Antonio Brown's antics are 'only going to get worse' with Raiders- Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED27 日 前

    Should the Raiders regret trading for Antonio Brown?

  2. Paul Tyler

    Paul Tyler23 日 前

    @Jackson Frost i second that eMOTION

  3. Ryan Roman

    Ryan Roman24 日 前


  4. T-Ray 426

    T-Ray 42624 日 前

    He's gotta go he don't care nothing bout his teammates its Terrell Owens all over again Mayok gotta get rid of em

  5. Kaizaro123

    Kaizaro1238 日 前

    Well, you called it Sharpe, things have indeed gotten more interesting...

  6. Scottie McCarthy

    Scottie McCarthy8 日 前

    And he was right.

  7. Jason Chukwu

    Jason Chukwu9 日 前

    The video has aged well 😂

  8. Oshay Laboard

    Oshay Laboard9 日 前

    Money doesnt change people. Money makes you more of what you are. Damn shannon thats deep af

  9. Oshay Laboard

    Oshay Laboard9 日 前

    Welp September 5 2019, this came to a head lol. Shannon was on point. Raiders hate AB

  10. Joshua 윤호 Han

    Joshua 윤호 Han10 日 前

    AB is definitely one cancer int he locker room! I do not want him on the rams or the Jets

  11. Manny Fresh Homie

    Manny Fresh Homie10 日 前

    Damn skip called it when he said ab was gonna get worse

  12. John Morales

    John Morales10 日 前

    This is what happens when 30 million is given to a first grader. Good call scored a touchdown on your analysis!!

  13. Mace Windu

    Mace Windu10 日 前

    Lets be honest and say AB is the worst diva we have ever seen. Terrell Owens had issues but nobody is on Antonio’s level. He is so self centered and selfish he seems like he is just a toxic person for people around him let alone a team. He doesn’t respect the organization that is giving him his paychecks. The moment his performance drops he will get blackballed.

  14. Grant Moore

    Grant Moore11 日 前

    Problems with both teams? Common Denominator :)

  15. Stephen Philpot

    Stephen Philpot11 日 前

    Cute ties with Brown! He to much of himself!

  16. Stephen Philpot

    Stephen Philpot11 日 前

    Perfectly said Shannon!

  17. Paul Escamilla

    Paul Escamilla12 日 前

    Dumb Dumb. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Heat131

    Heat13112 日 前

    This the reason I didn't draft him in my fantasy draft



    A.B. aka DUM DUM🤣🤣🤣

  20. Jorge Gaytan

    Jorge Gaytan14 日 前

    AB should switch his initials to BS

  21. Jeremy James

    Jeremy James14 日 前

    I hate to say this Antonio Brown ain't even worth a 3rd and 5th pick

  22. Brittany Harris

    Brittany Harris15 日 前


  23. Josh Maillet

    Josh Maillet16 日 前

    ELI5: Does nothing protect teams from a player acting like this? If I did this at my job, or anyone, high performers or not, would be shoved out the door. What's going on in professional sports?

  24. The96

    The9617 日 前

    Just finished hearing Stephen A go off on AB now it’s time for Shannon lol

  25. Rogue Squirrel

    Rogue Squirrel19 日 前

    Hes mad because AB dogged him on Lebrons show

  26. Anthony Anderson

    Anthony Anderson20 日 前

    This dude ain't got long to be in the NFL. People call him AB. The best nick name for that fool is Antonio CLOWN. He's garbage.

  27. Daniel Wayne Williams

    Daniel Wayne Williams20 日 前

    They gonna look stupid when AB has 1,000+ yards and the Raiders make the playoffs

  28. Steve Stevensteverson

    Steve Stevensteverson9 日 前

    Didn't even make it to week 1 before this post aged horribly.

  29. Matthew Berg

    Matthew Berg20 日 前

    This is why the Steelers got rid of him

  30. stsr11

    stsr1120 日 前

    I'm a Steelers fan (or as a fellow Steelers fan referred to them last year - the Kardashians of the NFL) and this is embarrassing and he doesn't even play for us any more.

  31. Warren Peece

    Warren Peece20 日 前

    Reminds me of what Bill Parcells once said - for these players getting huge contracts it's like winning the lottery. And what's the first thing you do when you win the lottery? Quit your job!

  32. Jack DeYoung

    Jack DeYoung20 日 前


  33. L H

    L H21 日 前

    Talent over character. This will be the end result all the time.

