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  1. Jacob Alt

    Jacob Alt57 分 前

    It was impossible to not get the circle hope no matter where you started

  2. Crossrider Bankai

    Crossrider Bankai5 時間 前

    Satanist or fraud...

  3. MJA1018's Gaming

    MJA1018's Gaming9 時間 前

    Mind blowing

  4. Allan Metiam

    Allan Metiam15 時間 前

    I was in shock to see X unmasked who knew it was Marc

  5. Defaulty Boi

    Defaulty Boi日 前

    Is it magic or mindfulness

  6. hindi life

    hindi life日 前

    Magician paid for that 2 host 😂😂

  7. Jay reed Mr 5'8

    Jay reed Mr 5'82 日 前

    Yeah I didn't come here to cry glad I did I needed it

  8. Jay reed Mr 5'8

    Jay reed Mr 5'82 日 前

    Sometimes I feel like my ancestors connect with me at times. This was great

  9. William Danis

    William Danis3 日 前

    If you test the hope thing no matter what circle you choose it always goes to hope

  10. Abgamer79

    Abgamer794 日 前

    14:12 The Man Who Is Sitting Down

  11. Ondiala Junior

    Ondiala Junior4 日 前


  12. Kacy Wilde

    Kacy Wilde4 日 前

    I’m pretty sure the circles and squares aren’t random and no matter what you start off with you get hope... but he’s an amazing act with a great message

  13. KnottyOrchid 12

    KnottyOrchid 125 日 前

    Marc Spelmann: I can do talent under a mask Fox and Ken Jeong: It's Free Real Estate

  14. BlaDe Slicks

    BlaDe Slicks5 日 前

    who is watching it on a pc on a gaming chair I am ;)

  15. BlaDe Slicks

    BlaDe Slicks5 日 前

    who is watching in 2020 I am lol :)

  16. Anjobi Videoarchiv

    Anjobi Videoarchiv5 日 前

    17:11 Simon opens his eyes - reads "Hope" - and gives an answer.

  17. The Brick Bro

    The Brick Bro7 日 前

    The shoulder touch is simple

  18. مسلم

    مسلم8 日 前

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  19. gamersofthecentury11

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  20. Mateus Back

    Mateus Back8 日 前

    In the square and box trick whatever you picked it will go to hope


    AQIL ZAMRI8 日 前

    Black magic,...... akhir zmn menjadi ketaksuban, nanti akan datang bapa punya ahli sihir...

  22. Thunder

    Thunder8 日 前

    Can someone please tell me what the music is during his 2nd performance?

  23. Marzena Krajewska

    Marzena Krajewska9 日 前

    Best, Best the Best!

  24. Azwyn

    Azwyn10 日 前


  25. SubHungry

    SubHungry10 日 前

    15:55 *Top 10 anime betrayels*

  26. Cavageplaz

    Cavageplaz11 日 前

    You guys do know that this was staged

  27. benjaminchen1964

    benjaminchen196411 日 前

    That was funny as hell when he shocked one and they both reacted. What was that German word about laughing at someone else's misfortune? I mean I know it's wrong but I laughed my a$$ off!

  28. Must Watch A2Z

    Must Watch A2Z11 日 前

    Hope was a trick

  29. Sayan Paul

    Sayan Paul11 日 前

    Most of the things he did are very easy actually. That taser thing Ant and Deck felt, it was not in that rod. It was in the chair they sat in which is why they felt it. That doodled 1989 thing in the board was pre-drawn and neither Ant and Deck noticed it because their eyes were closed through out and the Pen he handed them had no ink. So whatever they would draw themselves wouldn't affect anything. The multi-grid box thing towards the end is plain mathematics. Whichever circle you would choose as the starting point, you would always end up with Hope. You can try and check if you don't believe. The Hope related post in his social media account? He probably did the same post with all the words in the board and he probably had set his cameras somewhere to peek what Simon wrote and according to that he would delete all the remaining posts with the other words. Simon choosing Hope was probably mere coincidence and he wouldn't used it as a part of his clip in the later performances if Simon would've chosen some other word.

