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  2. Amina Simba

    Amina Simba29 日 前

    yes pleaze i really love your royalty family please by😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐩🦄⚾⚽🏀

  3. The HSZ Sisters

    The HSZ Sistersヶ月 前


  4. Life with kanashia KK Gang

    Life with kanashia KK Gangヶ月 前

    Why was y’all whispering

  5. Ada Rosales

    Ada Rosalesヶ月 前

    not really. you should do tik tok life hacks.



    Please give me shout out

  7. Simply_Cherry

    Simply_Cherry9 時間 前

    Damien : eats loudly Bianca : puts in mouth but spits out

  8. Karen Waller

    Karen Waller日 前

    Team Bianca

  9. MyAynjul_cutee Bullard

    MyAynjul_cutee Bullard日 前

    Biannca thinks everything is nasty lol 😂

  10. Kayona Buxton Agee

    Kayona Buxton Agee6 時間 前

    Girl shut up

  11. mugghelee nirroshini

    mugghelee nirroshini日 前

    I hate him

  12. Ricardo Manning

    Ricardo Manning日 前


  13. echo the bunny & Bella the girl :D

    echo the bunny & Bella the girl :D日 前


  14. Laura Crumpton

    Laura Crumpton2 日 前

    Team B

  15. Anthony Green

    Anthony Green2 日 前

    Team Damien 😅

  16. Shanoya Beal

    Shanoya Beal日 前

    Hell no

  17. Ssezi Hill

    Ssezi Hill2 日 前

    are you wispering because the baby sleep

  18. Montreniq Hinton

    Montreniq Hinton2 日 前

    Stop just stop ugh😠😠🤬

  19. Montreniq Hinton

    Montreniq Hinton2 日 前

    Stop just😠😡😠😡😠😡🤬🤬

  20. Montreniq Hinton

    Montreniq Hinton2 日 前

    Bro ur doing to much stop

  21. Montreniq Hinton

    Montreniq Hinton2 日 前

    Do anyone else think Damien is doing to much 😒

  22. Axton Joseph

    Axton Joseph2 日 前

    Why are you whispering

  23. Sophia Danna

    Sophia Danna2 日 前

    I am just a huge fan

  24. Sophia Danna

    Sophia Danna2 日 前

    Why where they whispring

  25. vale

    vale3 日 前

    dis video had me dying ❤️😂

  26. Twins Hall

    Twins Hall3 日 前

    This is kinda ASMR but your talking

  27. Makeme Dioubate

    Makeme Dioubate3 日 前

    Pourquoi vous parlez doucement

  28. Taryn Schluter

    Taryn Schluter3 日 前

    Damian Bianca can not eat raw or under cook sea food because it is bad for the baby

  29. Hayden Lambert

    Hayden Lambert4 日 前

    I'm Tim dabion do you get that

  30. Ricardo Solomon

    Ricardo Solomon4 日 前

    Team Bianca

  31. BRC Ayce Sama Waheed

    BRC Ayce Sama Waheed4 日 前

    Ricardo Solomon yes team biiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnccccccccccca all day every day

  32. paisley Pringle

    paisley Pringle4 日 前

    It was funny how she was like :/ I want yours she ate it and was like "Ya not happening :

  33. Malachi Cage

    Malachi Cage5 日 前

    I miss just d and b nation on the name

  34. Paris Nelson

    Paris Nelson3 日 前

    its a dif one this is the prince family and they got another channel named d and b nation

  35. Rea William

    Rea William5 日 前

    It is challenge yea yes👍👍

  36. OscarITV

    OscarITV5 日 前

    Sushi is da best

  37. Angelica Bertulia

    Angelica Bertulia5 日 前

    Hi guys I am your biggest fan can you please I’m gonna play please shout out on me and I’m your biggest fan Damien and Bianka do you know who I am to you same I am yes I am on te

  38. Botshelo Mnisi

    Botshelo Mnisi5 日 前

    Team Damien every day let's go 🔥🔥


    TYREE BRO4 日 前


  40. Younes Younes

    Younes Younes6 日 前

    بكره هنعمل بيتزا اعملو تحديات و مقالب واصوات الاكل ب الاندومي

  41. Badr Boutabâa

    Badr Boutabâa5 日 前

    ما بيفهموا عربي

  42. moha-joker khalid

    moha-joker khalid6 日 前


  43. Lexi Maze

    Lexi Maze6 日 前

    I love the real sushey better and the gummy coke better

  44. Legh-ray Grainger

    Legh-ray Grainger6 日 前

    time mom

  45. Albin brännström

    Albin brännström6 日 前

    14:46 damiens eyes!😑 to 😳 haha

  46. Sadlyn Tonde

    Sadlyn Tonde6 日 前

    Try to do asmr P.F

  47. Jessica Masache

    Jessica Masache7 日 前

    Gsgohsjwo iñññksjjdus 😃

  48. buddymom100

    buddymom1007 日 前

    By the way i like you inchrose

  49. buddymom100

    buddymom1007 日 前


  50. Emily vlog S

    Emily vlog S7 日 前

    Why are you guys whispering

  51. polaparra

    polaparra4 日 前

    They are doing asmr look at the comments the one written for the prince family it says "asmr challenges

