Asking Uber Drivers to Skydive on the Spot!!


  1. P S

    P S2 日 前

    damn Gracie, you Smokin Hot!! \o/ :)



    Bro I wanna do sky diving take me

  3. Ashley Porras

    Ashley Porras3 日 前

    damn your chanel puts me in such a good mood

  4. Magnus Nørgaard

    Magnus Nørgaard4 日 前

    you guys always make me smile cause you are so kind to pepole

  5. Jeff Ludwig

    Jeff Ludwig6 日 前

    Please do something with Anthony!

  6. A.G Vlogs

    A.G Vlogs6 日 前

    You have to help Anthony

  7. Wa Farms

    Wa Farms7 日 前

    Bruuuu grace is so cute

  8. 556.5M views

    556.5M views8 日 前

    Give DRUGS to Anthony

  9. Angel Chavez

    Angel Chavez9 日 前

    4:30 some dude just completely check her out

  10. Der Ronald

    Der Ronald9 日 前

    Did they ever make a video with Anthony (the uber driver who was a bit too heavy)? Thank you in advance!

  11. Madison Irving

    Madison Irving9 日 前

    Take Anthony bungy jumping

  12. leungbabe

    leungbabe12 日 前

    You guys are sooooo amazing!! You’re giving these people memories for life! You guys are soooooo awesome!!!!👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Ashley Fauchald

    Ashley Fauchald14 日 前

    Did they ever do anything with Anthony?

  14. Peter Veramoothea

    Peter Veramoothea18 日 前

    This episode is probably one of my favorites!

  15. 6K

    6K20 日 前

    wots gracies ig @

  16. wian notnagel

    wian notnagel21 日 前

    Best youtube channel ever for sure !

  17. flightsimforlife23

    flightsimforlife2322 日 前

    i was faced with a chalange once it was that i could rather do a black dimond hill or a hill i have perfected at first i was on the line of doing it but when i realized that there was more to win by doing a black dimond i instantly took that desision and i had the time of my life skiing down that hill


    SHUSHI ROLLS23 日 前

    Fake Skydiver If you know what I mean:3

  19. aciarduce

    aciarduce23 日 前

    "The gps on your phone shows a really weird route.... and altitude? How did Uber get you home last night?"

  20. Kenan Aragon

    Kenan Aragon23 日 前

    This is FAKE!! The sky is a paid actor

  21. MrBrowning42

    MrBrowning4224 日 前

    Bro I just wanted to show up in this video like Peter from Deadpool 2 I would definitely say yes if it was free

  22. M0 14

    M0 1426 日 前

    You look very Arabic

  23. cyruslad

    cyruslad26 日 前

    "Don't give in to irrational fears"? He said skydiving right?🤣🤣

  24. SCP

    SCP26 日 前

    you should give anthony a chance.

  25. Burnt Chickennugget

    Burnt Chickennugget26 日 前

    Omg the Uber guy in the blue suit looks like pat from raising Dion

  26. Adrian

    Adrian26 日 前

    Whatcha mean black people aren't supposed to be in the air ever heard of the Tuskegee airmen

  27. DJ MdMSlay

    DJ MdMSlay26 日 前

    20/01/20 - still no vid with Anthony......

  28. TitanMaster 101

    TitanMaster 10127 日 前

    Hey @Yes Theory you should ask my uncle, Waylon Litchfield, if he wants to. Search up " 2 men arrested for BASE jumping the Devon tower OKC

  29. Blackflame 2020

    Blackflame 202027 日 前

    8:53 just screamed to me Powerpuff girls. The black girl got the more serious vibe like buttercup and her short hair, grace is like blossom with her long hair (first person to go on this challenge. I can see her as bubbles too cause of her personality) and the guy is like....well he's wearing blue so he's like bubbles xD

  30. Blackflame 2020

    Blackflame 202027 日 前

    "Black people don't belong in the air" LMAOOO man I'm done

  31. Robert Devino

    Robert Devino28 日 前

    It's a sad comment on how the Democrats have brain washed a lot of the black community into thinking they can't or shouldn't do things! Saying black people don't belong in the air is a racist statement in of itself and an indication that she has been conditioned to use her race as an excuse not to do something! This is what the propaganda the left puts out is designed to do! Very sad to see!

