1. Jishnu V

    Jishnu V3 時間 前

    This team is very goog

  2. Jellybean Lee

    Jellybean Lee12 時間 前


  3. Fishy Pool

    Fishy Pool日 前

    Hulk should be poison because he was created by toxic stuff

  4. Erin Minckley

    Erin Minckley2 日 前

    What a bout dead pool

  5. Vitor Teixeira

    Vitor Teixeira3 日 前

    Justice league pokémon like 👍👍👍



    Hahah deadpool is a normal type pokemon hahah and he is a fish hahaha

  7. Xavier Achiles Barroga

    Xavier Achiles Barroga4 日 前

    Were is deadpool

  8. Summayya B

    Summayya B4 日 前

    Then why is magneto a flying type it should be a psychic type

  9. Summayya B

    Summayya B4 日 前

    Loki isn’t a villain right?

  10. The Devilish Angel

    The Devilish Angel5 日 前

    Kevin Feige had announced that iron man is not a playboy anymore since 2013

  11. abhi lamichhane

    abhi lamichhane5 日 前

    I like

  12. Isaac Jackson

    Isaac Jackson6 日 前

    Spider-Man may make sense as grovyle also at of all of those avenger Pokémon I choose Spider-Man as my starter

  13. ༺TG༒ ༺MOULIK GAMEr༺༒꧂

    ༺TG༒ ༺MOULIK GAMEr༺༒꧂8 日 前


  14. aishath zahidha

    aishath zahidha9 日 前

    Pokemon Superhero

  15. Mitu Kalita

    Mitu Kalita9 日 前

    Aven poke

  16. Aju Susan

    Aju Susan9 日 前

    I feel sad about Deadpool

  17. Mali Vue

    Mali Vue9 日 前

    Nvm but Deadpool is pikachu bc he is pikachu I’m the derivative pikachu movie

  18. Mali Vue

    Mali Vue9 日 前

    What about Deadpool tho

  19. Paul Dominic Beltran

    Paul Dominic Beltran11 日 前

    Spider guy:ariados why is he not li-hes nice nevermind

  20. VIP Brothers Mech Arena

    VIP Brothers Mech Arena12 日 前

    Groot is cute

  21. Osana Lindalva

    Osana Lindalva14 日 前


  22. Rukan Blogs

    Rukan Blogs14 日 前

    I Frickin Love The Fact That Bucky Barnes Is Midnight Form Lycanroc. 2 Of My Favorite Things.

  23. Francis Velez

    Francis Velez14 日 前

    Hi thanos



    this is awesome man

  25. Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Ferry Muhammad Nur14 日 前

    Why Mystique is not a Ditto,i mean it's power is the same right?

  26. Balram suri

    Balram suri14 日 前

    Bhai Harbans Singh yamuna hagar

  27. Judvan Araujo

    Judvan Araujo15 日 前


  28. Finny Boi

    Finny Boi16 日 前

    I think that Pokemon and marvel should do a cross game and use these as the Pokemon

  29. jeremiah cherry

    jeremiah cherry16 日 前

    Wait silver surfer is an aloen Raichu

  30. jeremiah cherry

    jeremiah cherry16 日 前

    Why is invisible movemen. Is espion

  31. jeremiah cherry

    jeremiah cherry16 日 前

    I can’t believe that is wevile

  32. Uma Debnath the

    Uma Debnath the16 日 前

    Here are Captain marvel and Thor are legendary pokemon. Who are the fan of fab! Both Avengers. Show the power here.

  33. Champion 729 tat

    Champion 729 tat16 日 前

    I have waited.for deadpool till 16:46

  34. Kolten Amerman

    Kolten Amerman16 日 前

    Mystique should be ditto

  35. Josaline Patrício

    Josaline Patrício17 日 前

    Muito bom

  36. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar17 日 前

    Invisible woman balpix ice

  37. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar17 日 前

    Human torch is a Eevee

  38. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar17 日 前

    Mr fantastic slitherine

  39. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar18 日 前

    Rocket is the one before big bewer

  40. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar18 日 前

    DRAX is bewear

  41. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar18 日 前

    Dead bewear

  42. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar18 日 前

    Vision chaazaard

  43. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar18 日 前

    Peppa pig potts

  44. Yusuf Subedar

    Yusuf Subedar18 日 前

    Wow iron man and war machine

  45. Pepino Woodtli

    Pepino Woodtli18 日 前

    pokemon are the best

  46. Thomas and Pikachu

    Thomas and Pikachu19 日 前

    Could you do DC heroes and villains as Pokemon?!

  47. Ujwal Niroula

    Ujwal Niroula19 日 前

    I want Thor as raquiza

  48. subhash kalia

    subhash kalia19 日 前

    The Deadpool scene was dope. Smart humor.

