Arresting the kid that broke into my house


  1. Lance Stewart

    Lance Stewartヶ月 前


  2. John Reid

    John Reid3 時間 前

    Hilarious video lance

  3. Leo Todorovski

    Leo Todorovski5 時間 前


  4. Prinsesu Gril

    Prinsesu Gril3 日 前

    Rafael Echeverria r

  5. Patty Ferro

    Patty Ferro3 日 前

    hi you're the best

  6. Yumiko Bruce

    Yumiko Bruce5 日 前

    Jack is taller than the police officer

  7. Dora Martinez

    Dora Martinez時間 前

    That was funny 😆😂

  8. Soul

    Soul2 時間 前

    He looks like Jelly

  9. Simi Iwalokun

    Simi Iwalokun4 時間 前


  10. Sven

    Sven4 時間 前

    He’s jack Doherty lol

  11. Aidan Tran

    Aidan Tran15 時間 前

    Jack has a YT channel?

  12. Rodessenth

    Rodessenth17 時間 前

    This kid is retarded, I have no other explanation.

  13. Gene S

    Gene S17 時間 前

    Jack is such a punk. Please give me 1 minute in a room alone with him with NO cameras!! He needs hard core military boot camp training. Why would anyone subscribe to this shit? Just goes to show how bright or NOTbright the average person is.

  14. Professor Slime

    Professor Slime18 時間 前


  15. Rosa Gonzalez

    Rosa Gonzalez18 時間 前

    I think hes trying to hit u

  16. Solmaz Qahremani

    Solmaz Qahremani21 時間 前

    Jack should actully get arrested

  17. zachary cannon

    zachary cannon22 時間 前

    Why so many dislikes its hilarious

  18. Mason Deschenes

    Mason Deschenes22 時間 前

    So funny

  19. Justin young vlogs

    Justin young vlogs23 時間 前

    I love you you and Jack are my favorite JPreporterr

  20. Gacha_ Cookie

    Gacha_ Cookie23 時間 前

    I hate you

  21. Razvan Theone

    Razvan Theone日 前

    that was Jelly

  22. Unkown Show

    Unkown Show日 前

    Ew he has dog poop

  23. Unkown Show

    Unkown Show日 前

    Hahahahaha look 👀 at this dude

  24. Oh never mind it’s just me-Lina Martirosayan

    Oh never mind it’s just me-Lina Martirosayan日 前

    That was kind of rood but lovee the merch

  25. Lil Chiro 2009

    Lil Chiro 2009日 前

    7:12when you get a A on your test😂😂

  26. Zyrom Cloud Paulines

    Zyrom Cloud Paulines日 前

    its not walmart its home pharmacy

  27. Mohammad AlShammari

    Mohammad AlShammari日 前

    you suck

  28. Tori Vlogs

    Tori Vlogs日 前

    That cop was like oh ya I got you 😂 LOL

  29. Krypt Gaming

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  30. I am Isla Clark

    I am Isla Clark日 前

    man why you so happy? he has a FAMILY ugh 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😡

  31. james erickson

    james erickson日 前

    sooo funny

  32. Greta Ward

    Greta Ward日 前

    100000k likes go

  33. MolineSloth 01

    MolineSloth 01日 前

    2:01 Jack thinks it’s a good idea to run from a ripped, athletic cop that is twice as big as him! One word - retarted...

  34. Tacoma Rail Multimedia

    Tacoma Rail Multimedia日 前


  35. LaDarrius Poellnitz

    LaDarrius Poellnitz日 前


  36. Mike Huynh

    Mike Huynh日 前

    you arrested a JPreporterR

  37. Angel_362

    Angel_362日 前

    He wants to cry i feel bad jk hahaha

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    hack my YouTube account my account is joeshp日 前

    Ur a Bitch

  39. Olga Gonzalez

    Olga Gonzalez日 前

    F you

  40. Aleina Herrera

    Aleina Herrera日 前

    I watch Jack's videos and I'm subscribed to him

  41. Kayleigh Lane

    Kayleigh Lane日 前

    I pee me salf lol!!!!!

  42. Jax Pan

    Jax Pan日 前

    Do not brak in a house

  43. the aqua phoenix shock !!

    the aqua phoenix shock !!日 前

    Lance you are a awful human being

  44. Ms. Mayo

    Ms. Mayo日 前

    This is not a prank this is bad HE BREAKS IN your house because he thinks it IS FUNNY! WOW I DON’T like YOUR VIDEOS

  45. kukonoman

    kukonoman2 日 前

    This shit is still alive? OMG ! is 2019

  46. black knght21

    black knght212 日 前

    Your a douchebag lance go fuck yourself

  47. Collin Adams

    Collin Adams2 日 前

    Jack will probably break in again

  48. MSCrystalLHall4U

    MSCrystalLHall4U2 日 前

    Don,t ever do that again bich

  49. Smoll Bean

    Smoll Bean2 日 前

    YOU B*

  50. TheNinjaDuck1033 Offical

    TheNinjaDuck1033 Offical2 日 前

    Fuck ya ya fucken Americans

  51. HPVKLS Andersson

    HPVKLS Andersson2 日 前

    I have olmost got cot

  52. Nick White

    Nick White2 日 前

    Fuck you why you arrested him he's better than you

  53. Mick Sandy

    Mick Sandy2 日 前

    2:09 oof fall damage cop takes the dub lol me if I was the kid throw hot tea at him tra attack

  54. CrazyRosc

    CrazyRosc2 日 前

    6:26 Jack:why? 6:29 ME: that's why

  55. igo agoncillo

    igo agoncillo2 日 前

    Content these days

  56. Sinead Mackay

    Sinead Mackay2 日 前

    OMG this whole video made crack up so hard I was laughing my head off and my mum thought she gave birth to a weirdo.

  57. RevengeWaffle

    RevengeWaffle2 日 前

    dam bro shout me out xD

  58. B A M B O O

    B A M B O O2 日 前

    Wait.. Ur meeting in NJ?!? 🤗😭 CAN I MEET YOU

  59. azariah morales

    azariah morales2 日 前


  60. Sandra Rodriguez

    Sandra Rodriguez2 日 前

    That cop have muscle

  61. Jay Ios

    Jay Ios2 日 前

    2:06 😂😂😂

  62. aaron farrell

    aaron farrell2 日 前

    Yo jack got slam lol

  63. Helen Coton

    Helen Coton2 日 前

    Pay back yassssssssss. 😏😏😏😏

  64. Damian Lopez

    Damian Lopez2 日 前


  65. Damian Lopez

    Damian Lopez2 日 前