ASTRO 아스트로 - Knock(널 찾아가) M/V


  1. Andreza Matos

    Andreza Matos9 時間 前


  2. Marjorie Y

    Marjorie Y10 時間 前

    I'm just really thankful of Nunu for introducing this group to me. I just started supporting them last week and I am not the type of person who's really into Kpop since I think that it's too noisy but damn these boys - always giving me eargasm. Now I am fully convinced that I stan the right group. ❤️

  3. Marjorie Y

    Marjorie Y9 時間 前

    @zahid shah Thank you! I've actually been reviewing their old videos as well and I can testify that they are more than just pretty faces - not to mention their relationship with one another. ❤️

  4. zahid shah

    zahid shah9 時間 前

    Mee too i dont stan any other group than them they are too adorable and welcome roha....

  5. Gael Aroharoha

    Gael Aroharoha10 時間 前

    #AstroxArohalatina fighting

  6. أحمد الشمري

    أحمد الشمري10 時間 前

    كلها تميلح

  7. Karina Aidassani

    Karina Aidassani11 時間 前

    Dear Arohas, ASTRO is nominated for GLOBAL ARTIST AWARD on SOBA AWARDS and is currently leading the voting poll. We need to defend and keep the top position for a month till 3rd August. Please REMEMBER to vote for them. You can vote through STARPLAY APP (watch ads per hour to earn soba tokens and then drop them on the soba poll before 12am KST as they expire everyday if you didn't use them) Please dear Arohas, we need to stand strong together for precious awesome Astro who always is working very hard for Arohas. Hope all Arohas unite together and persevere to vote and to defend and keep the top position as the gap between Astro and the 2nd position group is getting closer and closer rapidly. PLEASE AROHAS LET'S ALL STAY STRONG AND VOTE !!! Thanks lots lots to all Arohas and please also take good care of health and rest well. When we are well then Astro will rise up up up!!! Fighting!!!

  8. weme ki'ling

    weme ki'ling11 時間 前

    In our family me and my sister support ASTRO so much and even my 3 years old sister sings there song without knowing the lyrics even we play other songs also so often but she always sing Astro's songs....think if a small child knows what is good then y not others there songs are damn good you will never to be stanning for ASTRO . Whoever is stanning for this group they are stanning for the right group... Arohas never give up.. Keep fighting... Aroha and Astro forever the best..

  9. Angelll Maeee

    Angelll Maeee11 時間 前


  10. Marwisa A

    Marwisa A11 時間 前


  11. Rohaluz Avila

    Rohaluz Avila11 時間 前

    Arohaaaaa porfavor no deje que este Mv quede en el olvido :(

  12. LuzSofhia Rubina Avila

    LuzSofhia Rubina Avila12 時間 前


  13. María Sanz

    María Sanz12 時間 前

    los gritos de MJ son tan tiernos




  15. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado13 時間 前

    Lets do 450K today!!!!!

  16. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado13 時間 前

    620K !!!!

  17. Banin Banin

    Banin Banin13 時間 前

    Love you astro ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Banin Banin

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  19. Pakistani Aroha

    Pakistani Aroha14 時間 前

    fighting aroha you are not alone here

  20. nam fon

    nam fon14 時間 前


  21. if i lost my hope

    if i lost my hope15 時間 前

    Is that one of the guy from drama rookie historian? I just watch the drama and i think he look like

  22. Pakistani Aroha

    Pakistani Aroha12 時間 前

    @if i lost my hope no problm dear

  23. if i lost my hope

    if i lost my hope13 時間 前

    @Pakistani Aroha thank you

  24. if i lost my hope

    if i lost my hope13 時間 前

    @Jackeline Regalado thank you

  25. if i lost my hope

    if i lost my hope13 時間 前

    @Pakistani Aroha thank you

  26. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado13 時間 前

    @if i lost my hope welcome baby Roha

  27. 곽성취

    곽성취16 時間 前

    We neeeed to streaaaam this mv guyss:"( This song deserves Moore than 1B I sweaaar

  28. Eun Eun

    Eun Eun18 時間 前

    I hope sooner or later there MVs are gonna hit more than100million views

  29. [ ɢᴏɢᴏ ᴍᴀɴɴɢᴏᴏ ]

    [ ɢᴏɢᴏ ᴍᴀɴɴɢᴏᴏ ]18 時間 前

    I'll never be bored of this song no matter what :D

  30. Jinjin Love

    Jinjin Love18 時間 前

    THANKS's a win for BINNIEE.. Let's focus on ASTRO SOBA.

