AUDC: Asia vs. Everyone (Season 1 Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime


  1. H D

    H D16 時間 前

    I wish Asia kept dancing

  2. Lily Elliott

    Lily Elliott16 時間 前

    Asia is amazing! She could outdance people double her age! I think they were allll so jealous, like ''what? My 13 year old went up and a 6 year old didnt? lemme make fun of her infront of live TV..''

  3. I wIsh I WAs hEatHer

    I wIsh I WAs hEatHer20 時間 前

    The kids hating asia are just jelly ;)

  4. FreshMilk Games

    FreshMilk Games22 時間 前

    these kids need to stop hating on Asia. Cause her carrier is going more places than theirs probably will. She can sing, she can dance, and she can act and she’s like what 9?!? These other kids are like 13 and can they do all of that? yeah mhm

  5. Bird Squad3

    Bird Squad3日 前

    when I saw her face I was like she looks familiar. Turns out she's the girl who danced "trouble maker" In Korea. That's awesome, it was her expression tht really got me into her style.

  6. El gargouri Maysa

    El gargouri Maysa日 前

    Lets all say that asia is stunning and deserve better then a adult hating on a 8 years old ;-;

  7. Jenna Temple

    Jenna Temple2 日 前

    I think I did the best but you know what, I got robbed 😆 - Asia Monet Ray

  8. Johanna

    Johanna2 日 前

    Ya’ll bout to get real mad at me but tbh I agree with them! Asia only has preforming ability and she’s cute. She isn’t good enough as a dancer. Her face distracts from her dancing. I’m not saying that facial expressions aren’t important in dance but the technique and ability to dance is more important

  9. Ella Auton

    Ella Auton2 日 前

    I absolutely hate asia no offence to anyone who likes asia

  10. gisxlleblxes

    gisxlleblxes2 日 前

    It’s the hating on a 6 year old for me 😻

  11. Miho Sharp

    Miho Sharp2 日 前

    It’s annoying how a bunch of grown women are basically bullying a 6 year old for her technique when they could not do half the stuff Asia can do

  12. Lara Abou Zaki

    Lara Abou Zaki2 日 前

    Fastinisha Okayy don’t you mean fashionista

  13. Anggie Yuniar Putri Utami H.

    Anggie Yuniar Putri Utami H.2 日 前

    Girl, you should act your age which is 6 instead of 26.

  14. Ileanna VazquezMiranda

    Ileanna VazquezMiranda3 日 前

    Why is everyone mean to Asia

  15. Paige Field

    Paige Field4 日 前

    1 like = How many People complained about Asia being there.

  16. ghani rahimi

    ghani rahimi4 日 前

    Asia is a bit sassy.. its ok if u dont believe me.,

  17. Yasmeen Sultana

    Yasmeen Sultana4 日 前

    She is Fabulous!

  18. B A S T E T

    B A S T E T4 日 前

    The other girls are just jealous! That's mature being jealous of a six year old? She is better than all of those girls!!!!!!

  19. Black stripy cat

    Black stripy cat4 日 前

    Thanks for likes

  20. Black stripy cat

    Black stripy cat4 日 前

    She’s younger then me

  21. Rihanna Smith

    Rihanna Smith4 日 前

    I love asia

  22. Gregory Mccants

    Gregory Mccants5 日 前

    Asia’s Wins

  23. Pamela Cristina

    Pamela Cristina5 日 前

    Alguem do brasil KKKK?

  24. Abigail KIM-SOO

    Abigail KIM-SOO5 日 前

    Asia is strong and brave

  25. Lian Perez

    Lian Perez6 日 前

    they are so rude to asia like bruh she never did anything to them so rude

  26. Eleanor Tiara

    Eleanor Tiara6 日 前

    Asia's Mom is Hot

  27. Anfaal Fatima

    Anfaal Fatima6 日 前

    She is seven or six and she like so good and after these seasons there is a mini team and there is a girl Payton in and she is six but I think she is like nothing in front of Asia she is soooooo strong

  28. Jasmine Diaz

    Jasmine Diaz6 日 前

    The dance mom are jelly :>

  29. Anisa Covarrubias

    Anisa Covarrubias6 日 前

    Always remember when ever Abby would yell at her she never cried much more mature then the 13 year olds

  30. Valeria Alexandra Delgado Cadena

    Valeria Alexandra Delgado Cadena6 日 前

    I love Asia so much the only think I don’t like is that her group mates are not I por tang to Abby

  31. Samantha reyes

    Samantha reyes8 日 前

    I think it is dum

  32. lorena mendoza

    lorena mendoza8 日 前

    Asia is my least dancer she at the bottom of my list

  33. Quinten Man

    Quinten Man9 日 前


  34. Hey it’s Dani

    Hey it’s Dani9 日 前

    Whoever is reading this Jesus Christ loves you ❤️

  35. A big bucket of chicken nuggies

    A big bucket of chicken nuggies10 日 前

    Why does everybody say bad things about the people with a lot of personality? On season 1 it was Asia Season 2 it was JoJo! Like just because your kid is shy and not very eye catching, doesn’t mean you need to go after the kids who shine!

