Bangkok Fake Night Bazaar Spree!


  1. Collin Abroadcast

    Collin Abroadcast2 ヶ月 前

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  2. Supreme Bape

    Supreme Bapeヶ月 前

    I like some of the fake stuff you buy

  3. Supreme Bape

    Supreme Bapeヶ月 前

    Can you giveaway some of the stuff you buy sometime

  4. ERC LAX

    ERC LAXヶ月 前

    Upload more offen

  5. Kikki Gamboa

    Kikki Gamboa2 ヶ月 前

    I really enjoy your vids but my dad taught me Manners lol he beat the dog shit out of me for laughing & making fun of his friend accent you should not be laughing at someone's accent !!!

  6. cheeto dawson

    cheeto dawson2 ヶ月 前

    I did already! :D

  7. Faze_fake

    Faze_fake5 時間 前

    I wanna go to Bangkok


    WOW DANIEL23 時間 前

    The thing I don’t get is how do you know how much your spending , in US dollars , like do you search it up on google ?. I wanna go travel but I’m afraid that people will tax me lol , or if I don’t know how much is 2000 baht down there . I’m not sure how to explain it lol

  9. MeenTanuwat

    MeenTanuwat3 日 前

    I’m Thai

  10. Patchara Saelim

    Patchara Saelim6 日 前

    I am from thailand some time them want you to pay more that thai people

  11. Dusty Bowling

    Dusty Bowling7 日 前

    Bought all that cialis cause it eff all those prices

  12. farihin haji mohd lisa

    farihin haji mohd lisa10 日 前

    Yeah I'm going to krabi for 4 days and 7days in Bangkok next sunday

  13. Jayven Okuda

    Jayven Okuda10 日 前

    Nobody: Nobody: Seller: *”I Give you GOOOOOD price”* Other seller: *”NOOO Impossible PRICEEE”* Another seller: *” More nooo more”*

  14. Winn Channel

    Winn Channel11 日 前

    He is asking for too much discount. All the things he bought is actually in a correct price cuz I’m from Thailand

  15. William Shane

    William Shane12 日 前

    Don’t say to them poor people this is gift for yuu. If u really not giving them. U clearly know that girl wants it. Just a another fukn bully u mate

  16. A 4 G

    A 4 G13 日 前

    The judge: you will jailed for 20 years Collin: I can do 2 year The judge: bring out the calculator

  17. amy emily

    amy emily14 日 前

    ok in places in asia, this is what the life is like 😂 im cambodian by the way

  18. GAME fun

    GAME fun15 日 前

    Tip am from thai and i can say shoe that u want a lower price cost is around 20-30 dollar

  19. Polarwaves

    Polarwaves16 日 前

    Thailand have very good replicas that's why they are that expensive.

  20. Fabian Elliott

    Fabian Elliott16 日 前

    These guys are tryna make a living, you probably make more in a week, god damn white people....

  21. Fluff Dj

    Fluff Dj18 日 前

    No one realised what cialis is....

  22. Fluff Dj

    Fluff Dj18 日 前

    8:25 watch guy is so rude. “You pay fly” no shit Sherlock.

  23. Woken Artist

    Woken Artist18 日 前

    Those watches in india are like 4-8 $ max on street shopping

  24. Woken Artist

    Woken Artist18 日 前

    Collin goes to every corner of the world But one thing is common *FUCKING CALCULATOR*

  25. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad Usman19 日 前


  26. Neckbone Mudd

    Neckbone Mudd19 日 前

    This is neckbone , your show. Halla at your boy I'm going to paint in bangkok me there !! Next month October.

  27. Quick Hype MX

    Quick Hype MX20 日 前

    Drop a like if you want to go to kings castle! ( 3:28)

  28. Bubu shuya

    Bubu shuya20 日 前

    Hey bro I'm Bubu Shuya from India nagaland... I want you to come in nagaland also 👍

  29. Sam

    Sam21 日 前


  30. KonAndr

    KonAndr21 日 前

    No matter how it seems,these people are so sweet,they are just trying to make a living because this country is poor

  31. Aussie Random Videos

    Aussie Random Videos21 日 前

    So is everything imitation?

