1. Jason Nash

    Jason Nashヶ月 前

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great day! Have you watched my Comedy Central series yet?

  2. One Creator

    One Creator15 日 前

    I'm new to the channel. Love from the UK. x

  3. Emma Nolan

    Emma Nolan28 日 前

    Yeah it was really funny

  4. JessicaRVA

    JessicaRVA29 日 前

    Hey I’m 40 and a HUUUUUGE FAN!!! 💥💥💥💥💥see you in Arlington VA💜💜💜💜💜💜

  5. Dan Legend

    Dan Legend29 日 前

    This asshole has a series ? Comedy Central went down the tubes only thing holding them up is Tosh.0 wow this guys lame!!

  6. ZIERO _KC

    ZIERO _KC29 日 前

    You should try a soy free diet for 1 month

  7. evilkitty2007

    evilkitty2007日 前

    Instead of butter, try Ghee, its clarified butter and has less milk solids in it so its a little bit better for cooking, particularly at high heats

  8. l i n n a y a

    l i n n a y a4 日 前

    jeff can give nerf the yams as a chew toy because we know jeff only drinks protein shakes . 😌

  9. Jessica Murillo

    Jessica Murillo4 日 前

    "Im gonna get jeff a couple yams"

  10. Fishy fish

    Fishy fish9 日 前

    Great job Jason :) Its awesome that you lost weight in a healthy way and didn’t resort to bs weight loss pills that instagram advertises

  11. B G

    B G11 日 前

    Imagining Trish and Jason bumping into one another and seeing how better looking they got once they were away from one another lol

  12. Mikey Boy

    Mikey Boy14 日 前

    jeff said You'd (Jason) be lighter than David soon, How much does David weigh?

  13. lucy lu

    lucy lu17 日 前

    Ewwww some ugly toes😂

  14. Jason Nash Is My Father😂

    Jason Nash Is My Father😂19 日 前

    I love and miss you dad come get me

  15. Julia Doba

    Julia Doba20 日 前

    12:25 Cody looking goood 😍😍

  16. Squad Tv

    Squad Tv20 日 前

    yes i would love if u filmed urself un the gym

  17. Amanda Morin

    Amanda Morin21 日 前

    I love Jeff. Love his humor. And I love even more when ppl don’t know he’s joking. And he’s the only reason I watch lol

  18. Lil Benson

    Lil Benson22 日 前

    Jason’s vlogs are so shit that they are brilliant and I’ve never loved anything more

  19. Roseanne

    Roseanne22 日 前

    I think you would thrive on the carnivore diet.. It removes the junk food cravings, you'd feel like a new man... xxx I'll get so much hate, but I miss you on Trishs vlogs... Like you are probably way better off without her, but I'm not one for big groups, so when it was just you and her in videos, that was nice... I miss you Jason!

  20. shanakay henry

    shanakay henry22 日 前

    It sweet potato

  21. Tinks

    Tinks23 日 前

    Jeff is a loser

  22. Eve Moony

    Eve Moony23 日 前

    Only reason Jason is trying to lose weight now is because he blamed Trish for hours weight gain. Except Trish lost all her weight and more after their relationship and Jason is still mantits. At least he's saying he's working out. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. Katherine Fuenzalida

    Katherine Fuenzalida24 日 前

    Hi Jason, love your vlogs.. btw I am 38 ❤️

  24. Captain Hemmingsworth

    Captain Hemmingsworth24 日 前

    I love how genuine Jason is

  25. Tiger-Lily Sky

    Tiger-Lily Sky25 日 前

    Jason’s sensitive marinara sauce joke..........😦

  26. Shawna Koulisis

    Shawna Koulisis25 日 前

    You look great, you can tell you lost weight and seem so happy and doing great things 😍♥️

  27. I_porsche

    I_porsche25 日 前

    Yes do workout videos !!!!!!

  28. Rhona Kirsten

    Rhona Kirsten25 日 前

    U look the same to me. Maybe u should ask Trisha how to 😁

  29. S weet

    S weet25 日 前

    So happy for you Jason. So much hard work. Jeff is a great buddy

  30. bella sanchez

    bella sanchez26 日 前

    jason tryna get all the milfs to watch him

  31. honeymewn

    honeymewn26 日 前

    Jeff saying “haha a little thicker i was going through a lot of stuff” is so relatable lol 16:38

  32. Batty Battenberg

    Batty Battenberg26 日 前

    The real weight loss started when he dumped that 250lbs of nutjob he was dating..

