Arresting the kid that broke into my house


  1. Lance Stewart

    Lance Stewart11 ヶ月 前


  2. Future Elite

    Future Elite2 日 前

    I think Jack is becoming your rivalry because he was two times broke into your house and your apartment?

  3. Future Elite

    Future Elite2 日 前

    I think that guy is becoming your rivalry because he two broke into your house and your apartment?


    TREYBLOX5 日 前

    I finally found your JPreporter

  5. D Handy

    D Handy9 日 前


  6. Dean McNamara

    Dean McNamara13 日 前

    jack moves like a slug that cop was on him with less than 5 seconds jack needs to move quicker

  7. crystal crothers

    crystal crothers12 時間 前

    I followed u on tic tok

  8. JPXC

    JPXC18 時間 前

    Why does jack always play with his hair it’s so anoying

  9. Joe Rodriguez

    Joe Rodriguez22 時間 前


  10. Andres Corral

    Andres Corral日 前

    That kid has a u tube channel

  11. BuddyTheShark gaming

    BuddyTheShark gaming日 前

    What is this crazy things again?

  12. samantha jayne

    samantha jayne日 前

    Stop he's only about 10 or 11

  13. Ubah Farah

    Ubah Farah2 日 前

    Haha hahaha hahaha

  14. KinectLucas

    KinectLucas2 日 前

    The beginning looked so scripted

  15. Jackson Cecil

    Jackson Cecil2 日 前

    Hi jack I’m just chillin how are you

  16. Esther Dube

    Esther Dube2 日 前

    Waaa is I like it waaa :) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😹

  17. talie B

    talie B2 日 前

    Un your face little punk

  18. Autumn Place

    Autumn Place2 日 前

    Whats funny is that jack tried to book it 😂😂😂

  19. brent filamygunvsgun

    brent filamygunvsgun2 日 前

    vlogs notification on

  20. dragonslayer 295

    dragonslayer 2953 日 前

    That kick looks like jack doherty why would u arrest him dumbass?

  21. Dylan Quintero

    Dylan Quintero3 日 前

    I love how jacks more scared of his mom than the cops 😂

  22. Dylan Quintero

    Dylan Quintero3 日 前

    Bro jack is literally lit. He’s actually grown a lot. He’s on ibp, lance, and probs more soon.

  23. Andylamrock

    Andylamrock3 日 前

    I got arrested for breaking into my assistant principal's house

  24. Elijah Bright

    Elijah Bright3 日 前

    I couldn’t stop laughing

  25. Unknown Dude

    Unknown Dude4 日 前

    This just shows how much Walmart employees just couldn’t be bothered to care

  26. Stephen Perez

    Stephen Perez4 日 前

    Guys jack is as big as lance LOL

  27. Shiheem Ranger

    Shiheem Ranger4 日 前

    That kid that push him in the shopping cart should have push it harder and let him go

  28. Sonicgamer55

    Sonicgamer555 日 前




    That was so funny

  30. Gionni Rosas

    Gionni Rosas6 日 前

    Jack is my favorite youtuber

  31. xXSniper TigerXx

    xXSniper TigerXx6 日 前

    Poor jack doeherty

  32. Lorenzo Baez

    Lorenzo Baez6 日 前

    fu*k you ha you have not have done that😈😈😈😈😈

  33. Sporting KC Fan Forever

    Sporting KC Fan Forever6 日 前

    Hey Lance, I am an employee at Walmart. Please do don’t do that dum stuff at any of the Walmart stores. I think it disrespectful to do that stuff.

  34. Shiheem Ranger

    Shiheem Ranger6 日 前

    Jack is crying like baby because his mom would have kill him

  35. Johnny William

    Johnny William6 日 前

    He was about to cry lol 😂 😂 😂 😝

  36. TheYou808

    TheYou8087 日 前

    The cop looks like a samoan frfr

  37. TheYou808

    TheYou8087 日 前

    That cop looks samoan frfr

  38. Kisan Rufes

    Kisan Rufes7 日 前

    Good that happened

  39. Angled In

    Angled In7 日 前

    I spammed share copy link lol

  40. Seeder white Gaming

    Seeder white Gaming8 日 前

    The kid looks like jelly

  41. Marian Voinea

    Marian Voinea9 日 前

    Believe me that cop can kill you with a single punch :)))

  42. Ju- Ju

    Ju- Ju9 日 前

    1:22 predator hand shake

  43. SH1FT3R 1081

    SH1FT3R 10819 日 前

    6:29 me when i have anxiety!

