1. Levi Ramsey

    Levi Ramsey23 分 前

    Can hear my grandmother saying if you don't wear a warm hat, you'll catch cold!

  2. hrishi_pillai INSTA

    hrishi_pillai INSTA時間 前

    changed my perception on life

  3. NPizzaWeCrust Games

    NPizzaWeCrust Games5 時間 前

    Any new videos? 🥰

  4. Steliqn Veselinov

    Steliqn Veselinov8 時間 前

    The greatest video on youtube

  5. Skippy

    Skippy9 時間 前

    this is the definition of living life to the fullest

  6. Shambhu The Eternal

    Shambhu The Eternal11 時間 前

    Yogis in India and in Tibet can generate so much heat by intense meditation that they literally sweat in snow ...Bcz our body the 3rd chakra from bottom is Fire chakra ..By meditation on that chakra .. Intense heat can be generated

  7. Karoline Faarlund

    Karoline Faarlund11 時間 前

    WOW🙌🏻🙌🏻 That's incredible & your mindset truly amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻#seekdiscomfort

  8. Jackisthedogsbollocks69

    Jackisthedogsbollocks69日 前

    I had dream that wim hof was DJ and I took a cold shower and I didn’t even feel the cold

  9. ItsLloydM8

    ItsLloydM8日 前

    Who's the lady? She's badass, just unassumingly smashed everything.

  10. Dylan Reeves

    Dylan Reeves日 前

    good video

  11. Grace Gillies

    Grace Gillies日 前

    Thomas you were thinking too much. Super proud of this. I dont know you guys but you make me want to brag about you. This was an epic documentary!!

  12. Bengt Bepponen

    Bengt Bepponen日 前

    what a guy

  13. Triple Threat

    Triple Threat日 前

    This is what Canada weather is

  14. BM beats

    BM beats日 前

    9:23 epiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  15. Zagaraf

    Zagaraf2 日 前


  16. My hope Everyone's hope

    My hope Everyone's hope2 日 前

    Kimetsu no yaiba- hinokami fire dance 🔥

  17. Gnuvy

    Gnuvy2 日 前

    Imagine walking your dog and seeing them in the river what you doing ?

  18. Harleigh Young

    Harleigh Young2 日 前

    so has thomas never been in the cold like ever?

  19. that one asian dude

    that one asian dude2 日 前

    Next up man that resist extreme heat

  20. that one asian dude

    that one asian dude2 日 前

    I need a tutorial on how to do this

  21. that one asian dude

    that one asian dude日 前

    Deann_ i froze my balls

  22. Deann_

    Deann_2 日 前

    that one asian dude watch the video

  23. Tim Haddadian

    Tim Haddadian2 日 前

    This is so inspiring!

  24. Valentin A.

    Valentin A.3 日 前


  25. No name

    No name3 日 前

    Just discovered this channel from josh explores omg DOPE

  26. Kacper Janicki

    Kacper Janicki3 日 前

    greetings from Poland! Nice vid ;D

  27. dodoskywalker

    dodoskywalker3 日 前

    Queria muito saber se o método ajuda quem tem artrose e artrite reumatóide


    DERPY FACE3 日 前

    10:00 Rip camera man :( *Stays in the water for like hours straight*

  29. Ministrooo

    Ministrooo3 日 前

    with 3 minuntes of breath training i got 1min and 40 sec without breathing omfg

  30. St. Anger Snare

    St. Anger Snare3 日 前

    I guess you could say they were doing this on a "wim."

  31. Musa Raza

    Musa Raza4 日 前

    WOWWW you guys got balls I love to do this thing you are lucky guys

  32. Xoyaze Baduwal

    Xoyaze Baduwal4 日 前

    Come to Nepal....😄🤘🏻🤘🏻

  33. Someone Random

    Someone Random4 日 前

    People not to far away probably think it's a zombie apocalypse with all the screaming 😂

  34. Nandor Szabo

    Nandor Szabo4 日 前

    Looks like torture to me

  35. Nicole Hamilton

    Nicole Hamilton4 日 前

    I want to do things like this but how are you guys coming up with these ideas? How do we participate in stuff like this?! ugh!

  36. House Music by dattrax

    House Music by dattrax4 日 前

    Amazing!! Thank you!!

  37. Dyllan White

    Dyllan White4 日 前

    This is like Jedi training and Thomas is turning to the Darkside

  38. Just4FunTV

    Just4FunTV4 日 前

    Is that on his belly at 9:21 the thing I think it is? :D

  39. ileuu

    ileuu5 日 前

    If this can be achieved without doing the breathing exercises, I understand that they are not entirely necessary. it would be nice to know how to achieve these things in some other way where the maximum temperature reaches 18 degrees

  40. leaf village hidden in the hood

    leaf village hidden in the hood5 日 前


  41. Meg Igarashi

    Meg Igarashi5 日 前

    This film was so good. I kind of got emotional at the end and I'm not even sure why. Proud of you guys for taking a new step for all of us. :)

  42. Lizette Catague

    Lizette Catague5 日 前

    So good!!!!!

  43. dennis soh

    dennis soh5 日 前

    i am suffering from an addiction to Yes Theory, this video is so inspiring.

  44. Alessandro Gioetto

    Alessandro Gioetto5 日 前

    Fottutamente epico

  45. Venum Ames

    Venum Ames5 日 前

    Thomas is whining and the girl has the balls.

  46. Venum Ames

    Venum Ames5 日 前

    The girl and Amar were the best in the water!

  47. Michael Massaro

    Michael Massaro5 日 前

    29:18 what happened to him?? what is why is ?? does anyone know?

  48. George Sinogeorgos

    George Sinogeorgos6 日 前


  49. too Cozy

    too Cozy6 日 前


  50. Erik Hansen

    Erik Hansen6 日 前

    Can you plizz come to Norway Arendal

  51. john constantine

    john constantine6 日 前

    Yes Theory is the best youtubers out there ❤

  52. EzAb Dude

    EzAb Dude6 日 前

    20:41 when someone steps on my shoes

  53. EzAb Dude

    EzAb Dude6 日 前

    9:53 lmao he had an erection

  54. Hezron Castillo

    Hezron Castillo7 日 前

    Is this some kind of Kimetsu no Yaiba Ice Breathing first form frozen nova

  55. Cayden Johnstone

    Cayden Johnstone7 日 前

    Hey you know the guy you made fun of for not getting vaccinated this is him now

  56. V L

    V L7 日 前

    Amazing. I love you!

  57. Tushar Singh

    Tushar Singh7 日 前

    I love this! Thank you for this.



    thank you Wim Hof !!



    i cant wait for january live from montreal ! lol

  60. Lakhvinder Singh

    Lakhvinder Singh7 日 前

    Please can you send some of your Hoodies to me written SEEK DISCOMFORT Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please +91 9814641290

  61. Margarita Diaz

    Margarita Diaz7 日 前

    Best WHM video I’ve watched...I want it to be much longer 😁🥶

  62. Édouard Dirtcam

    Édouard Dirtcam7 日 前

    if u don't have air conditionner, just watch dis video

  63. vamplord111

    vamplord1113 日 前

    I did most of the summer in Arizona with only a ceiling fan. I did this in 115 degree temps. I would sleep in a recliner outside at night.