1. Oisin Van Niekerk

    Oisin Van Niekerk3 時間 前

    Why wasn’t mystique ditto?

  2. Esmond Lo Yi

    Esmond Lo Yi6 時間 前

    Deadpool is mad because he is a magikrap

  3. Andrew F

    Andrew F8 時間 前

    Cool, next Justice league as pokemon and include all DC characters from the Arrowverse and movies like green lantern, watchmen, swamp thing, steel,etc.

  4. Joaquín Delgado

    Joaquín Delgado13 時間 前


  5. VFJ733Z Subs

    VFJ733Z Subs13 時間 前

    Why the hell is lucario Black widow Captain marvel aka captain cocy Punisher should have been cubone

  6. SaturnBlossom Mori Kyoya

    SaturnBlossom Mori Kyoya18 時間 前

    Yea um i think the design for thanos was cool but you forgot one important detail. The gauntlet

  7. Nelson Collado

    Nelson Collado23 時間 前

    The hulk Pokemon should be fighting type not normal type

  8. Manguesh Bongale

    Manguesh Bongale日 前

    I think the original form of baby Groot can be a Pokemon. Agree?

  9. Vane

    Vane日 前

    why is no one talking about Magnezone being a better fit for Magneto.....yknow.......Magnets

  10. Zeikore

    Zeikore日 前

    Yes But you forgot that Magikarp can turn into Gyarados

  11. miguel rivera

    miguel rivera日 前

    Woah deadpool calm down that little weak pokemon turns into a bigger fish lol

  12. Hassan Tabassum

    Hassan Tabassum日 前

    Why ghost rider dark type this is pokemon is ghost type. he alway a ghost why bro

  13. Ostin Rivera

    Ostin Rivera日 前

    Thanos Should Be Palkia And Darkseid Would Give Dialga

  14. Ostin Rivera

    Ostin Rivera日 前

    Hey. What About For Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Rogue, Black Cat, Emma Frost, And Hela

  15. TheRichmaster

    TheRichmaster日 前

    hat ending was perfect

  16. SJGG

    SJGG日 前

    Deadpool Omg 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Red Steall

    Red Steall日 前

    Storm should be castform and jean should be moltres

  18. Nick Kop

    Nick Kop日 前

    I think Hulk is fighting type pokemon, but in video he only normal type

  19. Rayquaza Δ

    Rayquaza Δ日 前

    Deadpool should’ve been pikachu. Lmao

  20. Kenzie Rivera

    Kenzie Rivera日 前

    Atleast wartortle was there

  21. Stanley Kuliwoye

    Stanley Kuliwoye日 前

    Wow absolutely wow. U are great man

  22. klsim73

    klsim73日 前

    Thor as entei Tornadus and raikou:how dare u abandon us.. Deadpool as magicarp:oh hell no i wont die while this can even die from any pokemon

  23. S.T octopus N

    S.T octopus N2 日 前

    venom should have been a ditto and ultron should have been genesect

  24. Kunj Parashar

    Kunj Parashar2 日 前

    Just think pinsir kissing a weavile

  25. Josh Spink

    Josh Spink2 日 前

    What about stan??

  26. Josh Spink

    Josh Spink2 日 前

    Shouldn't iron man pepper Potts war machine and hulkbuster have electric type as well

  27. Creative Fun Toys

    Creative Fun Toys2 日 前


  28. Yndhira Rodriguez

    Yndhira Rodriguez2 日 前

    F*CK IRONMAN FOR DOING THIS TO DEAPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi

    Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi2 日 前

    I like this vídeo but what about Whats if the avengers movie gone Pokémon

  30. Jaten Keith

    Jaten Keith2 日 前

    Cap: aren't you to Young to be on the field? Spiderman: aren't you to old to be a virgin

  31. Reyan SOLANKI

    Reyan SOLANKI2 日 前

    That was so much cool

  32. Legend Pato

    Legend Pato2 日 前

    The next part.... pls

  33. Laura Davis

    Laura Davis2 日 前

    Make a series of this

  34. Timothy Flechtner

    Timothy Flechtner2 日 前

    Why does Iron Man have so many evolutions

  35. Cj Hernandez

    Cj Hernandez16 時間 前

    Maybe is because iron Man has so many armors

  36. Alonso Reyes

    Alonso Reyes2 日 前


  37. Zeeshan Nazir

    Zeeshan Nazir2 日 前

    Human torch should have been Infernape

  38. Chong Peai Chen

    Chong Peai Chen2 日 前


  39. A Flying Doge

    A Flying Doge2 日 前

    What about Dc heros as pokemon

  40. The holy Dimond armour

    The holy Dimond armour3 日 前

    You forgot iron fist

  41. Okta Gaming

    Okta Gaming3 日 前

    Ant man and wasp is bug and steel