Best Cat News Blooper Ever


  1. Columbæan Mapping

    Columbæan Mapping2 ヶ月 前

    What do you mean it's not Onion News Network?

  2. souven ir

    souven ir3 年 前

    It's okay guys. They dropped my charges on a technicality.

  3. Humberto Mendez

    Humberto Mendez3 年 前

    I dont think its a blooper...

  4. Alper Başar

    Alper Başar4 年 前

    *cumming up

  5. Guts

    Guts4 年 前

    i can relate to this story

  6. James Davis

    James Davis5 ヶ月 前


  7. Timothy Evans

    Timothy Evans4 年 前

    Hahahahaha. That is impossible. That ain't never going to happen.

  8. DNR5586

    DNR55864 年 前

    I bet she's dominant in the bedroom.

  9. James Davis

    James Davis5 ヶ月 前

    @Sparrow * you're

  10. Timothy Evans

    Timothy Evans3 年 前

    Kaneki Ken 😂😂😂😂

  11. Sparrow

    Sparrow4 年 前

    +DNR5586 Heheheheheh. And since that's on your mind I bet your submissive xD

  12. Firemarioflower

    Firemarioflower5 年 前

    The best thing is that she calls herself Cat-alyn

  13. Majoras

    Majoras5 年 前

    what a bunch of pussies

  14. Dr. Acula

    Dr. Acula5 年 前

    funny part is shes quoting the cops, HAHA

  15. King Chimera

    King Chimera6 年 前

    OMFG!!! I wanna see her cover a story about some one with too many roosters

  16. Kona chan

    Kona chan6 年 前

    Fucking Yuuki Rito

  17. Luis Gerardo

    Luis Gerardo6 年 前

    did not expect that voice

  18. Alanna Bandy

    Alanna Bandy6 年 前

    Ha, "action" news.

  19. Crestial Wintersmith

    Crestial Wintersmith6 年 前

    the best part is she said it with no irony.

  20. Rémi Benoît

    Rémi Benoît7 年 前

    wow i was thinking she looks ok then it opened its mouth and i was all like ARGH !!!!RUN AWAY !

  21. Leipä Juusto

    Leipä Juusto7 年 前

    and the man is me :D jk

  22. swedish house mafia

    swedish house mafia7 年 前

    she was too square to even notice what she just said.

  23. Joel Lenihan

    Joel Lenihan7 年 前

    channel sex action news reports on pussy overloads

  24. Potas

    Potas7 年 前

    Story of my life

  25. BR Arts

    BR Arts7 年 前

    not a blooper, she's talking about pussy:phlmetropolis[dot]com/Cats.jpg

  26. merryhappy95

    merryhappy957 年 前

    Reminds me of the news stories and puns Robin Scherbatsky used to do.

  27. Sam Brar

    Sam Brar7 年 前

    looks like one too.

  28. GH1GaryHits1

    GH1GaryHits17 年 前

    Dont you hate when that happens?

  29. NotYourFriend

    NotYourFriend7 年 前

    "More pussy than he can handle"... "ACTION news". XD

  30. Sawgoon

    Sawgoon7 年 前

    i couldnt say that with a straight face (x

  31. oberon358

    oberon3587 年 前

    there's no way this was a blooper. she knew what she was saying, lol.

  32. Timothy Evans

    Timothy Evans7 年 前

    And whats the crazy thing about it all. I can't believe she kept a straight face when she said it.

  33. av3nger3

    av3nger37 年 前

    She blinks at "pussy". Press 4 for pussy.

  34. av3nger3

    av3nger37 年 前

    "Channel Six ACTION news".

  35. Jermayne T

    Jermayne T7 年 前

    i thought she was the man ... anyone else?

  36. Emilio Diaz

    Emilio Diaz7 年 前

    He should share.

  37. Talha Khan

    Talha Khan7 年 前

    It's not funny because she said it, it's funny because she said it with a straight face XD.

  38. Larry Waldbillig

    Larry Waldbillig7 年 前

    VERY poor choice in words! I can't believe she said that......With a straight face!! LMFAO!!!!!!

