Apex Legends - Funny Moments & Best Highlights #73


  1. Livestream Moments

    Livestream Moments3 ヶ月 前

    We've decided to return back to the old format, the giveaway ends June 30th and winners will be announced July 1st. ►Want be in a video? Click to submit! t.co/qCrmbeKHE8

  2. Joel Gutierrez

    Joel Gutierrez3 日 前

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  7. lol scottuu8i

    lol scottuu8i日 前

    Most weirdest moments on live streamers life

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    Jordan121542 Edenfield2 日 前

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  21. Jonnel

    Jonnel8 日 前

    When you see caustic lifeline and octane pushing you here we go again

  22. top muff

    top muff8 日 前

    Nowadays I just want some apex coins getting bullied cuz I dont have any ;( seson 3 I gotta have °¬°

  23. Re Ty

    Re Ty8 日 前

    Hello can i please have the apex coins im trying to start streaming and i need mor legends then the ones you start out with

  24. Jack Plaisance

    Jack Plaisance9 日 前

    Don't bully just stand up to the bully

  25. Ttv.Pbjhatethe World

    Ttv.Pbjhatethe World11 日 前

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  26. U Q

    U Q12 日 前

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  27. SagaBlott

    SagaBlott12 日 前

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  28. Aaron Seitz

    Aaron Seitz13 日 前

    What’s your favorite person on Apex

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  40. Andrew Howard

    Andrew Howard21 日 前

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  41. Michelle Hansen

    Michelle Hansen21 日 前

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  49. Mr.Krabs

    Mr.Krabs23 日 前

    9:55 Can someone carry me already....? Sigh...


    RWK BUILDING24 日 前

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  63. SlothYouBitMyD XD

    SlothYouBitMyD XD25 日 前

    Platform- PS4 online ID - Toxic_Flores69 I love it when teams try to 3rd party my team even when I'm soloing it. In 1m 30 sec solo squads mid game I already had 14 kills, when I got sniped at by 5 different teams they all rush me. When they (enemies) got there the 5 teams where shooting at each other while I was hiding in a Bush sniping at them. I ended up knocking 12 of them till someone ended up sniping me with a kraber and landed a head shot sadly. If I was still alive I would have maybe dropped a 29 bomb. When the match ended I did 2.8k damge😭

  64. Logan Curtis

    Logan Curtis26 日 前

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