  36. brownie_ _bears

    brownie_ _bears10 日 前

    Asia Vs JoJo siwa!! They would wreck the WHOLE show

  37. pieceoftrash okay

    pieceoftrash okay10 日 前

    she got 3rd place and she was only 6 now that's talent


    SAISHA MEHTA11 日 前

    me : sees a thumbnail of a sassy 6 year old also me ignores it two minutes later i need to watch this jokes apart she is amazing she has awesome technique and so impressive

  39. PenguinPlayz

    PenguinPlayz11 日 前

    Doesn’t matter the age I really liked Madison but now hearing what she said 😳🙄🙄

  40. PenguinPlayz

    PenguinPlayz11 日 前

    They don’t even shine as much as Asia Asia is better and to. Be honest more flexible just be c she’s 6 means nothing

  41. Zoe MacDonald

    Zoe MacDonald14 日 前

    I mean, she wasn't as technically good as the other girls. But her personality is huge and for her age, she is so mature.

  42. Toi Wilson

    Toi Wilson14 日 前

    Get it aisa💞

  43. Kaely Smith

    Kaely Smith14 日 前

    Asia is just crazy the way she says I will bring back my class makes me wanna rip all that away

  44. Sara Banz

    Sara Banz15 日 前

    Asia you are a check

  45. Sara Banz

    Sara Banz15 日 前


  46. Sara Banz

    Sara Banz15 日 前



    AYDEN JEAN15 日 前

    All there talking about is asia when asia is better then all of them like ok yall just mad

  48. Eiloma Limbu

    Eiloma Limbu16 日 前

    I love Asia’s sassienss she’s so cute🥺🥺🥺

  49. Palesa LeJohn

    Palesa LeJohn16 日 前

    She looking fly

  50. nim

    nim17 日 前

    She is so well spoken, it’s hard to believe she’s six here.

  51. Angel Weng

    Angel Weng17 日 前

    Asia is my fav but not anymore because she grownup

  52. Urmila Srivastava

    Urmila Srivastava18 日 前

    I know that Asia is cute and a great dancer but what is she saying that everyone should be down and she should be up that's not right but what others are saying about her that she should leave is also not right

  53. Tara Lewis

    Tara Lewis18 日 前


  54. baby photo

    baby photo19 日 前

    They’re only hating because what they were doing when they were six they were STAYING HOME AND EATING CHIPS while the star Asia as a six year old is an actual queen.

  55. cute pie

    cute pie19 日 前


  56. Gacha Life

    Gacha Life19 日 前

    The moms just doing to much they mad at Asia it’s not her fault she got picked

  57. Nikita Hutton

    Nikita Hutton20 日 前

    Whatever are you people say Asia is staying in this competition no matter what Olivia say everybody dances different I mean what's what's the matter with dancing different

  58. Nikita Hutton

    Nikita Hutton20 日 前

    Asia is staying in the competition

  59. Valorie Rooke

    Valorie Rooke20 日 前

    Asia do not let people hate on you I was 6 I got hated on

  60. Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy20 日 前

    It's so sad to see moms hate a 6 year old

  61. 강다현

    강다현22 日 前

    I mean look at her even if other girls could dance better than asia when it comes to attention asia is the only girl standing out looking confident and doesn't care about failing because she will stand up and try again

  62. Amal Fadillah

    Amal Fadillah22 日 前

    bruh they say she has a advantage bec shes 6 BUT YALL ARE LITERALLY 13 OR MORE

  63. Emib

    Emib22 日 前

    Fun fact:Asia left because her mum wasn’t making enough drama same when Kalani left (the first time)

  64. TNT Gaming

    TNT Gaming23 日 前

    Asia is soooo extra in sas she need to for real be removed she not even food anyway

  65. sap sap

    sap sap24 日 前

    Asia is just a queen 👑

  66. alyssa kaethe

    alyssa kaethe25 日 前

    she was always so beyond her years, both dancing and mentally. she was so eloquent with her words and gracefully accepted when she lost. meanwhile, some of the older girls threw tantrums when they were sent home

  67. Alesha naudy

    Alesha naudy25 日 前

    Soo much people hate asia but asia is cool

  68. Emily Cao

    Emily Cao25 日 前

    Asia at 6: not scared at all about *Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition* me at 14: *scared of monsters*

  69. Samuel Gbajobi

    Samuel Gbajobi26 日 前

    What Maddison said was just nothing but jealousy especially what everyone else 😔

  70. Naishaa Anaisha

    Naishaa Anaisha27 日 前

    She is 6 give her a break

  71. Zavina Gilgeous

    Zavina Gilgeous27 日 前

    When ynett said asia mom was thinking of her going home . I think she was thinking of burger king

  72. Lina Van den Brande

    Lina Van den Brande28 日 前

    Ik u need Self-confidence but some just have to much and that makes it bitchie

  73. Su-hesri Van Zyl

    Su-hesri Van Zyl29 日 前

    They are just jealous of Asia

  74. Jenna Wright

    Jenna Wrightヶ月 前

    ✨ fashtonista ✨

  75. Catherine M

    Catherine Mヶ月 前

    Everybody does not like asia except of you know

  76. Baljit Nahal

    Baljit Nahalヶ月 前

    Btw i was in abby lee dance company!