  32. Mr. Garrison

    Mr. Garrison28 日 前

    Lol I would’ve said said soo fast lol

  33. edwin kurian

    edwin kurian28 日 前

    This gave me a good confident Happy smile on my face to push my limits through which I can't even imagine right now

  34. Sarah Barker

    Sarah Barker28 日 前

    This is my favourite thing ever!!

  35. EDM_Edgar

    EDM_Edgar28 日 前

    Dude straight up put the volume down on her car 6:20 😂😂

  36. GloriousPotato 3

    GloriousPotato 329 日 前

    Come on down to South Africa! I’m sure you’d find a lot of people down to do things like this! 😄😄😄

  37. LYNAL M

    LYNAL M29 日 前

    9:20 every indian like bhai 500 zyada lele bas land karwade 😝😂

  38. Moc

    Moc29 日 前

    Ubers For Boomers

  39. Anil Desai

    Anil Desaiヶ月 前

    Thinking of making a career as Uber driver :-)

  40. Simon Lager

    Simon Lagerヶ月 前

    This made me smile... alot! Like throughout the entire video!

  41. meh S

    meh Sヶ月 前

    This guy isn't good at explaining anything. 99% of people will say no because sky diving is expensive. He needed to say FOR FREE immediately after asking. No one likes to say they don't want to go because they don't have any money.

  42. Shekhar Suman

    Shekhar Sumanヶ月 前


  43. Rexon Gaming

    Rexon Gamingヶ月 前

    Grace had me like damn holy i want that

  44. Logan Clark

    Logan Clarkヶ月 前

    Please do something with Anthony

  45. BoZo

    BoZoヶ月 前

    “Black people and air don’t mix” Tuskegee Airmen: “Are we a joke to you?”

  46. Getting Dropped

    Getting Droppedヶ月 前

    6:13 hahahah she's got a good head on her shoulders

  47. Muhammad Mirza

    Muhammad Mirzaヶ月 前

    New kidnappin idea. Thanks dude 😂

  48. Ryan Donziger

    Ryan Donzigerヶ月 前

    Ask Lyft

  49. Joel Rodriguez

    Joel Rodriguezヶ月 前

    Camera man is badass while rocking a camera sky diving

  50. Jason C

    Jason Cヶ月 前

    Let Anthony fuck that girl

  51. Ali Nawaz

    Ali Nawazヶ月 前

    That guy got bro zoned

  52. Matthew Lin

    Matthew Linヶ月 前

    put everyone who said yes on a boat and take them all scuba diving, it's not as adrenaline filled, but still quite exotic and fun

  53. no -gracias

    no -graciasヶ月 前

    6:12 You tell me after watching *RED TAILS!!*

  54. Soap

    Soapヶ月 前

    Imagine dropping the camera? That'd be so scary as being the person who dropped it

  55. Luis Rodríguez

    Luis Rodríguezヶ月 前

    Why this was on my suggested videos? I don't know... but cool for the first-timers on skydiving, welcome to the club guys! P.S. My gosh!!! Gracie is beyond beautiful!

  56. HalfEatenBananas Yt

    HalfEatenBananas Ytヶ月 前

    “No pressure”, but, “ SAY YES SAY YES IM SAYING YES FOR YOU” lol no hate tho

  57. Armond Frazier

    Armond Frazierヶ月 前

    I hope we see Anthony again. This is my first time on this channel and his yes was inspiring. Just started riding rollercoasters and he's ready to jump out of a plane. pretty bad ass

  58. @amarsblog folgt mir auf Instagram

    @amarsblog folgt mir auf Instagramヶ月 前

    the girl is so freakin cute

  59. anonymous1hahaa

    anonymous1hahaaヶ月 前

    ive only ever done a spontaneous skydive once in my life. the best experience ever but you gotta be absolutely certain that your ok with the fact that it could be your last day alive.

  60. J D

    J Dヶ月 前

    It must be exhausting to be a black person.

  61. Reyes25111

    Reyes25111ヶ月 前