Ariana Grande - positions (behind the scenes)


  1. Lourdes Flores

    Lourdes Flores3 時間 前

    Te amo Ariana grande

  2. natalia nako

    natalia nako19 時間 前

    Love you ariana grande

  3. john noble

    john noble21 時間 前

    Cause thats the asshole part of CPS. And I bet they love science.

  4. john noble

    john noble21 時間 前

    My musical should respect people who want to be in the art's.

  5. john noble

    john noble21 時間 前

    Hi Liza, go do science so your face can fall out. Maybe Benoit can do perversion. I like the science demographic anyway. Creeps

  6. Zeynep Zorlu

    Zeynep Zorlu日 前

    Ari’s mom must be so proud Look at how she smiles aww

  7. mirmooo

    mirmooo日 前

    ari hugging ppl in this pandemic 😭

  8. Rugrat Rea

    Rugrat Rea日 前

    literally my fav song on this album.

  9. nudes nudes

    nudes nudes2 日 前

    ♠ WATCH HERE. 【Photo video】 ♠♠ -The condition of their health each one prevents them too close close to each other. ?? 4

  10. Richardo Adiatma

    Richardo Adiatma2 日 前


  11. Zeissler Music

    Zeissler Music2 日 前

    Who flyes the fpv quad in the intro ? Mr. Steele ?

  12. john noble

    john noble2 日 前

    Why would they have a microwave crowd control weapon? Money, money? Yeah, they might be stealing. From where? Money laundering Cicero? But yeah, dead bodies!

  13. Ismael Gonzalez

    Ismael Gonzalez2 日 前

    That’s is the best music ever

  14. Ariana square

    Ariana square3 日 前

    Ari is the queen.... wait no president of pop😻🥰😍😘

  15. john noble

    john noble3 日 前

    They're still trying to get away with it in Berwyn.

  16. Blanca Habib

    Blanca Habib3 日 前

    Myron was there

  17. Blanca Habib

    Blanca Habib3 日 前

    I'm happy because you see that Ariana enjoy recording this and I was so happy, I'm happy because I see it well and that's wonderful

  18. Ελένη Μανια

    Ελένη Μανια3 日 前

    I love you ariana grande 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘love you 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  19. Maria B

    Maria B3 日 前

    I love how ari put the middle finger at the end love u ari 💋😊❤️

  20. Sakshi Tiwari

    Sakshi Tiwari4 日 前


  21. Juan Morales

    Juan Morales4 日 前

    Finally a good behind the scenes video😩❤️😂

  22. Lizzy Butera

    Lizzy Butera4 日 前

    I loved it when ari huged her mom, so cute... 2:58, that's when she did

  23. Nicole 13

    Nicole 134 日 前

    Así quede al enterarme que la nieve era falsa 🤡

  24. Rui Pedro

    Rui Pedro4 日 前


  25. Rui Pedro

    Rui Pedro4 日 前

    Ariana is my idol

  26. Rui Pedro

    Rui Pedro4 日 前

    I love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️

  27. S͙o͙f͙t͙x͙e͙ S͙u͙n͙x͙s͙e͙t͙

    S͙o͙f͙t͙x͙e͙ S͙u͙n͙x͙s͙e͙t͙4 日 前

    My ears are virtually blessed😼

  28. Ruqaia Grande

    Ruqaia Grande4 日 前


  29. Shay drepaul

    Shay drepaul4 日 前

    ohhhhh so thats where the snow minnesota went

  30. jacelynn shadbolt

    jacelynn shadbolt4 日 前

    At the end😂😂“And let’s cut” she said “o ya 🖕😂❤️”

  31. gamingboji444

    gamingboji4444 日 前

    very good president :)

  32. unknown

    unknown4 日 前

    Everyone vote Ariana for president! Btw.. 3:05 is the best part

  33. Mg Zaw Naing

    Mg Zaw Naing4 日 前


  34. anjali rose

    anjali rose5 日 前

    when Arianas mom was talking at the podium I didn’t even notice it was her then when I saw Ariana hugging her then I realized. This is one of my favorites from the new album. Love you Ariana ❤️❤️


