Avengers Endgame Alternate HISHE


  1. Dr.Anand Dilip raj

    Dr.Anand Dilip raj4 時間 前

    hishe is good

  2. Dr.Anand Dilip raj

    Dr.Anand Dilip raj4 時間 前

    hishe like hishe

  3. Pybro

    Pybro4 時間 前

    So basically Hulk/Bruce never gets told that they have to put the stones back the exact moment they were taken

  4. White Black

    White Black8 時間 前

    I just watch spongebib time card and theres something caught my attention in this vid😂🤔

  5. Someone Else350

    Someone Else3509 時間 前

    "Lets go get this son of a language " Lol the best line ever

  6. TheCumberCoIlective

    TheCumberCoIlective15 時間 前

    Thank you for making this video. This was truly the ending that should have happened and I wanted them to realise that when I was in the theater. Also seriously why did they keep acting like there was some massive time crunch when they were literally using time travel. They could have figured out how to make more Pym Particles if they had given themselves time. Or just gone back in time and asked Pym to make a bunch of it and then taken it back and they wouldn't have had the ridiculous "one shot" problem

  7. Feminist gaming Salz

    Feminist gaming Salz18 時間 前

    The ending with the laughing 😖😖😖 the new Star Wars trailer flashbacks

  8. Disney Girl

    Disney Girl20 時間 前

    2:01 is that doctor strange, or am I missing something.

  9. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark21 時間 前

    ''Oh hey Thanos we meet again. It is I Thor son of Odin.'' LMAO I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING

  10. Youssef Zahran

    Youssef Zahran22 時間 前

    “Lets get this son of language”

  11. Landon Petersen

    Landon Petersen23 時間 前

    I'm a person

  12. Landon Petersen

    Landon Petersen23 時間 前

    I really am a person

  13. erfan moaref

    erfan moaref日 前

    another idea : they can just bring back Dr.strange and reverse explosion of stone and fix the gauntlet

  14. Jared Zeno

    Jared Zeno日 前




    Im the kid from iron man 3 harley keener

  16. Serena

    Serena日 前

    1:44 I am glad you are dead you son of a " Language ". You killed loki. His army is coming to kill you again

  17. Victoria Bronk

    Victoria Bronk日 前

    Where was the wholetime travel makes a new tim3line

  18. Charlie 2019

    Charlie 20192 日 前

    1:09 What’s The Song Name

  19. Holden Mac’n’Cheese

    Holden Mac’n’Cheese2 日 前

    I see this as an absolute win

  20. Ace_ofchaos

    Ace_ofchaos2 日 前

    No ones ever really gone. -Plinkett

  21. Nova 256

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  22. Igor Tancik

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  23. Thuong Hoai

    Thuong Hoai2 日 前

    Cái này còn át hơn nữa

  24. TeaandFiona

    TeaandFiona2 日 前

    This one was better

  25. Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang Nguyen2 日 前

    I can hear the sailor - letter box after Thor chop thanos arm off (1:09)

  26. momagogo7

    momagogo72 日 前

    That end with all villains the shark was in warter he's like what

  27. Bruno homie

    Bruno homie2 日 前

    Let's go get this son of a language. 😂😂😂

  28. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher2 日 前

    “No one is ever really gone” Heheheh >:)

  29. Supr3m3 G5m3r

    Supr3m3 G5m3r2 日 前

    Thor: anyways, **chops off thanos' head AGAIN**

  30. ThanossGaming

    ThanossGaming2 日 前

    2:19 Who was that kid in the actual Endgame?

  31. ThanossGaming

    ThanossGaming2 日 前

    0:05 sounds like Batman's theme at the end of the finale.

  32. Jason Arruda

    Jason Arruda3 日 前

    Who are the other robots next to the Terminator?

  33. Daniel Romero

    Daniel Romero3 日 前

    One is a dalek, I don't know about the other.

  34. Gmail com

    Gmail com3 日 前

    " It was my time " :(

  35. Pro sports Theory

    Pro sports Theory3 日 前

    Idea for the far from home Hishe: Mysterio: (talks about the elementals) Spiderman: so, these are aliens? Mysterio: yeah, basically. Nick Fury: Enough is enough! I have had it with these nerve herding aliens on this nerve herding planet!

  36. My Apple

    My Apple3 日 前

    Nice job with the credits And thanos cleaning toilets was a hilarious touch

  37. DB Universe AMVs

    DB Universe AMVs3 日 前


  38. R. Kumar

    R. Kumar3 日 前

    lol lord voldemort was there

  39. FGS gaming123

    FGS gaming1233 日 前

    A HISHE is pretty much a alternate for a movie

  40. em negrido

    em negrido3 日 前

    lets go get this son of a language

  41. Klaus Darius

    Klaus Darius3 日 前

    That isn't how time travel works - Hulk

  42. George M

    George M3 日 前

    thanos just being farmer man come on

  43. KP3 Nesto

    KP3 Nesto3 日 前

    😂 Hulk says Shut the front door and shut the another door

  44. Professor Lemon

    Professor Lemon3 日 前

    This is better than the other hishe

  45. Noahaon

    Noahaon4 日 前

    Really like seeing Bane & Poison Ivy together during the funeral.... shows that there is some appreciation for "Batman & Robin", at least things it featured

  46. Enchanted

    Enchanted4 日 前


  47. Sarthak Jain

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  48. Xenomorph OVERDRIVE.

    Xenomorph OVERDRIVE.4 日 前

    The funeral killed. Me 😂

  49. Hari Patil

    Hari Patil4 日 前

    Thor is best

  50. The Rainstorm Conspiracy

    The Rainstorm Conspiracy4 日 前

    I have a better idea, why don’t the avengers just go back in time before the snap and give Vision stormbreaker to defend himself? Bing bang boom everyone lives

  51. Gabreya Bradley

    Gabreya Bradley4 日 前

    LOL!!! This is brilliant!!!! I prefer this Avengers: Endgame HISHE way more than the first one!!!! ❤️

  52. HelpfulVader99

    HelpfulVader995 日 前

    0:16 and then the past fives years don’t happen and Tony may not have his family. He doesn’t know that changing the past won’t cause anything to happen to his time. We only learn about it creating branch timeslines and alternate realities after meeting the Ancient One. And at that point, only Bruce is really learning about it.

  53. Armando Gutierrez

    Armando Gutierrez5 日 前

    Let’s go get that son of a language