Auction Drift Car Is Almost Complete!!!


  1. Hotwheels Fordayz

    Hotwheels Fordayz9 時間 前

    You guys should get a carbon fiber steering wheel from carbontastic for the car it would look even better!

  2. Pitou U

    Pitou U10 時間 前

    Franchement excellent votre travail. J'espère pouvoir vous acheter une voiture

  3. Rameen Moe

    Rameen Moe13 時間 前

    Happy birthday billy




  5. Dylan Deonarain Dylan

    Dylan Deonarain Dylan日 前

    It needs a wing

  6. Sxerene _

    Sxerene _7 日 前

    My dream car😓

  7. jose filho

    jose filho7 日 前

    Hey guys I love for everything you guys do I'm a really good fan of you guys great job with the Z it looks nice!

  8. Kenneth Horne

    Kenneth Horne8 日 前

    Happy birthday. Sorry just got here

  9. Crash Life

    Crash Life9 日 前

    Am I the only one that cringes thinking about how much they spend on insurance each month for all these crazy sports cars at their age? 😂

  10. Vapor307

    Vapor30712 日 前

    I don't know why but I really want this car lol

  11. Aryan Ahir

    Aryan Ahir15 日 前

    I don’t like the front head lights because they are yellow

  12. Corey Norris

    Corey Norris12 日 前

    they said they were going to take them apart and do some interior cleaning on them in the previous video. these things take time to put together bruh. it's without question that out of all people, these guys will make the car look like a million bucks.

  13. Rocky Davies

    Rocky Davies17 日 前

    Dude Happy Birthday Billy

  14. Toxic NERF

    Toxic NERF20 日 前

    Happy birthday

  15. Vengeful_Gamer313

    Vengeful_Gamer31320 日 前

    How many times did he say sucker

  16. mhawkins1975

    mhawkins197520 日 前

    Keep the gold

  17. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez21 日 前

    Looks sweet !!!!!!

  18. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez21 日 前

    Brother if i ever go wide body with my 370z, can you tell me wheels spec and wide kit specs ? 50mm 70 mm ????? thanks man !

  19. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez21 日 前


  20. LSXS197

    LSXS19723 日 前

    Needs a ducktail spoiler

  21. Mathieu Miller vlogs

    Mathieu Miller vlogs24 日 前

    I think you should but the black on the tires.

  22. Lowcountry Productions

    Lowcountry Productions24 日 前

    I never thought the gold would go good with it but it looks so fire

  23. Juan Gaytan

    Juan Gaytan25 日 前

    Curious question goonzqaud, have you guys ever rebuilt a transmission or motor on any of your builds? Im new the channle only watched the 2019 gmc build

  24. Jim Cars

    Jim Cars28 日 前

    I’m not a car expert by any stretch of the imagination, but shouldn’t you have balanced the tires before the alignment?

  25. Alex Guillén

    Alex Guillénヶ月 前


  26. zx6rHooligan

    zx6rHooliganヶ月 前

    Looks like the rear passenger side sits higher than the driver side when fully dropped

  27. anil shetty

    anil shettyヶ月 前

    Guys red & gold good combination color 👌🏻 break clip & wide body body bolt (change to elenkey type bolt)make golden color 😍👌🏻

  28. Nissan McKinney

    Nissan McKinneyヶ月 前

    looks legit



    Damn you guys are no tuners, you can't just walk away from the car without slamming it :D

  30. core 0161

    core 0161ヶ月 前

    not about dem rims

  31. niklasmedk

    niklasmedkヶ月 前

    What is that allignment shop doing? You cant get the car aligned when raised. You have to do it on the intended driving height as it will completely change when dropping it.

  32. david jarzewiak

    david jarzewiakヶ月 前

    I'll take it off your hands

  33. Cameron Turner

    Cameron Turnerヶ月 前

    now is it needs a nice big spoiler...

  34. Michael Graham

    Michael Grahamヶ月 前

    Think the Nissan drift car should have stoppers installed under the car at four corner to limit the body drop.

  35. Micheal Landreth

    Micheal Landrethヶ月 前

    “Guns in the background on a wall” JPreporter: demonetized

  36. Jesus Rocha

    Jesus Rochaヶ月 前

    Young geniuses.

  37. MONSTA

    MONSTAヶ月 前

    2JZ swap the Z baby! Collins kit work nice.

  38. 판다제이

    판다제이ヶ月 前

    yeah....korea tier hankook tier

  39. William Campos

    William Camposヶ月 前

    broooo how do yal have money to do this what is your main job lol!! teach me senpais!

  40. El_nene_tuyo Ayuso

    El_nene_tuyo Ayusoヶ月 前

    Gold looks official

  41. Timothy Johnson

    Timothy Johnsonヶ月 前

    Happy birthday billy

  42. Cbass

    Cbassヶ月 前

    exhaust sounds like sh@@ its annoying and 350z look nicer yours is a ricer

  43. Jax Phillips

    Jax Phillipsヶ月 前

    Can you stop calling this a drift car!!!

  44. Blake Austin

    Blake Austinヶ月 前

    Goonzquad this car looks like a low rider just sayin

  45. Neil Perry

    Neil Perryヶ月 前

    What you ought to do at a car show, is stick a few single dollars under the front lip on its lowest setting and see if any one can remove them.

  46. Neil Perry

    Neil Perryヶ月 前

    Is it me or does it look like an RC car when on high lift.

  47. jmoney262

    jmoney262ヶ月 前

    Black powder coat wheels would be the way to go!

  48. Naai Mcfadden

    Naai Mcfaddenヶ月 前

    Should have painted the trim pieces for the front bumper the color of the car

  49. Ben Cutshall

    Ben Cutshallヶ月 前

    Bad ass gold

  50. DLoad This1

    DLoad This1ヶ月 前


  51. The Cashew

    The Cashewヶ月 前

    I am 100% not a fan of that " stance boy life " or the " wide body life " but that gold with the red is legit bro !!!

  52. TJ 5000

    TJ 5000ヶ月 前

    No go for the gold rims

  53. Enzo Viola

    Enzo Violaヶ月 前

    No chrome on wheels please... gloss black and gold

  54. originalscottfree

    originalscottfreeヶ月 前

    Couldn't you get tires that actually fit the rims?

  55. Chris Stevens

    Chris Stevensヶ月 前

    You should put black rubber beading in between each piece of of body kit and the body.

  56. Ryan Batac

    Ryan Batacヶ月 前

    i knew I recognized those wheels! Love @Fool_z_gold

  57. Charlie Barnard

    Charlie Barnardヶ月 前

    Car looks sick I think then wheels make the car pop the gold and chrome definitely look good against the red and black see if you can get a gold and Chrome Nissan badge

  58. Alpha Moters

    Alpha Motersヶ月 前

    Happy birthday

  59. Alpha Moters

    Alpha Motersヶ月 前


  60. Ollie Palmer

    Ollie Palmer2 ヶ月 前

    That looks insane I want it

  61. Joshua Delgado

    Joshua Delgado2 ヶ月 前

    the 370 looks naked in the back without a spoiler