    ELI REYES5 日 前

    the end was

  36. Richa Peirano

    Richa Peirano5 日 前

    Are those your Nine dogs there so cute

  37. muradd music

    muradd music5 日 前

    here is my positions cover please watch and share

  38. Diarra Seck

    Diarra Seck5 日 前

    Ok Is time to go and rewatch the positions video

  39. GERI FF ßøßi

    GERI FF ßøßi5 日 前

    Wow you are miracul

  40. your human pet you heard me ;-;

    your human pet you heard me ;-;5 日 前

    That last part she said H I I m B a k u g o s d a u g h t e r 🖕🏼 t h e r e I s m y p r o o f b I t c h

  41. Bakugo

    Bakugo5 日 前 tell me what you think of this

  42. Alina Saji

    Alina Saji5 日 前

    Ariana Grande 2021

  43. guada

    guada6 日 前

    1M✔️ C'mon arianators we can go for more views! Ps: Stan Little Mix and Ari for clean skin.

  44. Power Man

    Power Man6 日 前

    I love it Ariana Grande I wish I were you you're so beautiful singer the last time I said something on the on the other day and something else Ariana Grande you're so I want to be like you and I want to dress up as you then I just saw this to talk or everybody was being you and I just want to be you too so can you just do the same thing

  45. Power Man

    Power Man6 日 前

    Love you Ariana Grande 😘💙💙💙😍🏦☺😊😅🎓💻

  46. Reyes Cole

    Reyes Cole6 日 前

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  47. Fortnite Boy

    Fortnite Boy6 日 前

    If that how you say his real name

  48. Fortnite Boy

    Fortnite Boy6 日 前

    This is a fantastic song but sad 😢 death of maclom james

  49. Jovana Ristovska

    Jovana Ristovska6 日 前

    Ariana i lovee youuu so much ,you are my biggest faan

  50. handball78a

    handball78a7 日 前

    I can’t believe Ariana is are president now 🥳🤣😂

  51. Jadaiya Waterson

    Jadaiya Waterson7 日 前

    Next time run for president ari. Pls

  52. Selly L

    Selly L7 日 前


  53. Karina Rodov

    Karina Rodov7 日 前

    I like this president more than trump Love the new video Ari :3

  54. Karina Rodov

    Karina Rodov7 日 前

    @Ariana Grande Ari, did you respond to one of my comments, well If you did! TYSM!! LUV YOU :)

  55. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande7 日 前

  56. Neverland Nights

    Neverland Nights7 日 前

    2:51 aren't they in the 34+35 video? Lucky!

  57. Aymar Chigumira

    Aymar Chigumira7 日 前

    How did Jane give birth to the angle

  58. Brianne AlvarezJauregui

    Brianne AlvarezJauregui7 日 前

    is there a petition for Ari to be president? CAUSE WHERE DO I SIGN!?!??!??!?

  59. Julia Sikeee

    Julia Sikeee7 日 前

    I just want to say, I love how everyone is wearing masks except when they are filming

  60. •{ShadowPuppet}•

    •{ShadowPuppet}•7 日 前

    Yknow whats so cute shes so short thats she has to have ladder😭❤❤ 1:28

  61. -StarlightXD -

    -StarlightXD -7 日 前

    I can’t she’s the first woman to be the president character in this music video!🤯

  62. Marika De rienzo

    Marika De rienzo7 日 前

    Ariii I love you

  63. Lamar Asali

    Lamar Asali7 日 前

  64. Abolfazl Ortogoli

    Abolfazl Ortogoli8 日 前

    Everybody shut up I'm just vote for Ari

  65. baek daddy

    baek daddy8 日 前

    It's aweful that they make her to act like she stars in one type of movie... But that's the industry, unluckily.

  66. Nuwar Alabdallat

    Nuwar Alabdallat8 日 前

    Who would you vote for? Like:Ariana Comment:Trump

  67. Nuwar Alabdallat

    Nuwar Alabdallat16 時間 前

    @Haise it didn't seem like a joke sorry😊👍🏻

  68. Haise

    Haise21 時間 前

    I think I made a joke I think I possibly could have made a joke

  69. ᴡᴏʟғɪᴇ

    ᴡᴏʟғɪᴇ日 前

    @Haise you're a sexist eh?