  49. Jannray QUINTANA

    Jannray QUINTANA18 日 前

    Oh sorry wrong

  50. Jannray QUINTANA

    Jannray QUINTANA18 日 前

    I did not see deadpool

  51. Sherlock Strange

    Sherlock Strange20 日 前

    I wish Deadpool was Pikachu

  52. KX CHEAH

    KX CHEAH20 日 前

    Marvel 's style Pokemon World.

  53. apoorva gupta

    apoorva gupta20 日 前

    I loved this video ❣️❣️🎉🎉❣️😍💕💕 I

  54. Alexis DoBuilds

    Alexis DoBuilds21 日 前

    *Do not state at it’s eyepatch, or it WILL peck you.*

  55. Ferenos animations

    Ferenos animations21 日 前

    I think mystique should of been a zoroark

  56. fabio batista de oliveira

    fabio batista de oliveira21 日 前


  57. Jason Gamer

    Jason Gamer21 日 前

    ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 Take The gun

  58. Irene Aguila

    Irene Aguila21 日 前

    Hulk should be machamp


    SONNY REYES22 日 前

    Nick fury can just fly he is better in reality

  60. Shahid Shah

    Shahid Shah22 日 前

    I think Thor is more of a Raikou than an Entei.

  61. Laesio Littlejohn

    Laesio Littlejohn22 日 前

    Is it me or was cap a better version of Pikachu

  62. Chanelia Konan

    Chanelia Konan22 日 前

    I want to be pikachu and charziard

  63. Hong Myung Lee

    Hong Myung Lee22 日 前

    So cool!

  64. Taina Menes

    Taina Menes22 日 前


  65. black friday ninja plays

    black friday ninja plays23 日 前

    Why is deadpool a fish pokemon its so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  66. benjyplays

    benjyplays23 日 前

    ha ha ha deadpool a magicarp

  67. Dana Wilson

    Dana Wilson24 日 前

    Hulk should have been machamp

  68. kawaii yashu

    kawaii yashu24 日 前

    I love it but you forget miss marvel, inferno and also spider Man team like Nova, power man, iron fist and white tiger.

  69. saim Mahmood

    saim Mahmood24 日 前


  70. wagner ferreira dos santos

    wagner ferreira dos santos24 日 前

    for the hulk and the black window i would put another pokemon

  71. Leyma Ebanks

    Leyma Ebanks24 日 前


  72. Alpha Calixtus Santos

    Alpha Calixtus Santos25 日 前

    Avengers-- Capt. America- Aegislash (king shield) Ironman- Mega Scizor Black Widow- Liepard Hawkeye- Decidueye Hulk- Shiny Machamp Thor- Landurus Spiderman- Galvantula BP- Zeraora Vision- Deoxys Scarlett Witch- Mismagius Bucky- Dusk form Lycanroc Falcon- Skarmory War Machine- Genesect Dr. Strange- Mewtwo Ant-man- Durant Others Wolverine- Lucario (Sean Schemmel) Daredevil- Gallade Punisher- Krookodile Ironfist- Croagunk Ghost Rider- Alolan Marowak Mr. Fantastic- Meowth

  73. COSMIC

    COSMIC25 日 前

    Whats the legendary pokemon

  74. Zennon Zacha

    Zennon Zacha26 日 前

    now you got to do avengers as Pokemon evolutions

  75. Joby Varghese

    Joby Varghese26 日 前

    Pokemon suks

  76. Denas Zigmantavicius

    Denas Zigmantavicius27 日 前

    I Thought Deadpool Would Not Join But Thank Goodness He Is Here

  77. Electronic channel X

    Electronic channel X27 日 前

    Silver sufer must be gallade

  78. Jaheim Gentel

    Jaheim Gentel28 日 前

    Human touch or poke touch

  79. FKK Th

    FKK Th28 日 前

    Dead pool should be item focus slash

  80. nice guy

    nice guy28 日 前

    So cool!!!

  81. Liam's Animation world

    Liam's Animation world29 日 前

    Here is a episode you should do titted SPIDER VISION it will be about spider man making Vision a spider suit please and then he becomes part of SPIDER Man's SIDEKICK and they try to defeat DOCTOR OCTOPUS and then Vision is broken then in the end Spider man and Iron Man fixes him please do it is a suggestion and also my favorite Disney character should join the Avengers LIGHTING MCQUEEN but his superhero name will be SPEED LIGHTING

  82. Ganster family rock

    Ganster family rock29 日 前

    My favorite super hero name is daredevil

  83. Prameela Manikandan

    Prameela Manikandan29 日 前

    Spiderman is not so cool can you give spider man auther Pokemon as some cool type not bug normal