Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen - Full Edit - All Parts


  1. TheChach

    TheChach11 ヶ月 前

    Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. Please watch the originals. All credit goes to the creator: Astartes Channel Astartes Playlist

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    Also my notifications are meet up so I can't see notifies if u do reply to me

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    U guys sure fight a lot

  4. thunder bird

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  5. TheChach

    TheChach2 日 前

    @Daniel Jimenez Some music label for 30 seconds of music.

  6. Daniel Jimenez

    Daniel Jimenez2 日 前

    @TheChach I hadn't checked beyond the first few messages of the thread thinking it would be a toxic mess throughout (I was correct), having read through some of the important stuff, I guess I can say I'm okay with this now. Who copyright claimed this anyway?

  7. Kevin Ragsdale

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    I dont even know what this is, but its fucking cool

  8. RBX

    RBX3 時間 前

    I have absolutely no idea what's happening in that awesome video :(


    BRUTAL-X4 時間 前

    Armour sounds from Fallout Servoarmour

  10. Brian

    Brian6 時間 前

    Feel like Agent Smith; More.

  11. Unfunnny Meme

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    That ending shot though

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    Long live the Emperor

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    Why nobody told me about this ?!!!

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    keep it, want more.

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    Always remember boys and girls. The Emperor Protects.

  16. Ronnie Farquhar

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    Fun fact the priest idk what they are called is actually screaming when chanting bc they have helmets with microphones in so they can't be heard while speaking and you can hear a astartes on the ship shout as loud as he can witch was very quite but the guy chanting is easily heard just shows how LOUD he was talking Edit: that's pretty terrifying if you ask me

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    The bois off to kill heretics.

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    “Astartes...” “C’TAN.”

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    Kriegs is better

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    Does all proceeds from this go to the creator? Love the convenience of watching it all together but I absolutely love the creator.

  22. TheChach

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    This channel isn't monetized, there aren't any proceeds.

  23. KRAUS

    KRAUS日 前

    The little things: The 2nd space marine when he was charging the Psyker, feinted to shoot with the gun in his right hand, leaving itself wide open for the knife in his left. UGHHH, perfect.

  24. Derrick Parham

    Derrick Parham日 前

    I know nothing about 40k, but this is pretty cool.

  25. mike zoyhofski

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    i don’t know anything about this universe but damn these guys are badass

  26. Flame lash

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    Ok so i know basically nothing about warhammer 40k lore and have no idea what happened in this video or why they are fighting, but still cool video

  27. Breakfast

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    God, the Astartes are an ARMY of Doom Guys. They are SO badass.

  28. R3tr0z

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    this reminds me of flashgitz

  29. REDDD

    REDDD2 日 前

    What a talent sir :)

  30. MadlySevered

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    This entire series depics Gray Knights, get off your Astates dick throb, this depicks the best of the best. it takes 1 in a million to become a space marine, takes 1 in 100k from space marines to become a grey knight.. And no one will ever know you exist..

  31. TheValorious

    TheValorious2 日 前

    The kine shields stopping those bolt rounds is brilliantly done.

  32. filwilliamson

    filwilliamson2 日 前

    When you realize the Sergeant is carrying a Bolt Pistol and a Plasma Pistol. Cypher, is that you?

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    Parasite, running ads on Syamas work

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    The ads are from a copyright claim, my channel isn't monetized. Maybe next time ask before you throw out insults and accusations.

  35. MinusSoup 918

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    Where did he go?! I really want to know where and what this is. 11:51

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  37. Jake Erskine

    Jake Erskine3 日 前

    I'm new to 40k and just getting started with this world but I can't believe its taken this long to see how epically heavy metal WH40K is...

  38. Man Hunter

    Man Hunter3 日 前

    I read somewhere that the Space Marines depicted are from a Imperial Fists successor Chapter.

  39. Man Hunter

    Man Hunter日 前

    @Archdevil66 thank you

  40. Archdevil66

    Archdevil66日 前

    Yep. The Retributors. They are a homebrewed chapter made by the creator of Astartes. Majorkill made a video about them and the lore behind the chapter.

