Asking a Stranger to go on a Date across the World!


  1. F S

    F S4 時間 前


  2. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete14 時間 前

    Sad this was so short...why the _____ did you not try to romance her? She's worth it

  3. Marco Amrein

    Marco Amrein日 前

    You friendzoned her like hard.. For real, like realllyyyy harddddd

  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse日 前

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the GODLY socks he wore

  5. Savage Barry

    Savage Barry2 日 前

    she’s cute

  6. Don Pablo

    Don Pablo2 日 前

    Marry her bro

  7. Seriously Casual

    Seriously Casual2 日 前

    I get if he wants to be single and live free blah blah blah but he should have wifey'd her down hard. Dude went Chris Brander on himself ... what in the actual fuck!

  8. Aliaa Gaber Soliman

    Aliaa Gaber Soliman3 日 前

    I don't think this was ok.

  9. TerraMagnus

    TerraMagnus3 日 前

    Was there a second date? I was getting cavities just watching you two together. So sweet.

  10. pdarecki

    pdarecki3 日 前

    Your life is boring... Im talkin to myself

  11. Samuel Schulze

    Samuel Schulze3 日 前

    What is the name of the song which is very shortly played in the moment when they are in the car and she say thanks to him because he brought her a coffee?

  12. Marquis Nightmare

    Marquis Nightmare4 日 前

    My bf did this to me on Tinder, we're together still 2 years later. The trip was awesome and was a solid start to the relationship. Protip: Asking a girl to go on an epic adventure is the BEST pick up line.

  13. Megan

    Megan4 日 前

    That fact that her parents were cool with her going lol

  14. FlexMiiao

    FlexMiiao4 日 前

    Does your group have a Single women who want's to do this? i can be her date,i've always wanted to go to Tokyo xD!



    When I read the title of the video For moment I thought dough speaks....

  16. N. van Neef

    N. van Neef5 日 前

    Asalamu alaikoem brother Ammaar, I just recently saw your video about your father... I totally understand him and feel so sorry for him. Because we are muslim, he is also like my father. I hope you will see what he means and you will see it too. Dont forget, this world is temporarly... I hope you will get your senses back and listen to your father in shaa Allah , amin

  17. Jules

    Jules5 日 前

    id date both of them

  18. Tiff Tiff

    Tiff Tiff5 日 前

    She’s not a slay queen just marry her

  19. Tiff Tiff

    Tiff Tiff5 日 前

    Come on man marry her 😂 I think she looks wife material 👌

  20. Tushar Kolhe

    Tushar Kolhe5 日 前

    The girl looks like Gal Gadot...😃

  21. Conner Antoine

    Conner Antoine6 日 前

    Is the dating app you use is Bumble?

  22. Its Kk

    Its Kk6 日 前

    9:01 that was cool

  23. Devi Prasad Khatua

    Devi Prasad Khatua6 日 前

    Her voice and her smile, reminds me of Gal Gadot.

  24. Henry Vasquez

    Henry Vasquez6 日 前

    total wifey material! she's a keeper!

  25. RamtailtheBattler TR

    RamtailtheBattler TR7 日 前

    Fyi: Iceland is not on a different continent. The main part of it is located on the North American shelf. The more you know

  26. Michael Sponseller

    Michael Sponseller7 日 前

    ammar texted first on bumble. that’s impossible.

  27. jachymhr

    jachymhr7 日 前

    Anyone knows what shoes she is wearing in the beginning? Also, is it the norm now for people to hug first time they meet?

  28. Samson Martin

    Samson Martin7 日 前

    She looks so much like Gal Gadot..!! ❤️❤️

  29. BeefKeef

    BeefKeef8 日 前

    Now make babe!

  30. Farm Hecklin

    Farm Hecklin8 日 前

    Why she look like abella danger😅😂

  31. Mobile Gamers

    Mobile Gamers8 日 前

    did you fuck here???🤔 still tight???

  32. Akanksha Ghotkar

    Akanksha Ghotkar9 日 前

    0.01 -10.01 --- smile - in and out.

