Avengers Endgame Alternate HISHE


  1. Plushie Pro

    Plushie Pro12 時間 前

    Didn’t Thanos kill Loki? Why is Loki at his funeral?

  2. Onni Tepsa

    Onni Tepsa日 前

    A hishe hishe

  3. Long Van

    Long Van日 前

    Wait what movie was the shark coming from .

  4. Eli Lackey

    Eli Lackey2 日 前

    "Let's go get this son of a language"

  5. KevTon 13

    KevTon 132 日 前

    0:45 Would be better if he had a shave too.

  6. Lidya Wandefor

    Lidya Wandefor2 日 前

    Hishe can I be you’re new character voice with male characters and give you an idea with alternate so hishe can be with you for now if really want be with you

  7. Katrin Kilbo

    Katrin Kilbo2 日 前

    Why is Hela holding Chucky like if she was he's mom? And how can jaws breathe on det land?

  8. peter papadimitriou

    peter papadimitriou3 日 前

    Lol is that a hint that the Empire is coming back in the next star wars film the rise of Skywalker?

  9. Homer chilling in the comments

    Homer chilling in the comments3 日 前

    1:55 the shark from jaws?

  10. Homer chilling in the comments

    Homer chilling in the comments3 日 前

    *"Son of a language"*

  11. zact lee

    zact lee4 日 前

    The thing about endgame. The stones still destroyed in the end. The timeline is still disturbed. I bet thats what the plot in doctor strange 2.

  12. zact lee

    zact lee13 時間 前

    @Andrew Sorensen to come back to his original timeline he needs to use the time machine and he didnt. He was just there proving he lived out his life in that timeline which cant posibly be since he went to the other timeline unless the two timelines somehow connected. The stones were created and they can be destroyed. They were created to put the universe in balance. Now they were destroyed by thanos second snap. It needs to be created again but thats impossible. So the stones remained destroyed. Seized to exist. Nada. The universe now is imbalanced but after endgame its steadied because of the stones they brought in from another timeline. But they put the stones back to its original timeline so their timeline now Has no stones. Their stones still destroyed. My theory is the original mceu timeline is leeching on the new timeline's stone. Since their stones were DESTROYED. The timeline now is imbalanced. Its a timeline where tony both died using the gauntlet and lived since thanos died before he even meet tony. Steve experienced the out of sync timeline and waited till the starting point of the timeline going out of sync which is when he goes back im time to return the stones. Which was at the end of end game. He will then help doctor strange to fix the timeline because he experienced it first hand.

  13. Andrew Sorensen

    Andrew Sorensen13 時間 前

    @zact lee reduced to atoms doesn't mean annihilated out of existence, just that the energy of the 6 stones isn't in the shape of stones anymore and is spread across the universe. The reason why they had to put the stones back in the past is because its like taking the batteries out of the universe. The Ancient One explained that "removing" a stone would disrupt the universe. The timelines don't need to sync because they are alternate realities, they explained that in the movie numerous times, this isn't "Days of Future Past" where its a linear timeline. The movie clearly explains that it is taking advantage of multiverse theory, as soon as they interact with any part of the alternate reality it diverges from the "original' current timeline. Old Steve is just him coming back into the original timeline after living his years with Peggy, the same way that during testing Scott changed age. He didn't merge the timelines he just moved back into his original universe after x amount of years.

  14. zact lee

    zact lee14 時間 前

    @Andrew Sorensen reduced to atoms means they were destroyed. The second snap was to destroy the stone so that no one can undo what he did. The timeline theyre in is out of sync. Its the timeline where thanos both succeeded in killing half the population but also the timeline where thanos died before he can obtain all the stones. Evidence by old steve ending up with them at the end. Which means its a combination of two timelines. Since one timeline can no longer exist when the stone is destroyed so its leeching to the other timeline where the stones still exist and loki escaped. Thats what doctor strange 2 will try to resolves. Doctor strange 2 will i guess safely combine the 2 timeline together. Making it as a soft reboot. Bad news is tony might be resurrected. Good news xmen and fantastic 4 could be introduced. Also deadpool.

  15. Andrew Sorensen

    Andrew Sorensen14 時間 前

    The past stones were put back so the past timeline isn't disturbed. In the current timeline the stones were reduced to atoms not taken from the universe, they still exist as atoms and so the timeline is fine.

  16. Yoshi4theWin

    Yoshi4theWin6 日 前

    Seeing Bowser at Thanos’s funeral made me laugh uncontrollably

  17. Angela Stone

    Angela Stone6 日 前

    Hey, why no Borg Queen?!? She was bad! She’d be cool!

  18. Shuvo Speaking

    Shuvo Speaking6 日 前

    It will just create another timeline. Clearly you can't give it back after you use the stones.

  19. Anthony Prieto

    Anthony Prieto6 日 前

    1:54 defently its the 2011 and 2012 loki though if its the preesent really he died from thanos choking him

  20. J L

    J L8 日 前

    ShUt ThE fRoNt DoOr

  21. Radwan Islam

    Radwan Islam9 日 前

    Wow..very funny

  22. Raider 6777

    Raider 677710 日 前

    Why didn’t they go back before he actually snapped and then snap him out of existence

  23. Indo Rick

    Indo Rick10 日 前

    2:20 Who is this guy?

  24. bharti kumari

    bharti kumari10 日 前

    After watching this I have been started to hate endgame.

