1. Sahastrarchi Mishra

    Sahastrarchi Mishra23 時間 前

    They have 5 million subscribers They are rich too

  2. Jon Johnson

    Jon Johnson日 前

    GODDAMMIT! Just ask if they want some free donuts!

  3. Lukey

    Lukey日 前

    Do it with the homeless


    MANG TOMI PH2 日 前

    Can you fly drone to see how big his house cuz his so good to eat donuts with you guys.

  5. Eve Mangam

    Eve Mangam3 日 前

    It sounds so sketchy that’s why nobody wants to share donuts.

  6. jasiel delgado

    jasiel delgado4 日 前

    The kids and maid were probably illegal workers for the rich

  7. JMNLThat

    JMNLThat5 日 前

    Why i feel so akward when they Say no

  8. Awesome Oof

    Awesome Oof5 日 前

    When they said "We are getting strangers to share donuts with", the people probably think SAME SAME donut, like take turns biting on the same donut or something. Lol.

  9. Fateh Ullah

    Fateh Ullah3 日 前

    Might be Possible🤣😂

  10. Zap Crews

    Zap Crews6 日 前

    This episode is pretty lame

  11. R E

    R E6 日 前

    O M G! The residents probably fears they will gonna be drugged and mugged or killed! :D

  12. Yay KRUSER

    Yay KRUSER6 日 前

    Imagine the parents coming out and seeing 2 Men talking to their kid and offering candy...

  13. C got blox

    C got blox7 日 前

    Donuts are tasty no matter how rich you are

  14. スイングレイマリー

    スイングレイマリー7 日 前

    *I was expecting Elon*

  15. juanesZelpro D:

    juanesZelpro D:8 日 前

    4:08 i thought That he went In and Close the Door

  16. Nyamedo Addae-Dapaah

    Nyamedo Addae-Dapaah9 日 前

    'That's not what we're doing' 😂😂😂

  17. Gal Sur

    Gal Sur10 日 前

    people :don't take snacks from strangers me : Do u even halloween?

  18. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un10 日 前

    I so wanted elon musk to show up.

  19. Niiphox

    Niiphox10 日 前

    They're not mean or anti social, they're private

  20. Malak Hawa

    Malak Hawa11 日 前

    Who’s gonna take doughnuts lmfao how do they know if you put poison in it 💀💀💀

  21. Gal Sur

    Gal Sur10 日 前

    do u even halloween?

  22. Angad Singh

    Angad Singh12 日 前

    The sun sets at 5 in LA??!!

  23. R Patel

    R Patel13 日 前

    What free people won't do to bother billionaires?

  24. juan de oto

    juan de oto13 日 前

    yeah it should have been donuts. probably some cards were better

  25. Stian Espeseth

    Stian Espeseth14 日 前

    0:50 margot robbie voice?

  26. Sirlunchalot

    Sirlunchalot14 日 前

    imagine you knock at the guys door with the same idea i was wondering how they would react on their own social experiment :D

  27. Sutan Mhd

    Sutan Mhd15 日 前


  28. gucci boi

    gucci boi15 日 前

    w h a t

  29. Man Ransom

    Man Ransom15 日 前

    Easy to be happy when your dads got you sitting on a goldmine. Lol

  30. Essence Kymatic

    Essence Kymatic16 日 前

    That guy seemed nice af

  31. Zack -

    Zack -18 日 前

    None of these people are billionaires. There are very few billionaires in existence in the United States. These are millionaires

  32. Ken Swanepoel

    Ken Swanepoel19 日 前

    Omg why the fuck rich peole are so bad and stubborn omg ahah 🤣🤣🤣😂

  33. María Isabel

    María Isabel19 日 前

    I feel proud of that neighborhood. Those people are rich, of course they are not going to accept those donuts 😂 even me, wtf guys😂😂😂

  34. Arthur Guseynov

    Arthur Guseynov19 日 前

    What the hell did these people do? 1.Sell drugs 2.Sell guns 3.Hitman 4.Sell organs 5.Sell slaves (JStation Only) 6.Become a politician 7.Be normal and live your dreams

  35. Leoo o

    Leoo o20 日 前

    You guys ask them so weird

  36. Rose Lee

    Rose Lee21 日 前

    "Hey we are making a little video for our JPreporter channel called Yes Theory. We were hoping you would have a conversation with us so we could learn a little more about what you do and we also brought some donuts!" VS "Hey we brought donuts.... want some?"