  33. H Parry

    H Parry26 日 前

    I’m 33 and I love your videos!!!! You’re looking amazing Jason well done!

  34. Maximus Gün

    Maximus Gün26 日 前

    Vlog ur workouts

  35. Vicki W

    Vicki W26 日 前

    They’re sweet potatoes 😂

  36. Amina A.

    Amina A.26 日 前

    "U got me a laptop? Is it an iPad?" Idk why that killed me, so dorky but so fkn hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  37. Jessica Borrego

    Jessica Borrego26 日 前

    Im 31 and love your videos and content!

  38. Brianna Vougiatzis

    Brianna Vougiatzis26 日 前

    that’s amazing jason

  39. Michelle Hajdecki

    Michelle Hajdecki26 日 前

    Proud of you Jason! Keep going.

  40. Karina Duarte

    Karina Duarte26 日 前

    Don’t know if u read this but that’s really cool that u lost the weight that’s progress 💪🏽💪🏽 keep it up! Discipline is everything

  41. Krissy Jane

    Krissy Jane27 日 前

    Ahahaha love it. No car Turkey! Lol truth right there. I’m a fan of yours Jason! #40sclub

  42. Shaunybob

    Shaunybob27 日 前

    congrats buddy! keep up the awesome job!

  43. lauren johnson

    lauren johnson27 日 前

    lol those sunglasses

  44. Melinda May

    Melinda May27 日 前

    I’m 33 soon to be 34 and my 14 year old laughs at me for watching the vlog squad

  45. Cammy Emmons

    Cammy Emmons27 日 前

    I love how thoughtful and meaningful you are Jason when you give a gift. I hope they really appreciate you and why you do these wonderful things for these youngsters!

  46. Cammy Emmons

    Cammy Emmons27 日 前

    All jokes aside. Someone get Jeff laptop! He has wanted forever!

  47. Weekends With Kate

    Weekends With Kate27 日 前

    omg eggs cost $2.49!!??

  48. Melody Lopez

    Melody Lopez27 日 前

    I’m 46 & I love all of you guys so funny!

  49. Gisselle

    Gisselle27 日 前


  50. Isabella O'Hara

    Isabella O'Hara27 日 前

    I just realized I have a car that costs more than most of the vlog squads cars.

  51. Nicole St. Louis

    Nicole St. Louis27 日 前

    My granny died from car turkey.

  52. namia lynn

    namia lynn27 日 前

    He doubts himself too much

  53. Dheal

    Dheal27 日 前

    Jason, These are potatoes, not yams.

  54. Samy Benamar

    Samy Benamar27 日 前

    Nobody: Jason at 13:47: opens jeff's gifts

  55. Estelle Lock

    Estelle Lock27 日 前

    I'm 42. I'm a fan.

  56. Vice TOLUCT

    Vice TOLUCT28 日 前

    "I SWALLOW SLUDGE TO TRANSFORM MYSELF." -That one scientist from Pokemon Emerald

  57. PB !!!

    PB !!!28 日 前

    If you need something crunchy to eat like chips, but you want a healthier substitution, try celery and mustard. My uncle had heart problems and the doctor said he needed to eat healthier. He found himself eating lots of chips and unhealthy snacks, so he tried celery and mustard and he has lost 115 pounds and his heart is healthy again!!

  58. Lana mejia

    Lana mejia28 日 前

    im so proud of jason!!

  59. basura

    basura28 日 前

    happy for you jason :)

  60. Tabitha c

    Tabitha c28 日 前

    Lol Jason was just as toxic. Trisha has done alot better since they broke up,she's lost more weight, collabed more and started going to the therapy more so if anything they both are doing better since breaking up I dont get why she gets the blame when you can look back in vlogs and see he was just as much in the wrong as she was

  61. Erick Glez

    Erick Glez28 日 前

    The only thing thats left for david is jonah he still fat and he aint losing weight any time soon

  62. Nicole St. Louis

    Nicole St. Louis28 日 前

    DrZ is a great source of nutrional guidance Jason!! Please check him out. It is boring, but you need to listen.

  63. Nicole St. Louis

    Nicole St. Louis28 日 前

    I'm so happy for you Jason. Self love baby!! And in your case, there's a lot to love. I'm so proud....and INSPIRED.

  64. Marissa Woods

    Marissa Woods28 日 前

    Jason just go get a pedicure 😂

  65. Ebraheem Alaa El-Din

    Ebraheem Alaa El-Din28 日 前

    I'm happy and proud of you, Jay!