  32. Joey Mojugit

    Joey Mojugit21 日 前

    What a madlad 😂

  33. Dicks Enormous

    Dicks Enormous21 日 前

    i gotta ask do the watches battery last awhile? i can see them dying very quick, then when going to get them repaired everyone laughs at you or are they just so cheap when one dies you go buy another one? ive seen you buy a couple rolexes as well do they last?

  34. Dicks Enormous

    Dicks Enormous21 日 前

    @01:36 "wow i suddenly wanna visit Thailand during this time of the year"

  35. Jomil Official

    Jomil Official22 日 前

    What app do you use?

  36. ajaz Ahmed

    ajaz Ahmed22 日 前


  37. Jason Lindquist

    Jason Lindquist23 日 前

    those ow am97 comfy?

  38. Fortnite Dubs

    Fortnite Dubs23 日 前

    Ur kinda an ass for lying to ur friend and making him look like he did

  39. Judicate One

    Judicate One23 日 前

    Why people wearing Bikini on the street market LOL?

  40. Jonjoy

    Jonjoy14 日 前

    Judicate One cuz they r hot!

  41. Saudi SmartBullet

    Saudi SmartBullet23 日 前

    Used car for sell for 50k usd I can do 11k ?

  42. Yhh jtyu

    Yhh jtyu24 日 前

    They have no decency to talk to foreigners.. Idiots.. I thought India was bad.. These r worse

  43. MYR297 HUB

    MYR297 HUB24 日 前

    I love this guy and all but even with the discounts he is getting died off

  44. Drew D

    Drew D24 日 前

    You should make a website we’re you sell the stuff you buy I would get a bunch of stuff

  45. Crystal B

    Crystal B24 日 前

    This shit was so funny 😆 thanks

  46. Crystal B

    Crystal B24 日 前

    Did you watch a ping pong show 😂 I was walking with my kid and husband and they asked 😂


    TTV _OGMOUS24 日 前

    where is this place

  48. Michael H

    Michael H25 日 前

    I don't know about this bargaining thing it just feels uncomfortable watching

  49. B.M.F F

    B.M.F F25 日 前

    Oh my look at all those lady boys.....😵so overwhelming

  50. Hello Mother father

    Hello Mother father26 日 前

    9:19That guy: I can do many hole, His brain: Your asshole


    GREEN EAAN26 日 前

    I just realized he makes bag filming dirt poor people living in harsh ass environment and then doesn’t give them anything extra smh

  52. Alex

    Alex24 日 前

    Or he brings attention to these markets and gives tourists more confidence to give the real locals business. Its not good to jus assume one sided scenarios

  53. creativeboy1

    creativeboy126 日 前

    Like others probably wonder how big is the difference between original and these market shoes ? Are they worth the 50$ if we go there ?

  54. Bahniman Deka

    Bahniman Deka26 日 前

    Bruv! If only you would have done the same in India 😆brutal negotiation skills!!👌👌👍👍

  55. Simon Ho

    Simon Ho26 日 前

    fresh boys lol

  56. Ajooni kinra

    Ajooni kinra27 日 前


  57. Papy Choelo

    Papy Choelo27 日 前

    Collin what are you doing with all the stuff you buy?

  58. บัญญวัต นพราลัย

    บัญญวัต นพราลัย27 日 前



    MEGAFATG28 日 前

    “Don’t killing me.” Lol.

  60. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew Nguyen28 日 前

    Majority of the females with nice breast got sausages between there legs xD

  61. Nikola Maodus

    Nikola Maodus28 日 前

    Gotta visit Thailand once but be careful of the lady men hahahahaha

  62. Las Gaming

    Las Gaming28 日 前

    I loveeeeee this videos😻😻


    JAMiE MEHMET28 日 前

    Mate, you can buy everything in the uk cheaper ..

  64. king clone

    king clone28 日 前

    You should have a hooker series...just for shits and giggles

  65. flon57

    flon5729 日 前


  66. Kyle Frederick

    Kyle Frederick29 日 前

    When can we see all your stuff??

  67. gegabw

    gegabw29 日 前

    7:24 of course he did hahaha