Asking Strangers to Throw a Party at their House


  1. Colin and Samir

    Colin and Samir年 前

    ok i'll be honest, this was my first WDP... and what a WDP it was!

  2. Chris Marklowitz

    Chris Marklowitz6 日 前

    Bro dont be modest I can tell you've thrown 100 wdp

  3. Naka Chinjah

    Naka Chinjah7 ヶ月 前

    oh you're the odd one the black one right you look Indian thats why no one wants you LMFAO

  4. Spencer PB

    Spencer PB10 ヶ月 前


  5. yea samuel

    yea samuel10 ヶ月 前


  6. Alex Lachina

    Alex Lachina年 前

    It’s awesome when you guys show up in a Yes Theory video!

  7. James GrantVIII

    James GrantVIII17 時間 前

    They have a fridge full of food and still go out to buy lunch. First world problem.

  8. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha日 前

    perverts went to only good looking girls and asked😂😂...Men will be Men

  9. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha日 前

    never thought the girls could have said yes..they wanted the boys maybe..fuckers😂

  10. Abhishek Charle

    Abhishek Charle日 前

    We work also there In Bangalore, India

  11. Aaron

    Aaron2 日 前

    I always have a smile when I'm watching these things.

  12. Billie Pence

    Billie Pence3 日 前

    Let’s be honest. If you didn’t get laid, this was a fail.

  13. Rey Magnus Neeto

    Rey Magnus Neeto日 前


  14. Zander Olsen

    Zander Olsen3 日 前

    Ask people to drive their car

  15. Trill x1

    Trill x13 日 前

    Anybody knows her instagram to the women who opened up her house to them ?

  16. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol4 日 前

    You can get the teringgg

  17. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol4 日 前

    Ok. Boomer

  18. ANTHONY31077

    ANTHONY310774 日 前

    You guys are so #dope

  19. Zak Los botak

    Zak Los botak5 日 前

    Comment Vibe check

  20. it mvat

    it mvat5 日 前

    Thanks. I'm an introvert and you just motivated me. I'm gonna reply to this comment when i find a girl.

  21. Jayson Team

    Jayson Team6 日 前

    I tried asking my neighbor if I could have a party at there house and I almost got shot 😅

  22. mary aflleje

    mary aflleje6 日 前

    Be spontaneous 💕

  23. Ethan Hertzfeld

    Ethan Hertzfeld6 日 前

    Who else is watching after WeWork's big collapse/failure?

  24. Black Stunter

    Black Stunter6 日 前

    Hahahah they only asked women 😂😂😂

  25. Camillo Rohe

    Camillo Rohe6 日 前

    Weber grill wasnt aknowledged

  26. CH ii

    CH ii7 日 前

    these dudes justified having 4k friends in facebook or something.

  27. Hjjjk Morei

    Hjjjk Morei7 日 前

    Wow... this is awesome... beautiful vibe

  28. rede pb

    rede pb7 日 前

    This is better than mr beast



    Come to Louisiana

  30. Bob Kay

    Bob Kay8 日 前

    try it in Melbourne and no one would say yes coz everyone would think you'll invite crack heads

  31. gobaalan gops

    gobaalan gops8 日 前

    Y am I feeling like people are the world are way more friendly n awesome than that of people I’m surrounded with . #yes theory makes me feel safer around strangers than people around me now

  32. Finn Wardman

    Finn Wardman8 日 前

    Yes theory is such a late night yt video marathon channel lol

  33. JumperTV

    JumperTV9 日 前

    Maybe the Housegirl is up for a bukkake party

  34. Rareuse Twilight

    Rareuse Twilight9 日 前

    His face can convince trump

  35. My penis is small, but

    My penis is small, but10 日 前


  36. Thijs Halsema

    Thijs Halsema10 日 前

    Your channel is so inspiring. I love it.

  37. Bigkiandi

    Bigkiandi11 日 前

    What a bad party with no wine or beer 🍺 and fucking someone at the backhouse

  38. Literatouristin

    Literatouristin13 日 前

    My place is way to small,i dont have enough chairs for more than 4 guests and my flat is a mess so I had to tidy up and clean first. But sure.🤣

  39. Flummiga kommentarer

    Flummiga kommentarer14 日 前

    Didn't they say that the party would be at 6-7? It looks dark AF. Sure It's winter but I still thought it would be a bit brighter at that time in LA.

  40. Sen De Silva

    Sen De Silva16 日 前

    you guys should go try these experiments out in the hood

  41. Jack

    Jack18 日 前

    Does anybody know what the song that starts at 9:44 is?

  42. Chaos Fiji

    Chaos Fiji19 日 前

    I love u guys

  43. karl

    karl21 日 前

    Ammar just has that welcoming signature face. If it was either Thomas or Matt, there would have been no dinner party lol! :P

  44. ChrisChris Tsimpoulis

    ChrisChris Tsimpoulis23 日 前

    When he said we have 4.45 my team in real life was 4.47

  45. Nucking Futs

    Nucking Futs24 日 前

    Canals in the US, Dope! Canals in my country, blergh #$%^&*()

  46. Mystérïøûs

    Mystérïøûs26 日 前

    We're in the middle of business..what business might be that ❓sorry for my dirty mind 😄

  47. Jespher wiklund

    Jespher wiklund29 日 前

    So nice. I so badly want to go to a real party like tonight. Feeling awesome After this video. Amazing . Amazing ideas you guys have! Epic

  48. micah disse

    micah disse29 日 前

    Yes Theory, I dare you to come find me In Ghana and make me part of your team 😉

  49. Osborn Hrtp

    Osborn Hrtp29 日 前

    Absolutely nothing is impossible ... # yes if you are not broke dude

  50. BoOkSaReLiFe

    BoOkSaReLiFeヶ月 前

    how can people not like this vid? this channel is amazing

  51. Shivam Pokar

    Shivam Pokarヶ月 前

    The BEST video till date

  52. Distance

    Distanceヶ月 前

    I tried so hard not to smile😁

  53. Anil Agrawal

    Anil Agrawalヶ月 前

    There are two and three girls common like one is Natalia and second one is sitting near her

  54. Joseph Gwapo!

    Joseph Gwapo!ヶ月 前

    My craziest dream was to get visited by you guys haha

  55. Schade Maghan

    Schade Maghanヶ月 前

    Bro I will cook for you! Oregon - land of the rain!!!

  56. Violene Tarry

    Violene Tarryヶ月 前

    2019 October one word for this clip phenomenal

  57. Darth Krul

    Darth Krulヶ月 前

    next thing you know they asks the president to host a party at the White house

  58. MegaBrightestStar2

    MegaBrightestStar2ヶ月 前

    l o l why was she in her corner??? (regreting it ?)

  59. Jameson Good

    Jameson Goodヶ月 前

    This is the only channel I respect

  60. Rudy Dyne

    Rudy Dyneヶ月 前

    You are filtering through people with the highest energy and put them in one room together 🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Minkyy

    Minkyyヶ月 前

    The canals? They based that place off of GTA 5 didn’t they?!

  62. Enrico

    Enricoヶ月 前

    guys you are simply amazing...

  63. Raged Fire

    Raged Fireヶ月 前


  64. Black & White Ricky and Kevin

    Black & White Ricky and Kevinヶ月 前


  65. Brinelle Kaduda

    Brinelle Kadudaヶ月 前

    Yes theory should have an app Edit: nvm

  66. Lisa H

    Lisa Hヶ月 前

    I need people like you in the south of the Netherlands

  67. Phil

    Philヶ月 前

    And I in Switzerland 😂