Architecture Tier List - JonTron


  1. Dawson Black

    Dawson Black2 時間 前

    There a new flex product called flex glue you should look at it

  2. ShadowHarpy 1920

    ShadowHarpy 19202 時間 前

    I have to go through the Bronx to go to the city every time you see a dump truck and we play a game where we guess how many bodies are in it


    JJ THE MLG2 時間 前

    John kun your back

  4. Jack Tressler

    Jack Tressler5 時間 前

    John I think it’s time for flex glue clear review

  5. Princé Bankz

    Princé Bankz5 時間 前

    I'm glad he gave the NYC buildings the good rankings🗽

  6. Sprang Plays 2

    Sprang Plays 27 時間 前

    Humber beige is like the golden gate bridge

  7. kennys Boat

    kennys Boat9 時間 前

    "tryin to run the government? or uh youh playin garrys mod?

  8. Narelle Bullock

    Narelle Bullock9 時間 前

    Sydney opera house???

  9. Zaleucus

    Zaleucus10 時間 前

    Sure would be cool if there were a way to be notified of ALL your videos. Maybe if they added an icon next to that bell that we could click to enable this feature. So, subscribe is no notifications but at least you show up on the left of my account page after I click the "show all" button and scroll through the millions of other channels I'm subscribed to, bell means notifications for random videos, especially the ones I'm not interested in and then they have a third tier that actually sends you every notification. Maybe someday...

  10. Kality

    Kality12 時間 前

    Okay, but what about the LA Dinosaur? You know, the famous Los Angeles Dinosaur.

  11. Jes Mib

    Jes Mib13 時間 前

    Hello person reading this months from now when Jon uploads another great video but just watching his old stuff till the new video comes out😆

  12. HeadPhoneHound

    HeadPhoneHound13 時間 前

    I just realize after watching this the second time , I have the exact same shorts

  13. a filthy lizard person

    a filthy lizard person14 時間 前

    I really don't like JonTron anymore there was a time Windsor wasn't at Dark Age of JonTron if you notice words that are wrong it's because I'm from a time when words that were wrong or right

  14. prome57

    prome5714 時間 前

    I'm still mad golden gate got f class. You have angered me Jon. That bridge is built like a bridge unlike all those nonbridge architectures.

  15. file_not_found

    file_not_found15 時間 前

    please someone tell me the name of the song when he is skating on the lake

  16. Martha Sanchez

    Martha Sanchez15 時間 前


  17. Katie

    Katie15 時間 前

    Jon was at 6mil what happened??

  18. Toxic Millow

    Toxic Millow15 時間 前

    Phil Swift has a tik tok

  19. Alex Young

    Alex Young16 時間 前

    where did you go jon? :(

  20. Hekkre

    Hekkre17 時間 前


  21. Cathlene

    Cathlene18 時間 前

    that "elephant" sure is lovin' it

  22. shounen slump

    shounen slump19 時間 前

    11:33 the full name for Thailand is a power statement 😂 the building however looks like the back of a xbox one S

  23. maymes?

    maymes?20 時間 前

    ahem they're called coffers

  24. Anchenqwerty

    Anchenqwerty20 時間 前

    Hey what happened to Jacque

  25. Adam Jona

    Adam Jona21 時間 前

    Ez a videó nagyon epikus lett, csak így tovább 😉

  26. Rammin Rhino

    Rammin Rhino23 時間 前

    I love this content but I have to know, what happened to Joque

  27. kurtosisblakeinfini

    kurtosisblakeinfini23 時間 前

    Name of the piano piece please?

  28. Chris Lindamood

    Chris Lindamood23 時間 前

    hey from Seattle

  29. 501st legion

    501st legion日 前

    hey Jon, i love the complete random shit you come with... but you’re still doing video game reviews still, right? i like your drug PSA review though... that was good



    Guess what there’s a new flex glue video

  31. Luca Pena

    Luca Pena日 前

    G O T E M

  32. Brian Melvin

    Brian Melvin日 前

    Boring... 😒

  33. Jessica Seal

    Jessica Seal日 前

    Jon flex seal is back

  34. Alfie Treacy

    Alfie Treacy日 前

    It’s been a month oh no well Jon see ya in about 11 months

  35. Michael Leach

    Michael Leach日 前

    I wanna have your babies jon

  36. Doctor F.

    Doctor F.日 前

    I like what you do jontron but I don’t know what you do

  37. Elijah Berry

    Elijah Berry日 前

    when's jon gonna relase some youtooz

  38. Loponstorm

    Loponstorm日 前

    I am patiently waiting for my new Phil Swift video... GET TO WORK MONKEY!

  39. C Brutuck

    C Brutuck日 前

    A Parlament S Tier? Büszke vagyok rá! ;)

  40. Commmander 64

    Commmander 64日 前

    I would put the golden bridge and the washington monument in each other's place tbh.


    SHADOW NX日 前

    Im so sorry i didnt see your vid until now

  42. Gamer Squid

    Gamer Squid日 前

    There is flex glue clear must watch

  43. Erica Marie Lee Pagan

    Erica Marie Lee Pagan日 前

    As a bronx baby I'm offended but understand

  44. maybe, maybe not

    maybe, maybe not日 前

    Are you afraid of the dark is coming out with a new show on Nickelodeon.

  45. Syrus Coy

    Syrus Coy日 前


  46. Pers3ph0ne

    Pers3ph0ne日 前

    “Do you even know what Macedonia is you fu**in losers” the only time my 8th grade history class has paid off.

  47. Steven Haefner

    Steven Haefner日 前

    What about the St. Louis Arch?

  48. Daniel Małecki

    Daniel Małecki2 日 前

    Hey johntron u up to making a video about flex glue?

  49. trueblueclue

    trueblueclue2 日 前

    Finally. A tier list video I can give a shit about. Off to look up classical musician tier lists.

  50. EDSZ

    EDSZ2 日 前

    I think the ugandanian spacestation should get in the S tier

  51. Azure Aetius

    Azure Aetius2 日 前

    this tier list has 2.8 million views this tier list on ARCHITECTURE has 2.8 million views I needed a minute to comprehend this

  52. Danny Caracciolo

    Danny Caracciolo22 時間 前

    JonTron can carry anything to memehood

  53. TheGuy12211221

    TheGuy122112212 日 前

    that was weak

  54. M Ferchaud

    M Ferchaud2 日 前

    Notre dame rank S : OUIII

  55. Abandoned Void

    Abandoned Void2 日 前

    Actually, the Romans had functioning toilets and sewers.

  56. Sean Peterson

    Sean Peterson2 日 前

    I dont know why but i like history and I busted out laughing when he said, "Do you even know what Macedonia is, ya fuckin' losers?"

  57. Boo! Its Daniel

    Boo! Its Daniel2 日 前

    Accuracy 10/10 except the space needle theres a f***ing spinning resturaunt in there jon!

  58. Mastermedian

    Mastermedian2 日 前

    Jon please come to my channel I made a short song for you

  59. Aussie Soft

    Aussie Soft2 日 前

    my teacher no joke played this during class lmfao

  60. Boat Man

    Boat Man2 日 前

    You lucky person

  61. Arizona

    Arizona2 日 前

    Just saw a video revealing your true colors.. holy shit unsubscribed.

  62. Sulmy Sian

    Sulmy Sian2 日 前

    There's now flex glue