Best of Zach King Magic Compilation 2019 - Part 1


  1. Herfenat Verbana

    Herfenat Verbana時間 前

    missig kid 😱😱😱😱

  2. Madhuri Rowthu

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  3. Yahir Lugo

    Yahir Lugo4 時間 前

    Zach nice edits bro

  4. Bambang Panyukilan

    Bambang Panyukilan9 時間 前


  5. Lurker _

    Lurker _11 時間 前

    Yes the magic of video editing.

  6. Kennedy Basweti

    Kennedy Basweti13 時間 前

    How do you do that😮

  7. Swarna Latha

    Swarna Latha18 時間 前


  8. Swarna Latha

    Swarna Latha18 時間 前

    Hitler Wiki Mere bare mein bataiye

  9. Swarna Latha

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  10. Swarna Latha

    Swarna Latha18 時間 前

    Mere Baba ka Chashma video song Chandi Ki

  11. Luthem

    Luthem19 時間 前

    Photoshop kids

  12. Desi Tarka with Rj

    Desi Tarka with Rj20 時間 前

    Subcribe my channel 👇

  13. FaithCannon7

    FaithCannon721 時間 前

    This is MacGyver on steroids.

  14. 小林敬一

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  15. Da Random Thing

    Da Random Thing23 時間 前

    No one: Zach King: Illusion 100

  16. Dan The Man

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    tell me if you liked or disliked ATTENTION:PLZ SUSCRIBE TO ZACH KING FOR LUCK

  17. A D G

    A D G23 時間 前

    1:30 loll that nice

  18. Syafiq Akmal

    Syafiq Akmal日 前

    uujiknhrwsbdmfhguotwqh vn c


    BEAST BOY日 前

    Zach king is the GOAT

  20. Aravinda Prasad

    Aravinda Prasad日 前


  21. Nah'iim Taylor

    Nah'iim Taylor日 前

    I wonder how long this actually take to edit all the tricks

  22. Priyan De Mel

    Priyan De Mel日 前

    Wait what! He is soo good

  23. Sofia and Liam

    Sofia and Liam日 前

    Roses are red violets are blue u make my day when I’m bored

  24. Sofia and Liam

    Sofia and Liam日 前

    Okay, I’m confused about the water one


    PAUL GAMER日 前 No gun challenge check it out 👆

  26. Kaden Roberts

    Kaden Roberts日 前


  27. شمیم حکیم زاده

    شمیم حکیم زاده日 前

    The spider man part was so interesting,real artist

  28. Папа Медведь

    Папа Медведь日 前

  29. Lololol 4324

    Lololol 4324日 前

    0:54 for me, a huge fan of portal, this is cool.

  30. Welbek Born

    Welbek Born日 前

    How are you doing????

  31. Zaidullo Nurdinov

    Zaidullo Nurdinov日 前

    Астахфирулох ин дачол асть

  32. I’m Bob • 789 years ago

    I’m Bob • 789 years ago日 前

    And it was clickbait magic ain’t real

  33. I’m Bob • 789 years ago

    I’m Bob • 789 years ago日 前

    I think they paused the vid and made the fake magic

  34. S4v4ge_bac0n _skatesss

    S4v4ge_bac0n _skatesss日 前

    The part when he turned old got me😂😂 5:22

  35. eric bautista

    eric bautista日 前

    The best of the best 🔥

  36. Joseph Shaw

    Joseph Shaw日 前

    5:05 title: zach kills a kid and takes his candy!

  37. Peyton Miller

    Peyton Miller日 前

    It’s Literally just video editing not real magic idiots

  38. William Buck

    William Buck日 前

    My spidy sences are tingling at 3:16

  39. mr.unknow gaming

    mr.unknow gaming日 前

    The first sound like gta intros

  40. Rhea Ann Mijares

    Rhea Ann Mijares日 前

    This guy is a real deal magician

  41. Aurora Meduri

    Aurora Meduri日 前

    It’s all about transitions

  42. Gagal Ganteng

    Gagal Ganteng日 前

    what is definition of magic?

