[BANGTAN BOMB] V’s Surprise Birthday Party - BTS (방탄소년단)


  1. Taehyungie's girl

    Taehyungie's girl9 時間 前

    03:30 hahah is Jungkook counting the strawberries???😂

  2. Bela Bakshi

    Bela Bakshi17 時間 前

    I really don't understand what the dislikes are for They deserve 1 billion likes!

  3. Shingara Singh

    Shingara Singh18 時間 前

    3:16 OMG yoongi

  4. army iludida

    army iludida21 時間 前

    A mano já começou com meu lindo jikook.... Aí depois vem a bomba

  5. Văn Hợi Nguyễn

    Văn Hợi Nguyễn22 時間 前

    Happy Birthday V ❤❤❤❤❤❤😘

  6. Juliette Grantham

    Juliette Grantham日 前

    3:31 Jungkook counting the strawberries on the cake is SENDING ME

  7. Juliette Grantham

    Juliette Grantham日 前

    3:22 « why is everyone doing the high notes » LMFAOOOOO THEY'RE ALL EXTRA ASF

  8. baby luna

    baby luna日 前


  9. Медина Нургазы кызы

    Медина Нургазы кызы日 前


  10. •M o c h i i _ J x m i n•

    •M o c h i i _ J x m i n•日 前

    No one: Not even anyone: Me: *searches how to be a cake*

  11. Hey Juday

    Hey Juday日 前

    Suga always the leader of singing saengil chukahamndi on high notes and leave first after creating the chaos he made lol. Saranghae lil meow 😘

  12. Niniecahjanie Armblink

    Niniecahjanie Armblink日 前

    I always see jimin oppa always help preparing cakeee

  13. yminie

    yminie日 前

    Jungkook: 'Jimin.. This isn't our first time' (confident gay) Jimin: 'What?' (being a panic gay) - FIRST TIME WHAT HUH?! jk

  14. 산지난

    산지난日 前

    طيب جيهوب ليش ما سوتوله عيد ميلاد💔

  15. Silvana S

    Silvana S日 前

    Hobi: whay do u need from me? Jimin: we need speed 😂😂😂😂

  16. Thạh Ngân

    Thạh Ngân日 前

    V oppa sinh thần vui vẻ nhé

  17. jesseforlife

    jesseforlife2 日 前

    Everyone is eating the strawberries and you got jk counting them so fast gotta love a Virgo

  18. Dinie D

    Dinie D2 日 前


  19. Min Suga

    Min Suga2 日 前

    Here while streaming on

  20. p e a c h b e e

    p e a c h b e e2 日 前

    I love it💜💜💜💜💜

  21. Jeon klama

    Jeon klama3 日 前

    Happy birth day kim tae l love you سنه سعيد لك انا احبك

  22. Kim Ellen

    Kim Ellen4 日 前


  23. Thy Như

    Thy Như4 日 前

    Mãi như vậy nha 7tnanh viên

  24. Gurwinder Virk

    Gurwinder Virk4 日 前

    _I just realized it was released on Jennie Kim's birthday_

  25. Dhiya ulhaq

    Dhiya ulhaq4 日 前

    Happy birthday for V I love you BTS💝💖💞

  26. miko sacura

    miko sacura4 日 前

    V it cute

  27. Roses are Rose

    Roses are Rose4 日 前

    Lol they post this on jennie’s birthdays😂

  28. Ludy Tochhawng

    Ludy Tochhawng5 日 前

    They always throw a surprise birthday party for him, I don't think he is surprised anymore 😂

  29. max chung

    max chung5 日 前

    Taehyung really like strawberry~

  30. ぐらタモすみ

    ぐらタモすみ5 日 前

    Love💜Taehyumg💜 今年もそしてこれからもテテが大切な人に囲まれながら幸せでありますように💜😊🐯 テテの顔はもちろんカッコいいのはもちろんだけど💜それよりもテテの心が綺麗なところ人や生きている生命を大事にするところが大好きです💜🍀🌈

  31. Iwed Cewloteh

    Iwed Cewloteh5 日 前

    I love how they care for each others..that why im here...

  32. Guillermina Tapia

    Guillermina Tapia5 日 前

    Feliz cumple TAEHYUNG¡¡¡¡🎂🍰

  33. Joy Je'taime

    Joy Je'taime6 日 前


  34. Afrin Playz

    Afrin Playz6 日 前


  35. Dawood Munir

    Dawood Munir6 日 前

    생일 축하합니다. 당신이 오래 사랑 살고 수 있습니다

  36. Vaxubov Rasad

    Vaxubov Rasad6 日 前

    Happiy brithday

  37. 스텔로

    스텔로6 日 前

    한국인 어딨어...?

  38. Maribelle Sherif

    Maribelle Sherif6 日 前

    Happy birthday V I wish you the best birthday

  39. Maribelle Sherif

    Maribelle Sherif6 日 前

    Happy birthday V I wish you the best birthday

  40. Douaa Stars

    Douaa Stars6 日 前

    G-hooooopiiii ❤❤❤

  41. ليسا ليسا

    ليسا ليسا6 日 前

    احبكم BTS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Kim Yuna

    Kim Yuna6 日 前

    서로에 대한 그들의 배려가 얼마나 귀여워

  43. ella 6

    ella 66 日 前

    تاااااي تيتي عيد ميلاد سعيد احبك والله وكثيرررررر 💜💜💜💜🎂😘😊😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. SymiaPlayz Gacha

    SymiaPlayz Gacha6 日 前

    🤣🤣🤣 The video started off as Jimin saying Jungkook-ssi?

  45. jamay

    jamay6 日 前

  46. Мини Фильмы Гача Лайф

    Мини Фильмы Гача Лайф6 日 前


  47. Vicente Sanchis

    Vicente Sanchis6 日 前

    happy birthay V!!! You a star!

  48. Teto Teto

    Teto Teto6 日 前

    Jimina my life love youuuu

  49. jhelot jhelok

    jhelot jhelok6 日 前

    jhope: make it speed tae will arrive soom, what do you need from me tho jk: speed.

  50. Nhi Tuyết

    Nhi Tuyết6 日 前

    Jimin luôn là người chuẩn bị :3

  51. نور عايض

    نور عايض6 日 前

    Jk jimin jhope suga rm jin love v😙

  52. Ana Jervalidze

    Ana Jervalidze7 日 前

    Omg I literally died at the part when they finally finished singing Happy Birthday and realized that they didn't know where Taehyung actually was :D Be like me when I write an exam till the end and after checking the score realize I didn't actually know anything

  53. Chici Fidayanti

    Chici Fidayanti7 日 前

    Happy birthday my dear taehyungie..i wish u always happy stay health💜💜💜💜💜💜

  54. Leila la verde

    Leila la verde7 日 前

    Happy brithday Kim taehyung i love you

  55. mikrowave girl

    mikrowave girl7 日 前

    Anyone in bts : I wanna become an artist Jimin: yall imma be a cake maker

  56. Blue Now Gacha :3

    Blue Now Gacha :37 日 前

    Happy Bartey V

  57. Raquel Perdoes

    Raquel Perdoes7 日 前

    Amo o Tea

  58. Mashaher K-pop

    Mashaher K-pop7 日 前

    في عيد ميلادو يوم1995/12/30 ليس عيد ميلاده 1995/02/16هههههههههههههه

  59. 카우보이

    카우보이7 日 前

    I'm very proud that BTS is Korean. I feel like a nice person because of you guys ~ ^^

  60. Serenitea Gacha

    Serenitea Gacha7 日 前

    Happy birthday taetae!! (생일 축하 태태!) Oof