  41. dal dora

    dal dora3 日 前

    cold, calculated, precision. everything that a space marine needs to be. thank you for compiling all these into a single video.

  42. Nicholas Lee

    Nicholas Lee3 日 前

    Famous last words of the Psyker at 9:57 "Return your men immediately!" Then a fist and some bolter action to his corpse.

  43. Семен Меркатан

    Семен Меркатан3 日 前

    3:38 "blame"

  44. lewiss nicholls

    lewiss nicholls3 日 前

    Whats up with his red eye? I thought it was a normal organic eye, hense the 'pop' and blood spirts. But at around 6.43 it looks bionic

  45. Игорь Черепанин

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  47. Eduard Murariu

    Eduard Murariu3 日 前

    The codex support this action

  48. Desant Editing

    Desant Editing3 日 前

    Seen this now over and over again, so well made. The ones who watch this knowing what they are looking at and what each things means gives an underlying terror of how fucking horrible of a place this would be for normal human beings xD bravo! is all i can say, now i want to see the next part because i have no clue what or where this is going on and what background this has in the universe. They are not ultramarines but their mission seem to have a lot of importance here XD

  49. Jake } Ultima

    Jake } Ultima3 日 前

    Mecha doomslayer


    LOOSE GAMER3 日 前

    are they powerful in physically or it just because of the suit or armor???

  51. Игорь Черепанин

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  52. Илья Вереев

    Илья Вереев3 日 前

    space marines are amazing! that's how best of the best wariors of humanity should fight: no extra moves, accurate shots, perfect cooperation.

  53. Rikkity Rakk

    Rikkity Rakk4 日 前

    Abso-freakin-lutely amazing! 😲 The Emperor protects.

  54. Connor Bunnage

    Connor Bunnage4 日 前

    That was really cool... I don't get it

  55. im fat

    im fat4 日 前

    When u find the heresy

  56. Hevy C

    Hevy C4 日 前

    Bruh,at 0:25 it looks like its Darth Vader in the up in the background,with scarf and everything.

  57. Vrbs

    Vrbs4 日 前

    Any one else hear the power armor sounds in the last few seconds?

  58. Thapelo Kgoadi

    Thapelo Kgoadi4 日 前

    Wow I'm speechless 🔥🔥🔥 too much heat

  59. Donair

    Donair4 日 前

    A Major movie studio needs to back this!

  60. Askonj

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    Очень интересно, но нихуя не понятно.

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    ваха,добро пожаловать

  62. Joe Pineapples

    Joe Pineapples5 日 前

    Fucking Hard

  63. William Beyer

    William Beyer5 日 前

    I finally figured it out. The white Astarte are looking for the squad that infiltrated. Those orb things are communicating with each other. They probably wanted the orbs to use as a communicating device but it ported the astartes away or into the eye so they couldn’t get their hands on it.

  64. NEP NEP

    NEP NEP5 日 前

    please press 8 for PUNCH

  65. Havok5731

    Havok57315 日 前

    Not very big on my Warhammer lore can someone please explain what I just watched the video was great btw

  66. Havok5731

    Havok57313 日 前

    @Jonah Clements thanks mate

  67. Jonah Clements

    Jonah Clements4 日 前

    Here's a video explaining it:

  68. deni140492deni

    deni140492deni5 日 前

    12:25 welcome to Khemri, mortal...

  69. P, B, and C

    P, B, and C5 日 前

    What the hell?

  70. The Undying Nemesor

    The Undying Nemesor4 日 前

  71. 8Ball 325

    8Ball 3255 日 前

    The crystal shards that get shot at the Marine at the end seem very similar to Eldar projectiles

  72. Robert MacGregor

    Robert MacGregor5 日 前

    This looks amazing but I have no idea what is going on!

  73. Jonah Clements

    Jonah Clements4 日 前

    Here's a video explaining it:

  74. Davi oliveira

    Davi oliveira5 日 前

    Other people: YOU ARE USING HACK My friend: No he is not Me:

  75. Andrey PA

    Andrey PA5 日 前

    Do you have his permission to use his creation?

