1. Kealohi Ho

    Kealohi Ho22 日 前

    Rip I’m a senior now man what a throwback 😬👀💀

  2. Sksksksksk Sksksksksk

    Sksksksksk Skskskskskヶ月 前

    Freshman don’t drive 😂😂

  3. LIA 360

    LIA 360ヶ月 前

    freshman don’t drive or have their permit

  4. Dimitry Ivanov

    Dimitry Ivanov2 ヶ月 前

    I feel embarrassed to admit, but I've been like a "senior" ever since I entered junior high If I acted like a freshman, maybe I would've had better grades and became a doctor and not an electric engineer (both are good jobs though)

  5. Christina

    Christina2 ヶ月 前

    Why is nobody mentioning that freshmen can't drive yet? 😂 Lmfao you need to be 16+ to do that and freshmen are 14-15🤔

  6. Ellese Scheppers

    Ellese Scheppers2 ヶ月 前

    Paris Boswell exactly I got my permit when I was 15 1/2 also

  7. Paris Boswell

    Paris Boswell2 ヶ月 前

    Where I live you can get your permit at 15 + 1/2, so freshman who are born in September/October can drive (with a parent) in March/April

  8. kittin108

    kittin1082 ヶ月 前

    I think ppl brag or get embarrass abt the age there getting into highschool I'm 15 cause I got into school late and I'm going to freshmen



    Other Freshman vs Me Outfits Other Freshman: loose t-shirt, ripped jeans Me: just a sweater and a leggings Driving NOPE Arriving Other Freshman: CRAP! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! Me; CRAP! Well, at least I don’t have to listen to the announcements... Breakups Other Freshman: WAAAAH HE BROKE UP WITH ME! Me: What is love anyway? Tests Other Freshman: A 63?! I bombed it! Me: hey a 63! That’s pretty good! WOOOOOO!

  10. Our 7 Crackhead babies

    Our 7 Crackhead babies2 ヶ月 前

    Ima about to be a freshmen :’) *im dying inside scared*

  11. Gabrielle Green

    Gabrielle Green2 ヶ月 前

    Is there a reason you can't hear any sound from 4:42- 5:14

  12. Chamomile Tea

    Chamomile Tea2 ヶ月 前

    i’m a freshman but i’m more like the senior lol

  13. Briana Loeza

    Briana Loeza2 ヶ月 前

    Pretty wrong about the grades one

  14. Nohely Rodriguez

    Nohely Rodriguez3 ヶ月 前

    I’m so scared to go back to school because I always need to take a shit like at 8am and I feel my teachers won’t let me go 💀

  15. SunflowerBabi

    SunflowerBabi2 ヶ月 前


  16. Coco101rave fie

    Coco101rave fie3 ヶ月 前

    So its bad too look good girl I would love to look good every day

  17. Kealohi Ho

    Kealohi Ho22 日 前

    Nah takes too much time I’m just like meh every morning cause I really don’t care honestly especially now I’m a senior 💀😂

  18. friesbeofreguys14

    friesbeofreguys144 ヶ月 前

    I'm in the process of jr yr and i need a time travel machine

  19. Amelia Stories

    Amelia Stories4 ヶ月 前

    Freshman the usual they are crazy

  20. Treyus Rawls

    Treyus Rawls4 ヶ月 前

    Ok, I peep the music choice👏🏽.

  21. Bridgette Barnes

    Bridgette Barnes5 ヶ月 前

    Lol your the best

  22. Rachel Ferguson

    Rachel Ferguson5 ヶ月 前

    driving one was very accurate, i remember when i got my permit. i turned 14 in august and got my permit 3 days before school in september and i was really mad my mom wouldn’t let me drive to school in all the traffic and i thought i had experience to drive. i was so naive

  23. Rachel Ferguson

    Rachel Ferguson5 ヶ月 前

    junior year is the hardest lmfao i’m a senior now and its quite different

  24. kaelin johnson

    kaelin johnson6 ヶ月 前


  25. Juna Rizal

    Juna Rizal8 ヶ月 前

    Middleton high I go to GCMS

  26. oliver rose

    oliver rose年 前

    What kind of freshman os driving they either get a ride from parents, ealk, bike, or ride the Crappy bus

  27. Maddie Hester

    Maddie Hester年 前

    the driving is me af (;

  28. Hunter Wendling

    Hunter Wendling年 前

    I didn't think anyone else lived in minocqua 😂

  29. rachel arsenault

    rachel arsenault年 前

    I’m freshman and I can’t drive :(

  30. Beth Teal

    Beth Teal年 前

    Oh juniors are full of stress and crying? Damn I could have sworn freshman and sophomore year went like that 2 Shiiiiitttttttt

  31. Queenlyn Small worlds

    Queenlyn Small worlds年 前

    Aaa she be playing some bangers !! 😂🔥

  32. YeahZop

    YeahZop年 前

    Going into grade 9 in September 😬 scareddddd

  33. Alexis Paige

    Alexis Paige年 前

    Also I feel like the Freshman at my school definitely act like the seniors in some of these

