Basically I'm Gay


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    That’s definitely very gross I hate you

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    Even thought this is like 45 minutes- it is Dan so he'd make it pretty enjoyable to sit through

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    I am litterally crying because i missed my formless blob so much 🤧♥️♥️♥️

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    What's up with everyone doing movie long explanations

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    you and eugene are so strong. i love you both. 🏳️‍🌈

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    I’m 11 that whole part about being 11 is to true

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    Wow so surprised! I can't believe it! It wasn't obvious at all!

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    wanna give dan a hug, proud of him.

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    Oh baby. I love you. I happy for you. Good job.

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    Honey we've been knew

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    support you always!!!

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    We know

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    "What does my label say?" 🔥HIGHLY FLAMMABLE Got to appreciate the humor 😆

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    Whatever Dan! Love you always!❤

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    Love ya

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    I love you. like, for real. thank you

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    I am identify as child

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    You should have tried again and killed yourself

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    Universal pronunciation that’s possibly the worst thing i’ve ever heard someone say

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    most of the videos I watch are asmr and sexy korean girls. WHY does youtube want me to watch this? BRAINWASHING?

  23. Lucy Sykes

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    11:36 ngl kinda wanna cry cause not enough people really acc understand how I feel.

  24. Hannah J.

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    Who else wants Eugene and Dan to make a fun video

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    We know.

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    37:34 same Dan. Same.

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    Bruh u look like a vampire

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    I’ve never been so proud of Dan😭❤️

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    I don't actually care and neither do 97% of the population

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    You’re awesome!!

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    Lovely video! Thank you! 💕💕💕💕

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    Sneaky Jew

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    When he did 🏳️‍🌈 I felt 🤰🏿🥺

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    Never heard of this guy until this video lol.

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    I love you

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    79% of the words he uses I’ve never heard. Yet I still understand. The Daniel way

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    YASS DAniel HoWell i luv you no matter what!

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    Now your no longer one of James Charles Victims

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    I love that Hector's drawings accompany this video so much

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    this is good

  43. Theo Is overweight

    Theo Is overweight28 分 前

    I have no idea who you are and I have never watched you ever in my life and I have no idea why this video appeared in my recommended list but hey, congratulations, I know it can be hard to get something like this out there to the public.

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    the world: OMG LOOK AT THIS me: wait i know this guy *looks him up* me: WOOT

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    The thumbnail says it all

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    Well I never saw that coming

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    sending ALL the love

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    sebastian !!29 分 前

    i've never watched a Dan video in my entire life but wow i laughed and i got sad and this video was an emotional rollercoaster

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    Anyone else watching in July 2032?

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    I wish you were my best friend

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    The light were distracting me the whole damn time I missed half the shit he said and kept having to go back and watch bits again Edit: also I am very comfortable wearing heels

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    This was really beautiful thank you

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    i thought u were british

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    Wait what is he

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    oh that's vewwy nice

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    _"Living your truth, with pride, Is the way to be happy"_ *_Daniel Howell_*

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    bro im crying so much rn with this and nazoir's video talking about it and omg im so emotional djsskdj

  64. Snickercole

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    Nobody deserves to suffer like that... You are so strong and brave. I know how it is to feel completely alone and I'm so glad to have made it out the other side and I'm so glad you did too.

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    Hi we support you! We will never judge you you can feel safe around your fandom 💞💞💞

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    I love you

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    Why is this trending???????

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    NOBODY CARES If you get triggered over this, you are about as smart as a leaf.

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    I care but if you don’t then no one is forcing you to be here :3

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    The Hoovian cool

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    I do and so do many others

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    Happy for you!

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    Dan your video was so inspiring the message was so amazing

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    7:00 k bye

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    It doesn’t matter

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    Them 36k disliker homophobes are going to hell

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    *a year without uploading he comes back with a flag 🏳️‍🌈*

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    James charles retweeted it, lmao.

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    *how dare people be happy about living...* _ha_

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    ok so my sis keeps pressuring me to watch this help i'm being held at gunpoint

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    [ _ TV Trash _ ] your sister is a smart person

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    Fair play

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    and basically I'm monky

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    Ew you

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    i’m so proud of you💘

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    proud of u :)

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    Love that

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    That’s nasty

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    *insert that one video with the kid saying UR OPINION IS WRONG*

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    You play fortnite you're not entitled to an opinion especially if its homophobic kiddo

  95. Barbie's Ghost

    Barbie's Ghost36 分 前

    Basically you're not alone now 2019 gives us the opportunity to get help and support and that gets hope up so don't be afraid anymore, Dan Howell, you are not alone now

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    Basically?? More like Obviously 😂😂

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    Wow he’s got some guts. Massive props.

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    Omg ur back

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    No shit Sherlock.

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    GIVE HIIM A HUG!!!! 19:52 ❤️😢

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    Haha faggot

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    Noah1072 go fuck your self

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    i know i've commented a ton here already but this video really is important. although there's a lot of jokes throughout the video, everything talked about in the video is very real, and is sadly still happening to this day. it takes a lot of courage to speak up.

  106. Brynn Sully

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    "In almost every way, I literally peaked at 5" is a whole ass mood

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    Fucking faggot

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    my guy i haven't watched the video but we been knew.

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    Tululla Williams He literally said that he doesn't wanna see "We been knew" comments

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    Thank you for this! I really related to a lot of it. 👍🏻

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    Reads title ... See’s dans face *INTERNAL SCREAMING COMMENCES*

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    This is ICONIC

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    this makes my heart Happy❤️

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    fagget hehe

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    idk idk go fuck yourself

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    you can’t call someone a faggot if you can’t even spell it.

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    19:34 wow he’s so strong to overcome something so hard🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    you know its a video form dan when its deep, make you want cry, you relate to it or homeport in it and its funny all at the same time Oh and don't forget sends a really important message!