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Behind The Scenes on ALADDIN - Songs, Clips & Bloopers


  1. Flicks And The City

    Flicks And The Cityヶ月 前

    *NEW Aladdin Jasmine Theory video just uploaded!* ► *Which is the better Aladdin movie?* ►

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  4. abhishek bhujbal

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  5. Nikmatul Fauziyah

    Nikmatul Fauziyah5 日 前

    I like aladin

  6. Lupita Galindo

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  7. Zeba Khatun

    Zeba Khatun22 分 前

    Will Smith = Best part 😂

  8. Zeba Khatun

    Zeba Khatun25 分 前

    That was the best movie ever I watched it last week!!! 😝

  9. Michelle Videos

    Michelle Videos41 分 前

    The sad thing is I have not seen it and I am so mad like ahhhhhh

  10. vellia_ pepel

    vellia_ pepel50 分 前

    ABU ternyata hnya boneka 😭😭😂

  11. Jael Rodriguez

    Jael Rodriguez2 時間 前

    Enamorada de esta pelicula 😢😍😍😍

  12. Ashley _Vivi

    Ashley _Vivi2 時間 前

    I can now trust Disney with Live Action Films 😀. I really didn’t expect this movie to be THE BEST MOVIE THIS GALAXY WILL EVER HAVE.

  13. jenzdaworld

    jenzdaworld3 時間 前

    Of course the movie is going to be good! Will Smith is in it he makes everything better 😀

  14. Sophie Reyes

    Sophie Reyes5 時間 前

    I loved this movie

  15. Piggycorn FOREVER

    Piggycorn FOREVER5 時間 前

    I love Aladdin.

  16. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido7 時間 前

    All I care about is Jafar rn, oml. Tbh, I also think original Jafar was hottt too.

  17. Maya Peterson

    Maya Peterson7 時間 前

    I saw the movie it’s soooo gooodd can you make a 2nd one that’s not in animation I LOVE IT:D

  18. Arnrun Hildur

    Arnrun Hildur8 時間 前

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought this was a video from T Series o_o

  19. Tonja Catchings

    Tonja Catchings8 時間 前

    So when is this coming out on blu-ray because I'm extra ready to play it over about a 101 times !

  20. Maisie Justes

    Maisie Justes9 時間 前

    I am a Super big fan of the 1992 Aladdin movie and as soon as I herd that the new movie was coming I was so excited. But after watching it, it was really different but overall it was a great movie. If you agree click the like button.

  21. bubblelove2010

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    Aladdin is my favorite movie 🎥 🍿

  22. Helen Padilla

    Helen Padilla11 時間 前

    I love the dress

  23. Ajhalley

    Ajhalley11 時間 前

    My best friends dads worked on this!!!!

  24. Dariusz Niendorf

    Dariusz Niendorf13 時間 前

    ich mag das ihr seit kul

  25. TheBengalRoyal

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    Who else thinks that Abu and Rajah should have married?

  26. DJcutiecatx 123

    DJcutiecatx 12318 時間 前

    Bukan flick but Fucck lemot

  27. Regita Permata

    Regita Permata18 時間 前

    How the wonderful this film. Its so amazed. I can't expect more.

  28. Бон Мякеля

    Бон Мякеля19 時間 前

    Вы разрушили мой мир, я действительно думала, что обезьянка настоящая...

  29. Roberto De Leon-Gonzalez

    Roberto De Leon-Gonzalez20 時間 前

    As good as the male leads were - and Will Smith was very, very good as the Genie - I am amazed at the wonderful acting by Naomi Scott and Nasim Pedrad. That song, "Speechless", was great!

