1. Jacky Lino

    Jacky Lino8 分 前

    Now I feel like taking a cold shower

  2. Masin Crespin

    Masin Crespin22 分 前

    He is incredible

  3. Hoang quan Pham

    Hoang quan Pham34 分 前

    Boi at 9:22 that guy face look boi how am I gonna survive this

  4. Isaac Cupp

    Isaac Cupp44 分 前

    I've swam in white water and when you first enter your body goes into a type of shock. After you get out your body feels replenished though. Your skin is smooth and your body is warm. It. very therapeutic to do this. This is why athletes do it.

  5. RiK Rivine

    RiK Rivine時間 前

    20:19 Amagine just walking by and seing this going down right in the river 😆😆😂😂😂

  6. Pyro Tension

    Pyro Tension時間 前

    “He has done more then what anybody thought a human body could do” this gets me motivated to get strong enough to fight lions, bears, and gorillas!!!!!

  7. logos rising

    logos rising時間 前

    They got possesed at 28:27 , these practises are pagan and demonic to its core.. Be careful people, we can only serve one master. Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ before its too late

  8. Jose Uriarte

    Jose Uriarte時間 前

    Imagen just taking a walk and finding random people doing weird noises 20:30

  9. hype beastgaming

    hype beastgaming時間 前

    Athletes stay in a ice bath for 15 minutes what is sky talking about, “your not supposed to stay in a ice bath for more than 3 minutes” like what

  10. INSANE

    INSANE時間 前

    I know what I’m doing this winter even though I was advised not too

  11. Zero

    Zero2 時間 前

    29:10 does anyone know what was actually actually happening to him? Like what?

  12. Unbalanced Lunatic

    Unbalanced Lunatic2 時間 前

    30:44 PlayStation gang👀

  13. Kened Gamer

    Kened Gamer2 時間 前

    .__. What's the point of this? What, You wanna audition for The Next Frozen movie or some shit



    Why did I watch a whole bunch of men walk up a snowy mountain in speedos?

  15. Liam Carignan

    Liam Carignan2 時間 前

    Try this in some minus 50 with the windchill in canada

  16. Molasses

    Molasses3 時間 前

    I can’t believe this guy isn’t acknowledged more. He literally has superpowers

  17. RydersGamingChannel Columbia

    RydersGamingChannel Columbia3 時間 前

    Imagine just going fishing the in the river u see people yelling 😂😂 and chanting

  18. Disco Cat

    Disco Cat3 時間 前

    My friend doesn't like yes theory She got Ran over by A bus ............. I lost my bus lisense

  19. Creating New YT Respond gaming, link in description

    Creating New YT Respond gaming, link in description3 時間 前

    That montage of them jumping in the water would be trash If that guy didn’t do a gainer


    R4GNOROK PLAYS3 時間 前

    Wait what if he’s the normal person and where the weird people

  21. -*Blueface*-

    -*Blueface*-3 時間 前

    Who else was so dumb to think that ninja was in the thumbnail xD

  22. Le6Muzik

    Le6Muzik3 時間 前


  23. We are not Your kind

    We are not Your kind3 時間 前

    I thought at those temperatures, it would kill your skins cells?

  24. djmoney 205

    djmoney 2053 時間 前

    I thought u could see ur breath when its cold

  25. SsadBoysaul

    SsadBoysaul4 時間 前

    Y’all got that disney +

  26. Lo Flo

    Lo Flo4 時間 前

    I didn't know sitting in cold water turns u into beatboxing cavemen that scream their heads off..

  27. -Gemberkoekje-

    -Gemberkoekje-4 時間 前


  28. Team BBH

    Team BBH4 時間 前

    It just me or does he look like Robin Williams?

  29. Mr. NotSoCreative

    Mr. NotSoCreative4 時間 前

    9:30 can we pay some respect to the camera man who just stayed in the freezing water while they all jumped and got out lol

  30. Ja'Crispy Fatbelly

    Ja'Crispy Fatbelly4 時間 前

    For the 2.9k people that disliked the video, F U. Like this is ground breaking stuff. U might think he is crazy but they did it. Other people did it. What he says is TRUE.

