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  1. •Angel Edits•

    •Angel Edits•5 ヶ月 前

    PART 2 IS OFFICIALLY OUT!! Here’s the link guys!:

  2. _._._Clumsy Kira_._._

    _._._Clumsy Kira_._._5 日 前

    •Angel Edits• YESHHHHHHHHH

  3. josh the Awesome

    josh the Awesome5 日 前


  4. Kid News

    Kid News20 日 前

    •Angel Edits• ok I love the bully isn’t a generic popular girl

  5. Chelsey Kenner

    Chelsey Kenner24 日 前

    I was about to ask for pt 2 but yes my question was cret

  6. Nylah Kid

    Nylah Kidヶ月 前

    ⱤɆӾī łöł

  7. Katerina Veasco

    Katerina Veasco3 時間 前

    My name is Katerina I dont act like that!!

  8. DehRamenNoodle

    DehRamenNoodle10 時間 前

    Athena : draws her money and gives it to people *s t o n k s*

  9. •cute Angel's Wolf•

    •cute Angel's Wolf•12 時間 前

    *girl I'm just going to draw a boyfriend * *dad WAAAAAAHT*

  10. sofia gacha life

    sofia gacha life13 時間 前

    I ship Katerine and Athena

  11. Gacha_Basset

    Gacha_Basset23 時間 前

    You copied Rozy Clozy..

  12. disney is my life

    disney is my life日 前

    She couldve drawn her mom

  13. John Hardy

    John Hardy日 前


  14. Rubber Ducky

    Rubber Ducky日 前

    “I don’t care if you have a boyfriend”




  16. Vaughn Robinson

    Vaughn Robinson日 前

    Father looking at a flip-flop and high heels confused what is happening

  17. Gamer charlotte Gameimg

    Gamer charlotte Gameimg日 前


  18. Danielle Kollias

    Danielle Kollias日 前

    Dis was awesome girl

  19. Elena Walgamotte

    Elena Walgamotte2 日 前

    0:11 Picture: *Gotem*

  20. cooldude killer

    cooldude killer2 日 前

    WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO FIGURE OUT JUST HOW COOL THE PICTURE AT THE END IS?! It's looking at our "bully" behind the building, and just past the edge of the building, is a broken brick wall, with our protagonist.

  21. Alafia Jenkins

    Alafia Jenkins3 日 前

    Wait so why didn't she draw her mom

  22. šhèép gãçhã

    šhèép gãçhã3 日 前

    Hasn't this already been done before in a video?

  23. aaidan Story

    aaidan Story4 日 前

    You mayk osom videos

  24. Alexis Beuerman

    Alexis Beuerman4 日 前


  25. JoDee Borton

    JoDee Borton4 日 前

    Omg it’s so frickin’ cuuuuuttttteeeeeeee

  26. ****** Gacha loaf ******

    ****** Gacha loaf ******4 日 前

    () () ( * - *)

  27. Ambra5467 MSP

    Ambra5467 MSP4 日 前

    If I had those powers I would draw a boyfriend 😂😏

  28. GOT EEM

    GOT EEM4 日 前

    *starts singing its okay to be gay*

  29. Monica Fidis

    Monica Fidis4 日 前

    Katherine bis actually a kind person .. V

  30. Gacha Ashlyn

    Gacha Ashlyn4 日 前

    Don’t get loan sharks!!!!

  31. Ruby Lopez

    Ruby Lopez4 日 前

    That little girl is just like me I want to be an artist when I grow up :3

  32. Belle & Hailey Playz

    Belle & Hailey Playz4 日 前


  33. sweetbluhanaa uvu

    sweetbluhanaa uvu4 日 前


  34. Kenny Veraha

    Kenny Veraha4 日 前

    Lesbian movie

  35. Bunny honey mommy monster lol

    Bunny honey mommy monster lol4 日 前

    0:11 Read more Got ya

  36. Amy Landry

    Amy Landry5 日 前

    #BAKA (0___0)

  37. Amy Landry

    Amy Landry5 日 前

    you Baka >:(

  38. Luvly :3

    Luvly :35 日 前

    Ur saying if this was me- I could draw anythinG I wanted LIKE MILLIONS OF DollArs

  39. Damien Lock

    Damien Lock5 日 前

    Me screaming part two as I go to the comments.

  40. Luna Ling

    Luna Ling5 日 前

    Just draw slenderman Also jeff the killer too

  41. Cesar Zamora

    Cesar Zamora5 日 前

    Wait is that true?

  42. Chelsey Kenner

    Chelsey Kenner5 日 前

    Oof I hit my self in the chest I did not feel any thing

  43. Strawberry :-;

    Strawberry :-;5 日 前

    I would draw money 🤑💰💵💸

  44. ِReesins

    ِReesins5 日 前

    Next: anything i kill comes back to life

  45. Hot anime babe Minecraft

    Hot anime babe Minecraft5 日 前

    I don’t care if you have a boyfriend Me: but- I’m single

  46. Midnight shadow UwU

    Midnight shadow UwU5 日 前

    Athena and Katherine UwU I ship it

  47. XxMoon_Playz xX

    XxMoon_Playz xX6 日 前

    You do know that you have to pay off bills before you move right?

  48. frog eyes

    frog eyes6 日 前

    When she was reading a book that said this d. E. A. T h. It spelled death lol

  49. Gaia_Gacha

    Gaia_Gacha6 日 前


  50. ;-; miss idk what to do ;-;

    ;-; miss idk what to do ;-;6 日 前

    **Draw something** *Ok Hand*

  51. H x n 3 y

    H x n 3 y6 日 前

    If I had that power I would draw gift cards ;)

  52. Epie Here At Last

    Epie Here At Last6 日 前

    I ship Katerine and Athena

  53. Archile B Destine

    Archile B Destine6 日 前

    What did you come up to the idea to almost spell my name

  54. FqdedMagic

    FqdedMagic6 日 前

    0:11 nuuuu

  55. chew sheng chim

    chew sheng chim6 日 前

    Why do they look like their emotionless???? I am confused....

  56. Megan Sullivan

    Megan Sullivan7 日 前

    Me: DRAW MONEY!,! GOD 💰 💴 💵

  57. Shooting Stars

    Shooting Stars7 日 前

    Didn’t. Someone else make something just like this. 😶

  58. IamSad

    IamSad7 日 前

    "With great power, come with great responsibility." -Ben Parker (from Spider-Man)

  59. Babizon.

    Babizon.7 日 前

    Gacha life=Laws of physics confused And draw your mom

  60. Babizon.

    Babizon.7 日 前

    Make this blue 👇 not thr comments but thr video

  61. D3ppresed P0tatx

    D3ppresed P0tatx8 日 前

    Athena: hmm I’m a drawer Greek god Athena: YOU STOLE MY NAME BE PUNISHED

  62. Roses Glow

    Roses Glow9 日 前

    Katerine is like Bakugo from those BakuDeku Ships in BNHA Fanfics Btw how do you change the chemical compound of the drawing is it like Momo Yaoyzorozu’s Quirk or what?

  63. Toothless Lover

    Toothless Lover9 日 前

    I like when Athenas dad was like "I dont care if you have a boyfriend" ->-

  64. dubkemd bamby

    dubkemd bamby9 日 前

    Why don't they have talking

  65. Sophia Ellene Bringas

    Sophia Ellene Bringas9 日 前