  39. DetectiveNoir

    DetectiveNoir7 年 前

    I wish I had more pussy than I could handle

  40. DAG Dag

    DAG Dag7 年 前


  41. NSLEandrejpt

    NSLEandrejpt7 年 前

    how the fuck is this news

  42. Ulises Mark

    Ulises Mark7 年 前

    Always handled, the pussy must be.

  43. raiden233

    raiden2338 年 前

    That is why you shouldn't think being a porn actor is easy!

  44. ljd710

    ljd7108 年 前

    wow your sad

  45. yer face

    yer face8 年 前

    If you had seen that on TV then you are a winner!

  46. Mauro Pinotti

    Mauro Pinotti8 年 前

    i didn't know there was a system of measurement for that. like: you need to be this high to handle all that pussy... wtf!

  47. Mega Rayquaza911

    Mega Rayquaza9118 年 前

    said it with a straight face....

  48. Pengu561

    Pengu5618 年 前

    and that's where baby's come from.

  49. bomis181094

    bomis1810948 年 前

    good job bro

  50. HippoPlatimus

    HippoPlatimus8 年 前

    and out walks charlie sheen...

  51. Akutomi -

    Akutomi -8 年 前

    Oh my god, I'm crying!

  52. Diego Cabrera

    Diego Cabrera8 年 前

    A real american hero.

  53. Goldifying

    Goldifying8 年 前

    Lolol who wrote that for her?

  54. Kristhor

    Kristhor8 年 前

    and i was joking :)

  55. Enter a name here

    Enter a name here8 年 前

    she means that he was hoarding cats LOL

  56. Dean Bodonia

    Dean Bodonia8 年 前


  57. megaexplosions

    megaexplosions8 年 前

    Lets hope he doesn't let his cats play with them.

  58. Kristie B

    Kristie B8 年 前

    up next a woman that has too much cocks in her bushes on channel 6 news

  59. Kristie B

    Kristie B8 年 前

    nice choice of words

  60. King Chimera

    King Chimera8 年 前


  61. MrTrAnthony

    MrTrAnthony8 年 前

    Poker face :|

  62. mikepitgate7

    mikepitgate78 年 前


  63. Kristhor

    Kristhor8 年 前

    what is this world coming to?! is this really worth reporting?!

  64. pokeboyethan1

    pokeboyethan18 年 前

    I dont really see how this could be a problem

  65. XxR4WRxX2

    XxR4WRxX28 年 前

    ACTION news......about pussycats.

  66. MrCowboyRoland

    MrCowboyRoland8 年 前

    she sounds like a man

  67. sivaones

    sivaones8 年 前


  68. jonathan schmidt

    jonathan schmidt8 年 前

    i'm all out of bail money

  69. Luka Gaspar

    Luka Gaspar8 年 前

    Question is, how much pussy a man can handle?

  70. FCastillo000

    FCastillo0008 年 前

    @TheBigCheeseStudios what is he had roosters and cats? hahaa

  71. BladerNation

    BladerNation8 年 前

    Ohh no!!! You to bro?!?! Same here.

  72. shenanigans196

    shenanigans1968 年 前

    Sounds like my first time.

  73. ken e

    ken e8 年 前

    Damn Sheriffs...

  74. armand831izondo

    armand831izondo8 年 前

    Lol.. How did she keep a straight face saying that?

  75. Sonya

    Sonya8 年 前

    she was set up for failure. they could've just said, "more CATS than he can handle."

  76. J Moe

    J Moe8 年 前

    25 people dont have enough pussy

  77. hollowman113

    hollowman1138 年 前

    Pimp... that's all im going to add

  78. Carlos Fernandes

    Carlos Fernandes8 年 前

    And that's a problem because.........?

  79. mentaldudes101

    mentaldudes1018 年 前

    thats what she said

  80. Simak Shahid

    Simak Shahid8 年 前


  81. Jesse Diaz

    Jesse Diaz8 年 前


  82. d simon

    d simon8 年 前

    @westben2000 me too

  83. BDAY

    BDAY8 年 前

    @TheBigCheeseStudios lmfao

  84. The One Man Who Beat You

    The One Man Who Beat You8 年 前

    Is there such a thing?