Asking Strangers to go Skydiving on the Spot!!


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    What's your biggest bucket list item?? Let us know in the comments! Also come say hi on Instagram if you haven't done that already @YesTheory :) Good vibes only

  2. ndn mdm

    ndn mdm日 前

    Skydiving with ma best friend that i have a crush on. Msvskqhjslacdiajs

  3. dunno

    dunno8 日 前

    skydiving but theres a chance of death

  4. Supersized Fries

    Supersized Fries14 日 前

    I can’t swim...yet, but free dive with great white sharks! Cage diving is cool too

  5. wayne ching

    wayne ching15 日 前


  6. pranay katta

    pranay katta16 日 前

    Like for yes

  7. Afshan Tasneem

    Afshan Tasneem18 時間 前

    1 yes can also send you to god

  8. Evan LeBaron

    Evan LeBaron日 前

    I was smiling the whole time and didn't even notice entell the end, I'd love to watch more videos like this I liked and subscribed and hit the bell 👍🏻😁

  9. Chill

    Chill2 日 前

    BIg up ! :)

  10. DankDuck

    DankDuck3 日 前

    I’d stab him

  11. dInG doNg diTch

    dInG doNg diTch4 日 前

    I like how the guy who was wearing the white shirt because he was so straight forward on saying"yes" and so nice

  12. Johan Fredriksson

    Johan Fredriksson4 日 前

    Why can't this happen to me :'(

  13. DJE

    DJE5 日 前

    Just went Saturday for the first time.

  14. DJE

    DJE5 日 前

    Hell yeah

  15. TheUnicornGotPositiveVibes ThaUnicorn

    TheUnicornGotPositiveVibes ThaUnicorn5 日 前

    Please do something like this In Montreal that would be so cool

  16. Faze Chris Bossku

    Faze Chris Bossku6 日 前

    I love to try... This is the best ever!!!

  17. Shrisaran 39

    Shrisaran 397 日 前

    Yess I would.

  18. Arb A

    Arb A7 日 前

    That's fun

  19. Fan OfLina

    Fan OfLina8 日 前

    My biggest one to be A syccesfull youtuber

  20. Elite

    Elite8 日 前


  21. kharkhov

    kharkhov9 日 前

    I'd be too scared

  22. Gulperi Salman

    Gulperi Salman9 日 前

    i would totally say yes!

  23. Estupida Perra

    Estupida Perra10 日 前


  24. Estupida Perra

    Estupida Perra10 日 前

    This was so nice fro him to do

  25. bananapeel12329

    bananapeel1232910 日 前

    Most of them said no because they thought you were advertising.

  26. Typical Tech Gamer

    Typical Tech Gamer11 日 前

    Id say hell ya man Im ready

  27. Tanmay Deshpande

    Tanmay Deshpande11 日 前

    Hey by the way ask me to join you for a sky dive I won't decline the proposal for sure.... Take me to the 12k feet altitude. Heehehhehe

  28. Odalis Alina

    Odalis Alina11 日 前

    Hahaha “no is such an ugly word, noooo” lmaooo aw i love ammar !!

  29. Yaniv Sneh

    Yaniv Sneh11 日 前

    Ohh...That was a GREAT video!

  30. Ahmad Khan

    Ahmad Khan11 日 前

    Is Ammar a Muslim?

  31. Jamilluxurious

    Jamilluxurious11 日 前

    i wish i can sky dive :(

  32. SebaP1991

    SebaP199111 日 前

    I want to go skydiving for free with you

  33. Anton Gauna

    Anton Gauna12 日 前

    They says it's better late than never, but I'm glad JPreporter recommended this video just now. This was a pretty cool video and definitely different than most vids nowadays where everyone is doing the same prank or so-called social experiment. 👌

  34. Future Vlogs

    Future Vlogs12 日 前

    the other girl was like ...what about me..?😢😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  35. ꧁Rovi DT꧂

    ꧁Rovi DT꧂13 日 前

    That was awesome! I'm happy for the three of you!

  36. TheVaultdweller

    TheVaultdweller13 日 前

    This is some PointBreak shit! haha

  37. Ali Adnan

    Ali Adnan13 日 前

    So lucky people. I say yes too.

  38. Maria Shahana

    Maria Shahana14 日 前

    Watching this in September 2019 😊

  39. John R

    John R14 日 前

    That was their best moment of there life

  40. Pancho Jose

    Pancho Jose15 日 前


  41. Andrew Choe

    Andrew Choe15 日 前

    "do you wanna die?" "yes" *pulls out 1911* "nice"

  42. Back 2 Life

    Back 2 Life15 日 前

    When I went skydiving for the first time last year I felt every single emotion y'all felt 😂 This is dope!!

  43. Lomps The Kid

    Lomps The Kid15 日 前

    Mr Beast in a whole new level

  44. Dipen Shakya

    Dipen Shakya16 日 前

    i love this :)

  45. Steve C

    Steve C16 日 前

    You have to be millenial stupid to do this. Makes you worried about the youth today, no?

  46. leonell domingo

    leonell domingo16 日 前

    Loved It and their reactions. I'm subscribed.

  47. Zyndryx Delos Reyes

    Zyndryx Delos Reyes17 日 前

    They had over 100k subscribers back then when I subbed and started watching their vids, now they have over 4.2m subs. They never failed to entertain, keep it up 😁

  48. AgateString 1018

    AgateString 101817 日 前

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  49. Noura I

    Noura I18 日 前


  50. KK Saggy

    KK Saggy19 日 前

    I'm from India..Please ask me the same question...😍😍😍

  51. Tiffani Dieza

    Tiffani Dieza19 日 前

    come to indonesia, its awesome

  52. Ashtonian Gaming

    Ashtonian Gaming20 日 前

    Stranger: want some candy? all you have to do is step in my van.. Kid: No. Also stranger: 1:15

  53. Arnab Sen

    Arnab Sen20 日 前

    The word FREE made all the difference.

  54. Evan Marquardt

    Evan Marquardt20 日 前

    That girls cheeks said 🌫

  55. Mayank Rathore

    Mayank Rathore20 日 前

    If that was me calling my Asian Dad after skydiving. Me: Hey Dad, i just skydived. Dad: *What? What's skydiving?*

  56. alisa jain

    alisa jain21 日 前

    Bitch! I wish they asked mee😭😭😭😭😭

  57. Karan Kumar

    Karan Kumar21 日 前

    The guy who called his dad resembles Casey Affleck so much..

  58. Eithan Hillis

    Eithan Hillis21 日 前

    my nashville fam where yall at

  59. Kevin Ihsan

    Kevin Ihsan21 日 前

    How to kidnap someone version 2.0 (NOT PATCHED)

  60. محمد عبدالله

    محمد عبدالله22 日 前

    I have 2 question pls if you know answer 1_ I'm short sighted can i wear glasses or contat lenses? 2_do they record you in the jump for free?

  61. ElBarto 94

    ElBarto 9422 日 前

    Pls go to Berlin Germany and just ask the people to do stuff.

  62. lola the savage

    lola the savage24 日 前

    I wanna skydiving so bad >:3

  63. Fiona Fordham

    Fiona Fordham26 日 前

    I wish I could go skydiving

  64. dallas short

    dallas short26 日 前

    Dude I would love that I would definitely say yes

  65. 10,000 Subs With no Videos

    10,000 Subs With no Videos26 日 前

    I was biting my phone from the cringe