  33. james pangestu

    james pangestu10 日 前

    Title : Asking a stranger to go on date "Across the world" Destination : Iceland Well, so what we learn here is that when you go to Iceland, it means you have travel across the world.

  34. Marko oOo

    Marko oOo3 日 前

    @Michaeldot 3s Island is more beatiful than countries you mentioned all together.

  35. Toxic W0LF

    Toxic W0LF5 日 前

    @Michaeldot 3s yea, so they can warm up a lil bit! thats smart ammar

  36. Michaeldot 3s

    Michaeldot 3s6 日 前

    Yeah of all places you can go like beautiful places like France, Italy, Egypt or Spain but they go to the snowiest place ever not very romantic

  37. reeemooo

    reeemooo7 日 前

    dude hahahahaha

  38. Callum Ritchie

    Callum Ritchie10 日 前

    Was she cool with the cameras??

  39. Why sø serïøus

    Why sø serïøus10 日 前

    Most important thing did u have something at night? 😅

  40. Ahmad Asyraf

    Ahmad Asyraf10 日 前

    3:47 saw this and immediately check on Thomas' IG

  41. Night NDay

    Night NDay10 日 前

    I think you just went on a date with Abella Danger..

  42. Gold Roger

    Gold Roger11 日 前

    Who sets the alarm at 8:09?^^

  43. Blendi Franca

    Blendi Franca11 日 前

    you’re the best third wheeler (LOL)

  44. CyrusGates

    CyrusGates11 日 前

    Damn this girl is pretty she has a nice smile

  45. Yandi N

    Yandi N12 日 前

    She's pretty:(

  46. maron santos

    maron santos12 日 前

    Wow how nice..... I think you too will be a good couple..... ❤️❤️❤️👍😍

  47. We Are Survivors

    We Are Survivors12 日 前


  48. lucifers daughter

    lucifers daughter15 日 前

    He's the sweetest guy ever

  49. Ken Cox

    Ken Cox17 日 前

    Ammar is the Yes Theory Member I respect the most after watching how motivated he was during the Win Hof episode never complained once and was always the first to give it 100% :) Seriously hope you too got together shes adorable and you deserve someone good by your side and she comes across as one really cool Girl.

  50. Molagan The

    Molagan The17 日 前

    You huys are like a nuclear reaction someone says yes you guys are all like YEESS!!!, YEESSS!!, YEAHH!!! lets do this!!! Come oN!!!

  51. Toyss Kidss

    Toyss Kidss19 日 前

    no sucky sucky atleast?

  52. Nick Khaimov

    Nick Khaimov19 日 前

    Marry this girl bro

  53. Alex Jozwa

    Alex Jozwa19 日 前

    Rip WOW Air

  54. Kurapika Nostrad

    Kurapika Nostrad19 日 前

    Did she pay too?

  55. CKBroski

    CKBroski19 日 前

    no kiss :(

  56. Diego Talplacido

    Diego Talplacido20 日 前

    Can i know what brand of shoes he's wearing?

  57. Timothy Sappa

    Timothy Sappa20 日 前

    Please tell me y’all dated 🥺🤔

  58. TheGreatGamer SVS

    TheGreatGamer SVS20 日 前

    I know that passport he is Egyptian ..........

  59. Nana Avocado

    Nana Avocado20 日 前

    7:45 OHH i remembered that place is when pewdiepie went with his girlfriend on a honey moon

  60. Quentin Streum

    Quentin Streum22 日 前

    The concept of a dating app IS NOT to friendzone yourself 2mns after meeting her... You guys were matching! 😭

  61. sмυrƒ ,

    sмυrƒ ,23 日 前

    2:12 Bestt Partt!

  62. Mercvry

    Mercvry23 日 前

    Their crush must been killing himslef right now. `~`

  63. anmol mishra

    anmol mishra23 日 前

    Is amar your leader or you guys are team? Cause he always gets the most attention all the time.

  64. Ryan Herrera

    Ryan Herrera24 日 前