 前

    Fast and furious presents another pile of crap for dumbasses...well done!!!!

  18. VeolaMsp

    VeolaMsp日 前

    1:57 they would just keep falling

  19. neemguy81

    neemguy81日 前

    I bet Joker is going to be good. Fuck SW. Dark Phoenix yeah why not. Godzilla, hell yeah.

  20. MaikelStar

    MaikelStar日 前

    Men in black just doesn't feel the same without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones though..

  21. The Reaper

    The Reaper日 前


  22. The Reaper

    The Reaper日 前

    4:37 "look at me i'm black superman" "damn he really is black superman

  23. Sheldon Stranger

    Sheldon Stranger日 前

    first one is sonic the title says new upcoming trailers APRIL then sonic comes out in november

  24. Luke Brenner

    Luke Brenner日 前

    Video:best 2019 movies coming up! Also video: *first trailer is sonic*

  25. Optical*Orange

    Optical*Orange19 時間 前

    Luke Brenner hey it actually looks good

  26. Altharrion

    Altharrion日 前

    I saw the thumbnail and came here to ridicule Sonic. *put bad ridiculing here*

  27. kriiptic

    kriiptic日 前

    6:23 omg I got so exited, I thought this was going to be the shining 2. But joker is pretty good 2, but not as good.

  28. maeng delos santos

    maeng delos santos2 日 前

    No damn man said that the new sonic movie is amazing

  29. Kiệt Huỳnh

    Kiệt Huỳnh2 日 前

    Why is sonic look so ugly?

  30. Sn4sGuy

    Sn4sGuy2 日 前

    People only commenting about sonic trailer Your gonna like the movie when it comes out so stop being ungreatful about the design

  31. Kelly Anndrea

    Kelly Anndrea2 日 前

    Hasta en la versión de ingles se parece a la voz de Luisito v:

  32. Midnight

    Midnight2 日 前

    **Best upcoming Movie Trailers** **Shows Sonic**

  33. chicken wings

    chicken wings2 日 前

    6:00 captain the rock friiging americano hiahahaihahha

  34. shanty ferriol

    shanty ferriol2 日 前

    sonic looks like trash

  35. Frozone

    Frozone2 日 前

    So sonic is a good movie? The guy or girl who made this is wetarded

  36. Markus Schmidt

    Markus Schmidt2 日 前

    "best" I think you mean most mainstream

  37. Sharky Plays

    Sharky Plays2 日 前

    Black Super Man LmAo

  38. hammed510

    hammed5102 日 前

    they need to fix how sonic and robotnik look like in the movie to more like the game.

  39. Letros Africans

    Letros Africans2 日 前

    A virus that can wipe half of the world's population?? That's black Thanos

  40. W B

    W B2 日 前

    2017: Everybody: "Nobody will ever top Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight. At least not as the Joker..." 2019: Joaquin Phoenix: "Ahem..."

  41. Michael Wilder

    Michael Wilder2 日 前

    I really hope Joquin Phoenix wins best actor for the Joker, wow

  42. Claire L. Nance 3

    Claire L. Nance 32 日 前

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  43. MastaCat

    MastaCat3 日 前

    Sonic looks like shit.

  44. Ben the idiot

    Ben the idiot3 日 前

    yes one of the best upcoming movie is the sonic movie really

  45. TellosaurusRex

    TellosaurusRex日 前

    Ben the idiot it’s got Jim Carrey and general tullius in the movie I’m still watching it

  46. David Cresse

    David Cresse3 日 前

    Jim Carrey seeming single faceted.

  47. 1 sub with no vids? Pls?

    1 sub with no vids? Pls?3 日 前

    1:11 the major is DAMIEN DARHK FROM DC!!!!!!

  48. WHB JR

    WHB JR3 日 前

    how is sonic so fast with no fast twitch muscle?!?

  49. Ali OP

    Ali OP3 日 前

    omg JIM CARREY IS BACK!. So excited for this.

  50. Benjamin Quilley

    Benjamin Quilley3 日 前

    What I'd like to know is how come Shaw's brother from fast and furious 7 not coming to help considering the fact it's family business ??

  51. TellosaurusRex

    TellosaurusRex日 前

    Benjamin Quilley wasn’t he very badly injured?

  52. Main Stream Gaming

    Main Stream Gaming3 日 前

    And you put sonic on the front. What a joke 🤬🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. dugi raja samuel

    dugi raja samuel3 日 前

    Only for hobbs and shaw 😎

  54. Rishabh Goswami

    Rishabh Goswami3 日 前

    movie name

  55. nokea cell

    nokea cell3 日 前


  56. Abdikadir Abdirahman

    Abdikadir Abdirahman3 日 前

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  57. Captain Andrew Armstrong

    Captain Andrew Armstrong4 日 前

    I wish Lucas would have put Star Wars in a box and let it die.

  58. Weare theavocados

    Weare theavocados4 日 前

    IDIOTS:its not THE best. Cool dudes:what about avengers infinity war and avengers endgame? IDIOTS.:why didn't you say so.

  59. NejiHina100

    NejiHina1004 日 前

    2:09 All I can think is he's wearing a track suit. that's how bad it looks

  60. Javado21

    Javado214 日 前

    fast & furious is already dead and they just took a huge pile of shit on its grave with the new movie

  61. Alpha Male

    Alpha Male4 日 前

    @ Child's play...??? Why the reboot????