  76. Cristian Haust

    Cristian Haust5 日 前

    This is amazing. WOW i would love to see something like this for Adepta Sororitas. *_*

  77. Rikkity Rakk

    Rikkity Rakk3 日 前

    @Cristian Haust Have you seen this?

  78. Cristian Haust

    Cristian Haust4 日 前

    yeah awesome, church droping from the sky into the battlefield and big pipe organ tanks. all that for purging the heretics. AWESOME AF

  79. Rikkity Rakk

    Rikkity Rakk4 日 前

    Nuns with guns!

  80. Hannibal Barca

    Hannibal Barca6 日 前

    So damn good, my god

  81. Marco Terrizzi

    Marco Terrizzi6 日 前

    can anyone tell what the squad members name is on the bottom of his shoudler pauldron at 4:04- :05?

  82. Marco Terrizzi

    Marco Terrizzi5 日 前

    @gee hvf patreon names?

  83. gee hvf

    gee hvf5 日 前

    My guess is patreon names. Theres also one at 4:22 but its only there shortly

  84. James Neesham

    James Neesham6 日 前

    The married event habitually tip because headlight synchronously mine minus a actually son. large, tart quiver

  85. Tarek Chamas

    Tarek Chamas6 日 前

    this is what you get when u stop hiring people with gender studies degrees

  86. Valtyr Odinson

    Valtyr Odinson4 日 前

    This is purely fan-made, no one hired this guy to do this. Stop talking out of your ass.

  87. mm2002

    mm20026 日 前

    Please write me the full name and release year of this game, thank you very much in advance.

  88. Rikkity Rakk

    Rikkity Rakk3 日 前

    @mm2002 It's the name of a table top sci-fi war game that has been around for over 3 decades. There have been numerous video games based on it. Just do a JPreporter search for _Warhammer 40k_ lore/battle reports/painting/gameplay and you'll see how deep the rabbit hole goes. 😎

  89. Rikkity Rakk

    Rikkity Rakk3 日 前

    @mm2002 It's available on PS4 and on Steam for PC. Just do a search for it. Here's a description of some of the games elements:

  90. mm2002

    mm20023 日 前

    @Rikkity Rakk give me the link please, thanks in advance.

  91. mm2002

    mm20023 日 前

    @The Undying Nemesor And what is a Warhammer 40,000? Thanks a lot in advance for the answers.

  92. Rikkity Rakk

    Rikkity Rakk4 日 前

    You might want to look into _Inquisitor - Martyr._ It's a very good ARPG adaptation of Warhammer 40,000.

  93. daniel cummings

    daniel cummings6 日 前

    I don’t know anything about warhammer Can someone tell me what the hell is going on

  94. Carlos Balazs

    Carlos Balazs5 日 前

    This could help

  95. Н.Н.Б.

    Н.Н.Б.6 日 前

    Есть Кто на Русском "шмаляет", ставьте лайку что бы знал творец что из наших его Уважают и Ваху тоже!

  96. Sergio Elias Herrera Varon

    Sergio Elias Herrera Varon6 日 前

    A Halo Spartan VS one of these soldiers, who will win?

  97. Jonah Clements

    Jonah Clements4 日 前

    One of these. They're one of the things where if you ask who would win in a fight, it's always them.

  98. Spooners outings

    Spooners outings6 日 前

    Now that was wicked cool 👍👍

  99. Superkamiguru

    Superkamiguru6 日 前

    10:48 he’s about to shoot him for touching the orb then he gets pulled in, I thought that was cool.

  100. Judicial

    Judicial7 日 前

    y r all the comments so dang long

  101. HoBrosGaming

    HoBrosGaming7 日 前

    Wow this is really great. Why hasn't there been a successful movie and AAA video game, and netflix series based on this?

  102. Taffer 1000

    Taffer 10007 日 前

    An Astartes! Each one is an army unto himself!

  103. Brian Ritchie

    Brian Ritchie7 日 前

    This. Is what I've been waiting for!

  104. Matthew Sykes

    Matthew Sykes7 日 前

    Now pull the background music...... it is still epic, terrifying. Syama is just incredible, this isn't a work of art. It's a work of cinema.