  25. TASM Bitch

    TASM Bitch11 日 前

    let's go get this son of a language

  26. Chillin Games

    Chillin Games13 日 前

    aww you should have made thanos an obi one ghost janitor

  27. Pritty Kitty

    Pritty Kitty14 日 前

    Aw man. I was hoping, deep down, that Snidely Whiplash would be at Thanos' funeral. :'(

  28. Shadow Ashe

    Shadow Ashe14 日 前

    A better treatment of Thor than Endgame itself. It all makes perfect sense as well, a Parody did this better than the actual movie

  29. Nathan Kellert

    Nathan Kellert15 日 前

    Haha did you guys include the shark from Sharks Tale as a super villain!? That’s hilarious.


    GAMERDUDE16 日 前

    Do you happen to have a snap chat cause I would love to watch you there to

  31. ladysman21751

    ladysman2175116 日 前

    Why is Loki at the funeral. He turned good. Why doesn't HISHE like Loki turning good?

  32. Grace Deakin

    Grace Deakin16 日 前

    No one: Hulk Banner: tImE tRaVeL!

  33. Lohit Chakraborty

    Lohit Chakraborty16 日 前

    Why DARKSEID isn't invited in Thanos's funeral ..oh wait.. He does not turn up for any one's funeral.. Because he is way above of anyone there

  34. BIGG D.J Etheridge

    BIGG D.J Etheridge16 日 前

    1:50 its a villain funeral

  35. Mai Noioso

    Mai Noioso16 日 前

    Too Funny

  36. noodboy

    noodboy17 日 前

    also, who are the people at the scean 2:23?

  37. noodboy

    noodboy14 日 前

    @The SANSational me , who are they?

  38. The SANSational me

    The SANSational me14 日 前

    Bane and Poison ivy

  39. noodboy

    noodboy17 日 前

    ant man can just use card tricks to kill thanos

  40. Mandie Adams

    Mandie Adams17 日 前

    The villains have feelings, awwww Loki though, why you there?? Ya crazy lol

  41. Vishnu Sgzse

    Vishnu Sgzse17 日 前

    Hindi me

  42. devarajakhil matta

    devarajakhil matta18 日 前

    Looks at the Thumbnail, HISHEption

  43. DiVyAm Claw Fan

    DiVyAm Claw Fan18 日 前

    *"let's go get this son of a language"*

  44. ??????????????

    ??????????????18 日 前

    What song is playing at 1:09

  45. Jason Kwang

    Jason Kwang19 日 前

    There is literally no one who is going to point out how weird it is to see Harley at Thanos' funeral. I mean wtf?

  46. Alfred Mang

    Alfred Mang19 日 前

    “No ones ever really gone” Palpatine’s laugh in the Skywalker trailer of StarWars. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾brilliance

  47. Emelia

    Emelia19 日 前

    Loki at Thanos's funeral: clutches tesseract sadly

  48. Thatonepug

    Thatonepug19 日 前

    Sooo Loki is at thanos's funeral aaand thanos killed Loki

  49. North Nokris

    North Nokris20 日 前

    Favorite part was at Stark's funeral when the predator was comforting the alien lol

  50. Christian Owen Perez

    Christian Owen Perez20 日 前

    Ha Ha Ha Hi Hi Ha Ha Ha...

  51. Living History

    Living History21 日 前

    Let's go kill that son of a language!

  52. SteveMaple228

    SteveMaple22821 日 前

    Oh Come on, the ending? with alot of Villians, really?

  53. Saleh Ab

    Saleh Ab21 日 前

    Any Jason Voorhees Fan?????

  54. Mccree Legend

    Mccree Legend22 日 前

    Why is Harley Keener still at the funeral?

  55. Hervee Ustaris

    Hervee Ustaris22 日 前

    Why is hes blood is red i thought it was purple

  56. Ninguem Semedo

    Ninguem Semedo23 日 前

    #1 you guys do Palpatine's voice so great and... #2 the jocker's funeral clothes...I died 😂

  57. abha khandelwal

    abha khandelwal23 日 前

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  58. Naruto Mydoria

    Naruto Mydoria23 日 前

    1:45 Tony swaped places with Thanos. So Tony never died.😌😌😌😌😊😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️

  59. TheDuckSCP

    TheDuckSCP23 日 前

    So did they like rent out Tony's cabin?

  60. J Z

    J Z24 日 前

    If they did it this way then baldy wouldn’t have made the point of splitting off different timelines unless the stones were returned exactly when they were taken. And if they did still return them then either they’d be handing them all back to Thanos to snap again or they’d all be laying next to a dead Thonos in the garden easily found and used again by someone else. Ugh trying to understand time paradoxes makes my brains hurt.

  61. Samuel152

    Samuel15224 日 前

    I knew most of the villians/bad guys at Thanos' funeral.

  62. Timothy BTW4572

    Timothy BTW457224 日 前

    Anyway, CHOP!

  63. Giovanni Arcamone

    Giovanni Arcamone25 日 前

    Palpatine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Derick Huynh

    Derick Huynh26 日 前

    Rest In Peace , Thanos , I would put smile my face of real villain.

  65. The Godzilla

    The Godzilla26 日 前

    1:54 how does Loki have the space stone

  66. Christopher Thrawn

    Christopher Thrawn26 日 前

    Awesome! Great job guys!