  31. kraze kanmanee

    kraze kanmanee18 時間 前

    Love from india💕

  32. Jinjin Love

    Jinjin Love19 時間 前

    Vote for BINNIEE on idol champ Rohas.. We only have 1/2an hr.. The gap is too short.. Plz support..opponent is 39.52% BINNIEE is on39.36%...

  33. Astonisarah Baghel

    Astonisarah Baghel19 時間 前

    Astro keep going...our boys will be so happy seeing the views & votes going higher & higher :)

  34. Kumari Bhabna

    Kumari Bhabna20 時間 前

    any Indian watching this ??????

  35. Astonisarah Baghel

    Astonisarah Baghel20 時間 前

    Plz think about ASTRO holding the beautiful that'd be so please don't give up, dl Starplay & vote for these angels please!

  36. Chris

    Chris20 時間 前

    why the fuck is my girlfriend making me listen to this right now like what the hell man

  37. Catherine Aw

    Catherine Aw19 時間 前

    Chris Why...? i wonder...

  38. Chris

    Chris20 時間 前

    @Catherine Aw most definitely not

  39. Catherine Aw

    Catherine Aw20 時間 前

    Yea...u Glad u listen to the song right...✌️

  40. jungwoo is a puppy¹²⁽⁷ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ⁾ᵛ

    jungwoo is a puppy¹²⁽⁷ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ⁾ᵛ21 時間 前

    i still listen to this song i'm in love 💜

  41. aroha myat

    aroha myat22 時間 前


  42. Catherine Aw

    Catherine Aw21 時間 前

    Dear aroha ? If you really must do the counting, can you please do like what eya roha is doing...put something in between or after the digits. Thanks for adjusting. May help a lot with the counts. Thanks lot dear.

  43. Nazlıcan Akın

    Nazlıcan Akın22 時間 前

    so amazing and differnt song!! ı loved 🌏❤

  44. eya roha

    eya roha22 時間 前

    Number of vi3ws as of 2:10 PM KST : 12 369 250

  45. Inka Tsani Putri

    Inka Tsani Putri22 時間 前

    i love you so much 😍

  46. Inka Tsani Putri

    Inka Tsani Putri22 時間 前

    i love you ASTRO

  47. Flor Santander

    Flor Santander23 時間 前

    I love !! greetings from chile ..... ❤🌌😍 ASTRO FIGHTING !!❤ AROHA FIGHTING !!💜

  48. rocio Hernández

    rocio Hernández23 時間 前

    U never be tired to see Astro's MV, are amazing!

  49. astro love

    astro love23 時間 前


  50. astro love

    astro love23 時間 前

    This MV deserves 100M Views

  51. astro love

    astro love23 時間 前

    don't give up!lets go

  52. Linda Angelina

    Linda Angelina日 前

    Please v0t3 ASTRO on starplay and choeaedol app, both are important! Fighting

  53. Linda Angelina

    Linda Angelina日 前

    12.367.484 pls str34m h4rd for our boys!

  54. Hya Cinth

    Hya Cinth日 前

    12.366.967 (1st str3@m of the day)

  55. Hya Cinth

    Hya Cinth日 前


  56. Hya Cinth

    Hya Cinth日 前


  57. ELITE1 ***

    ELITE1 ***日 前

    AROHAS por favor baja el app de “StarPlay” y vota por ASTRO para los premios SORIBADA (premio para el artista global) puedes votar cada hora.

  58. C v

    C v10 時間 前

    @Jackeline Regalado Si

  59. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado13 時間 前

    @C v Aún tienes problemas ??

  60. C v

    C v20 時間 前

    Una pregunta como hago para votar? Ya instale la aplicación pero no entiendo nada

  61. diana valeriano

    diana valeriano日 前

    Astro es un grupo talentoso, realmente merece ser más reconocido y estoy segura que lo será. Fighting Astro! :3

  62. Jhwyx 123

    Jhwyx 123日 前

    Holis... regrese y estoy llorando porque Aroha no se esta esforzando ... no salimos de 12 m , perdimos en idol champ con San ha ... Moon Bin no sube del segundo puesto , a San ha en el otro le están ganando con verde y por mucho :-( :-( y en star play nos están alcanzando , asi que lloro con razón :'( :-\ :'(


    KIM JISOO日 前


  64. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前

    Eviten usar emojis / avoid use emojis

  65. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前


  66. DeAria Martin

    DeAria Martin日 前

    hi y’all. i’m a baby aroha🥺🖤 new to the fandom aghhh



    Welcome to the fam:)

  68. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前

    We are using STAR PLAY APP if you can use It to vote for Astro , Roha Will be thankful

  69. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前

    Where are you from?