  34. Alexis Paige

    Alexis Paige年 前

    Ive never driven like how she drove like a “freshman”

  35. Brooke Reichardt

    Brooke Reichardt年 前

    so what i got from this is that im going to be a freshmen that acts like a senior 🤔

  36. Graycie Spaulding

    Graycie Spaulding年 前

    The break up one is relatable I’m 12 I should be a senior 😂

  37. Päštëł Mįłk

    Päštëł Mįłk年 前

    When my brother was a freshman he carried a pencil and a piece of paper in his backpack not even kidding that’s all 😂 he’s phone was in his pocket and his charger was in his sweatshirt pocket along with his earbuds lol

  38. Typical Tina

    Typical Tina年 前

    I’m not gonna even start beef 🙄

  39. nbaangelina

    nbaangelina年 前

    This would be accurate in 2014 , in 2018 the seniors are 8th graders 😂💀

  40. M’Kenzieッ

    M’Kenzieッ年 前

    when you’re a sophomore and forgotten until you’re 17 sksks

  41. _ SBJC _

    _ SBJC _年 前

    Why you look like Jennifer Lawrence tho?

  42. Paris Boswell

    Paris Boswell年 前

    Hahaha i get that all the time

  43. Ashley Herrera

    Ashley Herrera年 前

    I’m a freshman and act like a senior 😭😭 not gonna make it like this LMFAO

  44. SerenaSuffern

    SerenaSuffern年 前

    Is it kinda weird that even tho I’m a freshman I do most of the senior stuff bahaha 😂 well whatever

  45. Delaney Davis

    Delaney Davis年 前

    When I saw the earphones and phone charger I subscribed😂

  46. D2o40 Akz

    D2o40 Akz年 前

    You criticise yourself too much. Your actibg was great!

  47. Paris Boswell

    Paris Boswell年 前

    Thank you :)

  48. The McGuire Life

    The McGuire Life年 前

    Hey Paris I Love Your Video.!!!

  49. Yours Truly

    Yours Truly年 前

    Awe shit I’m gonna be a junior

  50. Hailey Bault

    Hailey Bault年 前

    Oooo minocqua Wi! I live in Wisconsin

  51. Paris Boswell

    Paris Boswell年 前

    Same :)

  52. Bella Florez

    Bella Florez年 前

    Everybody that is sending hate, read the description she said that this is her first time making this and that the acting won’t be very good if anything I think this is one my favorite freshman vs senior vids!

  53. Paris Boswell

    Paris Boswell年 前

    Aw thank you :)

  54. Cristina

    Cristina年 前

    just finished junior year and I can confirm that it actually is a year of tears and stress but its fine im fine

  55. ashley j

    ashley j年 前

    Lol so funny

  56. Allison Gorman

    Allison Gorman年 前

    I love the Noter Dame sweet shirt you wore, it was so cute. And my brother goes there.

  57. Zech Wilson

    Zech Wilson年 前

    3:33 and 3:46 me at 5th and 6th grade

  58. Zech Wilson

    Zech Wilson年 前

    Freshman: actual supplies Senior: every 5th grader acting cool

  59. Ava Hasenbank

    Ava Hasenbank年 前

    The relationship part is so true🤣

  60. amyah gill

    amyah gill年 前

    the senior breakup is like my mood everyday

  61. Hello Language

    Hello Language年 前

    i. am .CRINGING. so.hard.rn

  62. Itzzz Mia

    Itzzz Mia年 前

    Senior song?

  63. Morgan

    Morgan年 前

    smh dumb ass saying freshies r irrelavant but she only got 15k

  64. Paris Boswell

    Paris Boswell年 前

    Morgan first of all the fact that you said “freshies” tells me ur only butthurt because you are a freshman & second of all you can’t call my 16k irrelevant when you have 2 SUBSCRIBERS goodbye

  65. xX_Matthewthecashew12_Xx

    xX_Matthewthecashew12_Xx年 前

    We Freshman are LIT

  66. AbandonxdPlaces

    AbandonxdPlaces年 前

    Lol, dating? Can’t relate.

  67. xRosesxBloomx

    xRosesxBloomx年 前

    You can't even drive when ur a freshman XD lol

  68. K.A.P

    K.A.P年 前

    Hold up you live in Wisconsin?

  69. K.A.P

    K.A.P年 前

    Paris Boswell no way same

  70. Paris Boswell

    Paris Boswell年 前


  71. Eijiro Kirishima The Sturdy

    Eijiro Kirishima The Sturdy年 前

    When you arent even in High School but you feel like a senior 24/7. *School Morning waking up 5 : 45* NOOOOO I DONT WANNA SCHOOL STARTS AT 7:30 GIVE ME SOME TIME.