  34. Samuel Barela

    Samuel Barela21 日 前

    when the raiders start losing, AB will cry racism on his QB Carr. then Colin kapernick 2.0 will happen... just watch the clown show

  35. kirt millwood

    kirt millwood21 日 前

    § Six little ducks

  36. WhyCantIGetADamnedLife

    WhyCantIGetADamnedLife21 日 前

    For once I agree with Shannon lol

  37. TaliBan Goon

    TaliBan Goon21 日 前

    Shannon is talkin dat talk ‼️

  38. Phyllis Eldridge

    Phyllis Eldridge22 日 前

    I don't get it..wide receivers are very easy to replace.

  39. Emani Judah

    Emani Judah22 日 前

    So glad the cleveland browns didn't get this guy

  40. Shaun Sweeney

    Shaun Sweeney22 日 前

    Look AB has CTE and Shannon the mouth knows something is wrong with that man. I am disappointed in the Steelers not helping this guy. Shannon was on steroids and coke when he played and got a pass on it. AB was hit so hard a few years ago it knocked his brain silly and now the man has CTE. Plus the fake journalist know the NFL is fixed and rigged. The NFL is listed as entertainment unity. Not a pro sport! Just like the WWE! Vegas runs the NFL. There are no owner's the NFL owns all the teams and the so called owner's are CEOs. This is fake news and all hype to get people to watch thier shows. ESPN is a joke. I am surprised they are still on the air!

  41. denny man

    denny man22 日 前

    AB wants to be a raven bad, he wants back in the afc north.

  42. Andrew Morris

    Andrew Morris22 日 前

    Sharpe is an avid Raider hater. I'd be mad if someone made me a suit from a table cloth. Let's see what he has to say when we smoke the Donkeys on the first game of the regular season.

  43. Ed Barr

    Ed Barr22 日 前

    All us in Steeler Nation...WE TOLD YA SO. #FAB

  44. Brent Srednuas

    Brent Srednuas22 日 前

    Can't call AB Dumb-Dumb beacause he's not the sucker.

  45. Clyde Reid

    Clyde Reid22 日 前

    Is this guy mental?

  46. MontiTheGuruHD

    MontiTheGuruHD22 日 前

    Terrell Owens 2.0 that's AB

  47. Tony Neeland

    Tony Neeland22 日 前

    Good riddance AB, sincerely steeler nation

  48. Samuel Dumas

    Samuel Dumas22 日 前

    And skip thought TO was bad

  49. Johnny Pastrana

    Johnny Pastrana22 日 前

    I thought it was Big Ben's fault?

  50. Randy Jones

    Randy Jones22 日 前

    Remember when folks blamed Big Ben for creating turmoil in Pittsburgh? .........Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  51. El Roco

    El Roco22 日 前

    They should just give AB two small pillows to wear on both sides of his head and wrap duct tape around it and call it a day 🤷🏿‍♂️

  52. Raymond Rembert

    Raymond Rembert23 日 前

    Shay called it back in 2016.

  53. Trill Bill

    Trill Bill23 日 前

    AB is the type of dude that'll sue his own legs, for walking a certain way. 😂

  54. H K

    H K23 日 前

    AB has a clause in his contract....something about conduct affecting the team.... Cut bait

  55. Mystic Souls

    Mystic Souls23 日 前

    Ab has Cte! Clearly BEFORE and after the hit from #55

  56. John Gavin

    John Gavin23 日 前

    Was that a bronco's fan that gave AB his crypto therapy session ?

  57. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy23 日 前

    Wheres Romanowski when u need him? Romo, can you come break Shannon's arm again?

  58. StormSong8

    StormSong823 日 前

    6:56 "I never saw a guy skip a practice! I mean, I've seen guys be _late_ to practice, or late to a meeting, but to, 'Nah, I'm good...'" Poor Shannon was _so_ flabbergasted! Mr. Sharp, meet Antonio Brown. Like you say, this is _far_ from over.

  59. MadMalcolm D

    MadMalcolm D23 日 前

    I am SOOOOOO surprised by Mr Big Chest. So very, very surprised that he is a selfish POS.

  60. Jim Fox

    Jim Fox23 日 前


  61. Christopher Zamora

    Christopher Zamora23 日 前

    Fake news!!! Wise word from the man MR. Trump

  62. Jamie Curling

    Jamie Curling23 日 前


  63. R_718 V

    R_718 V23 日 前

    Raiders moving to Vegas! Yassss🔥

  64. Mustang Q

    Mustang Q23 日 前

    It's all part of the show folks A.B. isnt practicing because of his feet everything is just for ratings for hard knocks .... Welcome to todays "reality tv" game 1 he will be ready and the wizard jon gruden will come from behind the curtain