AUDC: Asia vs. Everyone (Season 1 Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime


  1. Bella Joyce

    Bella Joyce時間 前

    She well trained at everything

  2. Kenna Emerald

    Kenna Emerald4 時間 前

    Why is everyone hating on Asia. Shes way more talented then all the rest of them to be honest. They are just jealous. I love Asia

  3. peek a boo

    peek a boo6 時間 前

    See Asia is having fun They arent lol

  4. peek a boo

    peek a boo6 時間 前

    These moms are pathetic Asia at 13 will slay their daughters

  5. Carrie King

    Carrie King8 時間 前

    Asia is far too provocative for a 6 year old. Her costumes and dance moves you see on strippers. She's a cute little girl but I'm afraid perverts are going to see it differently

  6. Mollan

    Mollan14 時間 前

    When i was 6 i didn't even know what youtube was.

  7. Mischa Budiman

    Mischa Budiman日 前

    Asia is the youngest but still came on 3rd

  8. Kai Dawkins

    Kai Dawkins日 前

    When she said fastonisha bless her

  9. SofiPlAyz UwU

    SofiPlAyz UwU日 前

    Asia is kinda rude but why they like her??

  10. Bárbara Del Canto

    Bárbara Del Canto日 前

    I just want to say... she is so oversexualiced..

  11. 《Dxremi》 • 50 years ago

    《Dxremi》 • 50 years ago日 前

    Asia is the definition of sassy

  12. Hey I'm Alesha

    Hey I'm Alesha日 前

    A bunch of adults throw hate comments on a 7 yo girl And she made it to the top 3

  13. Javari Blade

    Javari Blade2 日 前

    This how many times they said Asia should go home ⬇️

  14. kdjohnson5586

    kdjohnson55862 日 前

    She's the better dancer. Stop hating.

  15. Kaitlin Bridges

    Kaitlin Bridges2 日 前


  16. Daniel Bednall

    Daniel Bednall3 日 前

    Does anyone else think Asia is spoilt

  17. Queen Celia

    Queen Celia3 日 前

    Asia is the bizz okay at age 7 jealous blondes can't handle competition from 7 year old.. especially the moms I swear I want to whoop all of em except Asia mom 😉 get it hunny 😘

  18. Melissa Quirino

    Melissa Quirino3 日 前

    Asia is the best

  19. McKenzie Shipman

    McKenzie Shipman3 日 前

    i’m a fierce diva, fAshTiniStAh

  20. Eva .J James

    Eva .J James3 日 前

    Wow I can’t even do that 😧

  21. Pugzie 2000

    Pugzie 20003 日 前

    The fact that Asia at seven dances better than I do at 13... And I've been dancing since I was like 4

  22. unknown user

    unknown user3 日 前

    I wish i was and 7 cute Yeah u wish u were cute

  23. Susanne Warren

    Susanne Warren4 日 前

    Aisa is the best!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  24. Cinnamon rolls

    Cinnamon rolls4 日 前

    She's so grown sniffle*

  25. Jai Aldrich

    Jai Aldrich4 日 前

    Asiaaaaaaaaa go babyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  26. Lunapaw

    Lunapaw5 日 前

    asia showed others how she was wayyy more mature by her comments, it’s ridiculous the older kids were trashing someone who’s half their age, and her comment at the end when talking about even though she got third she feels like a winner shows maturity for a 6 year old

  27. jcv1221

    jcv12215 日 前

    Asia is soooooooooo cute ☺️☺️☺️

  28. Zandile Ngwaqa

    Zandile Ngwaqa5 日 前

    Madison and her mom are annoying and jealous

  29. Smiley

    Smiley6 日 前

    Madison: They’re not expecting as much from a six year old Me: 😑 WELL *DUHHH*

  30. ¡Hola, Algodon!

    ¡Hola, Algodon!6 日 前

    Asia is amazing but she brags alot,and her mom is the one who spoils her to

  31. Teri Till

    Teri Till6 日 前

    Everyone hates her because she's the best dancer 😂

  32. monique anderson

    monique anderson6 日 前

    They are just jealous

  33. Cheryl Ang

    Cheryl Ang6 日 前

    “I’m worth 100,000 bucks” Me:I wanna buy you please!

  34. Isabella Valerio

    Isabella Valerio7 日 前

    Asia has such a big personality and everyone else is just doing pretty turns and there jealous of Asia




  36. aryona gacha and gaming

    aryona gacha and gaming7 日 前

    Wh is everyone talking about aisia I’m mean she’s a six yr old

  37. Ariannabday zandi

    Ariannabday zandi7 日 前

    Asia’s confidence MOTIVATES me🤣

  38. Varisa Gulati

    Varisa Gulati7 日 前

    Asia is like a mini version of an insta baddie Does she even have an instagram?😤😢 She really should

  39. siimply_evalyn

    siimply_evalyn7 日 前

    kids gotta bad attitude

  40. Helana Pasley

    Helana Pasley8 日 前

    They always have something about her

  41. i don't make vids

    i don't make vids8 日 前

    I love how big Asia acts on stage for a 6 year old beating all those older kids is an accomplishment she won in my eyes

  42. georgiαnα _

    georgiαnα _8 日 前

    honestly why are these grown women hating on a 6 year old like Asia is iconic and an ounstanding queen

  43. Borislav Bozhilov

    Borislav Bozhilov8 日 前

    Asia is very good

  44. ・Cakeex Pop・

    ・Cakeex Pop・9 日 前

    -judge your like Beyoncé-Asia’s hair blows

  45. Wolvina Angel

    Wolvina Angel9 日 前

    Mothers are soo rude and they have no right to say go to Home or annoying if she's is annoying you should go home bye bye

  46. PlayWithTheFlow ???

    PlayWithTheFlow ???9 日 前

    4:02 Oh shut up, Abby is rude to everyone.



    That lil one is to sassy I hate her -_-

  48. IT'S Sandra & Gacha

    IT'S Sandra & Gacha9 日 前

    Asia is a little H**

  49. Maya Elhomsi

    Maya Elhomsi9 日 前

    Why dont the moms like aisa and the kids like she is the best one there

  50. Zaira Watsons

    Zaira Watsons9 日 前

    I think Asia is a bit being Bratty plus some of her dance routine is wrong and i bet Asia needs to go now shes being like You Know....

  51. Millie Graham

    Millie Graham9 日 前

    Asia is amazing she is a 6 year old

  52. Bunchos L

    Bunchos L9 日 前

    Why are so many people so comfortable hating on a six year old. Sadly maybe if they weren't so focused on her failing they all would be doing better

  53. nyajambalaya

    nyajambalaya9 日 前

    why did they hate her so much ? 😩 she was the BEST

  54. Hope Henry

    Hope Henry10 日 前

    My dance teacher said the crazier the better but the older kids are stiff like a rock

  55. Hope Henry

    Hope Henry10 日 前

    Just because she is young they don't have to treat her like that plus I don't think they look on there on kids because they look bad

  56. jeff ricedorf

    jeff ricedorf10 日 前

    I don't like Asia

  57. Kaylee Oder

    Kaylee Oder10 日 前

    No you know that Ashish is butter then you

  58. Consulting_Otter_of_221B

    Consulting_Otter_of_221B10 日 前

    As a dancer who struggles technically, anyone will you that personality and expressions are crucial to sell it. You can be technically perfect and go far, but the spirit that shines through when your face reflects that will get you there too

  59. Alicia Armstrong

    Alicia Armstrong10 日 前

    Do you like shouldn’t be all jealous over a little child like🤣🤣

  60. Nariah Irby

    Nariah Irby10 日 前

    all i here is jealousy, jealousy