  52. Mermaid Princess

    Mermaid Princess7 日 前

    I love your videos ❤️❣️

  53. little Cal

    little Cal7 日 前

    Why are you guys being quiet 🤫

  54. maria gonzalez

    maria gonzalez7 日 前

    That is why

  55. maria gonzalez

    maria gonzalez7 日 前

    Because her baby is sleeping

  56. Veronique Bennett

    Veronique Bennett7 日 前

    It team biannca all day everyday and I he just wants the baby that got sick because she can't eat raw meat

  57. Jiqoby Davis

    Jiqoby Davis7 日 前

    Team damian all the way and by the way sushi is delicious

  58. Kaydence Huddleston

    Kaydence Huddleston8 日 前


  59. Miron Bodi

    Miron Bodi8 日 前

    Like ha Magyar vagy.

  60. Bella Teufel

    Bella Teufel8 日 前

    Team b all the way I love you guys you are the best family on JPreporter and I wish you guys the best of luck for new baby and hope it comes out safe and healthy

  61. Fishy

    Fishy8 日 前


  62. Heriana Augustin

    Heriana Augustin8 日 前

    She cannot eat that type of stuff

  63. Tia Turner

    Tia Turner8 日 前

    Omg the worm x😂🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  64. Alana Vargas

    Alana Vargas9 日 前


  65. Princess Debbie

    Princess Debbie9 日 前

    The worm🤣🤣

  66. marrio walker

    marrio walker9 日 前

    Team b all day everyday

  67. marrio walker

    marrio walker9 日 前

    I love your videos

  68. Hopers Life

    Hopers Life9 日 前

    hugtohug who want? legit here

  69. Squid Ben

    Squid Ben9 日 前

    I love the videos except for one thing. He got to stop smacking his food

  70. Sophia Obinwanne

    Sophia Obinwanne10 日 前

    When it was 3:28 to 3:32 my brother does it all they time

  71. Eldila Barnes

    Eldila Barnes10 日 前

    Hey Hey

  72. Lethabo Lisie

    Lethabo Lisie10 日 前

    Team D is booooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!@

  73. Zachariah Mckenzie

    Zachariah Mckenzie10 日 前

    Why are you quiet

  74. Eduardo Escalante

    Eduardo Escalante8 日 前

    Her children sleep

  75. Beatrice Morales

    Beatrice Morales10 日 前

    team Bianca all day everyday

  76. Noah Parra

    Noah Parra10 日 前


  77. Zinzo Tebe

    Zinzo Tebe10 日 前

    team Biannca all day everyday

  78. Chimamanda Maduako

    Chimamanda Maduako10 日 前

    Why are you whis pering

  79. Raylynn Sklton

    Raylynn Sklton10 日 前

    Are you whispering

  80. ecxon ecxon

    ecxon ecxon10 日 前

    Hey I love your vids

  81. Juddyth Delrosario

    Juddyth Delrosario11 日 前

    Ahh why they whispering

  82. smile squad

    smile squad8 日 前

    They are doing asmr

  83. Mey Polo

    Mey Polo11 日 前


  84. nana's world

    nana's world11 日 前


  85. Mo Ez

    Mo Ez11 日 前

    Team b all day

  86. jasminehasty33

    jasminehasty3311 日 前

    Team Biannca all day everyday

  87. nehemiah walker

    nehemiah walker11 日 前

    team biannca all day evry day

  88. Tisha Roy

    Tisha Roy11 日 前

    U spelled every wrong

  89. cxmxl _707_cxmxl

    cxmxl _707_cxmxl11 日 前

    I love this girl💙😂

  90. JustinMBA zetmayer

    JustinMBA zetmayer11 日 前

    i love you guys




  92. J Ham

    J Ham11 日 前

    That laugh edited into the video had me XD I am dead 💀!!

  93. Clarence Gilliam

    Clarence Gilliam11 日 前

    Why are you guys whispering

  94. Tanjay Grant

    Tanjay Grant11 日 前

    Because the children's is slee

  95. Tisha Roy

    Tisha Roy11 日 前

    That is what I said

  96. Dewey Gaming

    Dewey Gaming12 日 前

    Why are you talking soft

  97. chellsey duncan

    chellsey duncan12 日 前

    Bianca is the most beatiful



    Team bianca

  99. Ana Lastra Uribe

    Ana Lastra Uribe12 日 前

    team bianccccccccca

  100. Ana Lastra Uribe

    Ana Lastra Uribe12 日 前

    i did turn on my notifications