  30. Dwi Adriana

    Dwi Adriana23 時間 前

    I just watched it just now at the theater😂

  31. Licia Yap

    Licia Yap日 前

    I didn’t know that abu was fake 🙀🤩🤩🤩😁😍

  32. savage gachaXXX

    savage gachaXXX日 前

    Abu isn't real but the Camels and horses are?! I'm confused

  33. Myra Calisha Nuraffan

    Myra Calisha Nuraffan日 前

    Naomi Scott is so beautiful WOW

  34. Mallory Herrera

    Mallory Herrera日 前

    i just wathed aladdin for the 2 time lol good to know

  35. Rekha Sandeep Thakur

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  36. Diane Lopez

    Diane Lopez日 前

    I love genie

  37. Bent Arabia مصريه عربيه

    Bent Arabia مصريه عربيه日 前

    Menna from egypt Alladdin from Arabs We arabs have history

  38. Katie Jo

    Katie Jo日 前

    Honestly the ENDING HAD ME SHOOK 🤩🤩😭

  39. Laila Lol

    Laila Lol日 前

    Really best movie I’ve ever see

  40. Laila Lol

    Laila Lol日 前

    I think I’m addicted to this movie I wanna watch it again

  41. Laila Lol

    Laila Lol日 前

    What about the flying mat

  42. pretty lifes with me claire

    pretty lifes with me claire日 前

    I watched it it was sooo funny😅!!!!!

  43. Thayla Quispe

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  44. George White

    George White日 前

    I Love this movie I watch it 5 times ♥️I love you Niomi

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  46. Paola GG

    Paola GG日 前

    Me encanta aladdin

  47. Eaqually Chan su

    Eaqually Chan su日 前

    Ive watched it it beated my potato ...

  48. Shivas Pyros Jaucian Sandoval

    Shivas Pyros Jaucian Sandoval日 前

    Oh, hey Durant 4:56

  49. I dont think so Thot

    I dont think so Thot日 前

    this movie was indescribable there was nothing wrong with it, actually the whole movie was like my dream movie! and the cast omg amazing beautiful it was awesome

  50. Army -blink Videos

    Army -blink Videos日 前

    احب الفلم لي درجه مو طبيعه جدا. عجبني I love the film to much I saw yesterday 😭😭🥺🥺🥺💜💜

  51. Nuru L

    Nuru L日 前

    Am i who only want to know behind the scanes about the carpet alladin?

  52. Kawaii Unicorn2215

    Kawaii Unicorn2215日 前

    One star, head of a sordorpadro, one kick, head of the cheese blocks, three bits, as fire holes :3 dat FACTS

  53. Diane Lopez

    Diane Lopez日 前

    I love 💕 this movie 🍿 is my best day

  54. Kezia Tampubolon

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  55. neneng kartika

    neneng kartika日 前

    Pangeran alih abuu 💝

  56. Suitcase Inatamite insanity

    Suitcase Inatamite insanity日 前

    So your telling me.. Abu is a puppet? ... NᎪNᏆ

  57. Ana Lucanas

    Ana Lucanas日 前

    can you visit us pls

  58. imoto

    imoto日 前

    The movie became more Indian than Arabian

  59. Housseix

    Housseix日 前

    this movie turned out way better than i expected tbh

  60. Farand Ramadhan

    Farand Ramadhan日 前

    1:02 what name song?

  61. Jackie Wright

    Jackie Wright日 前

    The song is called "Speechless" which was never in the animated version

  62. Lily Loves Gacha

    Lily Loves Gacha日 前

    I really like that they let jasmine sing her own song in the movie I REALLY LOVE THE SONG

  63. Doggo Dude

    Doggo Dude日 前

    I watched the movie AND I LOVED IT! QUALITY EFFECTS 👌👌

  64. Dyaah Nur A

    Dyaah Nur A日 前

    Abu look so cute

  65. Aleena Hussain

    Aleena Hussain日 前

    I watched this at cinema in the theatre and I liked/loved it it was a super good movie

  66. Llama Kids

    Llama Kids2 日 前

    Will says Brush off your FRIDAY salaam!