  37. Shaun Jobs

    Shaun Jobs24 日 前

    "dairy free?" that shit cracked me up

  38. Shaheryar Khan

    Shaheryar Khan24 日 前

    (Billionaire cheating on his wife with his sugar baby) It's not a right time 😂

  39. 1 Survivor

    1 Survivor26 日 前

    Bro I don't care how rich I am if two chill lookin people show up at my door saying they have donuts to share then I'm leaving the house to hang out with em. You don't say no to donuts lol

  40. Benjamin Tan

    Benjamin Tan27 日 前

    But that was a billionare's son

  41. RaspingPompano2

    RaspingPompano227 日 前

    The smartest wealthy man of all can't resist a Free donut!

  42. Kevin V.B.

    Kevin V.B.28 日 前

    I've only discovered your video's a couple of months ago ... and I have watched quite a few - but why did this one make me cringe every time you pressed a door bell !! haha

  43. jordi castro

    jordi castro29 日 前

    Obviously jew

  44. Akira Chinuva

    Akira Chinuvaヶ月 前

    Figured it was a bad idea. Billionaires stay billionaires by being billionaires!

  45. Selena Chen

    Selena Chenヶ月 前

    It is currently midnight and I went to buy donuts... because of this video😶😂

  46. 209tacos

    209tacosヶ月 前

    Gary Vee: All it takes is one.

  47. Visier Yashu

    Visier Yashuヶ月 前

    Waste of time 😒

  48. Itr 1244

    Itr 1244ヶ月 前

    i will never take a donut from random weirdos and im not even rich.. first thing i'm gonna think is what's this laced with ??? poison ?

  49. Noah Vlogs

    Noah Vlogsヶ月 前

    Haha the house at 2:57 was my cousins house

  50. Derek Johansen or something

    Derek Johansen or somethingヶ月 前

    They are prolly only mere millionaires...

  51. Zen Hui

    Zen Huiヶ月 前

    Shows how disconnected we are

  52. {1765} Join, or Ðie {2019}

    {1765} Join, or Ðie {2019}ヶ月 前

    Why would billionaires want to eat with two peasants?

  53. Wuzwrongwitdatdolla

    Wuzwrongwitdatdollaヶ月 前

    Don’t mind whatever your dietary preference is, but I’ve had vegan donuts before and those things are a crime against humanity.

  54. MikeLimited

    MikeLimitedヶ月 前

    Rich or poor, we all die the same.

  55. Sam Torres

    Sam Torresヶ月 前

    Bet all those people are for open borders too. Hah.

  56. trevdog Bunkers

    trevdog Bunkersヶ月 前

    Stoner answers after smoking donughts , gate suddenly opens lmmmmmao

  57. Mays K.

    Mays K.ヶ月 前

    Imagine living in a neighbourhood like that and seeing this video, I just want to know how their reaction would be like

  58. Ven Nandarathana Thero

    Ven Nandarathana Theroヶ月 前

    Rich folks have chefs making crispy cream in their kitchen, why bother open door for poor

  59. Ownage Zizou

    Ownage Zizouヶ月 前

    Why would people of such power take donuts from strangers?

  60. Akshera Siddi

    Akshera Siddiヶ月 前

    Stupidity, why would you take food from strangers.

  61. Koragh

    Koraghヶ月 前

    please define billionairs from rich people

  62. MusEdits 5

    MusEdits 5ヶ月 前

    All the people who said no were probably gold diggers who’s husbands were billionaires. Or the other way around