  31. Faze Lui

    Faze Lui5 時間 前

    I love how all the guys are complaining but the girl is just like what’s going on? While she’s in the water

  32. J B

    J B5 時間 前

    Wow I couldn’t believe how red your skin was!

  33. Nick Crane

    Nick Crane5 時間 前

    My heart was racing for them

  34. BMPMVP

    BMPMVP5 時間 前

    28:37 is very interesting as those same reflexes occur after someone experiences an extreme Traumatic Brain Injury and I would like to know why that reflex is exhibited by him just with a change in breathing. Anybody with any answers please come forward lol.

  35. Fernando Garibay

    Fernando Garibay5 時間 前

    Me watch is this think this man can go super saiyan🤣🤣

  36. Hybrid King

    Hybrid King5 時間 前

    I hate all the quotes in the youtube comments

  37. Maleah Couteret

    Maleah Couteret5 時間 前

    They were so red from staying in the water for 10 mins

  38. Jesse

    Jesse6 時間 前

    Who is watching this midnight when they have to sleep 😂

  39. Barry's Gacha

    Barry's Gacha6 時間 前

    I wish I was a superhuman like Wim hof

  40. Jimmy Ayers

    Jimmy Ayers6 時間 前

    Should go to topgun. He will be the real real ice man now

  41. Daniel Sloan

    Daniel Sloan6 時間 前

    Is this just releasing a bunch of endorphines and adrenaline? If so, obviously you are going to feel alive and energized. But is it good to continue on a regular basis?

  42. jhallunderwood

    jhallunderwood6 時間 前

    Love your vids

  43. C J

    C J7 時間 前

    Hes acting like the rest of the animals in the world. Millitary should be using him

  44. Kinky Tail

    Kinky Tail7 時間 前

    If there is a ice man then I’m going to become the fire man.

  45. Andy Vanderpool

    Andy Vanderpool7 時間 前

    I just caused you to have a stroke. Relax, it's okay.

  46. AlexChuros

    AlexChuros7 時間 前


  47. Tyler Sam-Prescod

    Tyler Sam-Prescod7 時間 前

    38:20 does my man's have his hands in his pants

  48. Dany Hala

    Dany Hala7 時間 前

    Wim is a Snow Man

  49. NapoleonMartin

    NapoleonMartin7 時間 前

    Few days later Thomas naked in snow people looking at him Thomas What it’s not even cold

  50. Super Random channel

    Super Random channel7 時間 前

    Image the government find all the people who can be in frozen water or frozen things and make them build a frozen ice park

  51. Infi12345

    Infi123457 時間 前

    Summer: *exists* Wim: Say sike right now

  52. Blizzard FN

    Blizzard FN7 時間 前

    Is it me or does the man look like the “Beard Papas” dude in the thumbnail?

  53. levi de lepel

    levi de lepel8 時間 前


  54. Horizon

    Horizon8 時間 前

    How do your hands not get cold?

  55. Alana Benitez

    Alana Benitez8 時間 前

    33:50 The way they’re crying you would think it was -4 degrees *FAHRENHEIT* because that’s what I thought the weather was that they were talking about. It’s only going to get colder the higher they get up.

  56. Alana Benitez

    Alana Benitez8 時間 前

    At that point why even own a car like this 32:20 when you have such harsh weather and terrain

  57. 7_0 _0

    7_0 _08 時間 前

    19:52 wow he can beatbox better then me..


    SHENDI YT8 時間 前

    Me : i can't sleep without my pijama This SuperHumain : 🙃

  59. Alana Benitez

    Alana Benitez8 時間 前

    I live in wisconsin and as a kid i lived on a farm. So seeing the intro of the guy walking barefoot in the snow just reminded me of another winter day here in wisconsin.

  60. Gz lunix

    Gz lunix9 時間 前

    Polska nice and chesh