  67. azka dina

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  68. Aerah Arevalo

    Aerah Arevalo2 日 前

    The monkey isn't real😭

  69. cerulean sparrow

    cerulean sparrow2 日 前

    It's so awkward in real life

  70. Ken Hoang

    Ken Hoang2 日 前

    All I could say was.. a casual.. “hey~”

  71. Ruth Mora Rodríguez

    Ruth Mora Rodríguez2 日 前

    Jajaja jajaja jajaja

  72. Zunaira Singh

    Zunaira Singh2 日 前

    what' i love jasmane are you the real one

  73. teoh joan

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  74. Tanjarikh Azyerbay

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  75. Ruth Rojas

    Ruth Rojas2 日 前

    Like si viste la película y t encanto

  76. Jtandjr41 Gucci

    Jtandjr41 Gucci2 日 前

    Who is sad because Aboo isn’t real

  77. sonita

    sonita2 日 前

    5:20 WHO IS SHE

  78. Abdullah Abutazil

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  79. Ashley Callanta

    Ashley Callanta2 日 前

    I watched it two times at the cinemas😂 I really love it💖

  80. David Barbieri

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  81. David Barbieri

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  82. Fox Fire

    Fox Fire2 日 前

    I just watched this yesterday-_-

  83. Queen Catalán

    Queen Catalán2 日 前

    Naomi se parece un chorro a Ariana Grandre

  84. Briseida Romero

    Briseida Romero2 日 前

    I watch the movie in the theater it I like so much that is my favorite movie 🍿😇 Like if u argree

  85. Quirky Randomness W/ Aly-girl

    Quirky Randomness W/ Aly-girl2 日 前

    ❤️OMG!❤️ I cannot WAIT! I’m so excited. I love the Disney classic and this movie seems great. Unfortunately...I have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD. 🥺😔😢 Well...The anticipation will keep on building up until I finally buy the movie! The Lion king seems great too. That’s all. Love. ❤️ Hope. 🦋 Peace. 🦅 Everyone keep on smiling and Let your light shine!

  86. Ana Delaney

    Ana Delaney2 日 前

    One of my favorite lines: “I’m making sure the water is the right temperature”😂😂😂😂😂😂

  87. Dalia Al-Saji

    Dalia Al-Saji2 日 前

    Me:figures out the monkey is not real.......MY LIFE WAS ALL A LIE

  88. Yasmin Johnson

    Yasmin Johnson2 日 前

    He’s done robin proud a true actor ❤️🙏🏻🏆

  89. Baby's tear

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  90. Lemons Does gacha!

    Lemons Does gacha!2 日 前

    I littrally just came from the cenima(watched alladin✌🏻✌🏻)and i opend yt and i saw this vd on my recom..

  91. okqy so

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  92. Khalid sultana

    Khalid sultana2 日 前

    The movie was really great

  93. Aurora Cressida y Elizabet Bitterfly Diaz Butterfly

    Aurora Cressida y Elizabet Bitterfly Diaz Butterfly2 日 前

    Como hacen Para que vuele la alfombra?

  94. gem7

    gem72 日 前

    it’s so quiet

  95. Racquel Escobedo

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  96. Lily Springer

    Lily Springer2 日 前

    How did you get this

  97. Esther Garza

    Esther Garza2 日 前

    I’m Muslim from Bangladesh

  98. Ancient Lion

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  99. Julie61392

    Julie613922 日 前

    I like this movie now

  100. MER IEM

    MER IEM2 日 前

    Genie-----> American 🇺🇸 Jasmine -----> English ,BRITISH.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 Alladin -----> canadian ,egyptian.🇨🇦🇪🇬 Jaafer -----> tunisian.🇹🇳 The sultan -----> American ,Iranian.🇺🇸 🇮🇷 Dalia -----> American Iranian.🇺🇸🇮🇷 Hakim ----> turkish🇹🇷

  101. emprendedora 222

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  102. Kaito Sawada

    Kaito Sawada2 日 前

    You’re '

  103. Clara Campe

    Clara Campe2 日 前

    Nice dress

  104. HK TG

    HK TG2 日 前

    もう全てにおいて最高すぎた。 こうやって裏がわかると尚更。

  105. Evi Sulistianingrum

    Evi Sulistianingrum2 日 前

    Prince Ali! 😍😂

  106. B B

    B B2 日 前

    why is jazmin not wering blue

  107. 231980wa2a

    231980wa2a2 日 前

    Literally, these kind of films the star is the director, he makes the magic

  108. juliana costa Kielek

    juliana costa Kielek2 日 前

    Muito maneiro! Apaixonada!