  77. Baljit Nahal

    Baljit Nahalヶ月 前

    Lol l am play with slime.

  78. Djamilatou Sy

    Djamilatou Syヶ月 前

    3:41 is me when someone talks bad about one of my friends

  79. Ivana Božić

    Ivana Božićヶ月 前

    I hate her and her mom

  80. Ellie Orchard

    Ellie Orchardヶ月 前

    Why does everyone have to pick on asia she is so innocent and sweet you all just jealous of her cause she is soooooo much better than all of you .

  81. Peichen Vlogs!

    Peichen Vlogs!ヶ月 前

    Triple ❤️🥺

  82. Peichen Vlogs!

    Peichen Vlogs!ヶ月 前

    Asia’s the best 🤪 🥰

  83. Peichen Vlogs!

    Peichen Vlogs!ヶ月 前

    BAHAHAHA that’s so funny 🤣

  84. AHH EEK

    AHH EEKヶ月 前

    I would put here up for adoption

  85. Peichen Vlogs!

    Peichen Vlogs!ヶ月 前


  86. zamir ahmed

    zamir ahmedヶ月 前

    Asia is always thinking she is always the best you are not the best all the time

  87. Peichen Vlogs!

    Peichen Vlogs!ヶ月 前

    zamir ahmed ahahahahahahaahahahhhahaahahhahwhahaahaahahha

  88. Takiya Townsend

    Takiya Townsendヶ月 前

    Ok, everybody who ever hated on Asia probably takes it back now because Asia is like the best dancer right now. And they're just jealous that Asia was ever better than them in the first place.

  89. Pink_Parfait

    Pink_Parfaitヶ月 前

    "She doesnt have technique" Bro cmon shes 6

  90. Emilee Ralstin

    Emilee Ralstinヶ月 前

    I’m Srry everyone but I think Asia is rude and sassy

  91. Alice Malakhov

    Alice Malakhovヶ月 前

    “Fastonishta” lollll

  92. Pinkshopkincat5

    Pinkshopkincat5ヶ月 前

    Like she said the fashionista on the catwalk!😏

  93. Chxco_gurl Yt

    Chxco_gurl Ytヶ月 前

    Asia: even tho iam not on third place since iam here that makes me a winner anyways. Me: that quoite from a 7 year old? wow

  94. Soana Koloamatangi

    Soana Koloamatangiヶ月 前

    Honestly like it's sooooooo sick how Woman and Teenagers are hating on a 6 Year old

  95. Aldwin Anda

    Aldwin Andaヶ月 前

    If Asia really good and dont stop her she is a SIX YEAR OLD. People are so mean these days

  96. E Arm

    E Armヶ月 前

    I hate how everyone s like she should have gone home and I am like ur just denying that Asia is a better dancer then ur kid

  97. isadora

    isadoraヶ月 前




    Why are they hating on Asia? she is a queen and there is nothing they can do about it!

  99. Gymnastics for beginners

    Gymnastics for beginnersヶ月 前

    Hadlys mom: I think it's Asia's time to go home. Me: I think it's hadlys time to go home.

  100. jelsa forever

    jelsa foreverヶ月 前


  101. Gymnastics for beginners

    Gymnastics for beginnersヶ月 前

    And that's on PeRiDt

  102. Gymnastics for beginners

    Gymnastics for beginnersヶ月 前


  103. Gymnastics for beginners

    Gymnastics for beginnersヶ月 前

    Tua's mom: knees are bent she is like a wreak Me: who's daughter was cut the first week she was there?

  104. Gymnastics for beginners

    Gymnastics for beginnersヶ月 前


  105. Kayleen Kay

    Kayleen Kayヶ月 前

    I love Asia so so much. She's such a cutie and a very strong 6 years old.

  106. Chantel Ostby

    Chantel Ostbyヶ月 前

    Asia no but ifs or whatevers me they can say thg at if they want to you don't control peaples words why on the title of this video there comparing peaple and I know adia has haters

  107. Foxy girl Gamer

    Foxy girl Gamerヶ月 前

    God like everyone is so rude except A’ja oh my God I hate those people you know I am Asia’s biggest fan I don’t know why but I am

  108. Josipa Majstorovic

    Josipa Majstorovicヶ月 前

    Asia is just a stupid little brat

  109. World Of Kirraaa

    World Of Kirraaaヶ月 前

    Asia was more mature than ALL of them on that season