Asking Strangers To Tell Their Crushes They Like Them!!


  1. A man

    A man年 前

    Legends say Yes theory will pin my comment because they reached 900k. #roadto1mil

  2. Luka Nys

    Luka Nysヶ月 前

    Hahaha they actualy did it

  3. Marielle 24

    Marielle 24ヶ月 前

    Valar Morghulis

  4. Legion 216

    Legion 216ヶ月 前

    In the space of a year they gained 3.2 million subs

  5. Doodle Time

    Doodle Timeヶ月 前

    @YoloPixels click on "read more " ;)

  6. YoloPixels

    YoloPixelsヶ月 前

    @Doodle Time lol they did pin it

  7. lucas rodriguez

    lucas rodriguez11 時間 前

    4:28 LMFAO

  8. Keira Jensen

    Keira Jensen12 時間 前

    0:22 There's a cat in the background XD

  9. Silvan Stark

    Silvan Stark18 時間 前

    Ooh she pulled a Ted Mosby on him 😬

  10. Anba

    Anba23 時間 前

    1:48 I have crush on a lot of people Ya mee too Kendall Jenner Kim Kardashian Bella hadid Suki Waterhouse Camilla morrone ...........................

  11. Miguel Galarza

    Miguel Galarza日 前

    2nd part?

  12. Medea Rusu

    Medea Rusu3 日 前

    Friends with benefits 😂😂😂

  13. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Mr. Bigglesworth3 日 前

    "I love you bye" "Bye" Answer given

  14. Karl Ward

    Karl Ward8 日 前

    I watch all your vids with the exception of this guy, he's terrible and not worth watching.

  15. Gsjevwjnahahxjama Heh

    Gsjevwjnahahxjama Heh10 日 前

    So I basically confessed by writing a letter and giving it to him, and he's like my best friends so hfjabjfmakkfmdk. So everything goes back to last friday. He told me that he like someone else and I was heart broken and I as like super sad and stuff, we were awkward in school and everything suck. But after a huge dilemma I told my crush I like him and everything fine know, and we're cool with it. So yaaa:))

  16. Sergio Ojeda

    Sergio Ojeda10 日 前

    2:14 Wtf she is Larsen Thompson hahahaha

  17. Mercedes Jellinek

    Mercedes Jellinek11 日 前

    I can call my crush anytime becouse SHE is my best friend and she knows that she is my crush.

  18. paimon productions

    paimon productions11 日 前

    Someone else who never had a single crush? 🙋

  19. Matthew Gardner

    Matthew Gardner12 日 前

    That guy was so casual about eating an apple😂

  20. Just Soheib

    Just Soheib14 日 前

    Fuuuuck u Michel...


    BEAST MODE16 日 前

    Michael might be gay...... I don't even like white chicks but she's cute and seems to have a nice personality too....

  22. Big boi Beanie

    Big boi Beanie17 日 前

    Not i!

  23. Scarlett

    Scarlett17 日 前

    0:03 "it could even be someone you've only talked to once" me: um about that I've NEVER talked to my crush, is that a bad sign?

  24. Mochichi

    Mochichi18 日 前

    "I have a crush on a lot of people." Same

  25. Kimberly Reyna

    Kimberly Reyna20 日 前

    She is sexy and funny dude Mike would be stupid to not try with her if he is single she is a dime in beauty and personality

  26. Stratus- _

    Stratus- _20 日 前

    I love how Ammar is dressed like shaggy

  27. Livi Lee

    Livi Lee22 日 前

    I’m telling my crush I like him this Friday, if you want me to tell you how it goes reply!

  28. Livi Lee

    Livi Lee19 日 前

    my everything yea it’s a sucky position to be in :( but I agree. Thank you :3

  29. my everything

    my everything19 日 前

    @Livi Lee I couldn't relate more. You see I was in your position last year, there was a guy that I had a huge crush on and I told my best friend about him but she started flirting with him. Now when I think of it, I feel like I was stupid to cry for that reason (for him and her). life just goes on and you'll meet new people that'll make you forget others and laugh at yourself for caring too much.

  30. Livi Lee

    Livi Lee19 日 前

    my everything thank you.. it’s kinda hard to think that way in the moment I’m in right now. But I’m sure I’ll look back and think that I was crying over nothing. But also, this isn’t the first time my sister has purposely flirted with my crush

  31. my everything

    my everything20 日 前

    @Livi Lee Oh! I'm sorry it went this way... Well you know, crushes come and go so you'll find someone better in the future ;)

  32. Livi Lee

    Livi Lee20 日 前

    my everything Welp, I couldn’t do it. Not because I wasn’t brave enough, because I was, it’s because he and my sister were literally flirting all night long, and I couldn’t get a single minute alone with him

  33. BlahBlah Blah

    BlahBlah Blah22 日 前

    No girl will call her crush to confess about it unless she's a blogger

  34. Károly Kovacs

    Károly Kovacs28 日 前

    I have a crush on this girl from the video.