  30. Ikyumi

    Ikyumi10 日 前

    but he showed the judges the empty whiteboards so it couldn't have been predrawn

  31. mnemoria

    mnemoria11 日 前

    Typical tv show, nothing else

  32. OmuYasha1990

    OmuYasha199012 日 前

    13:06 In case anyone wants to know how this trick works. I will break it down per step. After the first move, everyone on top row will be on Laugh, everyone on middle row with be on Health, and everyone on bottom will be on Trust. Second move, Those on laugh will now have love, Those with health and trust now have live. Third move, Love will have Health or Dream, Live now has Learn. (Everyone is now at the middle row) Finally, Hope is the only circle on the Middle row, thus everyone has hope. Who else has figured this out?

  33. MasiBaki

    MasiBaki12 日 前


  34. Eddy Rice

    Eddy Rice13 日 前

    Love this guys positive routine and adding the video to highlight the routine.

  35. Die EZ

    Die EZ13 日 前

    Yeahhhh X is the true mentalist

  36. Lucian Lucian

    Lucian Lucian14 日 前


  37. Jack Willister

    Jack Willister14 日 前

    Wow I was mindfucked to see he has established a connection with me too.. coz in my mind too I had 'hope' ! 😍

  38. Slazo Lazo

    Slazo Lazo14 日 前

    The last one always ends with hope

  39. Dzypehhh

    Dzypehhh15 日 前

    O hell naw "HOPE" :p

  40. Sinh Wong

    Sinh Wong15 日 前


  41. CLAWS Vlogs&Games

    CLAWS Vlogs&Games16 日 前

    i got hope

  42. Memz.ironic

    Memz.ironic16 日 前


  43. SkyFighter2K1

    SkyFighter2K116 日 前

    Guys this is fake

  44. Aidan Thomas

    Aidan Thomas16 日 前

    in the third one no matter what one u pick ita allways hope

  45. naveen Alekh Global

    naveen Alekh Global17 日 前


  46. Oliver Neil

    Oliver Neil18 日 前

    Wur I got hope

  47. Oliver Neil

    Oliver Neil18 日 前

    At the circle and square I started with hope lol

  48. Yubarakouji

    Yubarakouji18 日 前

    The pen didn't worked.

  49. Thompson Bamisebi

    Thompson Bamisebi19 日 前

    Magic's real! It's just feint over there

  50. dawuntun

    dawuntun20 日 前

    I had care

  51. blue

    blue20 日 前

    What’s the music name

  52. Gothic Emperor69

    Gothic Emperor6921 日 前

    Loved the part where everyone had hope but checked every circle and no matter which one you use you will ALWAYS end on hope. It doesn't happen wich circle you use.Still love the vid

  53. Zxyn MC

    Zxyn MC21 日 前

    I chose love and it doesn't work

  54. DJ Danika

    DJ Danika21 日 前

    Dude this legit looks like a hacker

  55. Exlor valor

    Exlor valor22 日 前

    way too many ads

  56. John G

    John G22 日 前

    I had hope

  57. Starset Anime

    Starset Anime22 日 前

    Omfg I'm crying so bad rn I got hope as well..

  58. Kris

    Kris22 日 前

    THAT WAS INCREDIBLE 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  59. ellaangelranbiw

    ellaangelranbiw22 日 前

    I started on hope because of Nagito and ended on hope ;-;... Anyways, how unfortunate it was that he didnt win Y^Y... Im gonna confuse my friends with the pick a cirkle and Square thingy but on a paper, I wanna see how they react- And i never thought that he would be "X" :0

  60. Kallum Ennis

    Kallum Ennis19 日 前

    ellaangelranbiw you mean danganronpa nagito

  61. Quincey Morris

    Quincey Morris22 日 前


  62. Aztec Roblox

    Aztec Roblox23 日 前

    WhOs WaTchIng in 2020? lol

  63. HYDR0 Lucxd

    HYDR0 Lucxd日 前


  64. Yessica Cruz

    Yessica Cruz7 日 前

    Aztec Roblox me

  65. Lucian Lucian

    Lucian Lucian14 日 前

    I do

  66. Stephanie Corkill

    Stephanie Corkill15 日 前


  67. Gothic Emperor69

    Gothic Emperor6915 日 前

    Joe mama