  105. Vortexrian

    Vortexrian7 日 前

    If cyborgs became the next predators.

  106. Darth Muul

    Darth Muul7 日 前


  107. spennylove

    spennylove7 日 前

    this is wild!

  108. LeXmen

    LeXmen7 日 前

    Lets all be honest, this look like a Warhammer 45k now like everything look more high-tech than ever, almost felt like they were Tau Astartes for a second.

  109. Lolo Trololo

    Lolo Trololo7 日 前

    That ambient at around 1:50 - 2:01 sounds like one of the ambients from the "Dredd" movie from 2012.

  110. Digital Goat

    Digital Goat7 日 前

    That place where the Astartes ended up looks like a Zdzisław Beksiński painting.

  111. J.G. Sp.

    J.G. Sp.7 日 前


  112. T N

    T N7 日 前

    Who the hell would dislike this?

  113. Barak KH. Hrohlu

    Barak KH. Hrohlu8 日 前

    0:20 just noticed there are regular size men on the right. This means the marines are behemoths

  114. Roark

    Roark8 日 前

    i didn't even notice the spine heads in the background before

  115. Carmine Galante

    Carmine Galante8 日 前

    Wehrmacht Army of the Night

  116. Bobbiesgonewild

    Bobbiesgonewild8 日 前

    yo this was lit unexpected amazing animation

  117. Mike Wasielewski

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  118. smw1279

    smw12798 日 前

    who's the two masked guys with the exposed spinal cords? they got a faction they belong to?

  119. The Undying Nemesor

    The Undying Nemesor4 日 前

    No one knows They seem to be psykers protecting the orb As for the orbs some people r saying yu'vath, an obscure group of chaos aligned xenos

  120. Brush and Bolter

    Brush and Bolter8 日 前

    but boltguns dont shoot that fast tbh, and a lascannon heavy weapons team wouldnt shoot a gatling round of lasers, its two powerful shots that blow up tanks and put holes in monsters, so a space marine woulda got wiped had those shots hit him.

  121. Potato Cogitator

    Potato Cogitator2 日 前

    Don't you think that bolter barrels look tiny?

  122. Brush and Bolter

    Brush and Bolter8 日 前

    You make 40k look badass though. I'll def support, I wanna see a battle where everyone yeets each other though. 40k is brutal haha even the noble space marine has to face the horrors of the 41st millennium.

  123. Brush and Bolter

    Brush and Bolter8 日 前

    even heavy bolters can put holes in a marine

  124. Brush and Bolter

    Brush and Bolter8 日 前

    a str9 twin lascannon would of decimated that space marine

  125. Matt Critchley

    Matt Critchley7 時間 前

    Fairly certain it's a multilaser.

  126. Mairaine Playzgames

    Mairaine Playzgames8 日 前

    i just noticed that many sounds from the astartes armor sounds like the power armor from fallout 4 O-O

  127. Hotsauce4000

    Hotsauce40008 日 前

    what chapter are these guys?

  128. Death Waffle

    Death Waffle8 日 前

    Does anyone have a link or something to a proper explanation about this short film aside from the creator saying, "It's an original creation."? That really isn't good enough...

  129. Jonah Clements

    Jonah Clements4 日 前 It's based on the Warhammer 40K universe.

  130. Nathan Cabrales

    Nathan Cabrales9 日 前

    Imagine, right off the bat of a masterpiece like this, the next set of videos is a horror-piece of Space Marines getting absolutely shredded by something terrifying like Necrons or Tyranids. Would really put to scale how Grim Dark the threats to the Imperium of Man really is.

  131. Ronald Mikkelsen

    Ronald Mikkelsen9 日 前

    When is next episode love it!! And how the astartes dosent speak - they just know what needs 2 be done and how 2 do it awesome 10/10

  132. Archdevil66

    Archdevil666 日 前

    They are speaking, we just can't hear them. Their helmets muffle their voices, so only they can hear eachother over comms.




  134. Sound Peaks

    Sound Peaks9 日 前

    It goes pretty well along with Teddy Killers music