  70. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前

    Welcome !!!

  71. Lola Torres

    Lola Torres日 前

    Alchile me encanta 🤩

  72. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前

    Mencionen a #Astro en Twitter!!! Muchas veces , cada vez que puedan !!!

  73. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前

    636K lets do 13M !!!

  74. Akionanda

    Akionanda日 前

    Já disse que são perfeitos?

  75. Safin Sa

    Safin Sa日 前

    Aroha go streaming

  76. Andrea Mamani Tipe

    Andrea Mamani Tipe日 前

    beautiful astro I love you

  77. Adriana Nava Ortega

    Adriana Nava Ortega日 前

    Los amo, definición de perfección.

  78. ArohaD1 SOFHIAAR

    ArohaD1 SOFHIAAR日 前

    Vamos Aroha nosotras podemos... Fighting

  79. ELITE1 ***

    ELITE1 ***日 前

    AROHA! Please download StarPlay app and V0TE for ASTRO (SORIBADA AWARDS Global Artist Award) ASAP!

  80. Pakistani Aroha

    Pakistani Aroha日 前

    aroha plz vote on starplay we have to give them this award

  81. Pakistani Aroha

    Pakistani Aroha日 前

    aroha fighting

  82. Sessioned Memory ft. TOYOTA

    Sessioned Memory ft. TOYOTA日 前

    So only this song has a little low volume unlike other MV songs, why it is that!!!! 🤔

  83. Pakistani Aroha

    Pakistani Aroha日 前


  84. saa rah

    saa rah日 前

    You will take me up up up up but up where? Lmao



    To a world that is clearly bright~

  86. Jackeline Regalado

    Jackeline Regalado日 前

    644K to 13M !

  87. Hyeri Cera Kim

    Hyeri Cera Kim日 前

    AROHAs!! Please download the STARPLAY App and vote for ASTRO! The gap between ASTRO and BTS's votes is starting to close! ASTRO is leading in first, but we need to make sure to keep the gap as wide as possible. The STARPLAY app ranking will determine the group a 90% chance of winning the 2020 SORIBADA Award! Let's give our boys their first DAESANG Award!! Fighting!

  88. Neno HA

    Neno HA日 前

    usually when I watch astro's song I focus on cha eun woo because he's so cute and handsome but this time ... I don't think so ! they are allllll awesomes, handsomes, good looks Moonbin, Rocky, Sanha .. I didn't know you have that much of charm and karezma ❤️ I liked all of them in this song , they have a manly looks, manly dance and that's raise Their attractive

  89. Yumna Bilal

    Yumna Bilal日 前

    Road to 20M and more #aroha

  90. Astonisarah Baghel

    Astonisarah Baghel日 前


  91. sun shin

    sun shin日 前

    I love you

  92. Raven H

    Raven H日 前


  93. Que Videos?

    Que Videos?日 前

    ‪#AROHA no dejemos de ver #KNOCK por favor #AROHA hazlo por #ASTRO ellos se lo merecen se esforzaron mucho para hacer esta canción y coreógrafia difícil no dejemos que quede en el olvido‬

  94. Jannan Wren

    Jannan Wren日 前

    Tbh I'm here because I know Eunnwoo as an actor and just found out he is in Astro.

  95. aroha army

    aroha army日 前

    thank you dear for loving him please support him as much as you can

  96. aroha army

    aroha army日 前

    @zahid shah agree

  97. zahid shah

    zahid shah日 前

    I bet that u will love all of them once u get to know them...) And welcome..

  98. Que Videos?

    Que Videos?日 前

    #AROHA 시청을 멈추지 말자 #KNOCK 단 하루 만에 조회수가 10,000 회가되지 않았습니다.

  99. Yoon Gie

    Yoon Gie日 前

    Arohas vote on Star Play the gap is close !! WE CAN do this

  100. Jackeline Melissa Regalado Rodriguez

    Jackeline Melissa Regalado Rodriguez日 前


  101. Sofhia Avila

    Sofhia Avila日 前

    Fighting ASTRO

  102. Richard Urmenita

    Richard Urmenita日 前


  103. Pamela Avila

    Pamela Avila日 前

    Lo mejor que me pudo haber pasado es conocer a ASTRO