  43. SMARTY Tech

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  44. Surat Sutik BANYUWANGI

    Surat Sutik BANYUWANGI2 日 前

    Brillians ideas Amazing 👍👍👍🙏🙏

  45. Yen Ichin

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  46. Yen Ichin

    Yen Ichin2 日 前


  47. Yen Ichin

    Yen Ichin2 日 前

    o my heart was not happy to see you and your family was born to come in our lives with us and the people we know that you don't have time

  48. SaNJitH

    SaNJitH2 日 前

    How do u make that magics

  49. Ryssa Jeyanne De Lucas

    Ryssa Jeyanne De Lucas2 日 前


  50. Jalal Khan

    Jalal Khan2 日 前

    Nice editing bit its not magic Sorry

  51. free pencil

    free pencil2 日 前


  52. inconsiderably heartless

    inconsiderably heartless2 日 前

    You're full of tricks.



    Teach people how to do magic

  54. Leo Mohammed

    Leo Mohammed2 日 前

    What is it because of global warming and then a shark a penguin.............. cuz👌

  55. Leo Mohammed

    Leo Mohammed2 日 前

    Me on quarantine

  56. Alamaya Kaltim

    Alamaya Kaltim2 日 前

    What did he do is CGI Effects

  57. Gabriela Nazario Dos Santos

    Gabriela Nazario Dos Santos2 日 前


  58. Lars Magnus Drivdal Hansen

    Lars Magnus Drivdal Hansen2 日 前

    Awesome Zach King

  59. Ethan Gofstein

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  60. Farhana Afroj

    Farhana Afroj2 日 前

    Man brings bavk memories of portal

  61. Bryson Liu

    Bryson Liu2 日 前

    When he went through the desk it reminded me of a show called Doraemon , they had a time machine in their desk I remember watching all the episodes and movies , there is a lot of episodes over 1000

  62. Soumya 1979

    Soumya 1979日 前


  63. One 2 more

    One 2 more2 日 前

    When i see this, feel smile in my face Funny guy

  64. Pratham Gaddam

    Pratham Gaddam2 日 前

    Sach sure does use the magic power of editing,Zach pin me

  65. Norma Villarreal meraz

    Norma Villarreal meraz2 日 前


  66. Sangita Rajankar

    Sangita Rajankar2 日 前

    How he do it, I know he is editing it

  67. Mark Fairweather

    Mark Fairweather2 日 前

    I love his vfx work so much

  68. Anjana Kapoor

    Anjana Kapoor2 日 前

    Wow what a magic 😍😍😍

  69. Bruna

    Bruna2 日 前

    Mm Jm

  70. Vincent Video

    Vincent Video2 日 前

    Am i the only one who can see the cut and transition to the next cut? (Tricks are more camera editing based than actually multidimensional tricks, like the ladder section)



  72. Anna Dakudzi

    Anna Dakudzi2 日 前

    Anyone here in quarantine

  73. fatha ndr

    fatha ndr2 日 前


  74. Darl Rams

    Darl Rams2 日 前

    It's NOT MAGIC🙄idiot😳

  75. Subhasish Mukherjee

    Subhasish Mukherjee2 日 前

    How can you do this pls tell me

  76. Martin The Gamer

    Martin The Gamer2 日 前

    That Edith part is amazing

  77. Sullivan Mann

    Sullivan Mann2 日 前

    Does the fact he says “melk” ever so slightly trigger anybody else?

  78. Some of my yummy

    Some of my yummy3 日 前

    I really like your videos 😍😍😍😍😍

  79. Justin Odle

    Justin Odle3 日 前

    Zach king somebody ripping you off by you not take talk of you and one of your videos from years ago I think therapy you

  80. Fantom Fire

    Fantom Fire3 日 前

    *0:51** Portal 2)))*

  81. Raphael Buhairov

    Raphael Buhairov3 日 前

    Zach killed a kid and stole his candy

  82. Yeet Yeetle

    Yeet Yeetle3 日 前

    5:05 “Trick or treat!” “Oh I got a trick” Kills the kid

  83. Marcus Salazar

    Marcus Salazar3 日 前

    OH WOW..... This is stupid!