  35. Clay Pylant

    Clay Pylantヶ月 前

    You've never told him you have a crush but ended the call with 'I love you?'

  36. The Spiritual Gangster

    The Spiritual Gangsterヶ月 前


  37. tamara

    tamaraヶ月 前

    I have a crush on you lmao

  38. Davygreat

    Davygreatヶ月 前

    My man with crush on pizza shoulda called Dominos...

  39. JJ v97

    JJ v97ヶ月 前

    Super Girl no it’s a joke reference

  40. Super Girl

    Super Girlヶ月 前

    Is this a Smosh reference?!!!!

  41. Jónnelle S.

    Jónnelle S.ヶ月 前

    I think we learned to leave this one to Thoraya Maronesy. Love her! Nice try Ammar!

  42. Enzo Mas

    Enzo Masヶ月 前

    - Do u have a crush? - I like Pizza !

  43. Luke A

    Luke Aヶ月 前

    ..."eating an apple"

  44. JPMoron

    JPMoronヶ月 前

    Michael is GAY for sure! Nothing wrong if the guy likes dicks. -QMFT

  45. Robert Nascimento

    Robert Nascimentoヶ月 前

    4:27 :')

  46. Master Don

    Master Donヶ月 前

    She’s so pretty

  47. El Griff

    El Griffヶ月 前

    *i love pizza*

  48. Sean Richardson

    Sean Richardsonヶ月 前

    Lol he said eating an apple

  49. Daniel Sbeiti

    Daniel Sbeitiヶ月 前

    3:44 he should've called pizza but or domino's

  50. Leen Tursun

    Leen Tursunヶ月 前

    You know what FUCK YOU MICHAEL .

  51. Tano Berry

    Tano Berryヶ月 前

    Bro Thoraya monesey totally copied this idea

  52. Enrique Contreras

    Enrique Contrerasヶ月 前

    She used the dreaded L word......

  53. naxy

    naxyヶ月 前

    Why don't you also get strangers to convey their partners ex crushes that they had crush on them.. that should be something.. if the relationship is based on trust and put love... This shouldn't matter at all I fell..

  54. Grayson Young

    Grayson Youngヶ月 前

    Do you have a crush on anyone? “I like pizza”.

  55. Randy S.

    Randy S.ヶ月 前

    Later that night.. he's beating those cheeks.

  56. Awesome A

    Awesome Aヶ月 前

    6:10 she was trying not to cry.

  57. adah

    adahヶ月 前

    I have a crush on you though Ammar

  58. Bruno

    Brunoヶ月 前

    0:05 😂DODGEBALL😂

  59. portable tnt

    portable tntヶ月 前

    I DONT HAVE A CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    5:55 dude who would reject her🤦‍♂️

  61. Milan Taylor

    Milan Taylorヶ月 前


  62. Crissee and Sabi

    Crissee and Sabiヶ月 前

    “cool!” oof omg 😭😂

  63. Welshy

    Welshyヶ月 前

    If Michael didn’t work out hmu, you’re cute as hell dude.

  64. Binichsoderbinichsnicht

    Binichsoderbinichsnichtヶ月 前

    Stealing content ain‘t cool

  65. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chenヶ月 前


  66. VergMafia

    VergMafiaヶ月 前

    im a huge fan of yes theroy and she wants to go on a date with a stranger, technically im a stranger ? does that count ? can you guys set me up with a date with her lol im 5'7 though xD

  67. Sam Hudgins

    Sam Hudginsヶ月 前

    Anyone else notice how she went from I have a crush on you to I love you in 4 minutes 😂

  68. Eliza Lomeli

    Eliza Lomeliヶ月 前

    I have like the BIGGEST crush on Ammar 😂 not even joking

  69. KebenaranBukanMilikAndaAtaupunSaya

    KebenaranBukanMilikAndaAtaupunSayaヶ月 前

    Ok. Can I marry you?

  70. iTzReckless

    iTzRecklessヶ月 前

    "Are you in a rush" "No" "What are you doing" "Making out with my hand"

  71. Eustass Kid

    Eustass Kidヶ月 前

    "Give me your mom's number" XD

  72. WideFoxy YT

    WideFoxy YT2 ヶ月 前

    I asked my crush out and............... I got rejected

  73. Anonymous05

    Anonymous052 ヶ月 前

    “Eating an apple”😂😂🍎