  62. Meinrad Social

    Meinrad Social4 日 前

    Access denied

  63. turla lawrence

    turla lawrence4 日 前

    Funny the sonic is now in movie..hahaha I like it

  64. Kippo

    Kippo4 日 前


  65. bowmosexual

    bowmosexual4 日 前


  66. bowmosexual

    bowmosexual4 日 前

    Haha SONIC will be MILES better than F&F and heavens above it's got Jack Lame in it lol

  67. Elvia Guevara

    Elvia Guevara4 日 前

    29:15 all i need is this

  68. Elvia Guevara

    Elvia Guevara4 日 前

    Godzilla KOTM

  69. Lemon Checks

    Lemon Checks5 日 前

    Say What?!?? #SonictheHedgehog Movie..hells yes!! it's bout time :) >>>INSTANT #WebsiteTraffic @

  70. David Agrizal

    David Agrizal5 日 前

    dr robotnic less fat.

  71. 40 boy

    40 boy5 日 前

    Omg Jim carry the wirdo really out of all the movies they put him in the sonic movie wow

  72. Lol69 Gamer

    Lol69 Gamer5 日 前

    Sonic is delayed till 2020

  73. Marčö GŸM

    Marčö GŸM5 日 前

    Joker is the best

  74. UniQue Frad

    UniQue Frad5 日 前


  75. Main Stream Gaming

    Main Stream Gaming3 日 前

    Wow so funny. I love that movie. 😒😑

  76. Kilyén Balázs

    Kilyén Balázs5 日 前

    shitfest......movies are dead

  77. Frequency Rebelz

    Frequency Rebelz6 日 前

    Looking forward to sonic's new upgraded design!

  78. Pixelboy And The DominusKing

    Pixelboy And The DominusKing6 日 前

    Guys I hate u all because Sonic isn’t ugly in dis trailer, and guess what?? U should be sorry when u Sonic’s new design.

  79. beni

    beni6 日 前

    So black superman wants to be thanos

  80. beni

    beni6 日 前

    "Best" and "sonic movie" just don't go together

  81. Alex shmalex

    Alex shmalex3 日 前

    RalphElDemole TV well they do for people who can *ACTUALLY HAVE FUN*

  82. RalphElDemole TV

    RalphElDemole TV4 日 前

    Alex shmalex not

  83. Alex shmalex

    Alex shmalex5 日 前

    They do

  84. Kim Sayoko

    Kim Sayoko6 日 前

    So..... Chucky is back? ByE FELLAS-

  85. Sonny Ali

    Sonny Ali6 日 前

    Not a single movie looked remotely interesting. Hollywood isn't dying, it's already dead. I'd rather watch Korean soap operas, and I don't even speak Korean, nor am I of Oriental Asian descent.

  86. Matt Barbella

    Matt Barbella6 日 前

    Sonic is awsome

  87. Matt Barbella

    Matt Barbella6 日 前

    Was dat egg man

  88. Matt Barbella

    Matt Barbella6 日 前

    Sonic is awsome

  89. シージ初心者

    シージ初心者6 日 前

    0:56 涙がやばい…

  90. Derrall Thomas

    Derrall Thomas6 日 前

    It called best movie trailers not shity movie trailers

  91. lundi mardi

    lundi mardi6 日 前

    There are just bad movie , that's shit I remember before there was good movie ,interesting with story which fascinated you and now just bad where are the good producer?I will continue the saga Chucky that's all because it have come since my childhood!

  92. Blaiyan

    Blaiyan6 日 前

    First two alone were garbage. I need a break Watch the rest later.

  93. nigerian prince

    nigerian prince6 日 前

    I was going to watch 'IT' and forgot about it and 21:13 reminded me :)

  94. Archaic Method

    Archaic Method6 日 前

    I’m just stoked that Jim Carrey is back... suddenly I feel hope for humanity.

  95. Archaic Method

    Archaic Method6 日 前

    I’m just stoked that Jim Carrey is back... suddenly I feel hope for humanity.

  96. Archaic Method

    Archaic Method6 日 前

    I’m just stoked that Jim Carrey is back... suddenly I feel hope for humanity.

  97. Archaic Method

    Archaic Method6 日 前

    I’m just stoked that Jim Carrey is back... suddenly I feel hope for humanity.

  98. Archaic Method

    Archaic Method6 日 前

    I’m just stoked that Jim Carrey is back... suddenly I feel hope for humanity.

  99. neemguy81

    neemguy81日 前

    He's a huge vile piece of shit, and a waste of DNA.

  100. usama hassan

    usama hassan4 日 前

    I too.. i just want him to work otherwise i think he will just sit at home and get depressed

  101. Jeremiah Perez

    Jeremiah Perez7 日 前

    So cute hahaha

  102. The non Jewish man

    The non Jewish man7 日 前

    I'm getting a very shitty 80's movie vibe when I see the Sonic movie

  103. unicorn rainbows

    unicorn rainbows7 日 前

    2movie is the best

  104. Matt Leep

    Matt Leep7 日 前

    hmm something to wipe out half of the populations and he's black superman hmmm, I think he's black thanos

  105. Jason Vaughn

    Jason Vaughn7 日 前


  106. Mace Windu

    Mace Windu7 日 前

    the age of plain storylines and bad remakes

  107. sirhana

    sirhana7 日 前

    too many black ppl, where are others? Why only them?

  108. Nina Havekost

    Nina Havekost7 日 前

    Am I a furry now?....

  109. Christian Torres

    Christian Torres7 日 前

    Anyone else just here for the sonic the hedgehog one?

  110. Ben the idiot

    Ben the idiot3 日 前


  111. Lakisha Rena

    Lakisha Rena7 日 前

    Oh Sonic how I've missed you!

  112. Mazingerhunter2 Hunter2

    Mazingerhunter2 Hunter27 日 前

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