  70. Nuwar Alabdallat

    Nuwar Alabdallat日 前

    @Haise that's funny

  71. loraine grace

    loraine grace2 日 前

    this is a comment, but ariana's my president

  72. El Miloud Khlifa

    El Miloud Khlifa8 日 前

    I am french (me🇨🇵)

  73. El Miloud Khlifa

    El Miloud Khlifa8 日 前


  74. Lara Angel

    Lara Angel8 日 前

    God she sounds like an angel.

  75. Music Mix_ lyric

    Music Mix_ lyric8 日 前

    Lyrics ^^

  76. Bảo Trân Lâm Nguyễn

    Bảo Trân Lâm Nguyễn8 日 前

    oh m g!!! you belive that??? no i can'ttttttttttt she maked this music video in the White House i can't belive anymore :)) but she perfect when she a President, Ari is the firt president is woman

  77. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter8 日 前

    Trump better have a cover on this song.

  78. Silentbydeadly

    Silentbydeadly9 日 前

    Who's you?

  79. Airisya ily

    Airisya ily9 日 前

    Now i know how hard Ari work for it :)

  80. Kareena Kallicharan

    Kareena Kallicharan9 日 前

    if i were those dogs i would be so excited

  81. Diego Agustin Marivil Marivil

    Diego Agustin Marivil Marivil9 日 前

    ariana te amo

  82. army

    army9 日 前


  83. Richard Carter

    Richard Carter9 日 前


  84. Ava Nolen

    Ava Nolen9 日 前

    ARIANA 2024

  85. Srishti hehe

    Srishti hehe9 日 前


  86. Gaming_Wit_Da_Clock CLOCK

    Gaming_Wit_Da_Clock CLOCK9 日 前

    Aris my idle hope she notices me somehow shes sweet as a treat bright like the stars she lights me up she made me who i am today..... ..ok peace

  87. R G

    R G9 日 前

    I love this xd

  88. Steward Dube

    Steward Dube9 日 前

    Didn't know she was such a baby If she was the president USA Will be full of music

  89. Deva

    Deva8 日 前

    @osaze imohe PERIODT

  90. osaze imohe

    osaze imohe8 日 前

    And we'd choose an America full of music than one filled with homophobia, racism and misogyny any day!!!



  92. Chandana Vanam

    Chandana Vanam9 日 前

    Congrats to vice president kamala#lovefromindia

  93. The Extremz

    The Extremz9 日 前

    It is what it is...

  94. Cookies are Deli

    Cookies are Deli10 日 前

    Ariana your voice is amazing. You are so inspiring to me and others. I am so grateful, I get to hear your voice. I am a huge fan.!

  95. Kiara Garcia

    Kiara Garcia10 日 前

    Imagine getting a heart from Ariana grande 😍😱

  96. Look up Romans 10:9; Jesus is coming soon!

    Look up Romans 10:9; Jesus is coming soon!10 日 前

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  97. Producer/Dj Live Jasmin

    Producer/Dj Live Jasmin10 日 前

    Here’s my personal take on Positions!

  98. keira

    keira10 日 前


  99. keira

    keira10 日 前


  100. A Rsf I

    A Rsf I10 日 前

    The fact that she filmed this in the actual White House



    1:04 : ) 2:43 : ) AND 3:06 : )

  102. Bread Time

    Bread Time10 日 前

    I love how Ariana included her friend from 13 years ago in her music video

  103. fish

    fish10 日 前

    My right ear really enjoyed this!

  104. Humna Faisal

    Humna Faisal10 日 前

    middle finger at the end was iconic

  105. Konisu Melon

    Konisu Melon10 日 前

    slaying ag be like : 3:06

  106. Konisu Melon

    Konisu Melon10 日 前

    we stan a queen who can just kick trump like that.💗👑

  107. artangels

    artangels10 日 前

    2:50 my favorite part

  108. Diya Yadav

    Diya Yadav10 日 前


  109. Stxdy VIbes

    Stxdy VIbes10 日 前

    Was this performed before coronavirus?

  110. M

    M10 日 前

    Imagine having all those people around you working to make you look good