1. Assweed

    Assweed34 分 前

    its they they were possessed by a demon after they meditated

  2. Assweed

    Assweed41 分 前

    23:31 you welcome

  3. KJLouw

    KJLouw時間 前

    He uses hamon cuz his breathing is his part

  4. Mudassir Muneer Jaam

    Mudassir Muneer Jaam6 時間 前

    Hats off for the girl she took it like a champ#girlpower 😂💪

  5. Khushi Jain

    Khushi Jain6 時間 前

    Whose here from nas daily😂

  6. Mosoumu Pirsyr

    Mosoumu Pirsyr8 時間 前

    The final minute was better than any motivational video on JPreporter.

  7. Maccy meal 21

    Maccy meal 2111 時間 前

    Es dosiert Schnee in Deutschland

  8. SANChEZG14 -

    SANChEZG14 -13 時間 前

    @Yes Theory give a complete stranger, who works alot and has no time to themselves a dream vacation 🙏🏻🥶

  9. Pavel Rusin

    Pavel Rusin15 時間 前

    No one gonna talk about the cameraman being in the water waiting for them all to finish jumping?

  10. Doctor. D.R

    Doctor. D.R17 時間 前

    38:15 ooh, Wim got us.

  11. AnOnYmOuS

    AnOnYmOuS20 時間 前

    38:20... my man on the back knows whats up

  12. A console Broke my tonsole

    A console Broke my tonsole21 時間 前

    *frostbite has left the chat*

  13. R Braz

    R Braz21 時間 前

    cuz your not supposed to think about the camera

  14. Constantine Stefanidis

    Constantine Stefanidis21 時間 前

    I get cold when I open the refrigerator


    WOLF GAMING21 時間 前

    Wim hof Vs jack frost

  16. degamemaatjes_nl

    degamemaatjes_nl21 時間 前

    21:55 that sounds exextly as a gta 5 human whos falling down haha


    Code: Nologyy SONST GIBTS EINE AUFS MAUL22 時間 前

    Well i got an iceman ad on this video

  18. Risa Vrba

    Risa Vrba23 時間 前

    I FROM Czech Republice mám rád svíčkovou

  19. Na Spokojnie

    Na Spokojnie日 前

    CoronaVirus ain't got shit on me!

  20. Weird guy Jay

    Weird guy Jay日 前

    Ice man: don’t do this at home Me: turns on fan at face it at my belly also me: How’s that?

  21. Ulica Przemyslowa

    Ulica Przemyslowa日 前

    *Professional reads disclaimer* Also professional I like those odds

  22. Ramiro Orcellet

    Ramiro Orcellet日 前

    This metod will beat coronavirus

  23. Amuck fosh fast as hell boi

    Amuck fosh fast as hell boi日 前

    This isn’t real. The snow is a paid actor

  24. Mr.Zatla

    Mr.Zatla日 前


  25. Arbuzowa ;3

    Arbuzowa ;3日 前

    Me: *sees the title at **0:00* Me, a Polish person: *happiness noise*

  26. Amazing wolf wiper

    Amazing wolf wiper日 前

    If he was on the titanic: Everyone: **freezes to death** Wim: **swims around**

  27. GN_Ümmet

    GN_Ümmet日 前

    Before the vid stwrted i becme an ad from ice man

  28. Sreenithi Ramgiri

    Sreenithi Ramgiri日 前

    no one: my brain during an exam: 20:20

  29. Sreenithi Ramgiri

    Sreenithi Ramgiri日 前

    imagine you're just taking a nice, pleasant walk and you come across this 20:20

  30. Sreenithi Ramgiri

    Sreenithi Ramgiri日 前

    thomas looked like he wanted to slaughter the Wim dude the entire video

  31. Aman Sukubhattu

    Aman Sukubhattu日 前

    I just realized that i watched the whole 42 minutes video without any skips Also its very interesting Woooow

  32. Aman Sukubhattu

    Aman Sukubhattu日 前

    Anyone remember this song Bike game

  33. Aman Sukubhattu

    Aman Sukubhattu日 前

    The camera man was the first person to jump from the cliff and also he stayed for longer time Woow

  34. Edvald Fredriksen

    Edvald Fredriksen日 前


  35. Enlightenment Zone

    Enlightenment Zone日 前

    You should visit Himalayan masters.

  36. e e

    e e日 前


  37. polarbear

    polarbear日 前

    PLot twist : They all got frostbite..

  38. Hellcat

    Hellcat日 前

    This is the stupidest stuff I've ever seen

  39. Tiago GEMIRA

    Tiago GEMIRA日 前

    Wim Hof is complicated science 😂

  40. Defective Nomad

    Defective Nomad日 前

    If a Nokia and chuck Norris had a baby Wim Hof would be the offspring.

  41. Lucas Awesome

    Lucas Awesome日 前

    I want to do this

  42. Bridget Connors

    Bridget Connors日 前

    Thomas is a mood

  43. Robert Erich

    Robert Erich日 前

    Siri, What is a cult.

  44. Awesome Girls

    Awesome Girls日 前

    Wow kto jeszcze z polski 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 Who else from Poland

  45. Dani Trutovic

    Dani Trutovic日 前

    I cant go outside on sunny day withouth jacket

  46. Jake O'Bryan

    Jake O'Bryan日 前

    I'm from Poland

  47. glencarlo

    glencarlo日 前

    Respiratory acidosis.

  48. kool_dud

    kool_dud日 前

    Am i the only one getting ads for his course



    This man needs to explore the North Pole while he can

  50. Víctor Matheu

    Víctor Matheu2 日 前

    "there's always the speedo guy"

  51. kleine yigit

    kleine yigit2 日 前

    Can he survive space cuz its cold at space

  52. malik farhad

    malik farhad2 日 前


  53. Nadeen Sivic

    Nadeen Sivic2 日 前

    My husband is a skiinstructor. We live in Chamonix. He is outside all winter in wi d snow and rain. He loves the cold. He is rarely ill. I came from the city. It was meeting him that I realised how weak I was. The cold now.....I LOVE it. I love the Wim Hoff method. Awesome stuff.

  54. Ole Andreas Nilsen

    Ole Andreas Nilsen2 日 前

    Like i dont think i could unlock my mind now but in some years (im 11 years old)

  55. Brentt Mamaclay

    Brentt Mamaclay2 日 前

    *Wim Hof* : *DON’T* Try This At *HOME* *Me* : There’ s *SNOW* At *HOME*??

  56. Jericho Mad

    Jericho Mad2 日 前

    You look like ninja in the thumbnail

  57. Honest News Network

    Honest News Network2 日 前

    But will they endure the Great Tribulation Hour?

  58. Hello I’m Manny

    Hello I’m Manny2 日 前

    I took a cold shower

  59. Ricardo Santos

    Ricardo Santos2 日 前

    Ammar looked like he was just cruising and chilling through all of this, sheesh

  60. Epic_Face Joey

    Epic_Face Joey2 日 前

    Titanic sinks. People: Were dead. Wim: It’s not that cold.