  44. libin wang

    libin wang9 日 前

    Hola bro

  45. D Handy

    D Handy9 日 前


  46. Riley Taylor

    Riley Taylor10 日 前

    7:22 is so funny

  47. я Anarchy

    я Anarchy10 日 前


  48. MYstiCX_ Abdul

    MYstiCX_ Abdul10 日 前

    Am I the only one who thinks the kid looks like JELLY

  49. Toxic8

    Toxic810 日 前

    That jack doherty

  50. Chang khang yu chang khang yu

    Chang khang yu chang khang yu10 日 前

    He say stop stop lance stop stop stop

  51. Bryan Mejia

    Bryan Mejia10 日 前

    Why did you do that to jack dory

  52. Dylan Keokeutla

    Dylan Keokeutla10 日 前

    His mom has entered the chat

  53. Truggle

    Truggle10 日 前

    Jack’s face looks like jelly’s face, go to JPreporter and follow Jelly

  54. Hyper 2

    Hyper 210 日 前

    You are mean


    PRISMI0US11 日 前


  56. Rokadot Dy Cady

    Rokadot Dy Cady11 日 前

    It was kinda rude

  57. Dom Doyle

    Dom Doyle11 日 前

    Lmao he doesn't want to get arrested but he wants to get kicked out

  58. Dom Doyle

    Dom Doyle11 日 前

    Bruh he BOLTED

  59. Angela Henderson

    Angela Henderson11 日 前

    That was hilarious 😆😆😆😆😆 😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😆😂😆😂😆 😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  60. BaconTru 3

    BaconTru 311 日 前

    What would happen if jack didn’t run

  61. Anastasia Josephine

    Anastasia Josephine11 日 前

    Jacks annoying

  62. THE OWL

    THE OWL12 日 前

    That dude is strong

  63. Official_Andex

    Official_Andex12 日 前

    The fact he ran

  64. Sky saphire Minecraft roleplays

    Sky saphire Minecraft roleplays12 日 前

    He didn’t get kicked out of Walmart- wow

  65. 2029 Carlos Herrera

    2029 Carlos Herrera12 日 前

    i fill bad

  66. Sherron

    Sherron12 日 前

    I like the camera angle on the ring doorbell when he tackled him😅

  67. PowDewPan

    PowDewPan12 日 前

    The funniest part is when he get tackeld pass out and beg and he couldnt finish every word/sentence

  68. Thalia Angela Campos

    Thalia Angela Campos12 日 前

    No not that you got a kid arestid 😱😱

  69. Juliette Thomas

    Juliette Thomas12 日 前

    Dude why he is won of my favorite JPreporter why did you do that

  70. Thalia Angela Campos

    Thalia Angela Campos12 日 前

    Oh you got a kick arestid 😱😱

  71. Russell Scott

    Russell Scott13 日 前

    4:40 my man vanished

  72. Gaming Android

    Gaming Android13 日 前

    1:59 Ow

  73. Beau Dean

    Beau Dean13 日 前

    Jack is a frickin savage

  74. Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez13 日 前

    that's funny

  75. Joe Benavidez

    Joe Benavidez13 日 前

    The video was funny ice cream about the cop and then he catch them

  76. Rocky Fanatic 68

    Rocky Fanatic 6813 日 前

    A Arrest is not a prank and do those pranks you did to your grandma on Jack

  77. Rocky Fanatic 68

    Rocky Fanatic 6813 日 前

    This is funny

  78. tiffany dymond

    tiffany dymond13 日 前

    I once got kicked out of Walmart cuz I lit off fireworks we bad boiz

  79. Adrian Sanchez

    Adrian Sanchez13 日 前

    Who else saw the tik tok post before the actual video on JPreporter

  80. Aquarium Adventurers

    Aquarium Adventurers14 日 前

    Can that kid leave his hair alone


    XXXTENTACION40914 日 前

    I hate you he is a good you tuber better than you

  82. Saul Aguirre

    Saul Aguirre14 日 前


  83. Marcelle van staden

    Marcelle van staden14 日 前




    Jack nooooooooooooo

  85. SdAmaze

    SdAmaze14 日 前